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Snugglefest 2009

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11/9/2009 0:14:56   
Oh Bother.

Twilly: Hiyas! It's that time of year again-- and Twilly is SOOOO happy! It's a special day after all--
Twilly: It's--- SNUGGLEFEST! Yay! SnuggleFest is the one day a year that everybody is friends and nobody tries to hurt any monsters!
Twilly: Huh? What's that? The monsters are still trying to hurt YOU?? Well okay, I guess you can still fight them. Anyway, SnuggleFest is Twilly's favorite day!
Twilly:Want Something fun to do? Go on special missions for people in Battleon! When you finish their mission, you become their "Hero"!
Twilly: Okay, Ive invited them in so they'll be here any minute! Complete all 8 missions to unlock two things:
Twilly: A secret quest AND the special SnuggleFest shop where you can get rare weapons, shields, pets, and more!!

«Exit Truffle. Enter everyone»

Twilly: Just click on someone to talk to them.

You can click on the potion bag to refill your health potions if you have less than 5 on hand.

«Complete all 8 of the requests to unlock the finale. When you complete a request, the person gets a big red heart to show that it's done. After each request, you get a full heal.»

  • SPECIAL QUEST: Warlic Takes Love Potion 729!
  • Back to Town

      Artix: Hail and well met! I need some help getting a couple undead brothers to either leave Granemor Cemetary! I have a feeling they aren't much for reasoning things out...
      Artix: ...and shhh, do not tell anyone, but I cannot take any more pink! I can change the colors for you if you would like. *winks*
    • GO!
    • No thanks, I hate fighting undead!
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Pink

      1 BATTLE
      All encounters are Level-Scaled, are renamed Num & Skul (Undead), and have the description: These two undead brothers have been tearing up the cemetary for days trying to find their OTHER brother, Louis.

      Artix: Thank you so much for helping! I really owe you one... Hero!
      Battle on!
    • Yeah!!

    • Help someone else!

      Valencia: Hey there *wink*... Do you think you could help me get a Skraeking Desert treasure I've been wanting for a long time? You just need to beat the Guard for me!
    • GO!
    • Sorry, deserts are too hot for me!

      1 BATTLE
      The encounter is a random encounter with a desert background. It is renamed Treasure Guard and given the description: This Guard is watching over a rare item that Valencia needs for her collection!

      Valencia: Wow! Great job, partner! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. My hero!
    • Great!!

    • Help someone else!

      Galanoth: Hail and well met! I need the strong arm of a Dragonslayer (much like my own) to help me clear out a rather annoying fire dragon infestation. Any takers?
    • GO!
    • No...fire dragons might eat me.

      1 BATTLE
      This battle is Level-Scaled. The monster is renamed Charr (Dragon) and given the description: This fire dragon has been munching on broiled villagers for far too long!

      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
      This battle is Level-Scaled. The monster is renamed Broyl (Dragon) and given the description: This fire dragon has been munching on charred villagers for far too long!

      Galanoth: Excellent Dragon-stomping! I owe you a debt of gratitude. Uhm…do you mind if I call you my Hero?
    • Of course!

    • Help someone else!

      Safiria: hmmm...I see you have come before me hoping to gain my favor. Very well. Do my bidding now and you will have it... bring to me the heads of three werewolves!
    • GO!
    • Maybe later. I value my life.

      3 BATTLES
      All battles are Level-Scaled. You receive a Full Heal after every battle.

      Safiria: Ohhhhh--- you actually did it! How exciting... I ask and you obey. Perhaps you will make a nice servant for me one day. For now, maybe you can be my Hero.
    • Sure thing!

    • Help someone else!
      Captain Rhubarb

      Cap. Rhubarb: Ahoy! Shiver me timbers, you want to help ME, a pirate? Can you knock that scurvy braken off me hull??
    • GO!
    • Sorry, I'm allergic to seafood!

      1 BATTLE
      This monster is Level-Scaled.

      Cap. Rhubarb: Arrr! THAT be some good fightin'! Good work, me hearty! What say ye-- you're my Hero, aye?!
    • ARR!

    • Help someone else!
      Riona Shadowgale

      Riona: My son Danail is missing! His curiosity often gets the better of him. He hasn't been spotted on the roads, so the best bet is that he is in a forest outside of town.
      Riona: Will you help by searching the forest to the east while I search west?
    • I will!
    • Carnax scares me...no thanks!

      5 BATTLESFull Heal after every battle

      Riona: Thank you so much for finding my son! I'm making you my HERO this SnuggleFest!
    • Thank you!

    • Help someone else!

      Aquella: Thank you for coming to see if I need assistance. I do indeed! A pod of deadly poisonous Doom Jellies are threatening my coastal home. Please stop them!
    • GO!
    • Poisonous? Maybe later...

      3 BATTLES
      Full Heal after every battle.

      Aquella: Thank you so much for your help! I am proud to call you my Hero!
    • No problem!

    • Help someone else!

      Robina: My oh my, so you want to give me a helping hand? I could always use some gold and experience... go battle a couple monsters for me and give me their gold and XP, please!
    • GO!
    • Go get your OWN gold!

      2 BATTLES
      Each is a Random Adventure.

      Robina: Woohoo!! Thanks for getting me closer to another level! Hey, I'm a rogue at heart, so what did you expect? You're my Hero, anyway :)
    • Yippee!

    • Help someone else!

    After all 8 requests were accomplished...

    Twilly: You helped everyone! I want you to be MY Hero this year, too! And they all gave you such nice things, as well! Oh, be sure to check out the SnuggleFest Shop before you go!
    Hans: Wait, before you go--!
  • ???

    <<Scene: Battleon Inn>>

    Hans: I heard about all of the gifts you got from everyone for helping them out!
    <<You>>: Well, yes, I did get a LOT of nice things. I mean, a GOLDEN PEARL and MIRROR KELP! How cool is that??
    Hans: Well, um, Aria and my anniversary is coming up and --
    <<You>>: Your ANNIVERSARY? But I didn't even know you were dating!
    Hans: Well, not REALLY dating--
    <<You>>: Then how can you have an anniversary?
    Hans: It's the anniversary of the first time I, uh, talked to her....
    <<You>>: Oh. Okay. Baby steps, I guess. So what were you going to ask me?
    Hans: I have an idea for something I want to MAKE for her, but I need some of the things you got --- PLUS one other thing. And, well, I don't think I can get this other thing myself.
    <<You>>: Why not?
    Hans: Well, uh, I might DIE if I tried to get it. I'm not much of a great HERO like you. And last time I saw the Reaper he basically told me that it was the LAST time he'd let me come back to life.
    Hans: I think I hit the limit for how many deaths you can have....
    <<You>>: Wow-- That's really...sad. So you need some of the gifts I got-- fine. It's for a noble cause! What is this OTHER thing you need?
    Hans: Swamp Jangers.
    <<You>>: Let me guess-- I can find Swamp Jangers in-- the swamp?
    Hans: Yep.
    <<You>>: You need Swamp Jangers, I can get you Swamp Jangers. How many you need?
    Hans: Lots.
    <<You>>: You got it, Hans! I'll get you lots of Swamp Jangers! I'll be back ASAP.
  • Go!

    <<Scene: Battleon>>

    <<You>>: Swamp Jangers? Know what they are? Anyone?
  • Go!

    Guardian Tedra: ??
    Mia: ??
    Warlic: Ooh! I know!

    Aria enters

    <<You>>: Aria!
    Aria: What's a Swamp Janger and why do you need one?
    <<You>>: Nevermind! See you all later!
  • Leave!

    1 BATTLE
    Death Worms

    1 BATTLE
    Nurse Botoxia

    Full Heal after every battle

    A beast comes in after the battle

    <<You>>: Hello, friend! Did you happen to see any Swamp Jangers anywhere nearby?
    Swamp Troll: *sniff* Why yes, YES I have! I have some right here!
    <<You>>: That's great! Do you mind if I borrow-- lots of them?
    Swamp Troll: No problem! Do you mind if I bash you in the head with my club-- lots?
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE<<Scene: Battleon Inn>>

    Hans: Great!! You're back, and so soon!
    <<You>>: I found your Swamp Jangers. Here you go.

    A bag flies over and rests on the counter

    Hans: THANK YOU so much!! Now you can help me impress Aria even more!
    <<You>>: I thought these things are to add to the gift you're making for her. What ELSE do you need help with?!
    Hans: Oh, the Swamp Jangers aren't to add to the gift. I need you to, um, EAT some of them.
    <<You>>: WHAT?! What would I eat THOSE things? They're disgusting! They look like greenish-brown jellyfish. Covered in mud. With roots sticking out of them.
    Hans: Well, when you eat some, you'll-- um, turn into a Swamp Troll for a little while... and, uh, then you pretend to go after Aria... and I SAVE her!!
    <<You>>: YOU ARE CRAZY.
    Hans: I-- I'll do your laundry for a year! If you do this for me, I'll even drop off and pick up dry cleaning!
    <<You>>: ...You're still totally crazy, but you drive a hard bargain. Deal. So what do I do? Should I fight back?
    Hans: NO! Please! Uh, just pretend to die. And then try to sneak out the back!
  • Go!

    <<Scene: Aria's Shop>>

    Aria: La di daaa...laaaala laaaa....

    You enter, looking just like a Swamp Troll

    Aria: laaaAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
    <<You>>: Oh... Oh my... Sorry?
    Aria: --What????

    You raise the wooden stick

    <<You>>: uhhh--- GRAAHHHH!!!
  • Grrr!

    <<Scene: Battleon Inn>>

    The Eternal: Now Hans, I have shown you how to use some of the power you-- we-- now have. If you are... set in your course to woo this young woman *sigh* then remember your training.
    The Eternal: The Fjorce surrounds us and penetrates us, binds everything on Lore together. If you focus, you will feel it flowing through you.
    Hans: Right, and the For... Fyor... Bah, I'll never say it right, let alone USE it...
    The Eternal: It's like fjord, Hans. Only it's the Fjorce. Pronounced "Fee-yors." And you must be calm, and believe in yourself.
    Hans: ...You're right. Fee-yors... Fjorce... got it. I think. So it's kinda like magic.
    The Eternal: Hmm, more or less. And this piece of it can be used for many things, of lore and war alike...
    The Eternal: Anyway, we can go over the details again later, in a montage. For now, just trust your feelings and go "save Aria from that Swamp Troll."
    The Eternal: The Fjorce will be with you, Eternally.
    Hans: I know what I have to do! Thanks, Eternal!

    Hans leaps from the counter out of the screen

    The Eternal: Excellent display of the Fjorce, Hans. But... you forgot about the ceiling.

    Rubble falls from above. The scene switches back to Aria's shop. Hans enters.

    Aria: Hans!!
    <<You>>: Hans! Thank goodness!! I think I really scared Aria!
    Hans: Shush!!
    <<You>>: Huh?? Did you just "shush" me??
    Hans: Now, fiend, feel the power of the Fjorce!!
  • !!!

    Objects begin to levitate and strike you. However, after multiple strikes, you still stand there as if nothing happened.

    Hans: ..................
    Hans: I beat you!!
  • Oh, right!

    You collapse to the ground as if you were defeated.

    Aria: Myyyyy Hero!

    Twilly: You did it!! You helped Hans so he could make something pretty for Aria! Now, I have some nice stuff for YOU!
  • SnuggleFest Shop

  • Heartache Axe
  • Rosethorn
  • HeartBreaker Axe
  • Bluestar Rosethorn

  • Bog Troll Z
  • Mire Troll
  • Fen Troll
  • Swamp Troll Z
  • Swamp Troll
  • Marsh Troll

  • Squire's Heart
  • Hero's Heart
  • Champion's Heart

  • Candy Hearts
  • Insane Candy Hearts

    Twilly: I hope you like the Hero's Heart shield -- it should come in handy when you need it!
  • Go on Hans' quest again!
  • Back to Town

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz

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