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RE: =AK= MQ Gameplay Feedback Thread

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3/3/2009 18:46:58   
Johnny Rage

Why do you think MQ is good?
its different there are big robots with rockets and guns instead of magic and swords

Why do you think it's bad?
the fact you have to farm for multiple hour jus to get one regular mecha of yur lvl

What makes you play MQ over other games?
i only play mq over aq & aqworlds because i have a star captain

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
i get bored with it easily

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MQ  Post #: 26
3/4/2009 3:14:01   
{Dark Wabbit}

Why do you think MQ is good?
The BOOM BOOM! But seriously, I just like the change of pace. It's so much different to the other AE games, and its a breath of fresh air for me. Right now, the allure of levelling up is keeping me playing.
Why do you think it's bad?
One word. Farming.
What makes you play MQ over other games?
See first question.
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
When I get sick of exp farming I play the others.
DF MQ  Post #: 27
3/4/2009 14:42:56   

ok, MQ AKs, here's what you want to listen: (or....read)

1-MQ is bad because: *its hard to level up
*most noobs don't understand the fact that you can change your mecha depending on your level
*being too many time in the dropship is bored, maybe thats why there arent too many people playing MQ
*quests work in a different way that they do in DF and most people that start playing MQ played DF before
*the random number system that its....almost everywhere in MQ makes the game annoying sometimes

2-MQ is good because:
*when you get a good mecha the game becomes a vice! hehehe
*the game is advancing very well!
*with some more planets and NO initiative more people could play MQ

well, thats my opinion, thanks for reading


Naturemancer- Ivan (MQ)- Presu (DF)- Presu (AQW)- Mad (WF)
DF MQ  Post #: 28
3/4/2009 22:01:11   

When MQ first started I was very into it and found the game to be very fun... but then it started to be a farming game that required you to farm forever just to get a good Mech... and if you didn't get a good mech you'd lose half the time to random enemies which made leveling up for the first time a bad thing because it meant that the enemies you'd be facing would be that much harder and honestly I didn't feel like spending hours and hours just so I could stay on par.

I stopped playing MQ right around the time Slugwarth got his head put in a jar. The game just seemed like it was a job when you logged into play it.
DF  Post #: 29
3/4/2009 22:06:57   
Death 3

I like being to be able to have 2 styles of combat in one game *blows up a mecha* Plus its addicting.

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DF MQ  Post #: 30
3/5/2009 21:48:02   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Animations and graphics are good!

Why do you think it's bad?
Too much farming for just good mech

What makes you play MQ over other games?
I want to be lvl 25!

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
The only problem is the too much farming for credits and exp.

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AQW  Post #: 31
3/6/2009 8:26:06   

Why do you think MQ is good?
It has some good mechas at reasonable prices.

Why do you hate MQ?
I dont like most of its features.Most things are SC's and most of the good (the ones that are actuallly useful and not for show) mecha are over pricy.Like WolfBlade lvl 12 version.100k.I barely got enought to get the first version(non-SC lvl 6).

What makes you MQ over other AE games
I barely play this game.Only when im REALLY desperate to play something.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other AE games?
The other games ALWAYS have something good up its sleves while some MQ releases are really predictable(to me)like Frostval 08.I really expected an evil Santa Claus mecha to fight.



AQ DF MQ  Post #: 32
3/6/2009 11:10:48   
Das Stu

Why do you like MQ?
As said many times, Its an RPG with Giant. Freaking. Robots. What's not to love? Its got a storyline that is somewhat mature and deep, but flatly refuses to take itself seriously. In this day and age when "brown is real!" and the only game that won't get you funny looks for playing is Rockstar's latest epic Buckets of Blood Pour Out of People's Heads, its nice to have a deep and thought provoking game in such a carefree package. I also immensely enjoy the massive variety of arms and armor in this game, that allows you to play YOUR game.

Why do you hate MQ?

Okay, let me paint you a picture. You walk up to a boss, and you take a shot at him, and it barely makes a scratch. You fight him in a battle that can only be described as a lost cause, and go home with your blaster tucked between your legs. So you shop around, and you see a few things that catch your eye. So you go and you look up your doodads and your gizmos, and you fall in love. You spend the entire expanse between level 14 and level 15, doing nothing but farming and gathering, getting credits and buying all the pieces you want, and when the glorious moment where you can use your new weapons and mech, you gallantly stroll up to said boss, look him square in the eye, and fire your strongest weapon at him.

And he dodges it with ease, and beats you even worse than he did before.

A little disheartening, isn't it? Why'd you even bother wasting all that time and effort? In any other RPG, you would have been able to beat that boss until he loved you, but in MQ your upgrades and level ups don't really seem to matter. now I'm not saying scaled enemies is a bad thing, I've played a few games where it was done very, very right, but it seems to be too heavily in favor of the computer in this one. Especially considering just how much effort it takes just to get enough credits to buy a nice sofa for your room.

What makes you MQ over other AE games
Other AE games? I can't say much about them, I haven't given DF or AQW a proper try yet. As far as AQ goes, in the three months I "played" it, I was only able to log in twice. It was too full all the other times I tried. But for the times I did play it, well... you can only stare at an ugly-as-sin caricature of the crocodile hunter and equally ugly Frogizards for so long before you lose interest.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other AE games?

Well, since I can't really comment on the other games, I'll just comment on Nova Gems. Now, sorry AE, but I'm not fool enough to through good money to get an imaginary item I'll just replace in a month. the NG weapons are mighty powerful yes, but they certainly are not worth ten bucks.

The only thing I'd really like to see happen (other than the game being a little less stingy with its cash drops, ro some prices slashed) is maybe some level caps for the enemy. something basic like one planet having a cap like this, one having a cap like that. I mean, what's the point of getting stronger and better if you still get your butt kicked everywhere you go?

Disclaimer: If I stuck my foot in my mouth anywhere in that rant, please bare with me, I'm still fairly new to these her forums.


MQ  Post #: 33
5/6/2009 5:28:08   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Why do you like MQ?
- The Sci-fi theme.
- The job quest chains we had at the beginning (playing since alpha day 1).
- Nice graphics and user interface (love the tool-tips bottom notes when you move you mouse on some NPC and scenes.

Why do you hate MQ?
- There is no real point in leveling up as all new quests are scaled, your HP and mana level are not effected by your level (only by the levl of your mecha, which mechanically is correct but some loopholes could be found to make it fit into the game logic).

- Too much weight given to NG items. These items should give one the edge if he/she wants to skip some tedious tasks or don't have the patience wait till they'll level up or finish a certain pre-requirements. The NG shop should be hidden in some dark alley with a dodgy seller, and not the prime showcase of each quest and zone shop. It gives SC (which I am not) a feeling of 2nd best if they are not willing to pay the real money needed for these items. Most of the players are minors which WANT the best, and will spend their money without really thinking, just because the whole game is made around superb NG items.

- Farming for the next level (at 29 now) is way to boring, used to be on the level cat till it was around 26, then I just lost the urge to do that, and once a week I check the new release, play it till end, and most likely will not touch the game till the next week.

- Items only release is not a release. I don't find extending a shop with another item that exciting.

- I can't follow and compare items because of their various specials. Now, I know most people just love specials and como's. I prefer and items with known min-max that have a constant effect.

With all the above, MQ is probably not the game for me, as I enjoy DF much more (and for some reason is not bothered by the long farming needed there compared to my above rant).

Edit: Hmm, did I just post into a two month old topic? it was on the first page, I see the first post is from today but the rest are REALLY old, well, had no intention to practice necromancy here.


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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 34
5/6/2009 5:38:20   

Why do you think MQ is good?

Well, to be honest, I didn't. I am a fantasy and sci-fi hater. But I got into AQ, and realised that AE was good stuff, so when MQ came out I strolled over and promptly got founder status. I now realise that it's a great game, and more open-minded.

Why do you think it's bad?
Not very imaginative, but no complaints here. I'm in a stirred-up mood, because as I type I am fighting the SC Extreme challenge for the second time in a row, having just been dominated by the Decimator. The only thing that's ever frustrated me. And it's not key to the story, so I don't get why! Probably embarassment that I, Lvl 33 with lots of powerful items, absolutely fails the Decimator each and every time.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
It's easy to play, G-rated, fun stuff, cutscenes are good, most rewards are worth getting and the quests pique my interest. Not just "kill this - do that, here's a shop!", but deeper than that. It can only get better.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?

Well, I'm an FPS/RTS gamer and all that, so MQ is one of the few simple games I play. I like them all, but MQ has a special place because... it's engaging, but simple. Rare combination - take Crysis into account; brilliant gameplay and graphics, but awfully... complicated. Mechquest boasts similar qualities (in a different sense - the art is amazing 90% of the time and the gameplay is great), and is simple.

That's all. Congratulations on making a riveting, fun and (for me) new experience. I don't see why I hated Sci-fi and fantasy, now I simply dislike it. Matters of taste!
MQ  Post #: 35
5/6/2009 6:40:53   

Why do you think MQ is good?

out of all of AE games its the only game about robots while the other 3 games are about sword and magic and the other 3 are pretty much the same thing.I feel MQ is faster to farm for money than AQ,AQW and DF.DF is somone avg speed and AQ is done right rotten with time it takes to get money for things.Graphic in MQ,Df and AQW are good.AQ graphics are cheesy and lame looking to me. I love the storyline of Mq and some of the quest chain like firemane and 100floor and werewolf quest

Why do you think it's bad?
well unlike the other games where you can always get something new when you level a new spell access to a new pet or weapon something.In Mq you have a few dead levels where you dont get anything for a long time until you get to a point where you can get a new mech.This makes the game boring and sometimes make you feel like your going no where.like being level 25 and not really getting anything until you hit level 30 that where you get new mech and gear.I think they have some type upgrade packs that you can get at any level 1-33 for your pliot so he can add a little HP/EP/Mana to any mech when he levels like.If your in level 25 mech with 400hp when your player is level 26 he can buy a level 26 pack that gives your 25 mech like 20plus HP,1 EP and 10mana.level 27 30 hp.Like weapon enhancements in AQW thats one thing i do like in AQW you dont have dead levels in AQW.

What makes you play MQ over other games?

I used to play MQ and DF mostly now im trying a little of AQW .So i play all 3 evenly now.AQ sucks im never playing that again no more Zard monsters for me.playing up to level 90 was good enough for me.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?

dead levels fix that.dead levels = boring.No one wants to wait 5 levels before they get a new mech.My advice add enhancement per level like AQW do with weapons so people have something to look forward to when they level

Post #: 36
5/6/2009 6:45:37   

MQ overall is good. not great not horrible, just good because it gets boring releases sometimes and sometimes gets no release. Cico De Maya is an example. AQW ALWAYS gets something andthe opther games get squat.
DF  Post #: 37
5/6/2009 8:05:38   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Why do you think it's bad?
What makes you play MQ over other games?
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
MMO and other items
DF MQ  Post #: 38
5/6/2009 13:53:38   

First, I would like to apologize for my blatant disregard of the purpose of this entire forum in my thread from last night.
Second, I would like to inform everyone that it is not a good idea to play for several hours hyped up on carbonated drinks then try to speak or type legibly.
at that point one should just give in to the urges and pass out on the nearest cushioned space.

Why do you think MQ is good?
Mech designs are cool, and looking for a casual, not-so-serious mech game lead me here

Why do you think it's bad?
only frustrating if one tries to take it seriously. (jakspica + gameplay time: 24+ hours = FAIL)

What makes you play MQ over other games?
i'd rather blow up giant robots than beat down dragons sometimes

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
glitches, and the reiterated fact that it is still a flash game
MQ  Post #: 39
5/6/2009 14:27:19   

Why do you think MQ is good?
+ What makes you play MQ over other games?

~ Who doesn't love giant robots?

Why do you think it's bad? + What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?

~ The DNs aren't updated as often, nor are they as informative as DF and AQW.

~ The story is somewhat out-of-the-blue and blunt at times. They need to take more time with the story.

~ Too many coding projects. They miss releases for these projects, and more often than not, they almost aren't worth the wait.

~ They use characters popular in their other games outside of their usual archetypes. (I don't think I can ever get past them using Robina as a damsel in distress. It's just too outside her character.)

AQ  Post #: 40
5/6/2009 15:08:39   

Why MQ is bad:

It takes forever to level, and in spite of that, the MQ team releases weapons and mechas right after, even before the level cap is raised. It takes farming to get through, unlike AQ or DF where you can survive by simply doing new content.


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 41
5/6/2009 15:13:05   
madman 13

Its good because:
Loads of MQ ideas make you laugh, think, then say "why the heck didn't I come up with something like that?!" I play mainly to see what AE comes up with next, and Sci Fi/anime is better for those sort of moments. Plus I actually know how to level up quicker in MQ than in the others.


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MQ  Post #: 42
5/6/2009 15:15:57   
Memory of a Nightmare

Good: Very easy to get credits.
Bad: Kinda hard to make EXP.
Bad2: Even if it's easy to get credits, many things are expensive. (Even if it's worth it)
Good2: It's very unique from the other games and have/had many minigames.
AQ DF  Post #: 43
5/6/2009 15:57:51   

Why do you think MQ is good?
A game , that makes you think . Really think !

Why do you think it's bad?
Er , poor releases . Hate to wait a week.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
Well as i mentioned , I like the strategical part of the game.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Without new quests , it's kinda lame & boring ..

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DF  Post #: 44
5/6/2009 16:17:03   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Well while its not "Lore as we know it" its certainly got charm, or at least as charming as a mecha game can be. I think the battle system is better than AQ (too long) and DF (too easy) and AQW, although that is completely different. The art is great as are the animations and I like the house system.

Why do you think it's bad?
The storyline hasn't really developed overly much yet. As far as I can see we are just gathering allies, but I am sure it will build up into something great.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
DF is my favourite just for the humour and storylines, but this is my second favorite

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Well as said above, DF is trumps for overall "enjoyability" but this offers challange and the battles are still quick. Starting out can be very tough as well but you eventually get going once you get good equipment. Also the house system in MQ seems not as good as DFs one.

What do you think could be improved?
Guardian and Dragonlord perks please! Also I think MQ deserves a little something in DF, but many people will say otherwise.

As a long time cynic of MQ I always thought it was the worst AE game because I didn't give it a fair chance, but I finally took the plunge and bought star captaincy and do not regret it.
AQ DF  Post #: 45
5/6/2009 16:35:29   

Why do you think MQ is good?
well... ive allwase loved si-fi and i like all of the AE games
Why do you think it's bad?\
the only thing i dont like is that it doesent work on one of my computers(yes i have good enough flash!)
What makes you play MQ over other games?
most games i play i play them an equal time

AQ MQ  Post #: 46
5/6/2009 17:27:40   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Great Animations, a lot of SC items and mechs, houses.

Why do you think it's bad?
Too laggy.

What makes you play MQ over other games?
Well I play all the AE games but I play this one more because I like the futuristic theme of MQ.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Nothing. I always play MQ no matter what.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 47
5/6/2009 23:27:08   
evil doodoo

Why do you like MQ?
-I like the humor, it's different from the other games
-The gigantic mechas... no, the futuristic theme in general, which allows the above
-In other games, you have one weapon. In MQ, you have six =D
-Very/more strategic
-Nice relaxing farming (or at least compared to other games...)
-Cool staff ;D
-Gameplay looks simple, but that's the tip of the iceberg
-Not too laggy, compared to the MMORPGs...
-The animation is awesomesauce
Why do you hate MQ?
-The lack of diversity in newer weapons limit the strategy in higher levels
-There is a dramatically decreasing number of non-themed mechas (I miss them)
-Drakels should be given more light, as they are "smarter"
-The story is side tracking... SS please!
-NGs. (it's nice if you can buy them, but for everyone else...)
What makes you MQ over other AE games
-It's one of a kind
-It's the game I'm best at of the four
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other AE games?
-Not much, except the fact I haven't laughed in a long time
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 48
5/6/2009 23:39:53   
AQ Madness

I think MQ is in between being a good game and a bad game. MQ could be improved by adding more of the storyline....like cutscenes, enemy pilot interviews after facing our character, improving Cities, vehicles etc. So that's why I think MQ is pretty much in between good and a bad game.
DF  Post #: 49
5/7/2009 0:34:23   

mech quest got 90% of time that is not graphic glitching
other game (most of it) just left bug unfix
and no downloading lolol xD
MQ  Post #: 50
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