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6/11/2011 17:10:31   

This quest has only 3 PvP battles, not unspecified.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 701
6/11/2011 18:03:48   
Baron Dante

@Mordred: Wrong. It has a varying amount. I recall ti being 3-5, but I definately had 4 on both times I did it now.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 702
6/13/2011 8:53:17   
Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

Kordana Rises needs the following correction.

A pirate-ninja is trying to break into the Access Panel...

Edited to "*A pirate-ninja monkee is trying to break into the Access Panel...*". Also fixed up a few other parts of the dialogue. Thanks! [SamJJE101]

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6/13/2011 10:52:52   
~Cursed Hero~

This needs updating.
It says : Location: Falconreach >> Click the button
Which isn't there anymore cause the war is over.

The war tag marked it as rare. This Monkee War! entry need a rewrite. [Niki]

That's funny, I started editing this early last night. Not this exact topic, but the Weapons and one of the Quests in the War. I'll work on it later if I have time. I think I still have a picture of the War Meter saved on my computer somewhere, too... [SamJJE101]

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6/19/2011 8:04:07   

Found a certain typo in Dragonsgrasp.
Channiru: For now, nothing. Be watchful, though, Miguel. If Vilmor were to escape.... it could mean the destruction of the DragonLord Order.
It should be...
Channiru: For now, nothing. Be watchful, though, <Character Name>. If Vilmor were to escape.... it could mean the destruction of the DragonLord Order.

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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6/19/2011 9:07:00   
Highlord Sendai

Dragon Store needs to remove the 'Yulgar's Inn' part.

I think that BattleOn Yulgar's dialog is the one that should say, the Sunbreeze Grove part need to be merged into Elementize. Both entries can use a rewrite. [Niki]

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6/22/2011 2:32:06   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Dialogs for Falconreach: The Chronicles of the Midnight Bandits

Dirk: *sigh* What are we going to do now, Rat?
Rat: Well, we could always try working...
Dirk: *glare*
Rat: Just sayin'...
Dirk: First, you drop all of our gold into the river, and make us waste the entire day snorkeling for it.. only to discover that it has washed away...
Dirk: And then you almost drown me when you fell in!
Rat: That wasn't my fault! You know how I get around water!
Dirk: My underpants are still soggy!
Rat: Mine too..
Dirk: I SQUISH when I walk!!!
Dirk: Ok, ok.. At least we've still got our weapons.. but now that we don't have any gold that kinda puts a kink in my plan...
Rat: We could go battle some monsters.
Dirk: Nah, too much work.
Dirk: Gosh, this was supposed to be so easy.
Rat: Hey-hey, did you see the cute girl working at the bank?
Dirk: Rat, focus! Hmm, wait a sec... This gives me an idea.
Rat: Dirk... I know that look.
Dirk: Hehe..
Rat: I don't want 'bank robber' to be on my resume.
Dirk: *grin*
Rat: Nuh-uh. No way.
Dirk: Ok, new plan: Let's see what we can sell and use that money to buy something pretty at the auction house.
Rat: Uh.. why?
Dirk: Because cute girls that work at banks like pretty things. Hehehehe.
Rat: ...
Dirk: Don't worry, it's easy! Tomorrow we'll just sell our weapons, buy some jewelery, con the girl at the bank, rob the bank...
Dirk: ...And then we get rich, buy even better weapons, and pick up where we left off!
Rat: My stomach is getting that bad feeling again...
Cysero's Orb: ...Did you hear something?
Cysero: Probably not. I was listening to the sound of my hair growing.

Done, Thanks! [Niki]

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DF AQW  Post #: 707
6/22/2011 19:28:11   
Advocator of Wills

Falconreach, Dragesvard, Sho'Nuff, Sandsea, Popsprocket Havoc needs the location for Falconreach -> Messenger -> Falconreach!/ Dragesvard!/ Sho'Nuff!/ Sandsea! and Popsprocket! striked off.

As "Messenger" is Rare we don't know if he still offers those quests or not. Only if he was still available but not giving these quests anymore we should strikeout that location for each quest. [Niki]

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 6/23/2011 7:04:31 >
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6/23/2011 8:48:47   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Reposting this (I'd thought it didn't get noticed after 2 weeks): <-- Did you delete that entry? as I can't seems to locate it

The Jewel of the Four Winds needs to add dialog (before start of quest):

Thyton: Well done, <Character>. You have arrived just in time. Drakath has just landed in the center of the village.
Thyton: Let me know as soon as you have prepared yourself to face him, and get the Jewel of the Four Winds.

Monsters section needs to add monster numbers:
(1) Drakath
Okuchi No Okami - Boss

Also needs to correct Location: Shadow of the Wind Village -> Thyton -> Quests -> Jewel of the Four Winds

Jubei's Shop needs to correct Location: Shadow of the Wind Village -> Jubei

NPC's needs to be removed

Contents need to be bolded and underline; Swords, Daggers, Starves and Misc needs to remove the bold

Dialogue needs to be bolded and underline; all the dialogs need to be removed and add this:
Jubei: Hey there <Class>! You honor me with your patronage.

The Killguin Arena - Under rewards, needs to remove None

Lair of the Guardian needs to correct Location: Falconreach -> Yulgar's Shop, BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> The Guardian

This dialog needs to be striked:
Yulgar: We must defeat Akriloth, <<You>>. Bring back something from the frozen northlands that can take Akriloth down!

And add this dialog (found before start of quest):
Yulgar: Eventually, they found something from the frozen northlands that could take Akriloth down!

Monsters number needs to be bracketed

Rika needs to strike off for Falconreach

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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DF AQW  Post #: 709
6/23/2011 19:09:59   
Advocator of Wills

The Deep Freeze needs to add REALLY Special Dragon Chow.

Moonridge: Saved!, The Necromantress needs to hide the edit.

Doom Shop and More Doom needs location update:
Doom Shop: Falconreach -> Left 2 times -> Go up -> Mysterious Stranger -> *Gulp* Shop
More Doom: Falconreach -> Left 2 times -> Go up -> Mysterious Stranger -> Upgrade Doom?

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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6/24/2011 19:38:18   
Advocator of Wills

Links: Monkee War! (Pirate vs. Ninja), Monkee War Showdown.

Monkee War! (Pirate vs. Ninja)

Location: Falconreach -> Monkee War button
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 1st August, 2008

Objective: Defeat all the monkees!
Objective completed: You made it! Think you can take on another wave?
*Objective same for both sides.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

Introduction/War Meter

Fight for the Ninjas!
Wave 1: (3) Pirate Monkee, (2) L.D. Monkee
Wave 2: (5) Pirate Monkee, (4) L.D. Monkee
Wave 3: (4) Pirate Monkee, (5) L.D. Monkee
Wave 4: (7) Pirate Monkee, (4) L.D. Monkee
Joke Wave: (1) Supermonkee! (Pirate)

Fight for the Pirates!
Wave 1: (3) Shadow Monkee, (2) Shogun Monkee
Wave 2: (5) Shadow Monkee, (4) Shogun Monkee
Wave 3: (4) Shadow Monkee, (5) Shogun Monkee
Wave 4: (7) Shadow Monkee, (4) Shogun Monkee
Joke Wave: (1) Supermonkee! (Ninja)


Defender's Medal
Blade of Fury (All Versions)
Fury's Edge (All Versions)
Ripper Staff (All Versions)


Other Information
1) You must fight as a Monkee when you enter this war. To fight for the Pirates, you become a Pirate Monkee, To fight for the Ninjas, you become a Ninja Monkee. Both classes are temporary and not trainable.
2) Once one war counter reached 50%, weapon drops were added to the waves.
3) The Pirate Monkees came out on top in this war, and allowed us access to the Boss Fight.
4) If you have not completed the chain quests (in order): Monkee Business, A Gift, Bad Bananas, and Water You Doing, then you cannot compete in the war. (This point no longer applies to the war)

Monkee War Show Down

Location: Button in Falconreach -> Battle -> Boss
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% completion of Monkee War! (Pirate vs. Ninja)
Release Date: 1st September, 2008

Objective: The pirate monkees have prevailed! Can you help take down their biggest enemy?
Objective completed: Mae Pi has been defeated and now the pirate monkee's are in charge of the Osprey Cove Inn. Pi Mae is also being closely watched by the ninja monkee's.... And after you apologized profusely, the monkee's have let you go.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Mae Pi - Boss

Pi Mae
Pi Mae's Father
Pi Mae's Mom
Mae Pi
Mae Pi's Father
Mae Pi's Mom

Naner (All Versions)
Plantain (All Versions)
Banana (All Versions)
Defender's Medal

(After defeating the Boss in Monkey War Show Down)
Mae Pi: So at last I find ye, ye cowardly scum!
Pi Mae: Why you! Do you have any idea how long it's going to take to get a PIRATE SHIP OFF MY ROOF?!
Mae Pi: What about the smell in me Inn?! The stench be killin' every bit of plant life within a half mile!!
Pi Mae: Oh yeah? Well you deserve it after that *shudder* ...pie, you big PILE OF SNEEVI--
???: ENOUGH!!
Mae Pi: Huh?
Pi Mae: Eh?
*A pirate couple and ninja couple walk from each edge*
Pi Mae: Mom???
Mae Pi: Oh stink.
Mae Pi's Father: Listen. I've raised ye better than this, and I won't stand fer no more shenannigans!
Pi Mae's Father: Son, wise man say: "Man who run behind car get exhausted".
Pi Mae: ...
Mae Pi: Huh?
Pi Mae: Huh?
Pi Mae's Mom: Try another one, dear.
Pi Mae's Father: Wise man also say: "Man who sit on tack get point".
Pi Mae: I still don't get it.
Pi Mae's Mom: I think what your father is trying to say is that you shouldn't have started problems with Mae Pi. Look what it's come to.
Mae Pi's Mom: Mae Pi, ye be just as guilty. Fer all yer fighting ye could have tried to be nice.
Mae Pi's Father: Let's go, ye be havin' a lot of decks to swab after ye be cleanin' up yer inn.
Mae Pi: Awwwwwwwww.
Mae Pi's Father: Now git.
*Mae Pi's family leave*
Pi Mae's Father: Come on, Pi Mae. You have many many many chores to do.
Pi Mae: Darn.
*Pi Mae's family leave*

Complete Quest

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 711
6/26/2011 7:27:45   
Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

Noxus Fumes


Noxus: Ah good, Artix and <Character>. Right on time.
<Character>: Surrender the Darkness Orb, Noxus, and we may just let you walk out of Doomwood.
<Character>: Sepulchure has his own ways of dealing with failures like you.
Noxus: Give YOU the Darkness Orb? You could not control its power. I would never hand it over to you...even if I had it.
<Character>: You don't have it?
Artix: Only a necroancer with the power of the Darkness Orb could have built that army.
Noxus: Don't you fools understand yet?
Noxus: Artix, the day that you and Vayle came out of the Guardian Tower, Vayle brought the power with her...
Noxus: ...Lady Vayle IS the Elemental Orb of Darkness now...
Noxus: ...and I alone control her!



Noxus: Since that day I have been using her... the power inside her... for myself.
Noxus: I had to be careful not to teach her too much. With the Orb bound to her, she could easily overpower me.
Noxus: The years passed and I raised her as a necromantress.
Noxus: In time, with her help, I became Dean of Necromancy University and she became my star student.
Noxus: Once you two troublemakers are finished, she will be able to rebuild Sepulchure's undead armu in a matter of moments.
<Character>: So you never even planned on helping her use necromancy to raise her brother?
Noxus: Raise her brother? Necromancy is using dark power to control the dead... not revive them.



Vayle: No, but Necromancy Univeristy has been here for centuries. Another master will come along and claim it.
Vayle: I know that you and Sepulchure both need the power of the Darkness Orb, so I know we will meet again.
Vayle: Just be ready for me. Next time that we meet it may not be as friends.


Done, thanks. [Niki]

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 712
6/26/2011 18:50:27   
Advocator of Wills

Purify and Shop of Destiny needs a few links and corrections, including some dialog corrections:

Shining, Lucky, Mighty, Guided and Brilliant DragonStaff of Destiny need replacements.
Blinding Light of Destiny needs [DA] removed.
Pristine DragonStaff of Destiny and Twin Blades of Destiny needs to be added in Purify and Shop of Destiny.


Artix: I have certain abilities that I have never seen in another paladin, and I believe that I can cleanse these weapons.

Shop of Destiny

Artix: If you are upgrading your Weapon of Destiny from its most basic form, you will need some Purification Research Materials.

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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6/27/2011 17:45:53   
Advocator of Wills

Re-writes for Scavenger Shop, Easter 2009 Shop, Memorial Day 2008 Shop:

Scavenger Shop

Location: Falconreach -> Galanoth -> 'Scavenger Hunt Shop!'

Bitter Rush
Bitter Crush
Bitter Flash
Jade Edge
Jade Rod
Jade Point

Belt Of The Missing
White Runed Cloak
Black Scalehunter Helm
Red Scalehunter Helm
White Scalehunter Helm


Holiday Shop

Location: Falconreach -> 'Holiday Shop!' button above Yulgar's Shop

Red Speckled Egg
Red Egg
Green ZigZag Egg
Brown Chocolate Egg
Purple Striped Egg
Purple Spotted Egg


Memorial Day Shop

Location: Falconreach-> 'Memorial Day Shop' button at top left corner

Lightfall (All Versions)
Mind Vision (All Versions)
Midday (All Versions)


Done, thanks. Note that sometimes you don't need to rewrite the whole entry, a few correction notes are enough. [Niki]

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6/29/2011 3:55:30   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Leftovers! needs rare tag and title placed towards the left

Since it's a war, rare tag needs to change to war tag

Under Rewards, the Leftover Sword/Dagger/Staff Mk. (II, III, IV, V) needs to change to (I-V)

Liberty Days Shop - title needs to place towards the left

Liberty Candle Wand/Dagger/Blade Series needs to change to (All Versions)
Scythe of Liberty Series needs to change to (All Versions)
Eagle of Freedom Helm Series needs to change to (All Versions)
Maple of Independence Helm Series needs to change to (All Versions)

Liberty Rares Shop - title needs to place towards the left

Indepedence/Liberty/Freedom Series needs to change to (All Versions)

Live Turducken Pet Shop! needs new Dr. Voltabolt Returns banner
War item tag needs to change to war tag: http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x56/Brilliancy/Myworks/Wartaggold.png
Title placed towards the left

Also needs to correct Location: Zorbak's Thankstaking WAR! -> Shops! -> Live Turducken Pet Shop!

Directions from Falconreach needs to be removed

Under Rewards, Live Turducken Series needs to change to (All Versions)

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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DF AQW  Post #: 715
6/29/2011 6:43:31   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Are Hidden Blades (Cutscene) and Hidden Blades: Volcano accessible? Or are they rare now?

Can I have the links to all locations on the Inn map as well as the Gryphon map?
The later need a rewrite (please include the small description shown for each location when the mouse is over it.

Thanks to Peachii for answers

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 6/30/2011 3:30:03 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 716
6/29/2011 18:05:50   

The Mighty Akriloth, this quest also drops nothing.
@ Nikis, no, they are not rare.

Xan: I think i know the perfect thing to whet your appetite, Drakonnan.
Xan: Fine the eavesdropper...
Drakonnan: I will crush them for daring to spy on us!
Xan: Bring them back alive, apprentice.
Drakonnan: Yes, master...

FlashPointShold be, Find the eavesdropper.

You're right, should be. :P Corrected, thanks! ~superjars

< Message edited by superjars -- 6/29/2011 22:07:06 >
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6/29/2011 21:57:24   

DragonFable & MechQuest

@Niki: Hidden Blades (Cutscene) is still rare because the map shows no hidden spots found (previously during the war, you need to click on the 'star' to be able to access to the cutscene)

All maps including Volcano is still accessible.

Short update: Assault on Popsprocket has a chance of getting Nothing for rewards (I fought the Cyklons but I got nothing after a wave)

Falconreach Inn map locations:

Aeris Battlespire
Sunbreeze Grove
The Necropolis
Oaklore Keep
SureWould Forest
The Sandsea
Warlicís Zone
Shadow of the Wind Village
Osprey Cove

Gryphon map rewrite:


Location: Falconreach -> Sign Board -> Travel, Falconreach -> Up -> 4 Left -> Right, Dragesvard -> Left -> Brunhilda, Popsprocket -> 2 Left -> Airheart

In Dragesvard:
Brunhilda: Greetings, hero! We raise the worlds finest gryphons here in the northlands! Where do you wish to fly?

In Popsprocket:
Airheart: Hi there! I almost have the navitron working on the mechagryphon, but that's why gnomes invented parachutes! Where do you want to go?

Travel Options:
In Falconreach

  • Aeris Battlespire
    The floating PvP battle arena, Aeris Battlespire awaits you! Come test your fighting skills against other players, and conquer your way to the top!

  • Amityvale
    Amityvale, nestled inside Doomwood Forest, is not exactly a hot vacation spot. But hey, I bet they have no shortage of vampires, ghouls, zombies, and werewolves.

  • Dragesvard
    A large city, nestled into an even larger iceberg. Home to Galanoth, the Dragon Slayer. Dress warm!

  • DragonsGrasp
    The airborne stronghold of the Order of Dragonlords! Flying high above Lore, DragonsGrasp is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Falconreach
    Falconreach, a big and lively town with lots of action. Don't forget to come back and check the news once a week! (PS: This is where you are right now...)

  • Hunter's Paradise
    An Inn, inside Doomwood Forest, Hunter's Paradise is a haven for adventurers. Karina here is always looking for new hunters as well.

  • Lymcrest
    Lymcrest, a dwarven mining town, is sitting on a labyrinth of dungeons. How low can you go?

  • Moonridge
    Moonridge, a merchant-friendly town along a busy trade route. Peaceful, yet it has its share of problems being on the edge of Doomwood Forest.

  • Oaklore Keep
    Home to the honorable Knights of the Pactagonal Table, Oaklore is a military outpost under the reign of the good King Alteon and commanded by Captain Rolith.

  • Osprey Cove
    On the Southern part of the Isle of Sho Nuff lies the pirate town of Osprey Cove. Only the roughest traveler would dare to venture here. Unless they wanted to be a pirate, in which case this is the place to be!

  • Popsprocket
    The floating town of Popsprocket! Built and inhabited by gnomes, this town is full of surprises.

  • Riverine Keep
    Riverine Keep has long since crumbled away, but amongst the remains lies a passageway to an underground labyrinth! Many treasure-hunters venturing into its depths were never heard from again. Also referred to as The 100 Room Dungeon.

  • Shadow of the Wind
    Shadow of the Wind Village rests on the Northern half of the Isle of Sho Nuff. This town is quiet. TOO quiet. Which is probably why it is home to so many ninjas.

  • Sunbreeze Grove
    The home of the Priestess, Lady Celestia. She is an expert on dragons, dragon magic, and tea.

  • Surewould Forest
    On the South-East edge of Maguswood Forest is an area named Surewould. Beware of bandits, monsters, ebil moglins, elementals, and more bandits!

  • The Locker
    Far beneath the waves of Falconreach Bay, The Locker is a town built from the remains of a ship graveyard. The murky deep awaits you.

  • The Necropolis
    Deep in the heart of Doomwood Forest lies.. The Necropolis, where brave paladin Artix battles the forces of darkness!

  • The Sandsea
    A cruel desert under the scorching sun. The Sandsea is ruled by Sek-Duat XV, and its people live in fear.

  • Verteroche Crossing
    Verteroche Crossing, a quaint town with kind people. There are caravan and boat chartering services available.

  • Warlicís Tent
    The home of Warlic, the blue mage.

  • Willowshire
    Hidden in the mountains to the North-East, Willowshire is well-protected town with a BIG problem. A big, flying, fire-breathing problem.

    In Dragesvard

  • Falconreach
  • Oaklore Keep
  • The Necropolis
  • The Sandsea
  • Osprey Cove
  • Shadow of the Wind Village
  • Aeris Battlespire

    In Popsprocket

  • Falconreach
  • Oaklore Keep
  • The Necropolis
  • The Sandsea
  • Osprey Cove
  • Dragesvard
  • Shadow of the Wind Village
  • Aeris Battlespire

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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  • DF AQW  Post #: 718
    7/2/2011 2:24:48   

    The End?

    Location: Warlic's Zone > Talk to Warlic > Other Quests > Save Lymcrest > The End?
    Level/Quest/Items required: Xan's Volcanit Fortress

    Should be Xan's Volcanic Fortress

    Fixed, Thanks!

    < Message edited by Coldkick -- 7/2/2011 2:41:07 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 719
    7/2/2011 13:44:00   
    Highlord Sendai

    Ultimate Orb needs Other Names: The Tower

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 7/3/2011 1:47:31 >
    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 720
    7/2/2011 18:44:00   

    DragonFable & MechQuest

    Miasmal Weapons needs to correct Location: Falconreach -> Left > B.M. Moglin -> Miasmal Set Merge Shop

    Also needs to add DC tag

    Updated and added, thanks! [SamJJE101]

    < Message edited by SamJJE101 -- 7/2/2011 19:05:39 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 721
    7/4/2011 1:20:18   

    DragonFable & MechQuest

    The Long Walk needs to correct Location: ... -> Dragon Quests -> Bonding

    Scaled Yes/No: Scaled needs to change to Yes

    Also needs to add monsters' number:
    (3) Boveox
    (5) Clawkin Wanderer
    (5) Archeonaut
    (6) Lava Daver
    Red Dragon - Titan Boss

    Also needs to add Next Up: Flight Training

    Lowe DC needs title change to Lowe DC (without the 'Shop'), also title needs to place towards the left

    Also needs to correct Location: Popsprocket -> Lowe -> Under 'Dragon Coins!' click on Shop button
    Directions from Falconreach needs to be removed

    Lowe Gold needs title change to Lowe Gold (without the 'Shop'), also title needs to place towards the left

    Also needs to correct Location: Popsprocket -> Lowe -> Under 'Gold!' click on Shop button
    Directions from Falconreach needs to be removed

    All the quests in Sunbreeze Grove needs to change Lady Celestia to Elysia in Location, for example: Location: Sunbreeze Grove -> Elysia -> ...

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    Togzilla Attacks need a rewrite And Peachii was faster than me, didnít see the entry below

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 7/4/2011 2:39:04 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 722
    7/4/2011 2:24:57   

    DragonFable & MechQuest

    Togzilla Attacks reformat:

    Togzilla Attacks

    Location: Sunbreeze Grove -> Elysia -> Dragon Rider -> Dragon Training -> Train
    Level/Quest/Items required: Level 10, DA
    Release Date: 30th June, 2007

    Objective: A prehistoric mutant Tog has emerged from Yokyto bay, with its army of Kaiju. You and your dragon must stop them from destroying the village! It will also be pretty good practice.
    Objective completed: You have defeated Togzilla and driven it back into the sea, and the battle practice has helped your dragon develop its abilities further!

    Scaled Yes/No: No
    Experience rewarded: 1,800 Exp
    Gold rewarded: 68 Gold

    (7) Kaiju
    Togzilla - Boss

    Helpless Villager


    After completion of quest you gained one DragonRider Armor skill

    Helpless Villager: Our fair village is under attack! You and <Dragon> have to stop Togzilla and his Kaiju army from destroying all of Yokyto!

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 7/4/2011 2:43:05 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 723
    7/4/2011 23:29:38   

    DragonFable & MechQuest

    Celestia's Shop needs to change Lady Celestia to Elysia in Location: Sunbreeze Grove -> Elysia -> ...

    Lugosi's Shop needs to remove the image below the banner

    Title placed towards the left

    All the dialogs are found in NPC Lugosi, so they should be removed except this:
    Lugosi: Welcome <Class>! Take a look around. I make and sell a wide variety of weapons.

    Mad Haberdasher needs to correct Location: Falconreach -> Ash -> Quests -> Wanderland -> Mad Haberdasher

    Male Bug Ears Helm needs link corrected

    Next Up: Queen of Tarts needs size 3

    Marsh Madness needs (X) beside Mushroom, Tog and Lizardman, Fungal Escorts and Imperial Fungus - Boss needs to be bolded

    Also needs to add NPCs section

    Mayonnaise Cubed needs to replace (Āá) with (X) in Monsters' section

    Under rewards, Modular Mayo Mallet, Minimalist Mayo Mechanism, and Molecular Mayo Misericorde Series need to change to (I, II, III)

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 7/5/2011 5:09:37 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 724
    7/6/2011 5:34:31   

    DragonFable & MechQuest

    Meeting Zhoom needs to correct Location: Talk to Rebel Fighter the first time you enter The Sandsea, replayable through The Sandsea -> Zhoom -> Quests -> Replay Meeting Zhoom

    Scaled Yes/No: N/A needs to change to No
    Also needs to add Experience rewarded: N/A and Gold rewarded: N/A

    Under Monsters Section, <None> needs to change to None
    Rewards <None> needs to remove < >

    Next up: The Hard Way needs size 3 and center

    Memorial Day '09 needs rare tag removed, Falconreach banner change to Special Event banner
    Title needs to place towards the left

    Also needs to correct Location: Falconreach -> click on "Memorial Day Shop" button

    Contents need to separate according to sections: Swords, Daggers, Starves and Capes Staffs, not Starves. I don't think the poor weapons will be starving to death. :P

    Also, Red Astral Avenger is Non-DA, While Blue Astral Avenger IS DA. These items have the same stats (much like the Liberty Wings & Maple Cloak), so I would imagine both would be one or the other. As the Blue Astral Avenger was corrected to be DA-only, should the Red Astral Avenger be too?

    I guess it was staves as plural of staff, I don't know about the cape.

    Mighty 100K needs to correct Location: Falconreach -> Ash -> Shop

    Title needs to place towards the left

    Meringue's Shop rewrite:

    Meringue's Shop

    Location: Osprey Cove -> Meringue -> Shop

    Clipper Cutlass
    Corsair's Rapier
    Jolly Roger
    Ballast Blade

    Kilick's Point
    Scurvy's Bane
    Barnacle Shucker
    Black Jack

    Fathom's Deep
    The Deadlight
    Deck Swab

    Forged Papers

    Meringue: Ahoy <Class>! Take a look around. Lookin' is free!

    ... I thought you said to me that lower leveled weapons should appear higher on the list than higher leveled weapons. :/

    Everything done. Thanks! ^_^;; [SamJJE101]

    We use one of three orders: Alphabetical, Lower to higher, Higher to lower. All of them are fine, as long as the same type of order is used inside a given entry. [Niki]

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    DF AQW  Post #: 725
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