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RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers

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7/13/2009 9:58:30   
Waffles pwn Pancakes

1.Adventurequest Worlds
2.Darkorbit: DET ONLINE ACTION SPIL (the online action game *translated*), SeaFight: Kampen er begyndt - Spil nu gratis! (The fight has started - play now for free! *translated too*)
3. june the 10th, roughly 1 AM I believe.
4. It keeps saying "Viewed..." even that I have forfilled all the requirements for gaining the adventurecoins, its quite frustrating
5. havent contacted SuperRewards yet, might do soon though, if they dont solve the problem

if you have a reply please PM me on the forum or try to contact my IGN Waffle God
Post #: 126
7/15/2009 16:06:13   

i did this 2 free:
Download Gaming Harbor to Get 1000’s of FREE Games!
Bonus features include: FREE Wallpapers for redefining your computer desktop, FREE cursors, FREE Search Assistant and 1000’s of Ringtones for your phone!
Não é necessária nenhuma compra para se receber AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins awarded when you download Gaming Harbor. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.

Download Digsby for Free & Get the Perfect Solution for ALL Social Media...
Finally, life gets simpler! Get one combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, Facebook and MySpace!

Não é necessária nenhuma compra para se receber AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins awarded when you download the product. Offer reports on a 15 minute

i did those today and nothing but i did these same 2 some weaks and moths back and still nothing im starting to think u r jk with us, this are from SuperRewards
by the was its dor AQW (of course since i say AC) and the acc name is: Santos Ultimate Overlord

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 127
7/15/2009 17:04:41   

i didnt get my dragon coins for it
Post #: 128
7/15/2009 21:44:00   

1. AQW
2. Are You Headed for Anger Management? 120 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
Which Christmas Character Are You? 123 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
Which Decadent Dessert Are You? 118 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009 & July 15th 2009 (double-checking if there are results).
What's Your Road Trip Personality? 123 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
Is the Force with You? 97 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
Are You Fit or Fat? 113 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
Which Color Best Represents Your Personality? 116 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
What's Your Poker Face? Do You Have What it Takes? 120 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
Which Super Villain Are You? 118 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
Have You Found True Love? Take Our Quiz & Find Out! 113 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
What Kind of Driver Are You? Take our Quiz and Find Out... 115 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
Who's Your Inner Disney Character? 122 AdventureCoins July 11th 2009
4. The quizzes never send any responses on the scores to the quizzes. I've tried multiple times in order to find the results and the end of the quizzes are just filled with other "optional" offers.
5. "Thank you for contacting us!
The advertiser has not yet confirmed the completion of "-Quiz name here-?".
Please copy and paste the entire offer confirmation email (INCLUDING the header) for your participation within the text box."
Post #: 129
7/17/2009 21:16:58   

1. AQW
2. Any offer I try now doesn't give me anything, to be more specific on some of them ALL the quiz offers do not give me coins.
3. Friday July 17th, for the past few hours.
4. The offers are pending or viewed or whatever and never give me coins.
5. Whenever I send an inquiry thing it just asks for any email confirmation that the quiz ones don't give and the other offers don't send me emails for.
AQ DF  Post #: 130
7/18/2009 15:40:18   

2.Flycell Ringtones: 1,600 adventurecoins
I really need these ac's ASAP ( Samurai Armor from the "Suggestion Shop." )
Post #: 131
7/18/2009 19:56:58   

2.EliteMate:543 adventurecoins
they said they need a confirmation email and i told em they didnt send me one so i asked em if i could give them a pic with me uploading a photo but they just repeated what they said before 0.o are they robots 0.o,i really need these so i can get tht Nightmare Blade it would go perfect with the Shadowscythe reaver i bought yesterday

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 132
7/18/2009 21:27:32   

1. AQW
3. Saturday July 18th, 2009 9:15pm~
4. I completed the offer and it doesnt give me the coins, and just says viewed. I even went back and made sure by renewing my subscription to the site. It doesnt give me an email to confirm it. I've now signed up for pretty much everything on the site and still no coins.
5. I no longer even try to contact superewards as all they do is spam my inbox with the same message everytime.

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AQ DF  Post #: 133
7/19/2009 19:18:14   

1. AQW
2. EliteMATE for 543 AC coins
3. Sunday july 19, 2009 arond 11:30 AM
4. I dd this offr and it sent me an email confirmation, i clicked and activated my account. I chacked on the offer status and its said its was being reviewed. I did this offer at around 11:38 AM this morning and its been five hours now(its 5:16PM) and it said the offer was still beig reviewed but under the offer it says that i would recieve my coins on a 15 minute delay. Can someone please help me with this because i want to buy an armour from quible and i only have today to by it!!
5. I cant contact them because its still under reviewed. I can never cntact them accually because they keep sending me the same dumb letter everytime and it doesnt even help on how to recieve them and it ges me angry

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AQ DF  Post #: 134
7/20/2009 8:22:16   

I didn't get my dc for :

Harry Potter Fans! Which Character is YOUR Favorite? 158dc
Win a Pair of UGG Boots! 179dc
Coffee Drinkers! This little test is for you! 137dc i did this one like ten times and nothing
Do you Drink Beer? Take our Beer Survey! 184dc
Find Santa and Earn a Chance to Win $5000! 341dc

and theres a lot more i did too that didn't work

Edit: BTW the ones that are free also at the end require a cell phone and i don't own one that is what sucks!
Post #: 135
7/20/2009 22:15:59   


I completed the same offer and it did not reward me initially, either. What you have to do is click on the "missing these AdventureCoins?" link in the place where you view your offers and go to the inquiry page. Copy the confirmation email sent to you by EliteMate (including the header) and paste it into the box. They should give you the AC's.

Best of luck.

AQ DF  Post #: 136
7/21/2009 15:00:32   

This is for df
DragonFable Foreign or Abroad? Who brews the beer that gets you tipsy? 159 DragonCoins July 21st 2009 Waiting for offer to report...
DragonFable Vote for your Favorite Beer and Win Cash 192 DragonCoins July 21st 2009 Waiting for offer to report...
DragonFable Get $500 in gift cards from Sears or Canadian Tire 116 DragonCoins July 21st 2009 Waiting for offer to report...
DragonFable Free Health Newsletter 19 DragonCoins July 21st 2009 Waiting for offer to report...
DragonFable Get $100 in Dove Skin Care Samples! 183 DragonCoins July 21st 2009 Waiting for offer to report...
at 3 oclock i never got these
Post #: 137
7/21/2009 19:45:59   

what is the difference between missing DC from Waiting for offer to report... ?

Post #: 138
7/22/2009 1:56:36   

1.Adventure Quest Worlds
2.download disby for free and get a perfect solution for all social media
3.July 22nd 2009
4.There says to you download the produce, but i downloaded and didn't get coin :(
5.Yes, contacted they and they solved the problem.
My nick name: black_mage_king
Post #: 139
7/22/2009 7:16:46   


i registered in a Game of Vector City Racers for 21 DragonCoins with my valid info my parent comfirmed it and prove it so that i can logged in but i can't get DC reward and pls AE fixed it!!!!

i spent my time for nothing
Post #: 140
7/22/2009 14:30:16   
Cow Face
One Heck of a Guy


what is the difference between missing DC from Waiting for offer to report... ?

It would seem to me that the message "Missing those DCs?" is that you have successfully completed an offer, and if you have not received the DCs, you click the link. The second message appears that the offer has not yet sent the information to the company. Merely an hypothesis, however.

Could you please add more information to the above post, for clarification? Thank you.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 141
7/22/2009 17:25:07   

i did that 1 and it worked
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 142
7/22/2009 18:31:56   

These offers took me to the wrong page and did not let me complete the offer.

  • Play the game of DUEL and win Adventure Coins.
  • Sign up for the FREE Pilsberry Newsletter and recieve Adventure Coins

  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 143
    7/24/2009 0:43:57   
    dragonlord gravex

    i can't use the superrewards and paybuypartner offer is my aextras . Can u help me ?

    i really want use use aextras to get coins its better than toolbar.

    ok heres the problem for paybuypartner its say, Oops! You've encountered an error ...
    If you continue to receive this error, please contact Customer Support

    And i did contact them but no help.

    and also the superrewards its on but No Offers appear.

    Complete Offers and Earn AdventureCoins: View Offer Status

    CATEGORIES: All | Free | Mobile

    Popular Offers
    Offer Name Your AdventureCoins

    privacy policy

    it only show this. Can u pls help me. Thank you and have a Awesome day.
    Post #: 144
    7/24/2009 8:42:11   
    Cow Face
    One Heck of a Guy

    What country are you in? The problem might be that your country does not have any SuperRewards offers at this time. In the meantime, if PayBuyPartner does work for you, I suggest trying those offers.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 145
    7/24/2009 9:26:36   
    Okuchi no Okami

    Adventure Quest World

    "Dapatkan Ringtone Gratis"/Free Ringtone

    Friday, July 24 2009 9.26 P.M.

    I didnt get coins
    DF  Post #: 146
    7/24/2009 10:52:07   
    Ian 22

    there are no free downloads/account making so i can't make ac how do i increase the free adds????
    Post #: 147
    7/24/2009 11:04:15   
    dragonlord gravex

    But i live in the U.S. Texas
    Post #: 148
    7/24/2009 12:26:52   
    Cow Face
    One Heck of a Guy

    Ian: What do you mean by "increase" the free ads?
    dragonlord: Hmm, that does seem odd. I do not know what could have caused that problem; I'll ask some people I know who live in Texas to give it a shot.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 149
    7/25/2009 10:14:46   
    dragonlord gravex

    ok thank you very much . I appreciate it.
    Post #: 150
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