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Planet Necryptos (Lyceum)

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10/30/2009 19:05:41   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Planet Necryptos (Lyceum)

Location: Soluna City -> Star Map -> Planet Necryptos

Locations available:
  • Morrowood Forest
  • Sekali Desert
  • Fangor Jungle
  • Bloodrock Mountains

    Missions Available:
  • Miracyrina Fight

    Shops Available:
    (Han Velsing/Shawn Velsing)
  • Vampire Hunter Weapons
  • Vampire Hunter NG Weapons
  • Vampire Hunter Mecha
  • Vampire Hunter NG Mecha

  • Bloodstone Merge
  • Count Mechula
  • Count Mechula Nova Gem
  • Vladic Knight NG
  • Vampire Lord Weapons
  • Vampire Lord NG Weapons
  • Vampire Weapons
  • Vampire NG Weapons
  • Bloodrock Mountains Weapons

  • Han Velsing
  • Mina
  • Safiria
  • Shawn Velsing

    • Move to Mina
      Mina: Please Help me!
      • Talk
        Mina: Last week, I was walking in through the Mortenwood Forest on my way home from an errand.
        Mina: I was running very late and the darkness of night started to fall upon the forest.
        Mina: I would NEVER set foot in those woods at night under normal circumstances!
        Mina: But I was running late and I was lost in the twisted paths of those monstrous trees..
        Mina: Before I knew it, the night was upon me. Then the sounds of Mortenwood's monstrosities began to fill the air.
        Mina: Then I heard a rustling sound and heavy footfall coming towards me.
        Mina:I ran. I ran so far... I became even more helplessly lost. Then the laughter started!
        Mina: The horrible laughter... it felt like it was inside my head! I was so scared!
        Mina: Then suddenly, I felt something chillingly cold on my foot!
        Mina: When I looked down, I saw a skeletal hand reaching up from its grave! Its grip was unnaturally strong!
        Mina: I couldn't shake loose! Then fear took hold of me as another hand came up from the ground and grabbed me!
        Mina: I fell to the ground and those hands held on to me so tightly I could not escape...
        Mina: Then I saw a shadow approaching me from the woods. Those crimson red eyes glaring at me from the shadows!
        Mina: Then a voice... again inside my head... whispering my name.
        Mina: That is the last thing I remember about that night. I must have blacked out.
        Mina: The next thing I remember is waking up at the edge of town with the sunlight burning my eyes.
        Mina: I had a stabbing pain in my neck... It felt like someone had put a dagger through my throat!
        Mina: When I returned home, I saw that I had been bitten by a vampire!
        Mina: I suspect that I was bitten by the Lord of Mortenwood, Dimitri, himself!
        Mina: <Character Name>! You must help me! I don't want to be a vampire!
        Mina: It is rumoured that the only way to cure victims is to destroy the vampire that bit them.
        Mina: Will you venture into Mortenwood and destroy Dimitri?
        Mina: Speak to Han Velsing! He knows how to defend against vampires!
        Mina: I would have asked him for help, but he is very old and probably wouldn't stand a chance against Dimitri
        Mina: You are my only hope!

        After Dimitri is defeated
        Mina: You defeated Dimitri? You are truly astounding, <Character Name>.
        Mina: Unfortunately, I still feel myself slipping into darkness.
        Mina: I believe you may need to eliminate the entire Darkspyre bloodline to help me!
        Mina: The powerful vampire queen, Nephyrisis, rules over the Sekali Desert region.
        Mina: She is the second youngest Darkspyre vampire lord, but legends tell that her power is even greater than Dimitri's!
        Mina: You should travel there next, <Character Name>.
        Mina: It is rumoured that a desert caravan sells powerful weapons that may help you destroy the other Darkspyre Vampire Lords.
        Mina coughs and her eyes bulge for a second as her body violently spasms in pain
        Mina: Go quickly, <Character Name>! My time is running out!

        After Nephyrisis is defeated
        Mina appears pale and trembles with pain
        Mina: Cough... Nephyrisis has been put to rest? I can feel that the power of the other two
        Mina: Darkspyre Lords has grown greater. I can now hear their voices beckoning me...
        Mina: Go to the Fangor Jungle next. Be careful... The Mad Queen, Akana lives in the heart of the jungle...
        Mina: She is highly unstable and has a reputation for toying with her victims... You will have to be on constant alert!
        Mina: Please go now, <Character Name>! I can feel dark cravings taking hold of my mind... I don't have much longer!

        After Queen Akana is defeated
        Mina appears pale and trembles with pain
        Mina: Cough The last Lord of Necryptos resides within the Darkspyre castle. Piotr Darkspyre is the eldest son of Lord Drakvir.
        Mina Shudders with pain...
        Mina: <Character Name>! Make haste!! I can feel the Darkspyre Curse clutching at my very soul!

        After Lord Piotr is defeated
        Mina: I still feel sick...
        Be sure to go talk with Safiria in the Bloodrock Mountains!

      • Miracyrina Unlocks after Queen Akana is defeated
        Mina: Legends tell that Lord Drakvir Darkspyre was murdered by his eldest child....
        Mina: Miracyrina, who threatened to destroy her entire family in a bloody attempt to seize power.
        Mina: It is said that her siblings united against her and destroyed her. She hasn't been heard from since...
        Mina: Oh, <Character Name>... You don't think there is a chance that she still lives?
        Mina: If that is true, then my curse will not be broken until she is destroyed too! I shudder to think about it!

        After obtaining the Necryptos Bloodcrystal
        Mina appears like a walking corpse
        Mina: hehe... heh... cough You've done it! I can feel the power of my poor brothers and sisters coursing through my veins!
        Mina: They thought they had vanquished me. Trapped my power within the Bloodshards..
        Mina: They may have destroyed my body... but they failed to destroy my spirit.
        Mina: I drifted in the mists of night. Waiting for a willing host...
        Miracyrina: Now! Kneel to the true power of Darkspyre! Miracyrina walks again! All of Necryptos will serve me!

        Mina transforms into Miracyrina

        Miracyrina: I'm back - Miracyrina - in all my true glory! Much better than that puny, weak, thin-blooded little Mina!
        Miracyrina: First, I will destroy you, Han Velsing!

        Han is crushed by the statue. Shawn appears

        Shawn Velsing: My Brother!?!?!

    • Move to Han Velsing
      Han Velsing: Welcome to Lyceum, <Character Name>. What brings you to this cursed place?
      • Talk
        Han Velsing: Vampires... There's nothing I hate more than those vile diseased-ridden scourges...
        Han Velsing: Nowadays, they are getting worse and worse!
        Han Velsing: Did you know that Vampires used to actually eat people!
        Han Velsing: Nowadays, they just go around biting everyone just so they can have bigger raves...
        Han Velsing: ..and did I mention how annoying it is to listen to those freaks complain?
        Han Velsing: They are the only group of immortals that will actually complain about being immortal...
        Han Velsing: Oooo Look at me! I am sooooo bored of living forever! Oooo.. I sparkle in the sunlight. Please feel sorry for me...
        Han Velsing: At least I don't have to deal with them during the day.
        Han Velsing: They hide themselves in the lairs and sulk during the day... pathetic.
        Han Velsing: I heard rumours about ancient vampires that actually had some self respect...
        Han Velsing: Proud beings who considered their immortality a gift for the privileged few.
        Han Velsing: They were powerful lords and mighty warriors!
        Han Velsing: Now there's an enemy I can respect.
        Han Velsing: Not these lost kids.
        Han Velsing: Anyway, I have a feeling something big is starting up on Necryptos.
        Han Velsing: The vampires have been particularly active lately. They have control of the majority of this planet.
        Han Velsing: Unfortunately, I'm not the Vampire Hunter I used to be. I am growing old.
        Han Velsing: My bones ache and I am growing weary. Perhaps you could help me fight them?

        After Dimitri is defeated
        Han Velsing: So you defeated the Vampire Lord Dimitri?
        Han Velsing: Ha! You remind me of myself when I was younger.
        Han Velsing: You could make a great Vampire Hunter should your current endeavors ever fail you.
        Han Velsing: Should you decide to continue your journey, I urge you to be very careful.
        Han Velsing: Since you've clearly decided to help Mina, your next destination should be Sekali Desert.
        Han Velsing: Trust me. That evil Queen Nephyrisis will be very difficult. Send that vile creature to her after-afterlife!

        After Nephyrisis is defeated
        Han Velsing: Did you really defeat Nephyrisis? Well I was only kidding before but now you should really consider a career in Vampire Hunting!
        Han Velsing: The next vampire you should attack is a real psychopath! She's the Queen of the Fangor Jungle.
        Han Velsing: She's know as the Mad Queen, Akana. I prefer to call her Ugly.
        Han Velsing: This planet would be a lot better without her. If you're seriously considering defeating her, I urge you to be very careful.
        Han Velsing: She has a habit of turning her victims into minions. I hate to say it, but if she succeeds, I won't hesitate in eliminating you.

        After Queen Akana is defeated
        Han Velsing: I hear you defeated Ugly! That's great news indeed! I think you're strong enough now to fight Piotr.
        Han Velsing: He has a lot of minions in the Bloodrock Mountains. There's only one way up the mountain but that's going to be very difficult.
        Han Velsing: It's a lot like a warzone so if you wish to continue to help that foolish Mina, I suggest you prepare for a lengthy quest.
        Han Velsing: I wish you the best of luck. This will be very difficult for you.

        After Lord Piotr is defeated
        Han Velsing: Stupid vampires... All they ever do is bother people.
        Han Velsing: Don't forget that safiria wants to see you for some reason.
        Han Velsing: I'm sure you can find her at the bottom of the Bloodrock Mountains where she's always been.

      • Mina?
        Han Velsing: Foolish girl. She should have know better than to travel in the Mortenwood alone.
        Han Velsing: I don't ahve much pity for her... but if you want to help her, go ahead.
        Han Velsing: Just keep in mind... You will need to destroy more than just one vampire. You will need to take out their entire bloodline.
        Han Velsing: Vampires may be overly dramatic annoying brats, but they ARE strong. This will not be easy.
        Han Velsing: Good luck, <Character Name>!

    • Move to Han Velsing Unlocks after Miracyrina appears
      Shawn Velsing: I suppose I could provide the same services my brother did.
      • Talk
        Shawn Velsing: Miracyrina is going on a rampage throughout Skalgard. You have to help me hunt her down!
        Shawn Velsing: If she gets away, Han will never be avenged. He doesn't deserve it. Please don't give up.

        After Miracyrina is defeated
        Shawn Velsing: I'm so happy that you destroyed Miracyrina. I only wish Han could be here to see this...

        If you are not wearing vampire but using the mech after Miracyrina is defeated
        Shawn Velsing: I'm so happy that you destroyed Miracyrina. I only wish Han could be here to see this...
        Shawn Velsing: What!? <Character Name>, what have you done!?! How dare you use their technology!!
        Shawn Velsing: Get out of my sight before I destroy you myself!

    • Safiria Appears in Lyceum after Miracyrina is defeated
      • Safiria: Please to Finally meet you, <Character Name>. I come bearing gifts...

        If you select the option "Gift"
        Safiria: You seem intrigued, <Character Name>. Would you like to be given the greatest gift I can offer?
        Safiria: The gift of a Vampire? You can just test it out if you'd like...
        Safiria: Pay close attention to what you choose. If you are wearing something rare and save over it, it will be lost.

        You are then given 4 choices:

        No Thanks: You do not try out the Vampire Uniform
        Yes for Now: You will only have the Vampire Uniform on until you log out.
        Yes and Save: Makes the Vampire Uniform your default uniform.
        Remove: This removes the Vampire Uniform, and makes the Pilot Uniform your default Outfit.

    Other Information:
    1: You arrive in Lyceum when you visit this planet.

    *Thanks to Sentinox for additional info; golden1231 and tablite for links!*

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