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DF Encyclopedia Rules & Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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4/8/2009 6:40:37   
Legendary AK!!!

DF Pedia & Info Submission Rules/Guidelines

1. First and foremost, all Universal Rules apply.

2. Only additions to the Encyclopedia are allowed. Posts that do not add anything useful may be deleted without notice.

3. Info submission belongs in the Info Submission forum (this forum). The only new posts in the Encyclopedia proper should be entries. If you want to contribute information, use the relevant submission thread.

4. If you use someone else's information in your post or entry, you MUST give them credit. Taking it and failing to do so is plagiarism.

5. You are obliged to check the entry and the submission thread before posting. Make sure your information isn't already there, or hasn't already been posted by someone else.

6. You must use the template found on the first page of the relevant thread when posting new entries. Other information can be posted as a normal reply. Do not alter the template from the format provided unless an AK or Mod explicitly states that it is acceptable.

7. All entries in the Encyclopedia should be released parts of the game (not speculative or in testing) and have been available to players at some point (so no staff items or the like).

8. No signatures are allowed.

9. Please don't use colored text in the Pedia area unless it is part of the source (like NPC text) or to title NPC text.

10. If you choose to join the DragonPedia Masters group so that you can add entries directly to the Encyclopedia, be aware that membership is a privilege. If we feel that you are abusing this privilege, then we have the right to remove you from your position at any time.

11. The Moderators and AKs of this forum have the final say in all matters. Feel free to PM any of us if you have any questions, issues or concerns.

Encyclopedia AKs and Head Mod

Head Moderator:

Stephen Nix

Posting Guidelines/Tips

1. You may use any of the tags or banners where appropriate in the Banners & Tags for Encyclopedia Entries thread.

2. If you see someone else posting information that is incorrect, let them know via PM if it hasn't been edited into the Encyclopedia yet. If it has, point it out in another reply. If you correct something in your post, you don't need to reply again to let everyone know that it's been fixed. Just edit a small note into your original post.

3. Double-posting is allowed if an AK has already edited your post saying that the info has been put into the Encyclopedia. If not, just edit your original post with the information.

4. If someone else helps you out with your entry, please give them credit! An italicised line at the bottom is enough. Taking someone else's information and claiming it as your own is plagiarism and will be dealt with accordingly.

5. Screenshots should be taken on High or Best Quality and cropped to focus on the subject. See the Guide to Encyclopedia Screenshots section for more information.

6. For corrections to indexes (e.g. A-Zs), please PM the guide owner directly. Only post in the Info Submission board if you did not receive a reply from the owner after at least 3 days.

7. When posting information about an existing entry, please link to the entry in your post. This is especially helpful if you are posting a long list of info, where we have to reference several different entries.

8. For spoilers, the general rule of thumb is that if something is supposed to be in spoiler tags in DFGD, it should not be posted to the pedia until that period is over (typically after the weekend). If you see the AKs or mods posting info about it without spoiler tags, feel free to go without them.

9. Easter eggs in quests should have spoiler tags in the entries themselves.

10. Classes in the preview stage should not be posted. Wait until the class is finalized.

DragonPedia Masters

If you would like to create your own entries in the Encyclopedia proper, rather than using Info Submission, you will need to apply to become a DragonPedia Master. Information can be found in the Information for DragonPedia Masters. Please note that membership is a privilege, not a right, and you can be removed from the group at any time at our discretion.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
4/8/2009 7:24:05   
Legendary AK!!!

Guide to Encyclopedia Screenshots

(Note: Much of this information is obsolete; if unsure, please refer to modern Pedia entries as a reference point for current image and screenshot standards.)

Don't know how to take a screenshot? See the guide, here.

Picture uploading sites:

As of 2017 the DF Pedia team has begun a complete Migration from Photobucket and all other image sharing services in favor of a private GitHub repository.
Any images are to be uploaded to the GitHub repository by a DF Pedia ArchKnight; if you do not have access, contact a DF Pedia ArchKnight to upload the images.

https://www.photobucket.com - Photobucket throttles third party hosting without a premium account.
https://www.imageshack.us - Imageshack Terms and Conditions prohibit usage of their service for the purposes of the 'Pedia.
https://tinypic.com/ - TinyPic may remove images that have not been viewed after 90 days.
https://cubeupload.com - Appeared to be going the way of Photobucket and my other image sharing services.
https://imgur.com - Appeared to be going the way of Photobucket and my other image sharing services.

1. Images should generally not exceed 150KB in filesize unless the dimensions or quality justifies it. (Note: This standard is obsolete, but some size restrictions may still occur.)

2. All screenshots should show the full item, with none of it cut unless impossible.

3. Take all screenshots while using High graphics quality. Anything less than that should not be used.

4. Screenshots should be cropped to focus on the item. Anything surplus can be removed. If the item is quite small, you can resize the launcher window. The best place for screenshots is usually the Green Screen room in Falconreach. NPC/monster images will generally be larger, but the same rules apply. Again, make sure no parts are cut off when cropping.

5. Screenshots should be saved in .png format. PNG usually ensures the best quality.

6. Animations should be taken at the most developed point, or the point that shows the main feature of the animation (e.g. if a Tog runs at you and bites while jumping, try to take it at the height of its jump and while its mouth is fully open). For complex animations, multiple screenshots may be used. Monsters, pets and other interactive characters should be taken in their standing/resting pose unless for an attack image.

Unacceptable screenshot vs. Acceptable screenshot

Weapon Images

(Note: The following methods are obsolete, and weapon images with a transparent background are preferred whenever possible.)

Weapon images can either be taken from the Falconreach clifftop or be displayed in the following way:

This is taken using the Preview feature for a clean background. You are not required to make your images in this way, but if you want to, you're more than welcome. If you do decide to, here are a few quick steps:

1. Use the Preview tab in your Inventory or Shop Window to bring up the image.

2. Zoom in to around 200% if your browser is able.

3. Take a screenshot, making sure that no parts of the weapon are cut off.

4. In any graphics software (even MS Paint will do), rotate it 90° clockwise.

5. Crop it, making sure there's minimal background but that none of the weapon is cut off.

6. Using the forum background colour (hex #eeeeee, or use the eyedropper tool), fill in the background.

7. Save and upload.

In images (Photoshop CS4): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The above method generally applies only to swords and daggers. As staves are much longer, the Preview feature often cuts off half of the image. As such, we prefer a regular clifftop image for these, or you may remove the background from the clifftop image, and crop/rotate appropriately.

Here is another way to get a good image (thanks to Stephen Nix for this information):

Equip your base armor with the weapon.
Use the North quest from the Akriloth chain ( The Search).
Equip the weapon and remove the cape and helmet so they are not in the image.
Have your character face to the LEFT.
In order to position yourself correctly, go just under the fire place (after the dialogue).
Zoom the screen to 900% (Zoom function in the lower right corner in IExplorer).
Center in on the image or at least have the image your about to take fully shows your appropriate weapon to show all details and take a screenshot by hitting the print screen button.
Your image should approximately look like this
Proceed with the cropping as described above.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
7/29/2011 7:55:30   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Entry Style Guide

General Guidelines

  • Links to entries should point to the thread (tm.asp) and not to the post (fb.asp), unless you need to point to a post inside a thread which is not the first. It looks cleaner on the address bar and easier to copy/paste later.
    For example: The First Frost Giant instead of The First Frost Giant
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8414075]The First Frost Giant[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=8414075]The First Frost Giant[/link]

    Links to entries should also always end in "m=(some number)"; "&mpage=1&key=&#(some number)" is extraneous clutter and should be removed.

  • In any descriptive section, numbers should be written out numerically if they are greater than ten but less than 100, where possible. (e.g use 20 hits instead of twenty hits)

Thread Titles

  • These items will have one thread with separate posts for each item:

    Random Weapon I, Random Weapon II, Random Weapon III ← Same name, different ending.
    Random Weapon Alpha, Random Weapon Beta, Random Weapon Gamma ← Same deal as above.

  • These items will have separate threads with "Also See:" lines linking them to each other:

    Alpha Random Weapon, Beta Random Weapon, Gamma Random Weapon ← Different prefix. Don't merge them.
    Random Alpha Weapon, Random Beta Weapon, Random Gamma Weapon ← Different middle. Same deal, don't merge.

    The only time anything is merged is if only the ending is different. Any other combination of any kind of name and it stays separate.

  • Thread naming conventions:

    Random Weapon I, Random Weapon II, Random Weapon III ← Name the thread "Random Weapon (I, II, III)"
    Random Weapon, Random Weapon II, Random Weapon III ← First item is missing the "I", name the thread "Random Weapon (I, II, III)"
    Random Weapon, Random Weapon II, Random Weapon III, Random Weapon IV ← More than 3 items, use the range notation "Random Weapon (I-IV)"
    Random Weapon Alpha, Random Weapon Beta, Random Weapon Gamma ← Name the thread "Random Weapon (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)"
    Random Weapon, Random Weapon Alpha ← Name the thread "Random Weapon (Alpha)"
    Random Weapon, Random Weapon, Random Weapon ← Same name, different levels, use "Random Weapon (All Versions)"
    Random Weapon Alpha, Random Weapon Beta, Random Weapon Gamma, Random Weapon Omega ← More than 3 items, use "Random Weapon (All Versions)"

    Any other variation should most likely use the (All Versions) notation.

    "The" or "A" in the beginning of an entry name should be moved to the end, separated by a comma:

    A Quest <-- Name the thread "Quest, A"
    The Random Quest <-- Name the thread "Random Quest, The"
    The Random Weapon <-- Name the thread "Random Weapon, The"
    The Random Weapon (I-V) <-- Name the thread "Random Weapon, The (I-V)"
    Random Staff sub-shop of Cysero's Superstore - Name the thread "Cysero's Superstore of Savings! - Random Staff"

Header & Description

  • The DM tag is needed on anything that requires Defender's Medals; if the item requires a DA as well, put the DA tag first.

  • For DC items that also require a DA, put the DA tag first.

  • Non-DA items should be marked with "(No DA Required)". DA items should be marked with "(DA Required)", always with the parentheses. If the description mentions the Dragon Amulet requirement, this line should be omitted.

Location & Requirements

  • Directions in Location should use Left/Right/Up/Down instead of West/East/North/South.

  • Price: Only used if the item can be obtained for Gold or DCs; for all other items, it should be N/A. Use a comma as a thousands separator if the price is over 999 Gold/DC.

  • Use "Gold" instead of "gold".

  • Dragon Coin items:

    • The price should read "X Dragon Coins"
    • If it can be sold, the sellback should read "X DCs before 24 hours, Y DCs after 24 hours". X is always 90% of the price, and Y is always 25% of the price, both rounded normally to the nearest whole number.

  • If an item cannot be sold, the sellback should be N/A.

  • Required Item(s): This line should only appear if there are other items apart from Gold or DCs that are required for merging or getting the item. Use either "Required Items:" or "Required Item:" without brackets. Items should appear as their name in the Pedia without plural form ("100 Defender’s Medal" not "100 Defender’s Medals"). A plus sign (+) without the parentheses should separate items on the list. Items should be links to their Pedia entry, unless the item in question is in the same thread (e.g. a lower-level version of a weapon). In that case, the link should be omitted.

Specifics & Item Stats

  • Damage should be shown as min-max instead of min - max (no spaces).

  • Resistances should be placed at the end of the list in the following order: All, Health and Immobility. Elemental resistance should be placed after these.

  • Don't include Immobility resist from STR (STR/5, rounded up).

  • Usually, non-resource items do not need a Combine section. If an item has an Also See link to the next item, and the other item has the previous item in its Required section, it is enough (this is the standard on most merged items). The only time you need to add a Combine section is in cases where there is no connection between the source item and the result (for example Nature's Call).

  • NPCs in quests: The pre-quest dialogue said by the quest giver does not entitle the speaker to be included in the NPC list of that quest as this dialogue is considered part of the town the quest giver is in. Participation in the quest itself is needed. In the NPC entry, this will determine if that quest will be shown in the Location line, or just in the Quest Given line.

  • If a shop or quest is not rare, but contains an item that has been removed from it, in the Rewards/Contents section the rare item need to be struck through ([s]/s]) and put after non-rare items.

  • For monsters (or rarely temp items) that scale to the player's level, the relevant scaling stats (which is usually all of them) should be simply listed as Scaled. Don't add what stats the monster has at any particular level if this is the case.

  • Ability Effects

    • Please quote the exact name of the effect on either the character or on the enemy. Ex.: Mage Lightning buff is "Zapped Boost 20 PowerBoost" on the player for 5 turns (including the one it is cast).

    • Effects should be written in the third person singular: (The ability) performs ... and adds ...

    • Ability effects should follow the following form:

      Effect: Performs (#) hit(s) of (%) (type: Fire, Ice, Weapon) Damage and adds '(buff)' to (player/enemy); (other effects)
      Example: Performs one hit of 100% Energy Damage and adds "Zapped Boost 25 PowerBoost" to player; buffs your damage to 125% for 5 turns (including this turn)

Image & Footer

  • Alternative image(s) should be labelled "Alternative Image" (with a number if there is more than one). Alternative images should be placed directly below the main image with no space in between.

  • "Also See:" links should be sorted from the lowest level to the highest, and each one should be separated by a comma. Items of the same type that are from the same series or that share the same graphics should be listed here. For monsters, add a reference for the normal and extreme versions (if they are on a different threads). For NPC link their alter egos, or user accounts if the NPC is based on a forum user. Monster entries should not be included in the Also See section of the NPC (and vice versa). A link to a forum user should be marked with “(forum user)”. Non-visual items do not normally require Also See links.

  • For the Thanks section, if there is one user it should be in one line:
    Thanks to Person A for ...

    If there is more than one user, use the following notation. The word "Thanks" should occur only once. There are no colons ":" after the "to".

    Thanks to
    -- Person A for...
    -- Person B for...
    -- Person C for...

  • Each entry should end with [color=#eeeeee] to hide the "Last Edited" note; it looks cleaner this way.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
11/6/2011 3:14:18   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Submission Reminder

This is a reminder that posting is not a race. Item submission should be verified by the poster who must own the item and be able to equip it. Do not make educated guess or assumptions base on similar items. We are not interested in the stats the item suppose to have, we need the actual values, which can sometimes be different than those expected.

Use these steps:

  • Reload your character while the item is in your backpack inventory. The WIS stat is notoriously known to be shown only after such a reload. Also, the stats order is changed after reload; we want that order for the Pedia.

  • Unequip any item your character is currently using. Look at the character detail panel to see that the Resistances and Status part is empty. If your class has default resistances (like Warrior having Light +5 and Darkness +5) remember it, and reduce those from the item stats.

  • Equip the item. Make sure this is the only equipped item.

  • Report the item stats in the order they appears on the Item Detail panel. Resistances are only shown in the character detail panel and not on the Item Detail panel of your inventory, andshould be placed at the end of the list.
    If an item has unusual or wrong stats (like a dagger with an INT instead of DEX), is unsellable or has a different level from their equivalent items from the same drop family, document it with a note.

  • If for some reason you don't have full stats information, document it with a note. Never guess the missing values. Use the submission threads to ask the information to be verified by other users.

Posting inaccurate information does not help anyone; it degrades the quality of the Pedia and just causes more work for the Pedia AKs.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
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