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The Hall of Memories

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The Hall of Memories

Event Button > Discover the Hall of Memories! OR Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > Dracopyre Legacy > The Hall of Memories

«Scene: Darkovia Forest»

Cenara: I find myself cast in the middle of a drama I know nothing about.
Wolfwing: Yes, I am as angry as you at your mother for her deception and...
Cenara: No. You will not place all the blame on my mother, Grandfather. She is not the only one who has hidden secrets. I believe I am owed more.
Wolfwing: *Sigh...* I suppose you are right.
Cenara: I need to know. Why is Darkovia as it is? From what did Dewlok save you? Why are Safiria and Constantin at war?
Cenara: And just why do you seem so familiar with them to begin with? I deserve the truth!
Wolfwing: A moment...

Wolfwing transforms into a human and the scene zooms in on him.

Wolfwing: You have asked many things, and you are right. You deserve an answer.

The scene zooms out. You enter.

«You»: Lady Cenara, it appears for the moment that Nightreign is not on the offensive. Gracefang may rest. And this is--? (Not recognizing Wolfwing in human form)
Cenara: One moment, «You». Grandfather, you were saying--?
Wolfwing: Unfortunately, I only know it in part. My memory of that time was shattered by my transformation. I was lucky to even live... and it was over 900 years ago. Dewlok knows part of it as well...
Wolfwing: He was there.
Cenara: Over 900 years? But you...
Wolfwing: Dewlok was older than that when I met him.
«You»: Just how long lived is that race?

Dewlok enters

Dewlok: Unlike our cousins the moglo habilis, my own kind live extraordinarily variable lives. Some of us live lives as short as those of humans...
Dewlok: The eldest of my kind have lived for many thousands of years. I am among the latter. I am special, however... I am a watcher, a scribe. I keep the history of Lore in my head.
«You»: That is a lot to keep in one head. How can you live so long?
Dewlok: Our species are the natural agents of both life and death, and because of this we have a few particular skills. Those who hold my job...
Dewlok: Our healing magic and our necromancy is especially potent. The service we provide is valuable and we have a deal with the forces of Lore. While I have been very far gone on several occasions still I live...
«You»: For how long?
Dewlok: I had lived through the Devourer's coming on four separate occasions.
Dewlok: ...Correction, this last time was my fifth. The first such coming was his birth in Inilar. I lived through the Cataclysm and have been changed by it.
«You»: Whoa! If you know and knew all of this why not change everything?
Dewlok: I only know what I was told and what I have experienced first hand, «You».
«You»: Still... that's quite a lot.
Cenara: .........................
Dewlok: It is... but my history and the history of moglinkind is not what you are looking for. You seek the history of Darkovia.
Cenara: Please tell us, Dewlok-- What is it that happened here?
Dewlok: I fear that like your grandfather I am privy to only pieces. There is one who owes me a favor though, who likely has the means to answer.

Dewlok flings out a black gem. The scene zooms in on the gem and a flash of light appears. The scene zooms out to show Falerin now at the scene.

«You»: Wow! You can compel Loremaster Falerin's presence?? How?!?
Falerin: What is it you seek, friend? I trust you did not use the stone I gave you to summon so insistently to have tea and chat.
Dewlok: I fear not.
Falerin: *Sigh* Why is it never to have tea? What do you seek?
Dewlok: Can you tell Cenara and «You» what happened here? Why Darkovia has become what it has?
Falerin: I can do better than that...

Falerin raises up a scroll

«You»: A scroll... like one of the ones in your library on Isle d'Oriens? It lets us see the past?
Falerin: Yes and no. It is quite unlike the Isle scrolls in a way, and much like them in another. It takes you to the Hall of Memory, a place within the Astral Plane.
Cenara: Hmm... the Astral Plane.
«You»: What is this Hall of Memories?
Falerin: A timeless place from whence the doorways to the past are open to you. You may interact with the past freely, taking on the roles of those who lived through those events.
Falerin: You may see things from every side. You may even be able to change things...
«You»: Change the past? But wouldn't that...

Falerin puts down his hand that was holding the scroll.

Falerin: You are wise to ask, «You». Have no fear, however. The changes will not persist.
Falerin: Those who enter the past through the Hall of Memory change but a shadow of the true events. So it is safe... but it allows you to explore possibilities.
Cenara: This is all dizzying. One part of it makes no sense though. Grandfather, you cannot be that old.
Cenara: You had to be human when my father was born, and he had to be human when I was born. Nine hundred years... that is far, far too long.
«You»: Hey, yeah. What about that...
Falerin: You will understand it all if you see it for yourself.
Cenara: What about it, «You»? Shall we visit the past to secure our future?
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    «Scene: The Hall of Memories»

    Cenara and you enter

    «You»: This seems to be it-- the Hall of Memories.
    Cenara: It certainly is dark and mysterious.
    «You»: Who do you think built this place?
    Cenara: I am wondering more about which door we should choose...
    Abode: It was created by Falerin, though this part of the astral realm naturally does what it is you seek. He has merely given it form.
    «You»: I see... Wait-- Did the building just SPEAK??
    Cenara: It certainly sounded like that.
    Abode: This place is but a small aspect of us, one of the many. The library on the Isle d'Oriens is another. We are some of the avatar of Falerin. His servants in the worlds.
    «You»: Us? We?
    Abode: We are two separate consciousness that share and inhabit many dwellings on fully three dozen worlds, including Lore, Terra, and Caelestia. We are known by those who dwell within us for any length of time as the Abode.
    Cenara: And you say you exist in many different locations?
    Abode: Yes, but we can only focus directly on a few at any given time. Furthermore, the Hall of Memories is the only one that can do what you seek, because of the Astral Realm's unique features.
    «You»: Falerin has made houses that think??

    Falerin appears

    Falerin: Hello Abode. Yes I did, «You». And not just think, but also live. The Abode is very much alive.
    «You»: But why?
    Falerin: Why not? It can be quite handy. A house protects us and looks after our very basic needs and yet the average person gives it very little thought most of the time.
    Falerin: I however gave my own dwellings much thought. It makes my life quite a bit more pleasant.
    «You»: How?? Give me an example.
    Falerin: I am an excellent cook, but there are times when after a hard days work I just do not have the time. He can take care of that for me.
    Cenara: That DOES seem pretty useful.
    Falerin: The Abode and his new younger version have served me and those I care for quite well. What's more, he is a tremendous cook, too!
    Abode: Thank you! It is my pleasure to serve my friends.
    «You»: But why is he focusing here if his is limited to how many places he can pay attention?
    Falerin: He will serve you in your efforts likewise. While any death or injury you suffer in your journey will have much reduced effects on your true form, they will still have some effect.
    Falerin: The Abode can heal and replenish you between journeys. He can also see you safely back to the world of Lore when you are done here.
    Cenara: How do we know which door to take?
    Falerin: The Astral Realm responds to thought and desire. When you are ready walk along the hall and look at the doors. The labels will give you some clue as to what lies beyond.
    Cenara: Why thank you, Falerin.
    Falerin: My pleasure. Good luck to you. Now I must return to my task.

    Falerin disappears


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