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Fading Warlic

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6/11/2009 20:13:46   
The lurking shadow

Fading Warlic!

Location: Battleon Warlic's Shop Quests Why were you fading? SAVE WARLIC!

Warlic: I am not completely sure, but it appears that a massive ripple effect is occurring. Something has occurred in my past that may be affecting my existence in the present. If I could worry, I would. But I am merely... curious.

    <<Scene: Warlic's Shop>>

    Warlic: Your unique aspects mean that you can aid me in making sure those I send back remain locked to a single timeline, tied to it so any changes do not create new realities but are restricted to this one.
    Warlic: What do you say, Doctor? Will you and your children, Gallie and Frey, help me?
    ???: It should be easy. Well not easy, but... straightforward. Well... not so much straightforward as... yes, I can do it. But why do you desire it?
    Warlic: I do not want to send them back to and have new realities form. The last time I sent a person into time to research for me, they got lost in space and time.
    Warlic: If that happens I will never be able to get the information.
    ???: Very well, but I need your help in return. I am having terrible trouble with the Saleks.
    Warlic: That should be easy.
    ???: And my Z.A.R.D.I.S. is not cooperating, either.
    Warlic: Doctor, these are matters that my magic can handle readily. Will you help me with your science?
    ???: Can your magic fix the problem we are having with the Cyberhens?
    Warlic: The Cyberhens are a simple matter, Doctor. Can I transport you?

    The scene zooms out, and Doctor Voltabolt appears.

    Dr. Voltabolt: No need. You should know that this is the last of the time cords. The rest were destroyed that time in the war.
    Warlic: Can more be made?
    Dr. Voltabolt: Time cords are grown, not made, Warlic. They come from the hamstring of a Elemental Dragon of Time. Unless you plan on slaying one?
    Warlic: No, I do not think that's wise. Hamstringing an Elemental Dragon of Time tends to send out uncontrolled side effects. There is no saying what might happen if that was done.

    The screen fades white. After that, the scene switches to Falerin's room.

    <<You>>: So this Fizzle or Frederick's hat is running loose somewhere on Lore and you would like me to retrieve it?
    Falerin: Your assistance, <<You>>, as always, is invaluable to me and--

    Falerin suddenly falls to the ground and uses one hand to support him.

    Falerin: Ugh!!
    <<You>>: What is it? Loremaster?! Are you alright?
    Falerin: Some very powerful force has just locked this timeline and all creatures in it. It is trying to lock me too, but I am a deity and straddle multiple timelines.
    Falerin: To someone like me the effect is akin to having one's toes pulled out one's eyes.
    <<You>>: OUCH!! *ahem* I mean-- No disrespect, Loremaster, but for someone with such a big vocabulary, you really need to work on your idiom.

    Falerin recovers from the pain and stands up.

    Falerin: We can discuss my use of colloquialism and finish discussing the matter with Frederick's hat later, <<You>>.
    Falerin: This effect is of much more immediate concern. While such effects are only ever temporary, I suggest we go to the place of origin and discover what's going on.

    Falerin raises his staff and the background begins to blur. Shortly after, both you and Falerin have arrived at Warlic's shop, where a portal has opened.

    Falerin: Messing with time, Warlic? Did your old roommate's recent visit to Battleon inspire you?
    Warlic: Cysero does not, I believe, have anything to do with this.
    Falerin: Well, well... There IS a first time for everything, I suppose.

    Doctor Voltabolt appears

    Falerin: Hello Doctor. This is your doing, then?
    Dr. Voltabolt: God of Evil! Yes, I have given him a time cord. The last of the time cords. He is going to send my son and daughter in the past to investigate the source of his strange fading in and out.
    Falerin: Isn't that risky? If they alter time, the paradox will directly affect this reality. Is learning what is causing this that important, Nyth.... er, I mean Warlic?
    Warlic: The fading is getting worse. At first I was just curious, but now I am worried about vanishing entirely. You know my name quite well Falerin, so what were you just saying?
    Falerin: I exist the same in most versions of Lore, Warlic. The time cord is binding me here and that is making me mix realities.
    Falerin: I am eager to end the effect. Still... this course seems quite risky. Didn't the Wabio incident teach you anything about risky magic?
    Warlic: Indeed. Why do you think I am not going to investigate personally?
    Falerin: Perhaps <<You>> can assist Gallie and Frey in their efforts.
    <<You>>: Gallie and Frey?

    Gallie and Frey enter

    Gallie: Father, we have a problem...
    Dr. Voltabolt: What problem!?

    Two Salek Sprayers enter

    Frey: Them!!
    Salek: DE-SAL-IN-ATE! Your salts shall be extracted and added to our own salt piles.
    <<You>>: Good, I hate slippery road conditions.
    Falerin: Ugh, I think you just mixed puns there.

    Level 0-24: Salek Sprayer (20)
    Level 25-44: Salek Sprayer (40)
    Level 45-64: Salek Sprayer (60)
    Level 65-84: Salek Sprayer (80)
    Level 85+: Salek Sprayer (100)

    Full Heal after every battle

    Warlic: Most impressive, <<You>>! Your help would be most appreciated in this.

    A Z.A.R.D.I.S. and Cyberhen enter

    <<You>>: My pleasure. I would not particularly trust Voltabolt and his children and... Hey what are that Z.A.R.D.I.S. and robot chicken doing?

    The two monsters enter the portal

    Dr. Voltabolt: Oh dear! My Z.A.R.D.I.Z. vill make... a Mezz of de time ztream.
    Falerin: Your accent in previous generations is bleeding through, Doctor.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Thank you Falerin. I mean: My Z.A.R.D.I.S. will make a mess of the time stream!
    Falerin: Quite. It is *ahem* time. I will go with them to return them to the future once they finish. So will you go, <<You>>?
  • Fight the Past to save the Future! - Continue with the dialogue
  • Let Warlic fade away... - You return to Battleon

    <<You>>: Let's get restarted in here!!
    Frey: Follow us into the time portal, <<You>>!

    Frey and Gallie enter the portal, and you follow after them. The portal then lands all 3 of you at...
    <<Scene: Battleon, in the past>>

    Twilly enters

    Twilly: Oh my! Oh twilly willies! Not more of them!

    Falerin appears

    Twilly: Hello Falerins!! Heyas, all of you have really nice art! Especially Miss Purple-Hair Lady!
    Falerin: Hello, Moglin. <<You>>, you, Frey and Gallie need to be careful.
    Falerin: The timeline is fixed, static. Your changes could have disastrous repercussions.
    <<You>>: Twilly-- You said "not more". What did you mean??
    Twilly: Some mutated Zard and robot chicken have takens Warlics!
    Falerin: Oh... oh! Ha ha ha ah... oh my...
    <<You>>: Falerin, what is it? Are you crying?!

    Twilly moves and hugs Falerin's legs

    Twilly: Awww. Sometimes even big ol' gods of evil need a hug too!

    The scene zooms in on Falerin and Twilly. Twilly keeps squeezing Falerin's leg and Falerin's gem on the staff begins to glow intensely.

    Falerin: Ugh. Er... thanks for your exuberance, Twilly, but DO remember what happened the last time you did that to me.
    Falerin: Hugs are dangerously powerful. No, not crying. Laughing, <<You>>, for I have just figured out what has happened.

    The scene zooms out

    <<You>>: What has happened, Falerin?
    Falerin: It appears that Warlic just created his own problem. Rescue Warlic from that Z.A.R.D.I.S. and Cyberhen and fix the timeline. Hurry back so I can return you to the future.
    <<You>>: But where would they have taken Warlic?
    Gallie: They wouldn't have gotten too far yet! Frey, you go THAT way! I'll go THIS way! And YOU can go with either of us! We'll track them down!!
  • <-- Go THIS way with Gallie!
      <<Scene: Undead invasion>>

      <<You>>: Oh no! It looks like we're in the middle of an undead invasion that was halted just outside of town!
      Gallie: Well if that's the case, I hope we're in time for the BOSS FIGHT!

      2 BATTLES
      Level 0-29: Undead Princess (15)
      Level 30-49: Undead Princess (35)
      Level 50-69: Undead Princess (55)
      Level 70-89: Undead Princess (75)
      Level 90+: Undead Princess (95)

      Level 0-39: Undead King (25)
      Level 40-59: Undead King (45)
      Level 60-79: Undead King (65)
      Level 80-99: Undead King (85)
      Level 100+: Undead King (105)

      Full Heal after each battle

      <<You>>: You got your wish. Looks like all the rest ran away!
      Gallie: Yeah-- but no luck so far with our mission! Let's keep going to the next town!
    • Go!

      <<Scene: Granemor>>

      Dewlok: Welcome to Granemor. Now go away!
      <<You>>: Dewlok! Don't you remember me--?
      Gallie: Don't forget-- we're in the PAST. Even if you were around at this point, you look different NOW than you did THEN.
      <<You>>: Oh, yeah... Dewlok, before we go-- Did you happen to see Warlic being taken anywhere by a huge zard with a box on his head and a robot chicken?
      Dewlok: I may be used to seeing necromancers and undead around here all the time, but if I ever saw THAT, I would probably LEAVE GRANEMOR. Like you're going to do, right?
      <<You>>: .............Right. Thanks. Goodbye, Dewlok-- Goodbye, Morgul.

      The scene zooms in on Morgul

      Morgul: You remind me of a corpse I once exhumed.
      <<You>>: Like I said, goodbye. (Psst, Gallie, let's go before this gets any weirder!!!)
    • Go!

    • Go THAT way with Frey! - Go with Frey
    • Go back to Falerin - Continue with the dialogue
  • Go THAT --> way with Frey!
      <<Scene: Road>>

      Frey: I don't know about you, but I hope we find the Chicken and the Zard soon. I'm getting hungry and it's almost dinner time! Hey, do you think Zard tastes like chicken?
      <<You>>: We're NOT eating the Zard, Frey.
      Frey: Well what are we going to eat, then? Robot chicken is always so dry.
      <<You>>: ......................
      <<You>>: Maybe we'll get lucky and spot a MacYulgar's on the way. Keep your eyes on the road, Frey!

      2 BATTLES
      Randomly selected Earth based monsters from the RA list.

      Full Heal after each battle

      <<Scene: Fairwind Puddle>>

      Kysapoo: Greetings, travelers! Have you come to Fairwind Puddle to revive yourselves with our magical waters? Or simply to commune with nature?
      Frey: I'll have a Whomper with cheese, a large order of bunion rings, and a deep-fried apple pie milkshake please.
      <<You>>: Sorry, Frey, but this isn't MacYulgar's.
      Frey: Oh-- oh yeah. You're right. I must be hallucinating. Thanks for depriving me of food.
      <<You>>: Kysapoo, have you heard anything about Warlic being held captive? He may have been taken this way.
      Kysapoo: Yes, they DID come this way!!
      <<You>>: Great!! Then where are they now?
      Kysapoo: They stopped here for a drink, and then went BACK!
      <<You>>: Ugh...
    • UghX2...

    • Go THIS way with Gallie!
    • Go back to Falerin - Continue with the dialogue

    <<Scene: Back at Battleon>>

    Falerin: I see Twilly let go of your leg.
    Falerin: Thankfully, yes. So, have you found Warlic?
    <<You>>: No, we haven't. This could be bad, couldn't it?
    Falerin: I trust you will turn up something...

    The group moves away and you now play a mini game, to find Warlic. Click on the arrow keys to enter the room.

    <<Scene: Yulgar's Inn>>

    The camera scans the room and reveals the Z.A.R.D.I.S., Cyberhen and a captured Warlic!

    Aquella: Thank goodness! You've come to rescue us from these brigands!
    Yulgar: Actually, I think it's not US getting rescued...
    Warlic: Right you are, brave Yulgar. You are just being held hostage by the Z.A.R.D.I.S. and Robooster. I, however, am their prize.
    Z.A.R.D.I.S.: This is just great! All we wanted was some hostages! And now we have trouble!
    Robooster: Don't look at ME! You're the one who was supposed to be blocking the door!!
    Z.A.R.D.I.S.: It's not MY fault I phased out! Besides, this guy looks TOUGH!
    Warlic: <<You>>, I do believe now is the time when you take these two kidnappers outside and beat them senseless. Yes?
  • Oh Yes!

    1 BATTLE
    Level 0-29: Cochin Cyberhen
    Level 30-49: Cornish Cyberhen
    Level 50-69: Silkie Cyberhen
    Level 70-89: Sultan Cyberhen
    Level 90+: Bantam Cyberhen

    Full Heal after the battle

    Z.A.R.D.I.S.: *gulp* Umm.... I'M OUTTA HERE!
  • Let him go - Continue with the dialogue
  • Chase him down (Challenge Battle)
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal

      You continue with the dialogue
    Gallie: The cyberhen has gone critical!
    Frey: Explosion is imminent, but with a time cord active that might change all of the timelines past, present, and future!
    Falerin: Up and Green, as well.
    Gallie: What?!
    Falerin: .......stupid bricks..........
    Falerin: Nevermind-- Get down-- it's going to blow!!

    Everyone evacuates except for Twilly. Shortly after, the cyberhen explodes into a mushroom cloud of smoke, emitting bright light.

    Twilly: Oooohhhh....bright light!

    The glow becomes even more intense until the whole screen turns white. The glow then disappears. Everyone returns and Twilly has changed into a new look.

    Twilly: Ouch! My ear.... my hair! That REALLY knocked my socks off!
    <<You>>: The perils of nooblear power...
    Falerin: Back to the future, everyone, before we do more damage to the time continuum!
    <<You>>: Sure thing, Doc Brown! Oh, by the way-- Will Warlic go back to normal??
    Warlic: What do you MEAN, "back to normal"??
    <<You>>: Will your art be better once we get back to the future?
    Warlic: Please, <<You>>, remember-- Absence makes the art grow fonder!
  • *groan*
    Back to the Future

  • Minor Gradient Sphere Staff [L. 12]
  • Gradient Sphere Staff Z Junior [L. 22 Z]
  • Guardian Gradient Sphere Staff [L. 32 G]
  • Lesser Gradient Sphere Staff [L. 42]
  • Gradient Sphere Staff Z Senior [L. 52 Z]
  • Gradient Sphere Staff [L. 62]
  • Major Gradient Sphere Staff [L. 82]
  • Superior Gradient Sphere Staff [L. 102]
  • Premium Gradient Sphere Staff [L. 122]
  • Supreme Gradient Sphere Staff [L. 142 G]

  • Cochin Cyberhen
  • AppenZeller Cyberhen
  • Guardian Cornish Cyberhen
  • Silkie Cyberhen
  • Sultan Cyberhen Z
  • Guardian Bantam Cyberhen
  • Rhode Island Cyberhen

    House Items
  • Old Boog
  • Old Twilly
  • Older Twilly
  • Aftermath
  • Victory

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

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