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Revengers Part 2: Superpower Madness!

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11/13/2009 8:46:39   

Superpower Madness!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » The Revengers! » Power Shards!

«Scene: Granemor»

General Herous: Boog, Dewlok, do either of you know where «You» is? There is no time to waste--
Boog: I can't rightly say, but I'm sure--
Assassin: If «You» can wait months and months to be trained as an assassin, I think WE can wait just a few more seconds. *winks*

«You enter.»

«You»: I'm here! Did I miss anything?!?
General Herous: Not a thing! I have a mission of dire importance. As you all know, despite our defeat of Absolix, Visia the Shaper, and the Mutant King, No Man's Land still teems with danger.
General Herous: Our scouts have spotted many mutants moving around in organized groups apparently searching for something, even though we don't know who might be leading them.
General Herous: These groups have been finding and digging up what can only be described as large SHARDS of some kind of red crystal.
General Herous: We need to follow them and find out what they are doing with these shards.
«You»: I've thought long about what those crystals might be, but all I can figure out is that they have been created when No Man's Land itself was made by the Devourer.
«You»: If that's the case, Dewlok, then they have some kind of special significance. The Devourer must have intended for them to be found...
Boog: What're we waitin' fer?! Let's go get some mutants!!
  • Go!

  • Quest with the General! - General Herous will help you in battle!
  • Quest with Dewlok! - Dewlok will help you in battle!
  • Quest with Boog! - Boog will help you in battle!
  • Quest by yourself!

    «Regardless of choice»
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
    «A shard of red crystal appears.»

    «You»: ...... That must be one of the Power Shards! I'd better take it for safe-keeping. It can't hurt to keep it out of the wrong hands if it's really as powerful as they say it is!

    «Clicking the Power Shard will lead you to the next battle.»
      3 BATTLES
      Full Heal after each battle
    «Another Power Shard appears for you to pick up.»
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
    «A third Power Shard appears for you to pick up.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after each battle
    «The fourth Power Shard appears for you to pick up.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «The fifth and final Power Shard appears for you to pick up.»

    «You»: Five shards!! Hm... Isn't that Visia the Shaper's tower!?! Maybe she's behind this! I'd better check it out.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Entrance to Visia's Tower»

    «A group of mysterious creatures enter.»

    Dr. Boom: Vat are you doing here!?! Ve are renting Visia's tower while ve look for a place to buy! You are an intruder here!!
    «You»: Whoa!! I'm just following the trail of some mysterious red crystals that the mutants have been gathering up all over No Man's Land!
    «You»: Hey-- Aren't you one of those Dr. Voltabolt clones that Absolix created??
    Dr. Boom: CLONE!?!! I am not a clone!!! Ya, I vas indeed MADE from zee genetic code of Dr. Voltabolt, but I am a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL with his OWN DESTINY!!
    Dr. Boom: Vish is why I have decided to form DESTRUCTION UNLIMITED, INC., a super-team uf unparalleled villainy!!
    Varnak: Ooohh.... I like that name, Doctor! Did you just come up with that one??
    Logan: Grrrr.... Do we REALLY have to discuss the whole NAME thing now?? I wanna FIGHT!!
    Irony Man: Well, FIGHTING is all well and good, but what I want are those POWER SHARDS! If my calculations are correct, they will boost our powers several times over!!
    Invincible Hogg: Hogg just wants eat. Or SMASH maybe. But eat, then sleep-- that good for Hogg.
    «You»: Hold on-- So you are some kind of TEAM? Irony Man, Hogg-- I met you before. You guys are HEROES. Dr. Boom and Varnak, they're BAD GUYS.
    «You»: What are you all doing together? It doesn't make sense!
    Dr. Boom: Of course it wouldn't make sense to YOU! But Irony Man's advanced intellect combined with my own UNBOUNDED INTELLIGENCE have led to a discovery that is amazing!
    Dr. Boom: Ve found zat ze Devourer's touch on Lore created many small areas into MUTATION NEXII. Ve placed a small bit of our DNA into a Mutation Nexus and from it grew POWER SHARDS!
    Dr. Boom: Once in our physical possession, our personal Power Shard will enhance our own powers!! It is ZE PERFECT PLAN!!
    Varnak: Until YOU came along!!
    «You»: I don't have a problem with you forming a super-team, but I really think you going the villain route isn't the best choice.
    Dr. Boom: Ve vill SEE about zat!!! ATTACK!!
  • !!!

    «Each of the 5 members of Destruction Unlimited Inc. attacks you with their various abilities, which deal no damage at all to you.»

    Invincible Hog: Why bad intruder still standing??
    «You»: Wow-- I didn't feel ANY of that!!
    Dr. Boom: Zis is unbelievable!! Our attacks had no effect!!
    Irony Man: Hmm-- I understand what happened! The Shards sensed all of us attacking at once and counteracted our powers. The Shards are PART of us, and used their magic to protect themselves-- and us!
    Varnak: So how can we FIGHT this one, then??
    Logan: I say we attack one at a time!! Just gimme ONE shot--
    Dr. Boom: Ah yes! Zat is perfect! If we attack one at a time, zen only ONE SHARD can protect our enemy at once!
    «You»: Please just listen to me-- You don't need to do this! I'll just GIVE you the Shards if you promise to team up as HEROES and not VILLAINS!
    Dr. Boom: Attack!!
  • !!!«You»: Doctor, I don't want to fight you any more. A team like yours would be able to do a lot of good in the world.
    Dr. Boom: Vat do YOU know about right and wrong??
    «You»: I've been adventuring for quite a while now and I've seen my share of good and bad... and you, Sir, are not bad enough.

    «Logan, Irony Man, Varnak and the Invincible Hogg enter the scene.»

    Irony Man: Doctor, I think I have to agree... We aren't really all that villainous as a team.
    Varnak: But with what the Power Shards can give us, we will be able to do whatever we want!!
    Dr. Boom: Zat sounds pretty good, but maybe instead uf ACCOUNTABILITY ve could say RESPONSIBILITY?
    Logan: Are we English professors here or what!?
    Invincible Hogg: Hogg not understand. Hogg tired from thinking now...

    «The Invincible Hogg falls asleep, standing.»

    «You»: Now, I think you DO need to work on the name. DESTRUCTION UNLIMITED, INC. doesn't fit a superhero team. Maybe POWER-SHARD CORPS?
    Irony Man: A bit too direct... Possibly... THE MAXI-MEN!
    Varnak: Oh my. If I were a villain, I would shake in my boots if I heard that the MAXI-MEN were coming! Oh wait... I AM a villain and I'm not shaking in my boots.
    Logan: How about-- THE SUPER LEAGUE OF FORCE!!!
    Dr. Boom: Zat is PERFECT! SUPER LEAGUE OF FORCE it is!! Let's go find some supervillains and fight zem!!!

    «Everyone except the Invincible Hogg, which is still sleeping, leaves the scene.»

    «You»: ....................
    «You»: So just how DO you wake up a sleeping Invincible Hogg??

    «Irony Man returns to the scene, stretching his hand out towards the Invincible Hogg's tail...»

    «You»: I don't know if that's such a good idea, Irony Man...
    Irony Man: Trust me. I'm a professional.

    «Irony Man tugs hard on the Invincible Hogg's tail, and the Hogg awakes in shock.»

    «You»: I think I'll be leaving now...

  • Power Shard II: Varnak
  • Power Shard I: Dr. Boom
  • Power Shard I: Irony Man
  • Power Shard I: Varnak
  • Power Shard I: Hogg
  • Power Shard I: Logan's Claws
  • Power Shard III: Irony Man
  • Power Shard II: Hogg
  • Power Shard II: Logan's Claws
  • Power Shard II: Irony Man
  • Power Shard II: Dr. Boom
  • Power Shard III: Dr. Boom
  • Power Shard III: Logan's Claws
  • Power Shard III: Hogg
  • Power Shard III: Varnak
  • Power Shard IV: Dr. Boom
  • Power Shard IV: Logan's Claws
  • Power Shard IV: Irony Man
  • Power Shard IV: Varnak
  • Power Shard IV: Hogg
  • Power Shard V: Hogg
  • Power Shard V: Irony Man
  • Power Shard V: Logan's Claws
  • Power Shard V: Varnak
  • Power Shard V: Dr. Boom
  • Power Shard VI: Logan's Claws
  • Power Shard VI: Varnak
  • Power Shard VI: Hogg
  • Power Shard VI: Irony Man
  • Power Shard VI: Dr. Boom

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Monster Encounter List
    Level 0-11
    Aegull (7)
    Altoad (4)
    Bad Bird (5)
    Brawny Bellflower (8)
    Moglinator M-1 (5)
    Moglinator M-1 (5)
    Ogre Shaman (15)
    Orrphel (6)
    Pandumo (8)
    Scarred Rose (3)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Private (10)
    Tentaskull Skulker (6)
    Thumping Ogre (11)

    Level 12-23
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (18)
    Bad Bird (5)
    Brawny Bellflower (8)
    Drako (15)
    Moglinator M-1 (5)
    Moglinator M-70 (25)
    Ogre Shaman (15)
    Orrphel (22)
    Pandumo (20)
    Scarred Rose (15)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Sergeant (25)
    Tentaskull Skulker (6)
    Thumping Ogre (11)

    Level 24-43
    Aegull (44)
    Altoad (38)
    Darsting Snargle (26)
    Drako (35)
    Moglinator M-70 (25)
    Moglinator M-70 (25)
    Ogre Shaman (35)
    Orrphel (22)
    Pandumo (40)
    Pounding Ogre (27)
    Scarred Rose (35)
    Seedy Sparrow (25)
    Serpika Sergeant (25)
    Strong Sunflower (26)
    Tentaskull Slinker (22)

    Level 44-63
    Aegull (44)
    Altoad (38)
    Bashing Ogre (47)
    Drako (60)
    Irenste Snargle (46)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-600 (50)
    Moglinator M-600 (50)
    Ogre Shaman (35)
    Orrphel (42)
    Pandumo (40)
    Potent Poppy (43)
    Scarred Rose (55)
    Serpika Lieutenant (50)
    Tentaskull Lurker (42)

    Level 64-83
    Aegull (66)
    Altoad (58)
    Drako (80)
    Felonious Falcon (65)
    Mighty Mandrake (60)
    Moglinator M-600 (50)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    Ogre Shaman (60)
    Orrphel (62)
    Pandumo (60)
    Ragid Snargle (66)
    Scarred Rose (55)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Tentaskull Creeper (62)
    Whalloping Ogre (67)

    Level 84+
    Aegull (88)
    Altoad (78)
    Drako (100)
    Frumious Snargle (86)
    Moglinator M-1000 (100)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    Ogre Shaman (85)
    Orrphel (82)
    Pandumo (80)
    Pernicious Pheasant (85)
    Power Flower (80)
    Scarred Rose (75)
    Serpika General (90)
    Smashing Ogre (87)
    Tentaskull Prowler (82)

    Entry write up thanks to whackybeanz. Monster lists thanks to In Media Res!

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