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Volu's Pride!

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6/7/2009 5:43:41   

Volu's Pride!

Travel Map > Travel South > Volu's pride

???: So, «You», what do you think?!

«The scene zooms out to reveal Eselgee. You enter.»

Eselgee: Do you think you can help Eselgee find sharp new weapon to beat monsters up with!?!!
«You»: Well, I am always up for a rare item hunt. What was this thing called again?
Eselgee: Weapon is called Eevolu!! They say it is unique and no other weapon like it!! They say it not like other weapons!! They say--
«You»: Whoa!! I get it, already. It's DIFFERENT. Um... Is it-- CURSED?
Eselgee: No one I hear say it cursed. But cursed okay with Eselgee as long as I can hit monsters with it!! Yeah!!
Eselgee: ARRRRGHH!! Eselgee so berserk!!!
«You»: That I knew. Okay, I'll search the swamp with you. This place is one of the least explored on Lore as it is-- You never know what could be hidden in Grogh!
  • Go!

  • Fight alongside Eselgee - Eselgee replaces your current guest slot
  • Fight by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»«A person and an Asgir Monitor enter.»

    Eselgee: Raaaaaaaaagghhh!!!!
    «You»: Stand down, big guy! We don't know if they are friend or foe-- YET.
    Yir'Filat: Kira'goor, outsider! What is it you seek here?? You may call me Yir-Filat. What are you called??
    «You»: Well, nice to meet you, Yir'Filat. I am... called «You». My friend and I are here to find the Eevolu.
    Yir'Filat: So you are here to find... something that does not exist?
    Eselgee: No, no no no. Eselgee KNOW it is here! Eselgee heard stories-- LOTS and LOTS! Arrgh.
    Yir'Filat: Your fellow outsider sounds like he is in pain. Does he require Asgir'Rook medicine?
    «You»: Uh, no... His only problem is that he is a Berserker. So you say the Eevolu doesn't exist? There is no such weapon?
    Yir'Filat: Yes-- there IS no Eevolu. It is a myth....
    «You»: But your people... the Asgir'Rook...were said to be mythical as well.
    Yir'Filat: And there are so few of us left now... that myth is where we must remain. Now GO... before you incur the anger of Volu!

    «Yir'Filat and Asgir Monitor exits.»

    Eselgee: Funny blue tattoo man doesn't know the truth! Eevolu weapon thingie is here!! Eselgee know the truth!
    «You»: Maybe. But I'm more inclined to believe that the Eevolu is just as much a MYTH as the Asgir'Rook are. Meaning-- NOT a myth. Let's keep going!
    Eselgee: Eselgee LIKE you!!! Yeah!!!!
  • Go!
    «You»: We're getting closer, I can feel it!
    Eselgee: Eselgee feel it too!!! It feel good!!

    «A creature similar to The Seeker enters.»

    «You»: Whoa!!
    Volu: I am Volu. This is MY swamp. And you are trespassing.
    «You»: Well, uh...maybe we are and maybe-- we're just very lost?
    Volu: In my swamp, the LOST often become food. So if I were you, I would become UN-LOST. If I see you again, I will not be so kind...
    Eselgee: .....................
    «You»: Eselgee--- DON'T--
    Eselgee: We want Eevolu!!! Get out of the way!!!! SMASH!!!!
  • !!!

    «Eselgee moves forward and strikes the Volu who barely moves from his attacks. The Volu uses his claw to strike Eselgee with such impact that he is struck off the screen.»

    Volu: As I said--- keep searching the swamp at your own peril.... human.

    «Volu exits»

    «You»: .................
    «You»: Eselgee? Ready to keep looking?
    Eselgee: *urk* Ber-- Bers-- urk--!!«Yir'Filat and the Asgir Monitor enter.»

    Yir'Filat: «You»! I thought you two outsiders had been warned enough already.
    «You»: We met Volu. But we're pretty sure the Eevolu weapon is here. That's all we want.
    Yir'Filat: Yes. Our chieftain mentioned his meeting with you. So be it, outsiders! You will have to get past us, then!
  • Battle!Eselgee: Hey! Look at this funny garden!! Shiny plants with sharp edges! oooooohhh....
    «You»: Hey, those look just like the big weapon Volu was holding! I wonder...

    «Volu enters»

    Volu: There is no need to wonder any more. Those ARE indeed what I hold. They are the Eevolu-- and its 2 greater stages!
    Volu: I was once but a mere Seeker. Like one of the many demons who hunt Guardians for sport. But I was smarter, far smarter than my brothers.
    Volu: I changed myself-- becoming stronger in might AND magic. And I came HERE, to Grogh, and found the remnants of the Asgir'Rook tribes.
    Volu: They had been cast aside by the changing tides of civilization. Meanwhile, I cast MYSELF aside, leaving my sect of Seekers and striking out on my own.
    Volu: With the help of Asgir druidic magic, combined with my experimentation, I found a way to GROW weapons.
    Volu: I created the Eevolu! And then... the Eevolu grew... and became the Reevolu! And the Reevolu grew--- to become what I hold now!
    Volu: The TREEVOLU!
    Volu: The ultimate form of a weapon that grows and improves upon it's own design!!
    Eselgee: Grrrrraaaaa!!! Eselgee WAAANNNNTTT!!!!!!

    «Eselgee moves forward, trying to take the Treevolu. Volu puts up his weapon, which shoots out various thorns that hit both you and Eselgee, followed by a last strike which hits Eselgee off the screen again.»

    «You»: Ouch!!! You'd better watch it with that thing!!
    Volu: The Eevolu are mine. And whatever grows of them from now will be mine! And YOU will not take them away from me!
    «You»: I should probably apologize for taking them from you before I do... but I think I'll just stomp you into the mud!
  • Fight!Eselgee: Good fighting!!! YEAH!! Now, Eselgee say take what you can, and let's go before more blue tattoey people come!!!
  • Get an Eevolu!
  • Get a Reevolu!
  • Get a Treevolu!

  • Dormant Eevolu [L. 8]
  • Germinating Eevolu Z [L. 17 Z]
  • Quiescent Eevolu [L. 28]
  • Germinating Eevolu [L. 48]
  • Asgir Crippler [L. 62 Z]
  • Growing Eevolu [L. 68]
  • Established Eevolu [L. 88]
  • Seedling Eevolu [L. 108]
  • Abeying Eevolu [L. 128]
  • Halcyon Eevolu [L. 148 G]

  • Male Asgir Warrior
  • Female Asgir Warrior

  • Asgir Shield

  • Asgir Monitor

    Only accessible if you have at least 1 Guardian character in your account.

  • Treevolu Peak Z [L. 1 Z]
  • Treevolu Prime Z [L. 5 Z]
  • Spreading Reevolu [L. 12]
  • Multiplying Reevolu Z [L. 30 Z]
  • Expanding Reevolu [L. 32]
  • Treevolu Pinnacle Z [L. 40 Z]
  • Multiplying Reevolu [L. 52]
  • Treevolu Summit Z [L. 67 Z]
  • Propagating Reevolu [L. 72]
  • Treevolu Apex Z [L. 89 Z]
  • Proliferating Reevolu [L. 92]
  • Treevolu Crown Z [L. 109 Z]
  • Generating Reevolu [L. 112]
  • Treevolu Apogee Z [L. 128 Z]
  • Robust Reevolu [L. 132]
  • Treevolu Zenith Z [L. 141 Z]
  • Vigorous Reevolu [L. 142 G]

    Only accessible if you have at least 2 Guardian characters in your account.

  • Treevolu Peak [L. 16]
  • Treevolu Prime [L. 36]
  • Treevolu Pinnacle Z [L. 40 Z]
  • Treevolu Pinnacle [L. 56]
  • Treevolu Summit [L. 76]
  • Treevolu Apex [L. 96]
  • Treevolu Crown [L. 116]
  • Treevolu Apogee [L. 135]
  • Treevolu Zenith [L. 146 G]
  • Get another weapon!
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thanks to whackybeanz. New location thanks to brotherbeast.

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