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The Fate of Captain Briggs

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8/23/2009 1:58:25   
Legendary AK!!!

The Fate of Captain Briggs

Event Button > Fate of Captain Briggs! Travel Map > Capt. Briggs

«Scene: Lolosia»

Captain Frolgar: Ahoy thar, «You»! Captain Rhubarb an' I were just talkin' about ye. He'll meet ye out on the dock now.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Dock»

    Captain Rhubarb: Glad to see ye, me hearty!
    «You»: What's going on, Captain? Frolgar made it sound like an emergency!
    Captain Rhubarb: Aye, this be an emergency-- if we wait any longer to set sail.

    «Blackwhisker enters»

    «You»: WHAT THE--!! That's Blackwhisker the pie-rat! He allied with the Ninjas to take over the high seas! What is HE doing here??
    Captain Rhubarb: Belay yer harpoon, matey! Blackwhisker WAS an enemy of ours, but he's come to us with some news.
    Blackwhisker: The good Rhubarb is right. I have called a truce for now. We must work together to save the legendary CAPTAIN BRIGGS!
    «You»: Sorry, never heard of him.
    Blackwhisker: Captain Briggs was one of the greatest pirates to ever sail the seas. It is said that he discovered a vast treasure sunken in the Great Ocean several years ago--
    Blackwhisker: -- and dived into the salty waters with his crew to retrieve the treasure, only to never be seen again!
    Blackwhisker: Some of my drowned angry rats, though, think they saw Briggs under the waves, trapped inside a giant bubble! If we save him, we may yet find that TREASURE!!
    «You»: .....Did someone say TREASURE? I'm in!!
  • Set sail!

    «Scene: On Board the Red Betty»

    Captain Rhubarb: «You», we have a problem. Blackwhisker says this is the spot where his drowned rats saw Captain Briggs...
    Captain Rhubarb: But the water below our ship is curiously -- NORMAL.
    Blackwhisker: Aye-- most of the waters of the Great Sea were tainted a while ago by a shipload of breathing potions, which allow all of us air-breathers to breathe underwater!
    Blackwhisker: But below us, the water is missing the magical effects of the potion!!
    Captain Rhubarb: Never fear, though-- somewhere on me ship are 4 breathing potions! I don't know WHERE exactly-- but that's for YOU to find out! Get those potions and we can jump overboard!
  • Search!

    «Captain Rhubarb and Blackwhisker leave the scene. You enter a minigame to look for the breathing potions. Click on any objects to search for them. Navigate through the Red Betty using the arrows.»

    When you enter the next area, you will encounter a battle as follows. Returning to this area when navigating will trigger off another battle.«After you successfully find all 4 breathing potions, navigate to another area and you will be immediately brought back to meet up with Captain Rhubarb and Blackwhisker.»

    «You»: I found all 4 breathing potions!
    Blackwhisker: Excellent! Now, let us dive overboard and find Captain Briggs, once and for all!!
  • Dive!

    «You dive into the sea along with Captain Rhubarb and Blackwhisker.»

  • Battle with the help of Blackwhisker! - Blackwhisker will now battle by your side!
  • Battle with the help of Captain Rhubarb! - Captain Rhubarb will now battle by your side!
  • Battle alone!

    «Regardless of choice»«You»: Why would there be so many Drakel down here??
    Captain Rhubarb: I think that city over thar answers that question, matey!
    Blackwhisker: It would indeed, Rhubarb. It must be the ruins of one of the Drakel domed cities. For some reason it was abandoned long ago. But why would Drakel continue to guard it?
    «You»: Only one way to find out-- let's go in!

    «Scene: Within the Ruins of the Drakel Domed City»

    «You»: Wow... So we can breathe outside the bubble, in the water, because of our breathing potions--
    «You»: --but Drakel magiscience has created a giant bubble of air that has stayed here around the city for who knows HOW long!

    «Captain Briggs enters»

    Captain Briggs: Aye! And here I've stayed for 5 long years, all by myself! Just me and these ruins to keep me company.
    Captain Rhubarb: BRIGGS!!

    «The scene zooms in on Captain Briggs»

    Captain Briggs: I came down here thinking we'd be able to breathe, due to the breathing potions which someone had emptied into the Great Sea!
    Captain Briggs: When we found that not to be the case here, we tried to board our ship again.... but by then the DRAKEL had us surrounded. My seamates were dragged under one by one.
    Captain Briggs: The Drakel weapons BURNED my ship to her very BONES, and I had no choice but to hold me breath and swim DOWN....DOWN...
    Captain Briggs: I made me way into this giant bubble, and here I've been all this time-- looking for a treasure I have not yet found, with no way to return to the surface.
    Captain Briggs: And for some reason, the Drakel have kept guards around this bubble. They left me here to rot!

    «The scene zooms back out»

    «You»: That's quite a tale, Briggs. You've become a legend up above. We brought one extra breathing potion, so we can help you get back to the surface. Just come with us and--
    Captain Briggs: NEVER!! By the trident of the Water Lord, I will never return until I've gotten me treasure!!! And I will not let the likes of YOU get it before I do!!!

    «Captain Briggs enters an attacking stance.»

    Captain Briggs: YAAARRRR!!!
  • Fight!«You»: You've looked for years, Captain, and found nothing. There is no treasure....
    Captain Briggs: But...the Drakel-- Why would they stay and guard these ruins??
    Captain Rhubarb: He is right-- Since we are here, we should all search one last time. Four pairs of eyes are better than one!
  • Search!

    «Captain Rhubarb, Captain Briggs and Blackwhisker leave the scene. You enter a minigame to find the treasure. Move your mouse around until you can find something to click.»

    You move a tiny pebble and--

    «The tilting pillars collapse, breaking a jar in the process. It reveals the treasure box!»


    «Clicking the box leads you to the rewards shop.»
    Captain Briggs

  • Scargiver (8/26/64/90/105)
  • Scargiver Z (15/48)
  • Guardian Scargiver (38/76/128/138/148)

  • Drakelbane (25/50/75)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Here are a list of clickies you will find while searching for the four breathing potions:

  • A box of smelly sea socks?!?
  • You found 27 copies of the dime store novel 'Pirate Pete and the Seagull"!
  • You have found the first underwater breathing potion!
  • This sack contains Captain Rhubarb's favorite nightlight.
  • Eye patches of all colors, shapes and sizes!
  • A box of knitted pea coats made by Rhubarb's mother, Grandma Blueberry.
  • A sack of Captain Munch cereal.
  • You have found the second underwater breathing potion!
  • Trobble food deluxe: 50 percent kelp, 50 percent cotton candy.
  • This is where Rhubarb keeps his plastic bags he gets at the grocery store. He recycles!
  • This barrel used to be full of monkeys. Now it is just full.
  • Gogg Grog.
  • The nutritionist in Lolosia told Rhubarb he should have put apples in this barrel instead of muffins.
  • You have found the third underwater breathing potion!
  • You shake this barrel and hear...laughter?!?
  • You have found the fourth underwater breathing potion!
  • Why would there be pipes in this bag?
  • This barrel is destined to one day be ridden down a waterfall!
  • This makes a good seat.
  • Captain Rhubarb has a gift for Aquella in this bag...

    Thanks to whackybeanz. Monster lists from In Media Res. Un-rarity form Archmagus Baron. Thanks to algimantas2.

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