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Mystery! AQ Live

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10/1/2009 1:42:39   
 formerly In Media Res


AQ Live Event

Location: Event Button (played June 13, 12:00 PM, with repeats at 2:00 and 4:00)
********Travel Map -> Mystery!
Part 1

«Scene: Battleon. Many, many NPCs gather in the town square.»

Artix: «You»! Thank you for joining us!
You: What's going on? Why are we all gathered in the middle of town??
Artix: We-- have an emergency, and we need YOUR help!
Galanoth: Actually, Artix, we have TWO emergencies. Warlic, since I don't like talking much, and I know wizards just love it, why don't you talk a lot instead?
Warlic: …......... For your information, I am one of the least talkative wizards I know.
Galanoth: Yada yada yada....
Warlic: Would you like me to fuse your armor together so that you are unable to move? Because I can do that for you if you'd like...
Galanoth: *grumble*
Artix: Okay, okay- That will be enough. I know the current problems are testing everyone's patience, but the last thing we need to do is fight amongst ourselves.
You: I'm getting a little worried here. Why won't anyone say what is going on??
Warlic: I apologize. But the current events are distressing-- even to one such as myself.
Galanoth: Ego much?
Warlic: The news is rather bad. ARIA has been kidnapped. And there is something else-- There have been reports of strange new monsters that defy description.
Warlic: Things never seen before on lore. Creatures that those who know the aliens of the Devourer's Network do not recognize.
You: That is not good... not good at all. What can WE do??
Artix: We must work together to solve these mysteries-- find Aria-- and find out what these new monsters mean!
Part 2

Artix: I think we should first try to figure out who kidnapped Aria.
Cyrus: Agreed. While we do that, I will send many of my fellow Dracomancers to try and find some of the strange monsters that have been spotted.
Cyrus: I will tell them to also keep an eye out for Aria.
Robina: I think we should start by searching Aria's pet shop for clues...
«You»: What are we waiting for? Let's hurry-- We don't know how much time Aria has!!

«Scene: Aria's Shop. You search the shop ( Image 1, Image 2 ) for clues, and can leave at any time. Back in Battleon:»

Mercuria: This is very, very troubling-- I can't believe anyone would be bold enough to just come into Battleon and KIDNAP Aria!!
Wolfwing: Save your fiery temper for the guilty party, Mercuria. We will get to sink our fangs in to whoever-- or whatever-- is behind this!
Boog: Humf. Yer all jumping to conclusions! For all WE know, ONE OF US is responsible!
Aquella: No need to be talking like that yet, Boog. Before you know it we'll be drowning in paranoia!
Warlic: Ah, «You».... Have you found any clues as to the identity of Aria's kidnapper?
«You»: I think so....
Safiria: Care to share?
«You»: Not just yet.
Galanoth: Ha! Looks like Detective Bloodhound McSleuth is keeping something from the rest of us...
Captain Rhubarb: Yaaarrr. but I'm inclined to agree with me hearty's strategy, meself.
Vince: I'm sure you have your reasons, «You». But where does that leave us now?
Robina: Everyone! I just received news from my Rangers! They have reports of one of the strange new creatures just outside of Krovesport!
«You»: That's where I'm going next!

Who will you adventure with?
  • With Artix
  • With Mercuria
  • With Galanoth
  • With Vince
  • With Boog
  • With Rhubarb
  • With Aquella
    **«Energy Version»
  • With Wolfwing
  • With Robina
  • With Warlic
  • With Safiria
  • With Cyrus
  • By yourself
    Part 3

    KROVESPORT: Home to rogues, thieves, and riffraff of all kinds...
  • Continue

    «You»: Thanks for coming along, Valencia. I'm sure having you here will help us find this mystery monster...
    Valencia: Actually, «You», I cam along for a different reason!
    Valencia: While you look for the monster, I will use my contacts in Krovesport and see if I can father any information on Aria's possible location! Good luck!
    «You»: Good luck to BOTH of us, treasure hunter!

    1 BATTLEFull Heal

    «You»: Hmmm... Getting attacked by an Am-Bush just outside of the Rogue Capital of the World. Coincidence? I think not.
    «You»: Or maybe coincidence. All that matters is that I find the strange new monster that was seen around here!

    1 BATTLEFull Heal

    «You»: !!!!! I've never seen anything quite like that. In fact, I may not eat for a week after seeing that....

  • Meet with Valencia!

    Valencia: How did you fare on your mission, «You»?
    «You»: I'm alive, aren't I?
    «You»: I found the mystery beast-- and it was definitely mysterious!
    Valencia: Seriously mysterious?
    «You»: And mysteriously serious. I'll fill in everyone back at Battleon. Did you have any luck?
    Valencia: I met with an old friend of my father's-- A technosmith by the name of Chappy Jambo.
    «You»: Your father was the famous Trey Surehunter, right? The man who found the Lost Ork of the Curry-Leaf Plant?
    Valencia: That was my father! Let's get back to Battleon and I'll tell everyone about what Chappy had to say!
    Part 4

    On your way back to Battleon, you find that more of the weird and fearsome new monsters block your path! Who will you continue your adventure with?

  • With Artix
  • With Aquella
    **«Energy Version»
  • With Mercuria
  • With Galanoth
  • With Robina
  • With Wolfwing
  • With Vince
  • With Warlic
  • With Safiria
  • With Boog
  • With Rhubarb
  • With Cyrus
  • By yourself

    1 BATTLE«Full Heal»

    1 BATTLE«Full Heal. Scene: Battleon»

    Galanoth: Back so soon, eh? You look like you just saw a ghost!
    Valencia: At this point I would much rather we DID see ghosts instead of what we encountered!
    «You»: While Valencia asked around Krovesport for leads, I went out and found one of the new monsters. It was unlike anything else we've seen.
    «You»: At first, I was just shocked by it's appearance. Not until we came across TWO MORE new monsters on our way back here did I notice how they were related:
    «You»: These new monsters seem to all be stuck between two different states of existence! The first I battled was caught between LIFE and DEATH.
    Artix: An undead! What is so special about THAT?
    «You»: But it WASN'T undead! And then the other two monsters were both very different-- but they ALL had one thing in common: They were walking contradictions!
    Valencia: While «You» battled the first monster, I found an old friend of my father's in Krovesport.
    Valencia: His name is Chappy Jambo, and he is the only technosmith in the city. So he has connections with EVERYONE. Including most of the criminal underworld!
    Valencia: When I asked Chappy if he has heard anything at all about a kidnapped shop owner-- our very own Aria-- he said no!
    Valencia: Which was disappointing, I'll admit. But then he reminded me that every crime has a motive behind it. So-- let me ask you all: WHY would anyone kidnap Aria??
    Guard: Make way! Prisoner coming through!

    «A person in dark clothes enter.»

    «You»: Who is this?
    Robina: Some of my Rangers found her trying to steal some rare objects from Valencia's Warehouse of Antiquity! But she won't talk to anyone...
    «You»: Hmm... Well maybe she'll talk to me.
    ???: How right you are!
    Artix: Wow, «You»! You were right! How did you know she would talk to you??
    ???: Ahhhh, «You», is it? Nice to make your acquaintance.
    ???: I am... Irolustre. And this ranger in the blindingly awful green tunic frightened off my giant wyvern before I could escape!
    Robina: Awful green--?? Why you--
    «You»: I can't blame them for bringing you in. You WERE stealing, after all.
    Warlic: Irolustre, eh? My encyclopedic memory tells me more about this one.
    Warlic: She is a Raider, and is currently wanted for plundering the King's treasury, armed robbery, arson, and punting a lonely rancher's Moglin cowhand.
    Irolustre: My, my. An Archmage with a big brain. How original.
    Warlic: It is not the size of one's brain that matters, it is--
    «You»: -- oookaaay. So, Irolustre, no one around here knows you. But we do know that you are -- a criminal.
    «You»: So what are the chances that a stranger-- who is a criminal-- comes to Battleon the SAME DAY that Aria is kidnapped and many strange monsters appear??

    «The scene zooms in on Irolustre.»

    Irolustre: Well, seeing that I AM actually here and all-- I'd say the chances are GOOD!

    «The scene zooms back out.»

    ???: THERE you are!! I'm going to make sure you can never steal again!!
    Irolustre: ???
    Robina: Uh-oh -- Someone is going after Irolustre!
  • !!!

    VOTE! (One vote allowed)
  • Save Irolustre!
  • Don't save Irolustre!

    Your vote «to / not to» save Irolustre has been counted!

    Chapter 5

    You voted on whether to save the mysterious Irolustre or let one of her angry enemies take their revenge on her-- and the results are in!

    «If more people voted to save her, or if you're playing through the permanent version»
      ???: There she is! GET HER!!!
      Irolustre: You can't just stand there and let them take me!
      «You»: ........No, vengeance is not the same as justice!
    • Defend!

      1 BATTLE

      «Full heal»

      Irolustre: I'll always remember this, «You». You defended me.
      Irolustre: I may be a thieving Raider, but I have my own code of honor. You have earned yourself a friend, for now and always!
      Irolustre: KIVERAS!!!!!!!
      «You»: Huh?? What's Kiv--

      A wing appears and takes Irolustre along with it.

      «You»: --eras?!?
      «You»: Wow. Did she just escape on her giant wyvern?
      Robina: Yes. Yes she did.

      «Continue below»
    «If more people voted not to save her»
      ???: There she is! GET HER!!!
      Irolustre: You can't just stand there and let them take me!
      «You»: WATCH me.
      Irolustre: I'll remember this, «You». You could have helped me--
      Irolustre: -- but instead you left me to my attackers! You have made yourself an ENEMY for life!!

      «A knight enters and attacks Irolustre. Irolustre holds him up with one hand, and the knight drops his axe.»

      Mad Guy: .........gulp..........

      «Irolustre takes the mad guy along and escapes.»

      «You»: Wow. Did she just escape??
      Robina: Yes. Yes she did.
    Artix: So... now that SOMEONE let that Raider get away, we may never know if she was the one who kidnapped Aria.
    «You»: Maybe it was her, and maybe it wasn't. The problem with this mystery is that-- there are too many possibilities! Think about it:

    The bone in the dog's mouth...
    The misplaced Zardling...
    The trick-performing Trobble...
    Books about bats and dragons...
    The missing picture of Grams...
    The used-up water and the burning candle...
    The misplaced Frogzard leash...
    ....And the hole cut into the wall....

    «You»: Aria's disappearance and the appearance of the new monsters don't seem related at all, either. But it can't be just coincidence! So there is only one more thing to do--
    «You»: Warlic, I need you to use your most powerful telepathy spell and get inside the head of the person who caused this!
    Warlic: That is brilliant, «You».... but telepathy of such magnitude must be very focused. Who should I focus on??
    Warlic: You must concentrate on just who you believe to be the one responsible!
    «You»: I'm going to have to say---

    VOTE! (One vote allowed)
  • Vince did it!
  • Boog did it!
  • Mercuria did it!
  • Aquella did it!
  • Artix did it!
  • Rhubarb did it!
  • Robina did it!
  • Wolfwing did it!
  • Cyrus did it!
  • Galanoth did it!
  • Warlic did it!
  • Safiria did it!

    Your vote for «NPC's name you chose» has been counted!

    Chapter 6

    You voted on which NPC might have been the cause of Aria's disappearance and the creation of the strange new monsters-- and the results are in!
  • Continue

    Warlic: The choice is made, «You».

    Warlic: My telepathic advance will be directed through YOU and cause the person you chose to tell everyone what happened to cause the problems, even if they do not realize it themselves!

    «The first time during the Live event, or if you're playing the permanent version of the quest»
      Artix: I did it!!
      Artix: I was fighting a necromancer and we fell off the back of a dracolich 200 feet in the air and we were holding onto each other--
      Artix: --and we hit the ground and we both died and I had to resurrect myself! *gasp*
    «The second time during the Live event»
      Galanoth: *grumbles* Alright, alright-- you got me! I'm pretty sure this mess is all MY fault!
      Galanoth: How was I supposed to know what would happen if I slayed Nogard, the Dragon of Paradoxical Conundrums?? There he was, out for a bite to eat, flying over old Nuthbert's ranch--
      Galanoth: -- and there I was, going to have my armor polished. Don't look at me like that! What was I supposed to do? I'm a Dragonslayer. S-L-A-Y-E-R. Not a Dragon WATCHER...
    «The third time during the Live event»
      Safiria: My, my-- So the blame falls upon me, does it? You are right, of course...
      Safiria: In my quest for the upper hand in my ongoing war with the Werewolves over resources, I had my elders devise a blood replacement made out of the vast surplus of corn our lands have.
      Safiria: But the sheer amount of dark magic the corn syrup and red food coloring needed to be as useful to us as real blood must have ripped a small hole in the universe, unfortunately. My baaad.
    «You»: That's it? But how did that cause everything?
    Warlic: I see! The impossibility of what occurred temporarily broke the logic of the universe and caused the creation of contra-creatures-- living contradictions!
    Warlic: I must gather the help of fellow archmages Kalanyr and Beleqwaya to fix this...
    «You»: It CAN be fixed, right?
    Warlic: CAN, and WILL!

    While Warlic gathers the other archmages, one of the ghastly contra-creatures attacks town!

    1 BATTLE«Full Heal»

    The archmages' spells used to repair the fabric of existence do not take long, but make Battleon smell like burnt toast and ripe figs for hours...

    «You»: Well, did it work?

    «Aria enters»

    Aria: Yes it did!! Thank you, Warlic!
    Aria: And thank YOU, «You»! If it wasn't for you, I might have been gone forever!
    «You»: What happened??
    Warlic: Aria was just one of many random people and creatures affected by the creation of contradictions. She herself was made into one.
    Warlic: To us, she VANISHED-- but she was actually stuck between two quantum states and rendered invisible to all of us.
    Aria: The big mess in my shop was me trying to find ways to let you all know I was still around-- but I could never figure out how to interact with the real world the right way.
    Aria: Luckily, I didn't have time! It's nice being back to normal!
  • Victory!!!

    Will you fight the ultimate contra-creature? This thing embodies the ultimate in both destruction and healing... This thing is-- the GOGGLIN!

  • Battle!

  • Continue to Reward Shop

    Reward Chest: Live
  • Glacial Tuya Ztaff
  • Bitter Hotspot Staff
  • Frigid Plume Staff
  • SubZero Lava Dome Ztaff
  • Guardian Glacial Tuya Staff
  • Subzero Lava Dome Staff
  • Guardian Arctic Vent Staff
  • Polar Volcano Ztaff
  • Polar Volcano Staff
  • Aberrant Bulwark
  • Anomalous Armor Z
  • Mystery Mail
  • Enigma Ward Z
  • Contradiction Cuirass
  • Paradox Plate
    «After every section»

    Use the Continue button at these times to play the next chapter of the event:
    1 12:00 PM 2:00 PM 4:00 PM
    2 12:10 PM 2:10 PM 4:10 PM
    3 12:20 PM 2:20 PM 4:20 PM
    4 12:30 PM 2:30 PM 4:30 PM
    5 12:40 PM 2:40 PM 4:40 PM
    6 12:50 PM 2:50 PM 4:50 PM

  • E-Card
    Send an electronic greeting card to a friend to let them know how much fun you are having playing AdventureQuest!

  • «Potion Bag»
  • «Optional full heal from Twilly»
  • Continue to Chapter 2!
  • Guardians: Borrow the Contradictory Armor!
  • Leave Event

    Thanks to Nixtrix and whackybeanz. Correction thanks to Nova Gryphon

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