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Mogloween Event

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10/25/2009 1:33:15   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Mogloween '08 - Planet Mortis

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> New Event Button

Missions Available:
  • Parcathian Mountains
  • Amity Cemetery
  • Mortenwood
  • Zombie horde

    Shops Available:
  • Mogloween '08 Arm Shop
  • Mogloween '08 Nova Gem Shop
  • Trick or Treat Heads Shop
  • Mogloween '08 Starship Swag
  • Mogloween '08 NG Swag
  • Frankenmecha Shop
  • NG Headless

  • Dr. Jack Springenstein
  • Shelley

    Jack: You did it, <Character>! The Headless Horsemecha has been destroyed!

  • Talk
    Jack: Ah, <Character>! Thank you so much for your help! Amity is saved!
    Jack: Now, get ready to witness my greatest triumph as an inventor!
    Jack: You were able to retrieve Shelley's head from the clutches of the Headless Horsemecha!
    Jack: Now, using the power of town's candy, I shall breathe life into the machine!
    Shelly: System initialization... BIOS check... Memory test check... Booting Winux OS ver. 10...
    Shelly: Vox generator coming online... Hello. I am Shelley. Nice to meet you!
    Jack: Eureka! She's... Alive! This is the greatest moment of my life! Shelly, I am Dr. Jack Springenstein.
    Jack: Until now I was the only one of my kind. Now there is you too...
    Shelley: Hmmm... Are you saying that I awas invented to be the Bride of Springenstein? That is kinda creepy...
    Jack: Oh No! Not at all! You were programmed with an advanced AI that far exceeds my own.
    Jack: As a result, you have an almost human. sense of individuality. You are the next evolution of my kind.
    Jack: My inventor, the late and great Dr. Bruce Springenstein planted a sub routine deep within my memory banks.
    Jack: This sub routine instilled within my deepest consciousness, a desire to improve upon my design.
    Jack: Now I have finished creating you. The sub routine has terminated, leaving my mind at peace...
    Jack: I am... happy. now, I have so much to show you! That is, if we can be friends!
    Shelley: Yes, I would like that very much! I have so many questions... So much to learn...
    Jack: Thank you <Character>! my father would have been so proud.
    Shelley: Yes. Thank you <Character> I owe you my life!

  • Missions!
    Jack: Eureka! You've done it! That is the horsemecha's head! Now, we can use the magic of the town's candy on it...
    Jack: To make the Horsemecha mortal again! Then when you meet him in battle, you will be able to actually harm him!
    Jack: Now that you possess his head, the Headless Horsemecha will stay away from you... at least for now...

    Review Clues
    Jack: Please feel free to review the clues that you have found...
  • Crane
    Jack: Ah this is strange....hmmmm... Crane... I don't know anyone by that name... There must be some significance...
    Jack: Otherwise, why would the horsemecha's minion carry this name?
  • Shovel
    Jack: Ah... a shovel... covered with fresh dirt. I wonder if this "Crane" character has a profession related to digging?
  • Footprints
    Jack: Scorched hooved footprints in the cemetery? That could only be the Headless Horsemecha himself!
    Jack: Hmmm... I have an idea... Please return to the cememtary and search for a grave labeled "Crane".
    Jack: Then dig it up with this shovel...
  • The "Head"
    Jack: Eureka! You've done it! That is the horsemecha's head! Now, we can use the magic of the town's candy on it...
    Jack: To make the Horsemecha mortal again! Then when you meet him in battle, you will be able to actually harm him!
    Jack: Now that you possess his head, the Headless Horsemecha will stay away from you.... at least for now..

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    10/25/2009 1:38:50   
    Legendary AdventureGuide!

    Mogloween '09 - Planet Mortis

    Location: Soluna City
    Directions: Soluna City -> New Event Button

    Missions Available:
  • Parcathian Key
  • Arkham Cemetery
  • Mortenwood
  • Bride of Springenstein

    Shops Available:
  • Mogloween '09 Swag
  • Mogloween '09 NG Swag
  • Mogloween '10 Swag
  • Mogloween '10 NG Swag
  • Mogloween '09 Weapon Shop
  • Mogloween '09 NG Weapon Shop
  • Mogloween '09 Nova Candy Arm
  • Mogloween '09 Candy Arms
  • Mogloween Candy Ammo
  • NG Headless
  • Frankenmecha

  • Dr. Jack Springenstein

    Jack: I'm so happy to see you again, <Character>. I need your help. It's about Shelley.
    After all keys are found - Jack: You've gathered all of the keys! This is wonderful! Now you can go to Shelley's Lair and confront her!
    After you defeat Shelley - Jack: I'm almost sad to say you've succeeded, <Character>. But I know it was necessary...

  • Shops
    Jack: Feel free to browse through my goods! these items were created with... candy power! And wrenches.

  • Horror Mecha!
    Jack: Feel free to browse through horrifying mecha models!

  • Talk
    Jack: Last year, after defeating the Headless Horse Mecha and saving the town, I finished my greatest creation.
    Jack: An android female named, Shelley. She was my best friend and my companion...
    Jack: We lived together in happiness until very recently....
    Jack: She began listening to new music by an artist called, Evil Jim...
    Jack: Evil Jim's lyrics are of the lowest calibur... Listen to some of these song titles...
    Jack: "Join Me", "I am your new Leader", "Crush the Weak (Burn Baby Burn)", "Worship me", and "Let's Make Chaos, Baby"
    Jack: How could she have liked this music? It's horrid!
    Jack: Soon after discovering this new band, Shelley became more and more withdrawn...
    Jack: When I approached her about it, she became violently angry at me and stormed out the door.
    Jack: That was the last time we spoke.
    Jack: Now she has raised an army of Horror mecha and has vowed to destroy me and the rest of Amity.
    Jack: <Character>, I must confess... I think Evil Jim is...
    Jack: actually Evil!
    Jack: His music is dangerous! I think he targeted Shelley specifically with his latest album...
    Jack: She left a copy of when she ran away. I listened to it backwars and was shocked!
    Jack: When it was played backwards it said: "Shelley, I want you to destroy Dr. Springenstein and all of Amity!...
    Jack: You will do this because I am your king and you must obey me!
    Jack: <Character>, I am afraid that Shelley is too far gone. You must stop her at all costs!
    Jack: You can find keys to her new new base hidden in the Moutains, Mortenwood and Cemetary...
    Jack: Be careful... under Evil Jim's spell, she has become dangerous and unpredictable!
    Jack: Good Luck!

  • Talk (After you've defeated Shelley)
    Jack: Shelley... My Shelley... I will miss her.
    Jack: As far as I'm concerned, Evil Jim can be swallowed by a black hole. Even then, I wouldn't have my Shelley back..
    Jack: All I can do is find parts and build another companion, but I'm afraid great void will be left in my CPU core...

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    10/31/2010 0:41:28   
    Gone with the wind

    Mogloween 2010 War Event

    Location: Soluna City -> War button
    Objective: 100% Meter and beat the boss
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: October 29, 2010

    Locations Available:
  • Chief Duncan (Mogloween '10)

    Missions Available:
  • Evil Jim Concert Battle/Jet Set Mecha/Ultimate Groupie
  • Evil Jim

    Shops Available:
  • Mogloween 2010 Salvage NG Weapon shop
  • Mogloween 2010 Salvage Weapon shop
  • Mogloween 2010 Salvage NG Mecha shop
  • Mogloween 2010 Salvage Mecha shop
  • Mogloween 2010 NG Swag shop
  • Mogloween 2010 Swag shop
  • Mogloween 2010 Blade Upgrade
  • Mogloween 2010 NG Evil Jim Blade
  • Mogloween 2010 SC Evil Jim Blade
  • Mogloween 2010 NG Mod shop
  • Mogloween 2010 Mod shop

  • Evil Jim Groupie Uniform

  • Jack
  • Evil Jim

    Jack: <Character>, I fear that Evil Jim is attempting to lead his groupies into a wild rampage against Soluna City.
  • Missions
  • Chief Duncan
  • Salvage Shops
  • Talk

    Jack: We must protect Soluna City from the evil tunes of Evil Jim!
  • Battle!
  • War Boss!

    Battle! (You will either just go into a battle or minigame)

    If you win:
    Jack: These groupies of Evil Jim are relentless. Well done!

    If you lose:
    Jack: <Character>, are you okay!?

    Jack: Looks like we have another amateur Picasso here. We better paint over it quickly!

    Jack: It's pretty simple. You'll see an arrow at the bottom of the screen.
    Jack: You want to press the arrow on your keyboard that matches the arrow on the screen
    Jack: If the white bar gets full, you'll lose your score bonus and have to replay the same paint move.
    Jack: 5 paint strokes should cover the canvas completely. Get all 5 in a row and you'll get a 25% bonus!
    Jack: Don't miss any, though. If we take too much time, the original artist might catch us!

    Paint On! (Various dialogues depending on how you do in the mini-game)
    Jack: Looks like there was never any graffiti here in the first place!

    Jack: Perfect!

    Jack: ...
    Jack: Sounds like we have an angry artist on our hands. Get ready to fight!

    Jack: Flawless paint job! Nobody caught us either.

    War Boss! (After battle)
    Jack: I have to admit, I was worried when that groupie revealed himself but as always, you have proven yourself an expert.

    Chief Duncan
    Jack: Oh, there you are. Chief Duncan came by earlier looking for you. He said he had a job for you.
    Jack: Would you like to go now?
    (Begin Chief Duncan (Mogloween '10))

    Salvage Shops
    Jack: As I salvage weapons off these groupies, I'll have them available here.

    Jack: I think the concerts about halfway over. Keep up the great work.
    Jack: I don't know what I would do if I let your cit be destroyed after how much you've done for me.

    Jack: I'm glad that's over. Evil Jim can go back to wherever he came from.
    Jack: Also, be sure to check the salvage shops for that groupie's mecha.

    Part 2 War Boss - Encore Evil Jim
    Before war completion:
    Jack: I can't believe he started an encore. He never gives up! At this rate, he can convert all of Lorean!

    After war completion:
    Jack: I have great news! Evil Jim has finally ended the concert and left the planet! You did it!

    Jack: Now that Evil Jim is gone, we can finally rest easy. I hope you enjoy the mods I made for you.
    Jack: Until next time, <Character>, be well.

    War Boss!
    Before battle:
    Evil Jim: That does it! You've interfered with my legendary concert for the last time!
    Evil Jim: You can use any mecha you like, and I'll strike you down with my mighty axe!

    After battle:
    Evil Jim: Agh! How did you manage to stand up to the power of my rock!?! You know what? It doesn't even matter.
    Evil Jim: This venue it terrible and the crowd is one of the worst I've ever seen.
    Evil Jim: I'll remember you, <Character>. Maybe next time I'll get my own mecha that can amplify the power of my rock!
    Evil Jim: Once my next single drop in the near future, my followers will grow exponentially. So you better be ready, fool!
    Jack: You did it! Evil Jim is packing up and leaving! I imagine his followers will do what they do best.
    Jack: Everything in Soluna City should return to normal. Hopefully we will be able to permanently stop him one day.
    Jack: As a thank you for assisting my cause, I have designed some special mods just for you. I hope you like them.

    Jack: As a thank you for going up against Evil Jim by yourself, I have designed several new mods just for you.

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    10/28/2011 22:08:04   

    Mogloween '11 - Planet Mortis

    Location: Soluna City
    Directions: News Screen -> Click on 'Mogloween Event' button

    Locations Available:
  • Replay 3008
  • Replay 3009
  • Replay 3010

    Missions Available:
  • Prologue
  • Starship Hunt
  • TerriFi-ying Tech

    Shops Available:
  • Mogloween '11 Starship Items
  • Mogloween Energy Blade Shop
  • Mogloween Candy Ammo
  • Terri-Fi Horror Mecha Shop

  • Jack

    Jack: We must return Shelley to Mortis before it's too late.

    After defeating the boss:
    Jack: Thank you for bringing Shelley back!

  • Talk
    Jack: That new technology is really impressive. It's a good thing we kept it out of EbilCorp's hands.
    Jack: I've made some modifications to it if you wish to have one of your own. I'm sure it will be safe with you.
    Jack: Thank you so much for helping me find Shelley. I could not have done it without you.

    Jack: <Character>! Welcome back to Mortis! It's good you're here!
    Jack: I do hate to impose on you, but... it's about Shelley. She may be in terrible trouble.
    Jack: You know how inconsolable she was after that horrible Evil Jim business, and how she went into seclusion...
    Jack: Hardly anyone had seen her for over a year. I've been very worried but I know that she needed time to herself...
    Jack: And then a few days ago, she disappeared completely.
    Jack: Then a few days ago, I was told someone saw her sneak onto an outgoing starship.
    Jack: I believe it was a member of your Elite Star Captain Fleet. But as to which ship, I'm afraid I have no idea.
    Jack: <Character>, Shelley was built here, using Mortis mad science.
    Jack: As you can see, if she stays off-planet too long, her systems will start to degrade and break down and eventually...
    Jack: ...
    Jack: Please <Character>, you have access to a starship. Help me find Shelley before Mortis leaves the system!
  • Of Course!

    Jack: Oh thank you so much <Character>! If anyone can find Shelley in time, I know you can!

    (Updates in 2012):
  • Shops
    Jack: Feel free to browse through my goods! These items were created with... candy power! And wrenches.

    Jack: Pick up the new 3012 BatBlade for hand to hand combat from the Energy Blade shop!
    Jack: Get the Ninja uniform on Planet Yokai to unlock a special magic attack on the new BatBlade!
    Jack: If you are a Star Captain, you can dress up like a Ninja in Mogloween colors here!
    Jack: This costume will put you in the Mogloween spirit!

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  • DF AQW  Post #: 4
    11/3/2012 11:12:58   

    Mogloween '12 - Soluna City

    Location: Soluna City
    Directions: None

    Locations Available:
  • Mogloween '11 - Planet Mortis
  • Haunted Museum

    Missions Available:
  • Investigate Hauntings!

    Shops Available:
  • Brains!! Get A-Head!
  • House Items
  • Franken-Weapons
  • NG Franken-Weapons

  • Jack
  • Circe
  • Dooder

    Soluna City East

    Dooder: <You>, have you seen Judy, River, and Jack?
    Dooder: We're meeting here to go through the Haunted Museum when it opens!
    Dooder: I heard it was delayed till Friday - meet us here, then, ok?!
  • Ok!!!

    Haunted Museum (Soluna City Art Museum)

    Circe: Welcome to the Art Museum, <You>. Your friends are waiting for you....

  • Hauntings? Huh?
    Circe: Some people were here looking for you... in interesting get-ups... Pretty ghastly if you ask me...
    Circe: There's a big mess in back where a club was setting up a Mogloween display.
    Circe: They ran out of here yelling about a Ghost in a machine or something.

  • Shops
    Circe: I have some Mogloween gear in stock! It's not the most fashionable equipment ever, but I'm sure that's not a problem for you.

  • The "Brains!! Get A-Head!" and "NG Franken-Weapons" shops contain the same items.
  • Soluna City is completely redecorated for the event, but all the usual, non-event dialogue remains (with the exception of the Art Museum).

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  • DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
    10/26/2014 12:03:33   

    Mogloween '14 - Planet Mortis

    Location: Soluna City
    Directions: Soluna City --> Jack

    Locations Available:
  • Replay 3008
  • Replay 3009
  • Replay 3010
  • Replay 3011
  • Replay 3012

    Missions Available:
  • The Horseman!
  • Battle!
  • The Chase!

    Shops Available:
  • Mogloween '14 Starship Items
  • Mogloween '14 Mods
  • Mogloween '14 Energy Blades
  • Dark Mecha
  • Shelley Mecha

  • Jack

    Jack: <You>, I need your help. The Horseman has returned!

    (After completing the quest chain:)
    Jack: Thank you for bringing Shelley back!

  • Shops
    Jack: Feel free to browse through my goods! Shelley has even offered to let you purchase some of her mecha.

  • Talk
    Jack: Thank you for finding out what was going on. While it's good to know Shelley wasn't in danger, I wish she had told me.
    Jack: I know that she was afraid I would be upset, but I just wanted to know she was safe.
    Jack: Thank you so much for helping me find out what was happening. I could not have done it without you.

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