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=AE= How to Play: Ebilgames!

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9/12/2009 16:56:18   
Stand Back

A brief how-to for AE's collection of mini games!


  • ArchKnight
  • Ask Zorbak
  • Deady! The Malevolent Teddy
  • FireSpawn
  • Jimmy the Eye
  • Moglin Punter
  • Monster Joust Madness
  • Robina Hood's Monster Hunt
  • Undead Assault
  • Valencia Surehunter
  • ZardWars

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    9/13/2009 15:50:16   
    Quantum Mod


    The game Valencia Surehunter: Staff of the Irismancer revolves around one of our favorite and most recognized NPC's in AE Games, Valencia Surehunter! As the evil Irismancer Zarek prepares to assault the town of Battleon with his army of eye monsters Valencia prepares to save the day and more importantly to take his Staff! With the prospect of getting an item with a rarity rating of 98.1 and the slight bonus of saving Battleon Valencia takes action!

    *The Controls*

    1: Click the mouse to attack!

    2: Click the spacebar to jump!

    3: Press the V Button after collecting a Power Up to do a power attack while on the ground!

    *How to play*

    As Valencia quickly runs towards the Irismancer through dangerous territory she encounters many problems. Numerous monsters will try to attack you so click the mouse while near one to deliver a swift blow that will destroy your opponent. There are even some creatures that fly so you will have to jump by clicking the spacebar and then attack by clicking the mouse to defeat these enemies. You can also defeat enemies by collecting a Power Up and then pressing the V button while not in the air, this attack wipes out all enemies in view by using a magical jump slash technique. There will be times you face obstacles that attacking won't handle so in able to accomplish the feat of passing them you must utilize her ability to leap great distances in a single bound! When approaching pits or boulders be sure to jump over them by clicking the spacebar if not you will suffer damage! To advance to the next level you must defeat enemies until your progress bar fills up completely. In a few special levels you must defeat a boss to advance!

    *Reference Pictures*

    Power Up: SS

    Health Pack:S


    *A few tips*

    1 :Be sure to touch the Power ups to be able to clear the screen of enemies! You can only hold 3 so don't be scared to use them!

    2: Health packs are also found throughout the level so be sure to collect them!

    3: When approaching pits and boulders be sure to jump in ample enough time to not fall in but also be careful to not under-jump either!

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    9/13/2009 16:57:35   


    ArchKnight was one of the original games A.E. produced. It’s still played by quite a few people who love the “noobly” Ash as he bumbles around trying to save a princess to try and become a Knight. There’s a mix of puns, humor, general A.E. craziness, and a somewhat serious storyline. The game itself is not complete and never will be as it is being continued in DragonFable.

    Basic’s of Play

    Once you log on with your AQ account info you’ll be taken to the beginning of the game. (Try not to die, that resets you back to the beginning.)

  • To move simply click the spot where you’d like to travel with your mouse. So if your on the starting screen click on the treasure chest. Ash will walk over and open it.

  • You can change areas by simply clicking where there is a yellow half moon. Doors are also opened in this way, simply click the center of the door where the yellow half moon is and Ash will walk over and the door will open.

  • When you engage in battle you’ll see several options on the Battle Screen. Ash doesn’t have any spells, other weapons, or specials when you start so those options will be empty. As you progress through the game and get new equipment simply click one of those during battle and you can equip your new item.

  • Clicking a Red potion will heal your HP. A Blue potion heals your POW.

  • When you beat a monster you’ll gain Exp, Gold, and possibly an Item.

    Other Features

    Once you’ve beaten the prologue and reached Battleon you have several options.

  • Speak to Yulgar to buy new Equipment.

  • Enter the Inn and talk to Aria to save your game. If you don’t do this it’s as if you died. The game does not Auto save. You can also heal here which will come in very handy.

  • Speak to Warlic to play through a few quests and purchase spells that will help you out greatly in your quest.

    Tips and Hints

  • Check everything! Just because something looks impassable doesn’t mean it is. Click on things and see what happens.

  • Always make sure to buy new equipment as yours will get outdated fast. Make sure to buy spells, they will help!

  • Sometimes you’ll find objects that require you to roll to see if you succeeded. These can be attempted until you succeed so if you fail just step away and walk back to try again.

  • Battle everything you can! Exp to level up is a very desirable commodity. If you can battle something to get you close to a level up do so. You’ll find beating the Bosses will get much easier if you do.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
    9/19/2009 19:32:07   


    Jimmy the Eye Episode 1: Eye for an Eye is an Ebil Games minigame produced by Artix Entertainment. Here, you are Jimmy, the Eye, who tries to save princess Ocular. In order to locate her, Jimmy needs to get four ingredients. To do so, you will need to guide Jimmy through four levels full of Dragon Fable monsters. The ingredients are:

    1. Sylph Drake Wing Dust

    2. The Fire of Life

    3. Robee Stinger Venom

    4. Evil Tears

    .:How to Play:.

    Jimmy the Eye is very easy to play. To start moving Jimmy through the screen, roll your mouse over him. Then, you will take control. You will need to avoid all the monsters, or shoot them by pressing the left button on your mouse. You can also hold it to shoot continuously. When a monster attacks you, you will lose HP (Health Points). HP is what keeps you alive. If your HP is zero, you will be defeated.

    .:The Power-ups:.

    There are different types of power ups. The red one adds +10 to your HP (Health Points). You won’t see this type of power up very often through the game. Another power up is the blue sphere. It adds +10 to your Mana Points (MP). If you don’t have any Mana, nothing will change on Jimmy. Though, if you have some, you will get a shield. If an enemy is in front of Jimmy and attacks him (back attacks will still hurt Jimmy), he will lose 10 MP, though, he won’t lose any HP. The yellow and last power up is your money. You can use it to buy hints about how to defeat the boss monsters.

    .:The Bosses:.

    Boss 1: Sylph Drake
    How to defeat: Shoot its head.

    Boss 2: Feyerball
    How to defeat: Shoot its eye.

    Boss 3: Robee
    How to defeat: Shoot its head.

    Boss 4: Evil Eye
    How to defeat: Shoot its eye.

    .:Other Images:.

    Red Bar: HP Bar.
    Blue Bar: MP Bar.
    Yellow $: Your current money.

    Purple Bar: Boss Monster's HP Bar

    .:Tips and Hints:.

    • When you complete the game, if you have collected 180.000 $ or more, you will be able to download a Jimmy the Eye wallpaper. Just press "High Scores" and, then, click "Surprise!!!". A new window will open, where you can save your wallpaper to prove that you finished Jimmy the Eye.
    • Some enemies chase you! If you don't kill them at first, they won't get out. If this happen, speed up, and maybe they will give up.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    9/22/2009 11:56:21   


    Robina Hood, the archer, is hunting for monsters and training her skills at the same time. Twilly is coming with her, too. In these adventures, she will face sneevils, eye-balls and gorillaphants. At the end, Robina will help Artix and Galanoth to take down a big, red, fire dragon.

    -How To Play-

    Very ease to play. You have to use the mouse to aim your shot. By using the left click, Robina will shoot one of her arrows. There is no arrow-limit in the game. Most of the monsters are killed by one shot, but at the same time there are tougher monsters and bosses. These kind of monsters will take a bit more time to be defeated. Your life is not shown in the game because your mission is failed if you are touched/hurt by one of the monster.

    -Tips and Hints-

  • Just because Twilly is your friend, doesn't mean he can't be touched by your arrow.
  • There is one secret level, out of the content of this game. Twilly, or him being hurt, has a important role opening this level.
  • A failed mission doesn't mean you have to go trough the all game again. Don't worry about that, just try your best until you get past it.

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  • AQW  Post #: 5
    9/22/2009 13:43:32   
    Cow Face
    One Heck of a Guy

    Background and Plot:
    One of the earliest mini-games created by Artix Entertainment, LLC, Undead Assault revolves around an unnamed Paladin- you. There is no specific plot in-game; indeed, under that heading is the following:
    "Do not ask us... We are simple villagers. You are the brave Paladin slaying the undead! (Psst... that really means that there was no room in the budget for a plot... so, um... come up with one... kill lots of undead... get gold and exp[erience], buy weapons, get the high score, and do not die. We will be hiding under our beds until you're done. Battle on!"

    As you progress through the game, you will encounter more enemies than the original Skeletons and Flying Eyeballs. These include the Slimes, and undead Dragons, known as Dracoliches. (Dracolich? Dracolichi? A Dracolich and another Dracolich?)

    The controls are quite simple, and are as follows:
  • Left-Click: Attack.
  • Spacebar: Jump Attack.
  • Use Potion: Click its icon near your Health bar.

    How To Play:
    The game is both linear and straight-forward. The red bar in the upper-left corner is your health. A level ends when you have gained sufficient experience to level up. Gold allows you to purchase weapons and potions from Aria the Shopkeeper (available when the level ends).

    The Monsters - Note: All experience given is without boosts.
    Skeleton - Basic enemy. Defeat with either jump attack or standing attack. 5 EXP.
    Flying Eyeball - Flying enemy, non-attacking. Defeat with jump attack. 10 EXP.
    Slime - Walking enemy. Defeat with standing attack, do not jump attack. 7 EXP.
    Dracolich - Flying enemy, attacking. Defeat with jump attack. 15 EXP.

    The Shop - Purchase weapons and potions with gold obtained during the fight.
    Ancient Ninja Blade: 500 Gold, grants 50% more EXP.
    Skeletal Blade: 500 Gold, grants 50% more Gold.
    Nightslayer's Blade: 3,000 Gold, grants 150% EXP.
    Artix's BattleAxe: 3,000 Gold, grants 150% Gold.
    Death By Chopalot: 5000 Gold, grants double experience and gold.
    Health Potion: 500 Gold, restores HP to full. You can only carry one at a time.
    Blast Potion: 500 Gold, kills all enemies on-screen. You can only carry one at a time.

    High Scores:
    This is a temporary measure; it is refreshed when you close or refresh your browser.

  • Time your attacks so that you have time to recover before attacking the next enemy.
  • Use potions by clicking on their icon near the Health bar.
  • Don't be too much of a miser with potions, because they're relatively cheap and you can only carry one of each type at a time. Don't squander them, however.
  • You can only hit a Flying Eyeball or a Dracolich with a jump attack- but don't jump if there's a Slime about! The Slime will explode and cause you damage. If you must, let the Eye go on by; it won't hurt you. The Dracolich, however, will; so be careful.
  • Attack the Dracolich before he can attack you. You'll have to jump-attack, but even if he seems out of range, you're likely to hit him.

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
    9/25/2009 10:42:02   
    Outsmarting Bugs

    It's time for the most important meal of the day, but oh no! You're all out of Her-Os! There's only one way to salvage your breakfast...you need to get to the bakery across the valley. With a little help from a certain aerodynamic moglin, you might just make it too!

  • Move the Mouse to control the Punt Angle and Punt Power
  • Click to Punt!

    How to Play
    The objective of the game is very straightforward. Simply punt Twilly to the Cake located in each stage to complete it and move on. Collecting cookies is an optional extra, but if you collect all of the cookies in the game something good happens!

    There are some special objects along the way that are designed to help you reach your objective. Here are a few to look out for:

    A basic trampoline

    This guy is as soft and bouncy as he looks! (Acts like a trampoline)

    Oh my! What a large monster! (Acts like a trampoline)

    DY-NO-MITE! (Acts like a trampoline)

    This sneevil will send you flying with his baseball bat! (Knocks you in the direction he's facing)

    This sneevil is ready to spike you downward with his tennis racket! (Knocks you downward)

    This jack-in-the-box will give you a boost if you get close enough! (Knocks you upward)

    This spring-loaded boxing glove will give you a "push" in the right direction! (Knocks you in the direction it's facing)

  • Twilly can bounce off walls! Don't be afraid to punt him into one if it will help you get to the cake!
  • The level is not over until Twilly stops moving. You might sometimes get the cake mid-punt and still be able to get the rest of the cookies.
  • There is often more than one way to complete a level. If you're having trouble, try a different approach and see what happens
  • Getting all the cookies is optional, but it unlocks a secret stage if you can do it. Getting to this secret stage earns you a password that unlocks a special shop in Dragonfable!
  • If you're having troubles getting all the cookies in a particular stage, you can always come back to it later. The Stage Select screen even shows you which stages you are missing cookies on!

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    10/20/2009 22:17:49   
    The lurking shadow

    To enter a a Monster Joust you must be one of the following: Crazy, Insane, Crazy and Insane or... an unstoppable hero of Justice and Goodness who just returned from defeating an unstoppable army of the dead in Undead Assault and was then sent by the King to duel all the most vile Villains in the AdventureQuest world in a highly publicized Jousting tournament. Good Luck Hero!

  • Click your mouse to swing with your sword!

    How to Play:
    The objective of the game is to fight your way through rounds of monsters in one on one battles! Gain gold with each successful hit, gain even more gold for knockouts and use the gold gained in battle to buy better mounts and weapons! There are 8 pieces of available equipment, 4 swords/axes and 4 mounts. You fight your way through 10 rounds of 10 monsters, the difficulty of each monster will increase as you go along.

    The Shop!

    Weaponry - As you continue into the game you will earn more gold and be able to upgrade your weaponry!
    Runed Sword - The runes on this sword glow with glow-wy wrath! 7-15 Damage. 200 Gold.
    Werepyre's Bane - The supernatural owner of this weapon can still be found in the cursed forest of Darkovia... 10-25 Damage. 750 Gold.
    Artix's Battleaxe - This axe has destroyed more undead than there are undead! 20-40 Damage. 2,000 Gold.
    The Draconic Destroyer - This blade is enchanted by the soul of a vengeful Dragon! 25-50 Damage. 5,000 Gold.

    Mounts - New mounts will also be purchasable as you gain more gold!
    Flying Eyeball - Jousting is even more fun when your fl-eye-ing! 250 Health. 27% Chance to KO! 250 Gold.
    Damiyo - An enlargement ray was used on this armoured puppy. 300 Health. 30% Chance to KO! 800 Gold.
    Dragizzard - Keep your arms inside the Dragizzard at all times! 350 Health. 35% Chance to KO! 2,000 Gold.
    Salamander - This tank was owned by a famous rare item hunter! 500 Health. 32% Chance to KO! 5,000 Gold.

    The Monsters - The monsters increase in difficulty as you go along.
    Chandrestroy - 50 Health.
    Jack-O-Slayer - 75 Health.
    Drakonnan - 100 Health.
    Death Knight - 150 Health.
    Xan - 200 Health.
    Count Sarkat - 250 Health.
    Wolfwing - 300 Health.
    Sir Prize - 350 Health.
    Akriloth - 400 Health.
    Carnax - 500 Health.


    • Be sure not to attack too quickly; you'll be left open to attacks!
    • Buy better swords for more damage and better mounts for higher KO rates!
    • Spend your gold! Saving up gold can be useful in some situations, but this isn't the case in Monster Joust Madness, your enemies will start to get noticeably harder after round 4, so upgrading your sword and/or mount would certainly help you survive in battle! Just remember to spend your gold wisely.
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    10/31/2009 14:33:02   

    Background: Cute on the outside, very twisted on the inside! That’s what you get when the Galaxy’s greatest evil escapes confinement on its homeworld and possesses the body of a discarded teddy bear here on Earth. He’s cute, cuddly… He’ll eat you for lunch and floss his wittle teef with your intestines! And Deady loves kids… well-done with a little BBQ sauce! Whether he’s plotting world-domination or just the most horrifying way to make your life miserable, you won’t be able to resis the temptation to give him a big fat huggsie wuggsie! Just bear in mind that as you cuddle him, he’s thinking through a dozen different ways to your demise! First seen at Hot Topix and at comic book stores everywhere in the graphic novels by Voltaire, Deady’s now ready to unleash his full malevolence across the land in his first video game!

    How to Play!

    • Move the left or right to go forward and walk
    • Press the Space Bar to Jump!
    • Click the Left Mouse button to Attack!

    Helpful Hints and Tips:

    • The first section is straightforward enough, rip your way through the necronians! Be careful though, not all of them go down in one hit.
    • Jumping automatically attacks for you, and it has alot more range, so we definitely suggest you stick to that!
    • Another control shift, you can't jump, but you have the ability to fly! Punt the enemies in the head a couple times to make sure they're down and avoid the oncoming fire balls!
    • And finally comes the Boss, this powerful behemoth has two different attacks instead of one, and both pack a punch! Be sure to look for signals like him raising his fist or eyes glowing red if you wish to take him down.
    • As a general tips:

      • It's a good idea to constantly be on the move, and jump often, it's the best way to avoid enemies, and aerial attacks are the only way to hurt the giant!
      • Be sure to cause as much destruction to add on to your evil rating at the end, smash those trees and bone structures without mercy!

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
    10/31/2009 18:41:42   
    Burning Chaos

    What is ZardWars?
    ZardWars is a mod of AdventureQuest, open only to Guardians (newly upgraded Guardians may need to wait in order to access it). It originally only contained Zards of all types, but now has expanded to include many monsters that have the letter "Z" in their name. It contains many monsters and items, some of which are impossible to obtain in the current version of AQ. It is a nice nostalgic remembrance of the old graphics in AQ as many of the items and monsters are still in their original state.

    Since you must be a Guardian to play, you probably have familiarity with the interface. There are a few differences between Zardwars and AdventureQuest, however. Once you log in, you will notice that you have five options available to you:

    Battle! - This option enables you to fight all of Zardwars' monsters, which include Zards and also monsters with the letter "Z" in their name. You can also find Treasure chests. ZardWars monsters give greatly increased experience and gold rewards as compared to their AQ counterparts as well, so leveling and gaining gold can happen at a quicker rate.

    Rest - Your character's HP and MP are instantaneously restored.

    Shop - The shops in ZardWars contain all of the items that you need - weapons, armors, shields, spells, and pets. The items in these shops have notably different damages than their counterparts in AQ, however. The power of ZW items was set a long time ago, and is not a reflection on post-sweep damage of weapons in AQ. Some of the items are not obtainable in AQ, such as Pygmy Zombie Entourage. ZardWars serves as a fun nostalgic take on AQ and

    Stat Trainers

    Stat trainers do the same thing in AQ, but there are a few differences with them here:
    - Stat training costs are more expensive
    - You can only train up to 150 in a stat.

    Log Out

    Allows you to switch characters or log out.

    Differences between ZW and AQ:

    - AQ has a level 135 level cap. ZW has only a 110 level cap.
    - Zardwars only allows 150 stat points to be trained in a single area.
    - Monsters give more experience and gold in Zardwars compared to AQ monsters of the same level.
    - Shop prices and level required to obtain certain items are different.

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    DF MQ  Post #: 10
    11/1/2009 17:29:04   
    A True Hunter

    What is Firespawn?

    Play as Galanoth riding atop a horse to defeat a Dragon! You must shoot it with arrows. More powerful arrows may be acquired throughout the game. You can find powerups for your arrows, which include Fire Arrows, Water Arrows, and even a Bomb arrow. To get to the next stage, you must take down 500 points of the Dragons Hit Points.

    How to Play

    Mouse - Controls your Bow to shoot arrows at the Fire Dragon.
    Left Mouse Click - Fires arrows at the Dragon.
    Up Arrow - Makes the horse jump.
    Left Arrow - Makes the horse back up, closer to the left side of the screen.
    Right Arrow - Makes the horse move forward, closer to the right side of the screen.

    Shoot your normal arrows and use them to do damage to the Fire Dragon. To get "Power Up" Arrows, shoot them with a normal arrow. You have a limited number of Power Up Arrows. To proceed to the next stage of the game, take out 500 hit points of the Dragons Health. Make sure you hit the dragon every chance you can get!

    Beware of the Dragons attack and even the Terrain! You must jump or move left/right to dodge the attacks and terrain.

    Those are generally what the terrain and attacks will look like. If you go under the Game Options, you may select the distance between the cacti and rocks, which can make the game easier/harder. Unless you are going for a high score, I would recommend getting the Health Regeneration at the end of each level. Since you have unlimited amounts of your Normal Arrows, try to get each and every powerup you can. Also sacrifice a fire arrow or two if it means possibly obtaining a Water or Bomb Arrow Powerup. Dodging terrain is easy enough, as long as your are paying attention to what you are doing.

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
    11/1/2009 18:29:23   
    Ebil Moglin!

    Have your questions answered by the greatest Necromancer who ever lived!

    Zorbak is now taking your questions! Send him a question and he might just pick YOURS to answer. Try to limit yourself to sending 1 or 2 questions per week-- If you send too many, Zorbak will think you are trying to be EBIL just like him, and he doesn't like it when someone tries to be just as ebil as he is!

    Ask Zorbak a question!

    Watch Zorbak's old episodes on Ebilgames.com!

    Read Zorbak's monthly "Ask Zorbak" column in The Zardian!
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