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4/14/2009 18:47:30   
long cat r looong

I've found through experience, whether in art or real life, that the best way to learn from a person is to work along side them.
Collaborating with a fellow artist can open vast portals to a person, full of new ideas and techniques.
Many friendships may also be developed in the process.

I've noticed a rising trend in collaborations within the gallery, so the purpose of this thread is to create a structured outlet for this process.
It's pretty simple. Just use the form below.


[b]Program[/b]: (PS/Gimp, Flash, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, etc.)
[b]Medium[/b]: (Visual Art, Animation, Games, Music, Hand Drawn, etc.)
[b]Collaboration type[/b]: (half and half, piece by piece, etc.)
[b]Amount of people[/b]: (How many people will be involved?)
[b]Order[/b]: (Who goes first? If there are multiple people, what's the order?)
[b]Editable File[/b]: (Upload and post this file if you have already started on the collaboration. This is needed for a collaboration. 
File types may vary by program. For example: .psd for Gimp and PS, .xcf for Gimp, .ai for Adobe Illustrator, .fla for Flash, .c4d for Cinema 4D, etc.)
[b]Style[/b]: (Optional. May only be used for tags and large pieces. This states what style you will be comfortable with or what you would prefer.)

Helpful Hints

A quick explanation on collaboration types:
-A half and half collaboration is when one artist starts the piece, works on it until that have reached a "half-way" mark, and then hands it off to another person to finish.
-A piece by piece is much like a half and half collaboration, but it is not finished in just two turns. The work is done little by little, the piece being passed back and forth, or between many people, until it is finished. This is one of the only ways to do a collaboration between three or more people.
---If you have any other ways to do a collab, PM me the specifics and I will add it to this list.

How to do a Hand Drawn collab: (Written by Suuichi)
-One of the two artists begins the piece. On half the page or whatever medium is being used, the artist draws whatever it is they so desire, making sure that it can be continued on the other half by the other artist.
-The first artist can upload, his/her work, either by scanning or photographing, and send it to the other artist. Here there are a number of options on how to continue the piece. What I suggest is that the second artist print out the first half. From the printed paper, the second artist can draw their half of the piece, or trace the first half, and continue on from there.
-The second artist then uploads their half, again by either scanning or photographing. One of the two can crop the two drawings together into one flowing piece.
---Another option would be a hand drawn/digital collaboration. In this situation, the first artist would draw and upload the piece, sending it to a digital artist. The digital artist could then color or other wise enhance the original drawing.

A few places where you can upload the editable files for collabs:


Rules and Legal Matters (PLEASE READ)

Legal matters that need to be followed:
Collaborations made via this thread are to be shared by both parties, unless specified otherwise. Failure to follow this rule will constitute an act of ripping (taking another person's work and claiming it as your own), and may result in suspension or even a ban.

Of course don't forget to follow the Universal Rules/Guidelines and the Gallery Rules. All posts with this thread will be kept to business only. Any talk past what is essential will be kept to PMs and other forms of communification.

A very special thanks to Suuichi, Tormentor, Mo for helping me with this and making it happen :]
Pinned. ~Grafh

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
4/14/2009 18:59:03   

Ts1 collabed to make the collaboration thread... I just find that a bit amusing, lol. Don't ask me why.

I've been dying to do a collab, so...

Program: PS/GIMP (I'll be using GIMP, so if I do a collab with a PS user, I'll have to start, PSDs don't open properly in GIMP)
Medium: Visual Art
Collaboration type: Half-and-Half
Amount of people: 2
Order: I'll go first, I guess
Editable File: If I'm working with a GIMPer, we'll use XCF, otherwise PSD
Style: Anything, I'm not too particular.

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AQ  Post #: 2
4/14/2009 19:00:32   
long cat r looong

and i suppose i'll start this off to provide an example :)
Program: PS/Gimp
Medium: Visual Art
Collaboration type: half and half
Amount of people: 2
Order: you go first
Editable File: --
Style: any

pm me the first half :)

jeeze dep D:
guess we can collab
just pm me when you finish

< Message edited by TheShadowed1 -- 4/14/2009 19:02:28 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
4/15/2009 2:09:54   

Program: Flash
Medium: Visual Art
Collaboration type: Half and half.
Amount of people: 2
Order: Lineart, then colouring+shading.

I'd prefer to do the colouring+shading, as that's what I need to practice.

< Message edited by Atriax -- 4/15/2009 7:44:46 >
Post #: 4
4/15/2009 6:22:52   
UCaG Contest Winner Feb 09

ha! someone actually carried through my idea :P
congratz on this, will be sucessful.

Program: GIMP
Medium: Tag
Collaboration type: half and half
Amount of people: 2
Order: i would rather go second ^_^
Editable File: .psd if you use PS and .xcf for GIMP

< Message edited by Dragon. -- 4/15/2009 17:11:02 >
Post #: 5
4/15/2009 7:40:50   

Program: Flash (Photoshop for me)
Medium: Visual Art, optionally Animation.
Collaboration type: Half and half.
Amount of people: 2 (or 3, if a the second person wants to color and the third wants to animate.)
Order: Since I do not have Flash, I'd love to see one of my creatures colored vector-style or even animated. So I'd be first, making a monster/creature in Photoshop, and then you would trace and color/animate it in flash.

Not sure if anyone would like to do this, but hey, it could be fun. We can decide together on what kind of creature I'll draw. It'd probably be in a similair style to this, but with the full body and maybe a little less detailed, because the detail will be removed when traced anyway. If you want to see some more of my work before you decide on a collaboration, my gallery's in the Hand Drawn section.

< Message edited by Stanwise Gamgee -- 4/15/2009 7:47:21 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
4/15/2009 7:44:20   

I'll try it with ya :)
Post #: 7
4/15/2009 13:23:25   

Medium:Visual Art + Animation
Collaboration type: Piece by piece
Amount of people: 2 or 3.
Order:One Person Draws, Second Colors and third Animates.
Editable File: .Fla
Style: AQ/AQW/DF Style

I'd love to collab with someone for the first time!

< Message edited by Dalesh -- 4/16/2009 13:44:50 >
DF MQ  Post #: 8
4/15/2009 13:27:59   

Program: Photoshop
Medium: Sig/tag
Collaboration type: Half and half
Amount of people: Two people sounds good.
Order: I would rather go second
Editable File: A .PSD would be nice.

Wow Dragon. It seems that our interests match. I'll collab with you. :)
You start. :3

< Message edited by Mustafa -- 5/3/2009 14:04:03 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
4/15/2009 13:39:59   

Dalesh, I'll do it with you too, while I'm waiting for StanWise's drawing :)
Continue over PM :)
Post #: 10
4/15/2009 17:10:30   
UCaG Contest Winner Feb 09

ok mustafa me and you it is,
you wanna go 1st or second?
Post #: 11
4/15/2009 18:00:03   

Program: PS CS2
Collaboration type: Uhm, whatever the other person wants
Amount of people: Two please!
Order: Id like to go second, but I am pretty flexible as long as its the right stock(s).
Editable File:.psd
Style: Ehhh, mixture of yours and mine :)

< Message edited by Sonoko -- 4/16/2009 17:04:54 >


MQ  Post #: 12
4/15/2009 23:13:56   

Dragon. you can start if you want but if not sure, I'll go ahead and start us off. :)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
4/16/2009 0:45:10   

Program: photoshop
Medium: whatever you like
Collaboration type: halfie
Amount of people: dos
Order: i finish
Style: anything goes
Post #: 14
4/16/2009 7:35:07   
UCaG Contest Winner Feb 09

oh, just a question,
will there be a section on the first post
to display all completed collabs, will build for quite
a nice collection.
it could be like a list of links, with the peoples names etc
Post #: 15
4/16/2009 7:54:59   

I'd like to work with the ferfo on a tag, if I may.
MQ  Post #: 16
4/16/2009 8:53:47   

b]Program: (Gimp
Medium: Visual Art
Collaboration type: DO your work send it to me and we continue till its finished? (i guess thats piece by piece, but honestly dotn matter)
Amount of people: 2-3
Order: To be disscussed between members
Editable File Xfc
Style: Im a smudger, but i meen i want everyone to contribute in there own way , no one style...

Any takers
DF  Post #: 17
4/16/2009 14:53:17   

i got that guy called ferfo.
AQ  Post #: 18
4/16/2009 16:40:07   

Tread I'll go with you.
DF MQ  Post #: 19
4/16/2009 18:48:27   
long cat r looong

i'll pick up ferfo and hemp :)

and yes dragon, i was jsut about to post about that even XD
just pm me the finished product and the names of participants if you want it up front
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 20
4/16/2009 22:16:47   

lol at that nub ferfo, he's doing 3 collabs
Post #: 21
4/17/2009 7:45:20   

Ill be generous and give up my spot for ferfo.
MQ  Post #: 22
4/19/2009 15:54:28   

Program: Pivot Stickfigure Animator
Medium: Animation
Collaboration type: Half and Half.
Amount of people: Me and.. somebody else (2)
Order: Since I am stil ltrying to refresh my skills with this program, I wish to go second.
Editable File: Didn't started nothing yet... :P
Style: Wel.. not to bloody... I have to *cough*learn the bloody stuff again*cough*.... Can "pivoting" have a certain style?
Oh and a sidenote: Please.. no Pros... I'm trying to refresh my skills not to be punished by a profesionist xD

< Message edited by DragonYugi -- 4/20/2009 4:15:39 >
Post #: 23
4/19/2009 16:29:08   
The One To Rule

Program: Photoshorp
Medium: Art, bruh
Collaboration type: Half and Half or whatever
Amount of people: Make me an offer I can't refuse
Order: I'm never a starter.
Editable File: PSD, BROSEPH
Style: Delicious

< Message edited by The One To Rule -- 4/20/2009 19:53:18 >
AQ  Post #: 24
4/20/2009 3:31:06   

Hey DY.
I'm a little bored at the moment and really need something to do. Haven't used pivot in a while so there's no chance of me showing you up (not that I could).
PM me if you would like to.
I can probably get started on something in the meantime...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 25
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