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The Aracknight!

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7/23/2009 4:10:54   
Legendary AK!!!

The Aracknight!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » The Aracknight!

«Scene: Darkovia Forest»

Zorbak: Nice of you to show up, «You». Mehehehe...
«You»: How could I ever refuse an invitation from YOU? After all, if it wasn't for you I would hardly EVER get to risk my life!
Zorbak: Why thank you! You make me feel so special, mehehe.
«You»: /sarcasm.
Zorbak: I have a problem-- My Ebil Honey business is in trouble!
«You»: Ebil H--- You sell honey??

«The scene zooms in on Zorbak, who holds up a bottle of EBIL HONEY.»

Zorbak: Try my EBIL HONEY! It's the best, most ebil honey in the world! So sticky you can trap things with it! Yum!! Also available in Guardian and Z-Token Ebil Honey versions!

«The scene zooms back out.»

«You»: Okay. Sounds good, but I prefer my honey to not involve squeezing Moglins.
Zorbak: All of the bees near Darkovia have been disappearing! This is a tragedy, I tell you! Without the bees to produce honey from my clober fields, my business will dry up!
Zorbak: Find the source of the problem, save my bees-- whatever it takes -- and I will give you a LIFETIME SUPPLY OF EBIL HONEY!!
«You»: ...... How about you just give me a bunch of gold and experience, and maybe some items?
Zorbak: Deal!
  • Go!
    «Scene: Plains»

    «You»: According to Zorbak, his bees usually travel far away from Darkovia to collect their "clober nectar".
    «You»: This time of year, it should be easy to find some of them-- as long as I don't run into too many monsters on the way!«You»: No sign of bees, and I've been attacked twice already. This is not looking good. Hm, looks like a nice spot to rest up ahead.

    «Scene: Waterfall»

    «You»: So... If I were a BEE, where would I go???

    «Brontus and Lavistria enter.»

    «You»: !!!!!!!!!!!!

    «The scene zooms in on Brontus and Lavistria.»

    Brontus: You must be «You»! We heard that you were in the area. The renowned «You» cannot travel in secret! Haha!
    Lavistria: Brontus and I don't often see eye-to-eye-- the last time was during the great war with the Devourer. But our two people have once again set aside our grudges to face a mutual threat.

    «The scene zooms back out.»

    «You»: Well, I am not on a mission to save the world-- right now, anyway -- so I can spare some time to help you! What's wrong?
    Brontus: BEES.
    «You»: Huh? Did you just say "bees"?
    Lavistria: Yes. The bees are ALL WRONG.
    «You»: Oh great. And here I was hoping that this would have absolutely NOTHING to do with Zorbak and his bees. Blah.
    Lavistria: Bees, so important and natural a part of both Augerthorne and Greenguard, have been disappearing for a while now.
    «You»: So I heard. Apparently this is a more widespread problem.
    Brontus: The bees disappearing is not good. But there is worse, MUCH worse. The little elf and I have been-- HUNTING.
    «You»: Hunting what?
    Brontus: Hunting the NOT-BEES.
    Lavistria: We haven't found out where all of the NORMAL bees vanished to, but we found some...THINGS that may be a clue. Come with us and you will see!
    «You»: Uh-oh.... Remind me never to say YES to Zorbak ever again.
  • Battle alongside Lavistria! - Lavistria the Elf will now battle by your side!
  • Battle alongside Brontus! - Brontus the Orc will now battle by your side!
  • Continue by yourself

    Regardless of choice, you continue on to the next scene.

    Brontus: Here comes one now!!

    «An over-sized bee in completely different colors than a normal one descends.»

    «You»: Allow me:
    «You»: BUZZ OFF!!
  • Fight!Lavistria: So you see, normal bees have been disappearing. In their place, these giant creatures have been showing up...
    «You»: Something about that thing seemed familiar to me....
    Brontus: They are big... and green... Did it remind you of... me?
    Brontus: ME?!
    «You»: No. No, not at all. It's just that it looked like something out of...a NIGHTMARE.
    ???: You don't know how RIGHT YOU ARE!
    Lavistria: There! Get him!!
    Brontus: I see him!!

    «You lose Brontus/Lavistria as a guest if you chose any of them to fight beside you previously. Brontus and Lavistria moves forward to the mysterious person, and Brontus is first to confront him.»

    ???: Call me Giras. Madame N sent me to see how her Buzzers were faring in this terribly fertile land of yours...

    «Lavistria enters from the back of Giras.»

    Lavistria: Who is this Madame N?? And what in the name of the Creator are YOU??
    Giras: I am Giras, as I said. Giras the Aracknight! And you will NEVER know the identity of Madame N-- because you will not leave this place alive!
    Brontus: Good! I hate talk!

    «Brontus begins to attack Giras with his spear, but with a beam attack from Giras, Brontus falls to his knees. Lavistria takes over by firing flame arrows onto Giras, but Giras strikes her with his tarsal claws, defeating her with ease.»

    Giras: Well, you tried, at least. Madame N will be pleased to know that her geno-mechanical creations will undoubtedly be able to dominate all life on Lore!!

    «A dark portal opens above Giras and Giras exits through it. You enter the scene, meeting up with the badly hurt Brontus and Lavistria.»

    «You»: Oh no! Why didn't you wait for me??
    Lavistria: We probably should have-- but our defeat may have been for the best. He took US by surprise-- but now you know he is armored against darkness. AND his exit portal is STILL open!
    «You»: I'll go after him, and I'll stop these creatures!
  • Go!
    You jump up into the dark portal left behind by Giras the Aracknight and find yourself being pulled into another dimension! This surely leads to Madame N-- but you will have to survive the journey first!

    CONTROLS: Use mouse to move. Dodge the Drone Buzzers without moving outside of the green box area. Survive 60 seconds to win!
  • Dodge the drones!
    If you succeeded in the minigame...

  • Continue - You proceed to the next scene.

    If you failed the minigame either by crashing into any Drone Buzzer or moving your mouse out of the green box..

    Game over
    «Score is based on number of seconds you stayed safe»
  • Try Again!
  • Just Fight past the drones!
    «Scene: Nightmare Realm»

    A portal opens just outside the Nightmare Queen's Castle and you fall out from it. The scene shifts to the interior of the castle.

    Khandie Khain: But Mommy! I was only trying to HELP!
    Nightmare Queen: KHANDIE-- From now on, you are to ASK me BEFORE you play around with geno-mechanics and Nightmare Realm biodiversity!
    Khandie Khain: I only wanted some pretty bees and bugs like they have in the Waking World....

    «You enter»

    «You»: Well SOME of those "pretty" bugs you made got out of the Nightmare Realm and made a mess of things!
    Nightmare Queen: Of COURSE they would. In the Waking World, they would want to EAT the things they were related to. I must say, Khandie, I am very---
    Nightmare Queen: -- PLEASED with what you've done. GUARDS, remove this intruder from my sight!
  • Hey!Nightmare Queen: Well, now LOOK at what you've DONE. I suppose that I will have to knock you back to the Waking World MYSELF!
    «You»: You want to dance? Take a number!

    «Giras enters»

    Khandie Khain: Yay!! Giras is here! He is my prototype Aracknight! He'll toss «You» right out of Nightmare Castle!!
    Giras: Yes I will, Your Highnessess! I'll wipe the floor with this fleshy lump! Now, you will taste the power of my geno-engineered exoskeleton!
  • Battle!«You»: The power of that Aracknight's exoskeleton-- tasted just like CHICKEN!

    «Khandie Khain and Nightmare Queen both move to the right and face you.»

    Khandie: Mommy, is my Aracknight really gone??
    Nightmare Queen: Yes, yes my Dear. Your Aracknight has gone to a.... much darker, more terrifying place.
    Khandie: Really, Mommy? Really? It sounds so nice. I bet he's happy there!
    Nightmare Queen: I am sure he is very happy.
    Nightmare Queen: Now, «You», don't you think you've done ENOUGH damage? Go back to your Waking World!
    «You»: I'll leave you alone. But first you have to promise to keep all of your Buzzers HERE, in the Nightmare Realm. We like honey where I come from, so we need our bees to... be... safe!
    Nightmare Queen: We will keep what belongs here within our bounds. Now YOU, on the other hand, don't belong here...
    «You»: You don't have to ask me twice to leave this place!
    «You»: But before I go, I have just one question... When last I saw you Khandie, I had freed you from this place and Tralin was to help you seek your real parents. Why are you back here?
    Nightmare Queen: We have made a deal with the Drakel king and he will help Khandie seek out her parents when it is time. Until then we look after our daughter as we always have since we saved her....
    «You»: ...What? "Saved her"? I assumed you had kidnapped her and abducted her to your twisted realm because you had no children of your own.
    Khandie: Don't be silly, «You»! This isn't some bad fairy tale! And you need a grammar lesson: Kidnapped and abducted mean the same thing!
    Nightmare Queen: Our Khandie has had the finest education and has excellent elocution. Excellent electrocution as well, but is a different matter entirely.
    «You»: .............. So, how did you get here originally?
    Khandie: All that I remember was a big tornado! I was whirled far from my home. There were a bunch of little vampiric dwarves all around. It was fun! Just like home!
    «You»: ... Little... vampiric... dwarves. How, um, quaint.
    Nightmare Queen: Naturally, since it was a Nightmare it fell under our own domain and we saved her. We since have raised her as our own flesh and blood.
    Nightmare Queen: We may call upon you again when Khandie feels ready to find her origins. As to the mystery of the tornado, that may never be explained...

    «The Nightmare Queen's face turns ferocious.»

    Nightmare Queen: Now, begone from our realm, intruder.
    «You»: Going, going...
  • Rewards!

  • Tarsal Barb Z
  • Tarsal Claw
  • Tarsal Barb
  • Guardian Tarsal Spur
  • Tarsal Spur Z
  • Tarsal Spur
  • Tarsal Talon

  • Aracknight Z (Level 10)
  • Aracknight Z (Level 35)
  • Aracknight Z (Level 60)
  • Guardian Aracknight

  • Drone Buzzer
  • Guardian Honey Buzzer
  • Killer BuZZer
  • Bumble Buzzer
  • Queen Buzzer

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thanks to whackybeanz and vezha. Monster lists from In Media Res.

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