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=AE= Frequently Asked Questions

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9/9/2009 20:24:16   
Stand Back

Frequently Asked Questions - Forum Support

1) "Why was my friend/rival/etc <so-and-so> banned?"

Sorry, we cannot discuss bans with anyone but the banned person. If you want to know, you'll have to ask them.

2) "I got this private message that was addressed to someone else. Is that a bug?"

Occasionally a copy of a private message will get misdelivered. If you received a private message without your name on it, that's what happened. The intended recipient should also have received it, so you shouldn't need to pass it on, though it doesn't hurt. Just delete it and go about your business. We really don't need this issue reported any more than it already has been - we are aware of it.
Incidentally, because of this bug you may want to be careful about sending anything very private by private message.

3) "I can't post in the Unofficial Contests and Games forum! Why?"

To post a game in the UCaG, you'll need to first post it in the Pending Contests and Games forum. There the ArchKnights will review it and approve games.

4) "How can I become a Moderator or ArchKnight?" "How can I join the Artix Entertainment staff?"

Thank you for your interest! However, we do not accept applications for these positions. The best thing you can do is follow the rules and try to be helpful and courteous with your fellow forumites. When we need additional people we will select them based on the skills they have displayed.

5) "Why don't you appoint some temporary Moderators or ArchKnights in <insert spammy board>?"

If we trust someone enough to make them a temporary ArchKnight, or promote an ArchKnight to a temporary Moderator, then we trust them enough to promote them full-time. There is no "half" or "temporary." If you feel a specific board is having problems, please let that board's Head Moderator know.

6) a)"How do I get my signature working?" b) "Why did my signature get removed or changed?"

    a)"How do I get my signature working?"


First, make sure it's a valid image type -- .jpg, .gif, or .png. Second, make sure you're using the proper tags: [image][/image], or [img][/img] - NOT [IMG][/IMG] in capitals, that won't work. You can upload that image to something like Photobucket or Imageshack and use the URL from there.

If you want to know how to make a signature, or want to ask someone to make one for you, check out the Signature and Art requests forum. The sig experts there can help you out -- just be sure you read the rules there first.

For more information on sigs, this is a good guide: Forum Commands (screenshots, images, links, colors, signatures)

    b) "Why did my signature get removed or changed?"


While you're working on your signature, make sure it follows the rules. (If your signature was removed or changed by a moderator, this applies to you, too.) It can be no larger than 500 pixels wide, 100 pixels tall, and 50kb large. No real flashing animations either, because we don't want to give anyone a seizure. (Those numbers are TOTAL, by the way: that means they include text. You can't have a 100px-tall image and any text above, below, or beside it.) For further information on the signature rules, please see the Universal Forum Rules or the Detailed Sig Guide.

7) "Why isn't my avatar selection saving?"

After you pick an avatar on your Profile screen, make sure you hit the "Apply" button all the way at the bottom BEFORE hitting the "Ok" button.

8) "I made these really cool avatars about the games. Can you add them?"

We sure can!

Avatars are now being sent to Scakk.
The rules are as follows:
1. Avatars MUST be AE related.
2. Avatars have to follow the regular avatar rules. 95 X 95 pixels and no larger than 10K, NO ANIMATIONS. .jpg or .gif only
3. Please PM avatars to me in bunches of 5 to 10. I might consider uploading less, but I will not upload more. All avatars must be in the same PM.
4. Do not PM me multiple times to ask when your avatars will be uploaded. Sometimes they are done in batches which means it may take longer than expected.
5. Please PM me your submissions. I don't want to receive emails about this.

Please note that any avatars submitted become the property of Artix Entertainment and as such could be used in advertising or on the web pages.

9) "How do I get a custom title?"

There are several different types of special titles.
First off, truly customized titles are generally reserved for Moderators, ArchKnights, and the forum beta-testers. ArchKnights generally have "Arch"-something somewhere in their titles as well as the forums where they work.
Second, there are some titles that are granted for doing something really cool or winning a contest.
Third, there are titles that go with group membership -- such as Advanced Roleplayers.
Fourth, there are titles like Helpful/Creative/Friendly/Constructive, which are granted, respectively, to people who are very helpful and go above and beyond the call of duty to aid their fellow forumites, and to people who really wow us with some cool art or writing.
There is a guide on this subject in the Crucial Forum Information board: Forum ranks/groups/titles

10) "How do I get a custom avatar?"

The ability to upload a custom avatar is granted to people with a Helpful or Creative title, ArchKnights, Moderators, and other staff members. It is also granted to some people for past service such as the old Grand Council, forum beta testing, etc. Advanced Roleplayers and other group members do not get upload rights unless they have it from some other source. Some official contests will have a specific avatar as a prize that is not available to other forum members.
We limit custom avatars to certain people because otherwise the forums would be overloaded with even small images.

11) "Why can't everybody have a custom avatar?"

First, practically speaking, storage space can be tight sometimes. We have a lot of posts in the database, and a lot of members.
Second, speaking on policy, custom avatars are a privilege used to denote status. They are given either to those who are helpful or creative or to those who volunteer their time.
Third, aesthetically speaking, we have made the decision that all of our publicly-available avatars would be based on the Artix Entertainment games. This is an Artix Entertainment forum. If you're not satisfied with the choices, submit your own AE-related avatars or earn the privilege to upload your own.

12) "Why don't you upgrade the forums to the latest release of ASPPlayground.NET?"

As the bottom of every page informs us, we are currently running on ASPPlayground.NET version 2.4.2 SP2. We know that is not the most recent version. However, our forum coders have modified the code and added enough custom features that our software bears little to no resemblance to the official published version. They would have to redo all of those modifications in any new versions. With that said, making the case to upgrade is a tricky proposition. It's really unnecessary.

13) "Why can't you add <such-and-such> feature I saw on some other forum?"

If you think the feature is worth implementing, we're open to suggestions for ways to keep our forum coders busy. ;) Bear in mind, just because you suggest something and think it's kewl doesn't mean it will get implemented. Some suggestions just don't mesh with our rules and policies. For instance, we won't enable avatar uploading or personalized titles for everyone.

14) "We should have a report button/ mod alert system! Why don't we?"

This has been brought up a number of times and each time it needs to be explained that, while a system like this might work on other boards, it won't on this one. There are a couple of main reasons for this: 1) It would be too easily abused. We would need moderators dedicated to weeding out the false reports from the legitimate ones and we need all the mods we have actively working on the game and the boards. 2) It's easier to just PM an active mod/AK. You can add the mods/AKs to your address book by clicking the button under their profile. Then, when you look in your inbox, you'll see who is currently online. That's the best way we've found to handle people needing to report troublesome threads/users.

15) "Can the staff make some new forum skins?"

Our staff is hard at work on other features, but you can make some for yourself.
To submit a skin for general use on the forums, please email the completed stylesheet to one of the administrators found here:
AE Staff and Staff Assistants List


ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb

Our forum doesn't actually use any fancy code for the color skins.
It just uses these stylesheets:


You're all welcome to download these files, and experiment.
There's usually a browser setting where you can override style settings using a local CSS file to test with the live forum web site.

Let me know via PM if you come up with anything.
It was tricky to make sure that the buttons looked good though with different background colors.

A tip from aNyThInG, if you're using FireFox:


Users can install this and they may edit the CSS code easily...Visit the webpage for more info. ALSO the good thing about it is that, users can create their own skin and they just save it on their computer. It does not affect anyone else. Since many people complain that this forum doesnt have many skins, they can just use that and customize themselves.

16) "Why did my post count drop?"

Deleted posts aren't "remembered" by or reflected in your post count. The forum automagically deletes old threads in most of the boards. Mods delete threads for rulebreaking, etc. In short, there are a lot of ways for posts to be removed.

17) "How do I change my forum name?"

You should contact Zyrain. You only get one rename, so make sure you really want the new name, nobody else already has the name, and you have a good reason. If, after all that, you're sure you still want the name change, then send one of them a PM and ask nicely. But remember that they are rather busy, so please be patient!

18) "I need to contact staff members, how do I do that?"

If there is a problem with either your game or forum account, please use the Help pages at http://www.battleon.com/help and search for the appropriate page to address your issue. You may also contact game staff members if they have email/PMs enabled on the forum. If they do not, you will not be able to contact them directly. You may PM/email any forum staff member who has those features enabled.

19) "How do I clear my cache?"

Sometimes you will get a corrupt temporary internet file whilst playing AQ, causing the game to freeze up. "Clearing your cache" is first, logging out of AQ, then cleaning out all your temporary internet files, and then logging back into the game and trying again.
  • Chrome: Hold Ctrl+Shift+Del -> Select "the beginning of time" from the dropdown menu and select the "Cached images and files" box
  • Internet Explorer (IE): Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Click 'Delete Files' under Temporary Internet Files
  • Internet Explorer 7: Tools -> Delete Browser History -> Temporary Internet Files -> Delete files
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Click 'Clear' under Cache
  • Firefox 2.0+: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Settings -> Check the cache option, uncheck anything you want to keep, and hit OK -> Clear Now
  • Firefox 2.0+: Tools -> Clear Private Data -> Select what you want to clear -> OK
  • Opera: Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> History -> Empty now

  • 20) "How do I add character pages to my profile?"

    Go to Profile --> Additional Information Section --> Enter ID into the character ID box.

    21) "I have seen someone used an abbreviation, but I have no idea what it meant!"

    You can check out the Common AQ/Forum/IRC Abbreviations and Acronyms guide.

    22) "Where can I change my password or email address for my game account?"

    In AQ: http://www.battleon.com/account.asp
    In DF: http://account.dragonfable.com
    In MQ: http://account.mechquest.com
    In AQW: http://account.aqworlds.com/

    23) "Where can I find past issues of The Zardian? Are there any future ones on the horizon?"


    You can find past issues of the Zardian here: http://forums2.battleon.com/zardian/zardian-archive.asp
    The forum archive of the Zardian is here: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tt.asp?forumid=173
    Currently there are no plans for any future issues, as the zine has been closed. We hope you enjoy the library of issues previously released as we had a lot of fun putting them together!

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