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5/26/2009 19:03:24   
In the shadows...

New entry for Hydra Boss:
[center][b][size=3]Hydra Boss[/size][/b][/center]

[b]Location:[/b] On the way to Falconreach
[b]Level/Quest/Items required:[/b] Completed [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8285027]The Black Dragon Box[/link]
[b]Release Date:[/b] October 7th, 2006

[b]Objective:[/b] A three headed Hydra blocks the path to Falconreach.
[b]Objective completed:[/b] Onward to Falconreach! Be sure to set your home town in the Inn.

[b]Scaled Yes/No:[/b] Scaled

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=6635138]Hydrahok, Hydra Head #2, Hydra Head #3[/link]



[b]Your Character:[/b] Serpent... Sir Pent... Heh, I get it, very funny... Too bad though... I was hoping for a good boss fight.
[b]Your Character:[/b] Woah, what was that?
*[i]Three hydras pop out and the fight starts[/i]*

[link=http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/2136/10072006000504ga2.jpg][b]After Battle[/b][/link]

New entry for Ironwood Box (Reward Shop):
[size=3][b]Ironwood Box[/b][/size] [/center]

[b]Location:[/b] [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=6715153]Oaklore Keep[/link]
[b]Directions from Falconreach:[/b] Falconreach > Travel > Oaklore Keep > Sir Valance > Reward Chest > Treasure Chest 

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=7001415]Ring of the Keep[/link]
[image]http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee78/Wildchild117/DAtag1.jpg[/image][link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=7001408]Dragon Ring of the Keep [/link]

[b]Sir Valance:[/b] We must must [typo] be ever vigilant! Sneevils, the vile box obsessed creatures have been stealing every box in the area!
[b]Sir Valance:[/b] At last! This box contains a shipment of enchanted rings given to us by Good King Alteon. It cost him a fortune but worth every coin to defend this keep.
[b]Sir Valance:[/b] It cost him a fortune but it will be worth every gold coin. These rings are just what we knights need to better defense Oaklore Keep.
[b]Sir Valance:[/b] Here, you've earned one. As far as I'm concerned, you're an Honorary Knight of the Pactagonal Table, <your class>. Thank you.

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 51
5/27/2009 5:41:53   

Xanta's Chest *** Icemaster Yeti Dragon Helm (Level 5, 10, 15 and 20)'s link is broken. ***

Return to the Yeti Cave! *** Icemaster Yeti Dragon Helm's link is broken. *** (You may want to add the Temporary tag to the entry as well!)

Ice Master Yeti Dragon Helm

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=7439786]Ice Master Yeti Dragon Helm[/link]

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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Post #: 52
5/27/2009 17:01:04   
In the shadows...

Weapon links for Aeris Battlespire:
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16052675]Contender Dagger[/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16052636]Contender Staff[/link]

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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5/28/2009 5:06:21   

Honda's Accord *** Location link missing. ***

Shadow of the Wind Village

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=11453476]Shadow of the Wind Village[/link]

Jewel of the Four Winds, The *** You may want to put the Shadow of the Wind Village banner onto the thread. ***

PvP (Pre-Aeris Arena) *** 'Item Rewards' links are broken. ***

Unsqueakable Farce (Mace)

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=6033424]Unsqueakable Farce (Mace)[/link]

Unsqueakable Farce (Staff)

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=6033314]Unsqueakable Farce (Staff)[/link]

Unsqueakable Farce (Dagger)

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=6033130]Unsqueakable Farce (Dagger)[/link]

Done, thanks! ~PaperClip

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Post #: 54
5/29/2009 3:29:32   

Sitcom *** Minor typo. ***


Typo: [Bolded]

"Sepuclhure: Then he must have left something within the fortress."

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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5/30/2009 16:09:52   
In the shadows...

New quest and dialogue for Popsprocket.
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16072444]Ex Machina[/link]

[b]Yix:[/b] We'll need to start planning the details of the war, <<You>>!
[b]Yix:[/b] I'm sure Sepulchure has a plan already.
[b]Yix:[/b] We need to go off and talk without interruptions, and really get things moving!

[b]Yix:[/b] ... Ok, so we've got the sneevils.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Right. And the herd of togs.
[b]Yix:[/b] Mhmm, mhmm. You'll come up with a use for them, I'm sure.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Right, right. Just... give me a few more days to brainstorm.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] And there are the... er...
[b]Yix:[/b] The other gnomes and I will help, of course.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] If only that tool storage facility were still here, I could -
[b]???:[/b] I am Dave v384.16. You are <<You>>, the <<Class>>, and Yix, acting leader of Popsprocket.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Yix! Get back! I'll take him!
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] HALT. I am not the enemy you think I am.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] So... you're and enemy I don't know about yet?
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Negative. [i]*clank*[/i] Affirmative. [i]*whirrrr*[/i] Results inconclusive at this time.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Then who ARE you?
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] You are about to engage cyklons created by Balthar, a gnome who is producing machines beyond his level of skill.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Thanks, we ARE aware of that much already.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] I am an agent of those with interests similar to yours.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] The coming war will impact the future of your race on this planet.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Wait. What??
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Please watch this.

[b]Sepulchure:[/b] AHAHAHA! And <<You>> will be fighting my minions AND these machines!
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] It won't be MY fault if he fails to survive. AND I'll have the Energy Orb.
[b]Drakath:[/b] But- but- I thought you wanted to crush the Cyklon army, too.
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] *sigh*
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] I don't CARE if there are cyklons left over. They can attack the rest of the towns on Lore, for all I care.
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] Any havoc they wreak only plays into my plans.
[b]Drakath:[/b] But you're going to destroy a lot of them, right? They're too creepy to keep around.
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] ...
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] Yes.

[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] When Sepulchure attacks the Cyklon army, he initiates a sequence of events which result in the cyklons replicating in extreme numbers.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] They do this in order to resist him, but become so many that all life and unlife on Lore are threatened.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] So your race decided to EXTERMINA-
[b]Yix:[/b] Stop that.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Now, don't take this the wrong way, but you're a Cyklon, right?
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Affirmative, but of a different generation.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] And you don't WANT the Cyklons to mass-produce?
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Affirmative. I am from the future, re-programmed and sent back by a man named Drakath.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] He was told by a talking sword to prevent this future from happening.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] I am to ensure that it doesn't. You will assist me.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Drakath?! How did HE manage to teleport you?
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] My records indicate that I was contained within a unit with more volume on the inside than it's outer appearance indicated.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] !!!!!
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] The most efficient way to do this is to convince Sepulchure to exterminate the Cyklons entirely.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] You will assist me in reaching my target.
[b]Yix:[/b] Well, we DO have a way to do that, if you'd prefer to avoid using the cannon.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Trust me, we do.
[b]Yix:[/b] There's always the sky-net.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] A sky net? That sounds only slightly less dangerous than the cannon.
[b]Yix:[/b] Only if it becomes self-aware and decides it doesn't like you.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] What is the probability of that event occurring?
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Well, it sounds like Yix made it, so ... about 50/50.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Your levity is good, human, it relieves tension.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] And the fear of death.

[b]<<You>>:[/b] Oh...
[b]<<You>>:[/b] ..It really IS a net.
[b]Yix:[/b] ..What did you expect?
[b]<<You>>:[/b] I'm... not really sure.

[b]<<You>>:[/b] So, what's your plan for convincing Sepulchure to destroy the cyklons?
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] It is simple.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] I am going to provoke him into losing his temper. Then he will lash out at Balthar's machines.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] We aren't ready for the coming war yet, so...
[b]<<You>>:[/b] I'm sorry, I can't let you do that, Dave.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] The most efficient way to initiate an emotional reaction is to postulate that he is unable to destroy the existing cyklons.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Chance of predicted reaction resulting in immediate attacks on the cyklon army: 100%.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] You can't do that!
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Wrong.

[b]Doom Blade:[/b] SEPULCHURE! DEAL WITH... THIS.
[b]Drakath:[/b] ...Hey boss?
[b]Drakath:[/b] ...Ever get the feeling like someone is watching you?

[b]Sepulchure:[/b] <<You>>!
[b]Drakath:[/b] With one of the Cyklons?!
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] So, a pre-emptive attack of my well-defended fortress? How brave of you. No... not brave. What's that other word?
[b]Drakath:[/b] Foolish?
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] That's it!
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Oh no. This time I'm not running things. It's all Dave's show right now. He wanted to meet you.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Affirmative. I was sent to speak to the human who intends to steal the Energy Orb and attack the Cyklon army.
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] Might makes right, and I am VERY mighty. If that gnome who has it now can stop me from taking it, he can keep it.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] You are the very foolish human, to think that you could exterminate enough of the Cyklons to reach the Energy Orb.
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] [i]*sneer*[/i] you underestimate me, machine. My powers far outstrip those of some buckets of bolts.
[b]Drakath:[/b] But... doesn't <<You>> want to-
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] Be quiet, Drakath. I'm boasting.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] We have computed your chances of success. They approach zero.
[b]Drakath:[/b] I could swear <<You>> wanted to defeat the cyk-
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] You will see, machine...
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] You and <<You>> both! You doubt me?! I will obliterate ALL the Cyklons!
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] This is how the DARKNESS takes care of problems! And we're...
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] ...STARTING WITH YOU!

[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] Will I... dream? [i]*whirrrr*[/i] My mind... [i]*clank*[/i].... it's going.
[b]Dave v384.16:[/b] [i]Daisy... Daisy.... give me your ....... answer....... do.......[/i]
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] And as for you, <<You>>...
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] Since you kindly obliged me by entering my fortress voluntarily, why don't I just take care of you now?
[b]Drakath:[/b] My Lord? Weren't you told NOT to-
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] Drakath, go do something useful. NOW.
[b]Drakath:[/b] ... Yes, My Lord.
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] <<You>>, get out. Go gather your precious allies. I will crush them all. War is coming!

Evolved ChickenCow Armor should be added to Cysero's Superstore of Savings!
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16066131]Evolved ChickenCow Armor[/link]

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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5/31/2009 7:28:07   

ArchKnight Falconreach *** Location link missing. ***

Slushroom Princess

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16070268]Slushroom Princess[/link]

Ash vs. the Volcano *** You might want to add the Slushroom Princess link to the 'Next Quest/Next Up!' at the end of the thread. ***

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16070268]Slushroom Princess[/link]

Slushroom is added to the list, I'll add all of the "Up Next's" in a bit since none of them have it. ~TLH~

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5/31/2009 8:40:51   
Killing time softly

A few updates for the Fishing entry:

1. Rank 24 is called "Whale farmer"

2. It says in the entry that you can get 5-204 fishing points, but that is only true for the Falconreach Fishing. The highest number I got in Doomwood was 500 points (King Crabcake), and I think the lowest number is around 100.

3. Pictures:


[link=http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/2929/ripleyfish.png]Ripley fish[/link]

[link=http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/4109/guardiandragonfish.png]Guardian Dragonfish[/link]

[link=http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/6400/cthulhutrout.png]Cthulhu Trout[/link]

[link=http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/4876/yagahatfish.png]Yaga Hatfish[/link]



[link=http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/7498/someanlionfish.png]Somean Lionfish[/link]







[link=http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/2600/finnedmummy.png]Finned Mummy[/link]

[link=http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/3115/syringebeta.png]Syringe Beta[/link]


[link=http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/8963/smallmouthbass.png]Smallmouth Bass[/link]

[link=http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/8315/kingcrabcake.png]King Crabcake[/link]

* The deathfin's and the gillknight's picture are probably a glitch, they are most likely supposed to be the other way around, but this is how they are shown at the moment.

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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5/31/2009 8:55:14   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

For Fishing entry: Rank 28-Bass Kicker

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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5/31/2009 11:33:33   
In the shadows...

More things for Popsprocket:
The Surewould Ranger dialogue should be moved to the PenPal Quest Chain.
In-Sir-mountable should be added before Rolith's Solution:

[b]Yix:[/b] We [b]need[/b] the help from the rest of the heroes in Lore. Fighting a war on two fronts won't work.
[b]Yix:[/b] Talk to Knight Captain Rolith, see if he and the Pactaganol Knights will fight in our defense.
[b]Yix:[/b] Saving our city and keeping the orb safe are of utmost importance.
[b]Yix:[/b] I have faith you'll make them see how much we need their help, <<You>>.

[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Greetings, <<You>>! I didn't expect to see you here, I only just decided to send word asking for your aid.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] YOU were going to ask ME for help?
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Well, yes. You [b]do[/b] have a reputation for being something of a hero. Some of our younger Knights say you can handle anything.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Since I have to stay back and direct our efforts, you would be good for morale directly on the battlefield.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] I, um, well. Thank you, I appreciate that. But, you see, I came here to ask YOU for help. There's this invasion...
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Oh, we know. The bandits are all over. All my Knights are out battling them valiantly.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] No, no. I'm talking about robots. A robot invasion.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] ... I'm pretty sure these bandits are human. Do you need to lie down?
[b]<<You>>:[/b] No, no time to sleep. I'm talking about Popsprocket. There are robots on Popsprocket! The gnomes there need your help.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] You and your Knights could turn the tide of the coming war if you have the time to come and help us.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] I see, I see. I'm sure we'd love to help you, but...
[b]<<You>>:[/b] But?
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] But, like I said, we're in the middle of our OWN invasion.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Somehow, someone or something convinced all the separate bandit bands to unite and assault our town and fortress.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] [b][i]Sepulchure![/i][/b]
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] I won't order my Knights to abandon their battle in the middle of it, but if some of them are willing to assist you, I'll allow them to join you.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] You'll need to ask them yourself, though. I'm in the middle of planning a large-scale retaliation attack.

[b]Sir Vivor:[/b] <<You>>! I'm glad to see you! Sir Comvent here was trying to sneak past some bandits when they turned on him.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] That's awful! Speaking of people being attacked... I could really use your help for my friends.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] They're gnomes on a floating island called Popsp-
[b]Sir Vivor:[/b] I'm too busy guarding his hide to try and seek out help right now, and much too busy to offer it if you need it.
[b]Sir Vivor:[/b] I'm sorry, but maybe the others will have time to help you.

[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Hello, <<You>>. I see you've stumbled upon my field hospital.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] You haven't seen Sir Gerry, have you? We could use a pair o' docs here, but it would create an impossible situation.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Sorry, can't say that I have. I DID see a city full of gnomes who need your help, though.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Look around. I've got patients with no patience, stuck full of I.V.s, and I just have to hope my work isn't in vein.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] I see. You really DO look busy.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] No, the ICU is pretty quiet right now. All the knights left it, insisting they could fight wounded. Lunatics.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Please, either grab a bandage roll or find me a nurse who will. I hope you're not squeamish about blood.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] I'll... just... go... over... there... and see if I can find Sir Chandestroy and talk to him. Bye!

[b]<<You>>:[/b] Were you... hiding from those bandits?
[b]Sir Reptishus:[/b] I'm known for my ability to scout! When people think of spying, they think of Sir Reptishus!
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Oh. Maybe I shouldn't have routed them, then.
[b]Sir Reptishus:[/b] No, no. You've just freed me up. I will take Sir Vey and we'll go scout out other bandit camps.
[b]Sir Reptishus:[/b] They are attacking Oaklore from all directions. We're hard-pressed to keep up with their invasion.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] I guess that means you're ALL too busy to help me save the gnomes of Popsprocket.
Sir Reptishus: It looks like your gnome friends are going to get the short end of the stick.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] ....
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Then it's back to Captain Rolith for me. Maybe he'll have ideas of who I can go to next. 

The quests are now separated into 3 sections in order to make it easier to add more later on. ~TLH~

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5/31/2009 16:31:46   
In the shadows...

Once again more dialogue for Popsprocket:
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16034310][b][size=2]Rolith's Solution[/size][/b][/link]
[b]Yix:[/b] I'm sure Captain Rolith will have a suitable alternative for us!

[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Back already? You move quickly for a <<Class>>.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] I spoke with all the Knights I could find nearby. I think you can already guess their answers.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] I'm sorry, <<You>>. I knew you had to ask for yourself, but I did know.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] However... I think I have an idea which could help.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Why don't you head back to Popsprocket, and I will send the force once I gather them.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Thank you, Captain. The gnomes and I will be indebted to whomever you send!

[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Here they come...
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Down boy!
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Haha, ok here's a treat.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] ...
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] No, that's my hand.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] ...
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] That's still my hand.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Now remember, if you go to the big <<Class>>, <<You>>, on the floating island, he will have tog-treats for you. Lots and lots of tog-treats.
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Give this letter to the first person you see, so they know you're there to help.
[b]Tog:[/b] Bark!
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] Ok lil' buddy, go find that flying island!
[b]Tog:[/b] Bark!
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] ...
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] They'll know when the togs arrive...
[b]Captain Rolith:[/b] And maybe WE will be able to sleep peacefully for once.

[b]Zapp:[/b] zzzzZZZZZZzz
[b]Zapp:[/b] Come one, <<Class>>... It's not that hard to deliver a letter. *snore*
[b]Zapp:[/b] No, I'm not going to pay you...
[b]Zapp:[/b] Mumble mumble...
[b]Zapp:[/b] ...
[b]Zapp:[/b] More soup'n...
[b]Zapp:[/b] MORE visitors? Last time I checked, this wasn't tourist season.
[b]Zapp:[/b] *grumble* And with that many, we're going to need ALL of the mechgryphons, half-trained or not.
[b]Zapp:[/b] So...
[b]Zapp:[/b] ..Oaklore decided to help us after all. 

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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5/31/2009 17:49:08   
lord loss 52

For fishing in falconreach you can get 205 too from mr.fish
AQW  Post #: 62
6/1/2009 2:30:13   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

For Fishing entry:
Rank 29 - Eel Of Fortune
Rank 30 - Master Of The Deep

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

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6/1/2009 10:54:05   
Killing time softly

I made an entry for the cooking minigame:

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16081608]Cooking (Minigame)[/link]

I'm posting it here because the link needs to be added to a number of cooking-related entries (NPC Gretel, the temporary items, the A-Z quest list ... maybe others that I can't think of at the moment)

I've added it everywhere I could. The guide owner would have to be PM'd to add that in. ~TLH~

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DF MQ  Post #: 64
6/1/2009 11:34:47   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Cooking (Minigame), please add the following temp item:
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16010264]Cheese Soup[/link]


Added ~TLH~

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6/2/2009 1:33:07   

Crossing the Line - Bolded link broken.

Location: Warlic's Zone-> Warlic->Dragon Egg->The Tome

Breakfast With Warlic - Bolded link broken.

Location: Warlic's Zone-> Warlic->Dragon Egg->Warlic's Tent

Summoning Help - Bolded link broken.

Location: Warlic's Zone > Warlic > Dragon Egg > The Summoning



Falconreach - Secret Cave, The link missing. Just a suggestion, regarding the Falconreach thread, you might like to add a (ArchKnight) tag behind the title, since the thread has 2 parts to it.

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8659837]Secret Cave, The[/link]

Get Warlic's Ingredients - You might like to clear Post #: 2.

Falconreach entry renamed to Falconreach / ArchKnight Falconreach. Falconreach is the original name, and if I put (Archknight) *before* the title, it won't be in the correct order by A-Z. ;) Also, Twilly gives out all of the Dragon Saga quests, so I linked the general Dragon Egg Saga entry as his quests. The Secret Cave is included there. :P Thank you! ~PaperClip

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6/2/2009 16:01:33   

Doomwood Dock
also knowed as Amityale Dock

Directions from Falconreach: > Travel > Amityale > 1 Screen left

Quests Available
Fishing (Minigame)

Other information

1. 3 fishes add to you temorary some stats
Kingcrab Cake (+3 STR for 11 turns...)
Ninja Starfish (+5 Bonus for 11 turns...)
Hectopump (+1 Dodge for 11 turns...)

...Sadly I don't know how I can post codes...

I was away 3 days and that why I don't posted info from esclips pm's before...
Also I deleted some new fish pics givers names, because I got from esclips pics, with info and fs, codes...

For coding just highlight what you want to code and press the "Code" button next to the image button.
Post has been submitted and I linked to it in your Fishing post as well so everything is set. ~TLH~

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6/2/2009 18:42:21   
ArchMagus Orodalf

The above needs a few links and corrections:

The first part (Amityvale locational tag and title) should be centered.


also knowed as Amityale Dock

Known, not knowed. Amityvale, not Amityale.


Directions from Falconreach: > Travel > Amityale > 1 Screen left

Amityvale, not Amityale.

Those three fish should be linked:

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16086584]Ninja Starfish[/link]

Corrected ~TLH~

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6/3/2009 22:52:47   
In the shadows...

NPC link for Slushroom Princess:

Done, thanks! ~PaperClip

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6/6/2009 14:27:36   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Recruit Voltabolt has bad links; it should link:

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16107942](Elite) Notas[/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16108180](Elite) Boreas[/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16108557](Elite) Reflecting Edge[/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16108585](Elite) Zephyrus[/link]

Fixed. ~TLH~

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6/7/2009 11:12:51   

In the Battle Cyklons! article, the dialogue for the joke wave reads: "Are you as geared for this battle as I am!?". It should read: "Are you as geared up for this battle as I am!?"

Fixed, thanks! ~TLH~

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6/7/2009 19:30:43   
Space is where I lie

Recruit Voltabolt! also drops:

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16107685]Gears of War[/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=6706566]Defender's Medal[/link]

VV Poster got it. ~TLH~

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@latedog: /snuggles i missed you! And also added =D
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 73
6/9/2009 21:37:20   
In the shadows...

New quest for Warlic in ArchKnight Falconreach:
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=15939480]From Ice to.....[/link]

Shouldnt this entry be deleted since its just a duplicate of Critter Cave?

Right you are. Both done. ~PaperClip

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6/12/2009 0:19:36   

In Assault on Popsprocket, Reflecting Edge should be (Shining) rather than (Elite)


Reflecting Edge/Elite Reflecting Edge should be stated as "Reflecting Edge/Shining Reflecting Edge"

Ah yes, my bad. Thanks! :) ~PaperClip

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