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User Interface Guide

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8/23/2009 3:19:02   

[center][size=4][b]User Interface Guide[/b][/size][/center]
[b]What you can learn from this Guide[/b]
You can learn the basics of MechQuest, mostly the interface. The interface is the game itself to be honest. It represents every single thing that makes the game random, good and balanced. you can't play without an interface. Here you will learn how to master it!

[b]How can you improve this Guide[/b]
By replying or PMing me.
[color=green][b]Green Text[/b][/color] - Tip/Trick
[color=red][b]Red Text[/b][/color] - Advertisment/Important
[b]Bold Text[/b] - Title
[color=blue][b]Blue Clickable Text[/b][/color] - Link
[b]Table of Contents[/b]
* The Screen Dimensions
* Log In screen
* Character Selection Screen
* The Profile
* The In-Game Menu
* The Battle Menu
[center][b]The Screen Dimensions[/b][/center]
Firstly, before even playing the game, you must decide on how you view it. The view of the game is something very important, altough most people forget it. On the [link=http://www.mechquest.com/][b]website[/b][/link] you can see that under the [link=http://mechquest.battleon.com/game/default.asp?w=750&h=550][b]Play[/b][/link] button there are 3 variables represented by numbers: [link=http://mechquest.battleon.com/game/default.asp?w=750&h=550][b]750x550[/b][/link], [link=http://mechquest.battleon.com/game/default.asp?w=950&h=697][b]1024x768[/b][/link] and [link=http://mechquest.battleon.com/game/default.asp?w=1400&h=1027][b]1600x1200[/b][/link]. Those are the Window Sizes. They let you decide what the dimensions of the game are when you play it. [color=green][b]Tip:[/b][/color] After clicking Play, in the adress bar, above the game window you will see this link: 
(X being the width and Y being the height). You can play with those numbers to make your own game window size.
Remember! The default size is 750x550!

Log In Screen

After clicking "Play" you will see the Log In Screen. You will notice the name "MechQuest" And under it with small text a version type and a version number (when I posted this guide it was Omega Ver. 3.5.2). That represents the version of the game which doesn't help us with nothing. Under the "MechQuest" title you will see a 2 white boxes. the first one is where you put your Username, and the second one is for your Password. Tip: Click on the "?"s beside each box to see what an Username and what a Password is. If you haven't got a game account you should Register one. If you do have a game account please fill in your username and password. Remember to NEVER EVER give your password to nobody! Staff will also NEVER ask for your password! Next to the boxes there is a helpful interface option called the "Save" button. there is one next to each box. The "Save" option, activated, wil lautomatically save your username and/or password (if you activated both) for the next time you access the game. If you are on a public computer leave the Save options UNCHECKED! You don't want pesky intruders in your account! You may also notice that under the Username box there is a text named Create a New Account! which is the same with the Register link. Under the Password box there is a text named forgot your password?. I ncase you don't remember your password you can click that text, and it will redirect you to the Password Recovery page. The "Login" button takes you to your Character Management screen. Under the "Login" button you can see a row of text which is important! the first part of that row says "Flash Version Detected: Number". That is your current Flash Player version. Good for when reporting bugs, because in the bug reporting form they ask for your current Flash Version (mine is currently The next part of that row says "Flash Version Required: Number". This tells you the minimum requirement of your Flash Player in order to play MechQuest (At the time I posted this guide the minimum version was 8.0 and up). Next to the little robot you can see the CopyRight emblem which clearly states that MechQuest is part of Artix Entertainment, LLC, and they have all rights reserved.
Tip: Move your mouse on the little robot to see some text.

Character Selection Screen

After you logged in, you will see 2 main important columns. The one on the left, under the "MechQuest" text is the Newsfeed. It says what are the current new events, items, NPCs and missions.
Under the Newsfeed you will see a row which contains 2 notes (very important). The first one is named "Account: Type of account". It says what is your membership status in MechQuest. Mine is currently "Free". The second note is "Status: Confrimed or not". It tells you if you confirmed your account with the E-Mail you recieved after registering that account. Mine is currently "Confirmed".
On the right column you will see a "Create New Character" button (if you have no characters), or your current character shown like this:
Character Name
Equiped Suit, Level X

(X representing your character's level)
If you have no characters, click the "Create New Character" button and go and make one. the creating is simple and does not require a guide for it. If you already have a character's click on the Character's Button. After clicking your character's button, you will see that the NewsFeed ahs been replaced with your character's info. It looks like this:
ID#: X
Level: Y
Rank: Equiped Suit
Status: Ready or not

(X represents your game ID, which will help you in many things both in-game and on the forums; Y represents your character's level)
My current character info looks like this:
ID#: 497863
Level: 33
Rank: Mecha Pilot
Status: Combat Ready

Above the "Play" button you will see 4 other buttons:
- Upgrade To StarCaptain/Buy Nova Gems: If you are a free player, the first option will appear. If you are an upgraded player, the Nova Gem button will appear.
- News: Which takes you back to the "NewsFeed".
- Character Page: This goes to your character's own page. There people can see your items and which items you currently have equiped!
- Delete Character: Deletes the character. This is IRREVERSIBLE! You can't get it back!

The Profile

In the bottom left of the game screen you will see your character's head. Clicking on it will open a mini window which shows your profile. the Profile consists of your ID# (on top of the profile), your character's name (in big letters), Level, Armor Equiped/Rank and XP progress (under your character's name), your Stats (under the name, on the left side), your Mecha's name and its stats/bonuses (under the name, on the right side), the weapons you currently have equiped (under mecha's stats and bonuses) and your resistances and status (right side of profile).
What they tell/do:
ID# - Will help you in many things both in-game and on the forums;
Character's Name - Obvious.
Level, Armor Equiped/Rank and XP Progress - Your current level, the armor you have equiped and how much XP you have/need to advance to the next level (XP You Currently Have/XP Needed to Level up)
Stats - Luck, Reflex, Power, Accuaracy, Efficiency and Perception play a HUGE roll in MechQuest. They can make the difference betwen win or lose.
Mecha Name and Stats/Bonuses - Your current equiped mecha, your stats (HP, EP and EP Regen) and your bonuses given by the mecha (Crit, Hit, Dodge, Boost, Bonus, Defense).
Equiped Weapons - Obvious.
Resistances and Status - Resistances make your mecha stronger (Imobillity for example), while status can be good or bad (Damage per Turns caused by damaging statuses like burns, freezes etc, Healing statuses caused by healing statuses like Heal, Leech etc, Improvement Statuses which raises your bonuses like Defence, Accuaracy etc or Destroying Statuses which lowers your bonuses like Perception, Accuaracy etc)

The In-Game Menu

The In-Game menu consists of 2 zones: Outside and Inside.
What you can see in the lower part of the game screen, above the character's head picture, are some basic commands or shortcuts. They can vary depending on city but these are the ones you MUST remember:
The little "x" in the left corner - Hides the command menu.
The Battle button - Takes you in a random battle.
The "New!" or "!" button - Takes you dirrectly to the newest release in-game.
The "Repair" button - Repairs your Mecha... VERY important... click it after every fight!
The "Equip" button - Moves you in the Item Inventory menu. There you can chose which items ot equip/unequip.
The "Mecha" button - Moves you in the Mecha Inventory menu. There you can chose with which mecha you will fight.
The "Shop" button - Takes you to the Tek's Mech shop.
The "Watch" button - Takes you to the Cinema where you can ask Ballyhoo to view ads for some quick credits.
The "Normal", "Hard" and "Extreme" buttons - If you are a not a Star Captain, the default is "Normal "and you can't change it. These buttons let you select the difficulty of the battles you will take on.
The "Zoom" button - Simply makes the command menu bigger.
The "Travel" button (In Zargon) - Let's you travel i nthe city in your mecha. Click it again to travel it with your character.
The "Exit" button (Not in Soluna city) - Takes you away from that planet and transports you back to Soluna.
To access the inside menus just move to an NPC and some options will appear. That is the inside menu.

The Battle Menu

After entering a battle, in the middle of the screen, some options will appear. That is the battle menu. This is what each button is:
1st - The Front Weapon
2nd - The Back Weapon
3rd - The Front Shoulder Weapon
4th - The Back Shoulder Weapon
5th - The Body
6th - The Head
Skip - Skips a turn, usefull for when you have no energy left or when all your items are cooling down.
Eject - You run away from the battle.[/code]

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Post #: 1
8/23/2009 3:31:53   

It's a good guide. Just one typo.


you can't paly without an interface
DF MQ  Post #: 2
8/23/2009 3:37:09   

Thanks. Edited.
Post #: 3
9/4/2009 15:37:43   

Updated it. That is the final version. If you think something else needs to be added feel free to tell me. I can't think of anymore interface tips to tell :/
Post #: 4
9/4/2009 17:15:06   

You forgot the energy blade system and you might want to recommend checking your profile during battles and checking the opponent's, not only are the effects important, they're also often quite funny.
AQ MQ  Post #: 5
9/5/2009 5:40:45   

Yeah pfft.. How could I forget the Energy Blade Battle System xD.. I'll work on that :)
Post #: 6
9/16/2009 23:41:00   
The Game
Pegasus Overlord

A very detailed and organized guide, I see. I would, however, like you to add in the "Delete Character" section of the guide, what happens when you delete a character who is a Star Captain and/or has brought the Nova Gem packages, because those are retained and the Star Captainship is retained if one has purchased the Star Captain Armada package, but not the individual Star Captain package.
AQ DF  Post #: 7
9/17/2009 15:50:56   

Actually, Energy Blade interface is covered here ^_^

MQ  Post #: 8
9/26/2009 16:20:36   

@The Game: I never attempted to delete a character that is Star Captain. Can you clarify me on what happens exactly?
@zeke: Didn't see it. No energy blade part in this guide then :)
Post #: 9
9/26/2009 18:32:01   

DragonYugi: You can't delete a SC account if you didn't buy the Armada Package, but if you did buy the Armada Package, you can delete any of your 6 SC accounts.
AQ MQ  Post #: 10
9/26/2009 20:26:36   

additionally, the basic nova package that comes with an SC (200) will come back if u delete a character.
however, if u bought extra novas, those will be gone forever.
not sure about the bonus nova package.
DF MQ  Post #: 11
10/12/2009 8:15:10   

maybe insert some images to make it clear
MQ  Post #: 12
1/3/2010 20:46:51   

Guide now has a new owner and will be locked.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
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