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11/15/2009 14:00:05   
Stand Back

Please check previous entries to prevent bogging down the thread with old information. After checking and making sure that the information is new and relevant, please include whether it is for a new entry or an edit/addition to an old entry.


[b]Quest Name[/b]
Quest Location:
Quests Given From:


[i]Thanks to your name[/i]

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11/15/2009 15:03:17   
Quantum Mod

Here is a list of Quests we need done:

WarpGuardian Only Quests:
Find Ken Benobi Done ~$b
Spy Hunt
Zhoom 6000
Two-Pronged Attack
Virin Infection

WarpTracker Quests:
Alteon Assualt
Asteroids Done ~$b
Red Dwarf
Moon Base
The Gardens
Ballistic Bounty
What Lies Beyond

Half done Quests:
To the Veil

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11/19/2009 15:36:47   


Find Ken Benobi!
Quest Location: Guardian Tower
Quests Given From: Temura Ge'Thrak


Temura: Fellow Warp Guardian, the Admiral asked me to recommend someone for a mission of the highest importance, and I told him that YOU were fit for this! You must go to the tiny desert world of Hennaooine--
Temura: --and once there you must find the Last Star Knight, old Ken Benobi. He knows of a power that can help in our battle against the network. Go now!!

  • Find Ken Benobi!
  • Back

    Your space shuttle travels to Hennaooine.

    <<You>>: So this is Hennaooine.... Dry as a bone!
    <<You>>: According to Temura, the Last Star Knight, Ken Benobi, was last seen in this general area. But everything looks like, well, everything else!
    <<You>>: And the most recent maps are from 10 years ago-- but they're useless now! The wind here has moved all of the dunes and eroded the mountains so much that nothing is recognizable.
    <<You>>: I'm going to have to do this the old-fashioned way!

                |   |
                | 10|
     ___ ___ ___|___|___
    |   |   |   |   |   |
    | 1 | 3 | 5 | 9 | 8 |
    |   |   |   |   |   |
    | S | 2 | 4 | 6 | 7 |


  • North (to screen 1)
  • East (to screen 2)

    Screen 1:

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: That was one of the Tytoa-- a Network species! So the Network is here already. Hopefully they aren't looking for Ken, too!

  • East (to 3)
  • South (to Start)

    Screen 2:

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: Footprints!! Weird footprints, but footprints either way... I haven't seen anything walking on this hot sand except myself. Whatever it is looks about my size...

  • West (to Start)
  • North (to 3)
  • East (to 4)

    Screen 3:

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: That was a Fusian, one of the Network species. If the Network is here on Hennaooine, then Ken may be in danger!

  • West (to 1)
  • South (to 2)
  • East (to 5)

    Screen 4:

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: The footprints just go on and on... And they don't appear to be shoeprints, either. Who or whatever is walking out here must not be bothered by the sand here-- which is hot enough to cook on!

  • West (to 2)
  • North (to 5)
  • East (to 6)

    Screen 5:

    5 hooded figures are walking on the sand.

    <<You>>: There are the footprint culprits! They might be natives of this planet.
    <<You>>: Hello there!!!
    <<You>>: I am Xiryn for the Lore Space Ship, Alteon! I am here on a peaceful mission to find a man named Ken Benobi.
    <<You>>: Is there any way you can help me?
    ???: Welcome to Hennaooine, visitor. I am sorry, but this Ken Benobi you speak of is a stranger to us. Good luck on the rest of your search!
    <<You>>: Thank you, anyway. I was attacked by some members of the Network out here, be careful on your walk!
    ???: We are aware of the threat. Thank you, also.

  • West (to 3)
  • South (to 4)

    Screen 6:

    <<You>>: The prints go up into those hills for now. It looks almost impossible to climb! The only way to get there for me is to backtrack. Or I can keep going-- I still need to find Ken Benobi!

  • West (to 4)
  • East (to 7)

    Screen 7:

    <<You>>: Wow! It looks like a small village of mud huts. If Ken is anywhere, he's probably there!

  • West (to 6)
  • North (to 8)

    Screen 8:

    <<You>>: Hello!! Is anyone here?!?
    <<You>>: .....................
    <<You>>: This place is totally DESERTED...
    <<You>>: AAAAAAHHHH!!!
    <<You>>: Wait-- who's that!?!!

    Man walks into frame.

    <<You>>: Hello! Why did you just yell like that??
    ???: Your pun... was just that painful.
    <<You>>: Oh, sorry... I didn't think anyone was around to hear it.
    ???: A wise person once said: If a bad pun happens in an empty wasteland, the empty wasteland is the victim.
    <<You>>: Is that like the "If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound" question?
    ???: No, but that is a good one...
    <<You>>: So, uh, I am <<player name>> from the Lore Space Ship, Alteon and I'm looking for a Ken Benobi.
    ???: Ken Benobi? I haven't heard that name in a long, long time, in a galaxy quite nearby...
    <<You>>: Great! So you're Ken Benobi, the Last Star Knight!
    ???: Me?! Hehe... No way-- I'm Opie-Juan, third-to-last Star Knight.
    <<You>>: Hm..wait. How can you be third-to-last? That would make Ken Benobi, well, NOT the last. If there is more than one Star Knight left--
    Opie-Juan: I understand your confusion. See, everyone THOUGHT Ken was the LAST, but--
    Opie-Juan: --my roommate's cousin's SISTER and I went into hiding when the Nechrons started wiping the Star Knights out, one by one--
    <<You>>: So is there a lot of backstory to this? I'm sensing that there is...
    Opie-Juan: There is some. I'll start at the beginning-- later. Right now we have to hurry and catch up to the Gathorans before the Network does!
    <<You>>: The Ga-who's??
    Opie-Juan: These little guys in cloaks came by asking for help, and some Network goons came by and scared the whole village away!
    Opie-Juan: The Gathorans ran away with some spare parts but I didn't have time to help them!
    <<You>>: I know just who you're talking about! Come on!

  • Battle with Opie-Juan's help!
  • Battle without Opie-Juan's help!

  • West (to 9)

    Screen 9:

    <<You>>: There they are! Luckily the wind hasn't covered up the footprints yet!
    Opie-Juan: Don't look now, <<player name>>, but we have some company! Okay, never mind, you can look...

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: I have a bad feeling about this-- the Network might be closing in on the Gathorans!

  • North (to 10)

    Screen 10:

    Some strange objects lie on the ground.

    Opie-Juan: Gathorans! It's me again, Opie-Juan! I'm here with a friend who has come to help us stop the Network!
    <<You>>: What's that on the ground?
    Opie-Juan: I don't know-- it kind of looks like-- like--
    <<You>>: --like some of the spare parts you gave to the Gathorans?
    Opie-Juan: Well, no -- It looks like --

    Hooded figure comes in and throws off cloak revealing a robotic creature.

    Opie-Juan: -- parts of Gathorans!!
    Gathoran: You! You called yourself a friend, but now you hunt us just like the Network!
    <<You>>: No-- wait! We're not hurting you!
    Gathoran: We came here to find the Last Star Knight and instead we find an imposter-- and you follow us and attack! All of my fellows have been destroyed, but I will fight back!!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Opie-Juan: Poor little guy.
    <<You>>: I was sent here because we heard that the Last Star Knight Ken Benobi had some kind of power we could use against the Network... Is that why the Gathorans visited you, too?
    Opie-Juan: Yes, they came here for the same reason, <<player name>>.
    <<You>>: So what is it, Opie-Juan? What is this mythic power that every race in the universe is after, that only Star Knights seem to have?
    Opie-Juan: Mythic power? Well I had no idea it had become MYTHIC! That's pretty amazing. Well, to answer your question--
    Opie-Juan: --that special power isn't something that belongs just to the Star Knights, an order of galactic defenders that stretches back to the times of the Network's origins--
    Opie-Juan: --No, it is a power that belongs in ALL of us-- in every living thing! It trickles out of us, and oozes over us... it is THE ELECTROMAGNETIC-GRAVITIONAL FORCE!
    Opie-Juan: Also known as -- the UNIFIED FORCE.
    <<You>>: Why not just shorten it and call it THE FOR--
    Opie-Juan: Don't say it!
    <<You>>: But I--
    Opie-Juan: No-- not one more word! The Intergalactic Copyright Agency will hunt us down if you so much as say what you were just about to say! Some of us DO shorten it-- to "Uniforce."
    Opie-Juan: So *ahem*, as I was about to say -- the Unified Force is all around us. But What makes us Star Knights different is our ability to control just a small fraction of some of it. Let me show you:

    Opie-Juan uses the Uniforce to fix the Gathoran.

    Opie-Juan: And THAT'S how we do it on Hennaooine!
    <<You>>: You-- you brought the Gathoran back to life!
    Gathoran: Not in the sense you are referring to. We Gathorans are not life in the traditional sense. We are mechanical beings.
    Opie-Juan: We practicioners of the Unified Force found each other and formed the Star Knights. Most of us were able to work wonders with mechanical and electrical things...
    Opie-Juan: --but there was another side -- a SHADOWSIDE -- to the Uniforce.
    Gathoran: We do not have time to continue communicating -- Now that I know what the Uniforce is, I must request immediate evacuation from this world. The Network will stop at nothing to--

    Gathoran is knocked aside by a giant robot bursting out of the sand.

    Opie-Juan: How about it, <<player name>>? Time for some robo-kabobs?

  • Battle with Opie-Juan's help!
  • Battle without Opie-Juan's help!

    1 BATTLE
    Ybbor the Tobor
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: The Network is going to be all over us any second now!
    Opie-Juan: Do you have a ship??
    Gathoran: Take me, too!
    <<You>>: Okay, let's move! It looks like they're sending a whole fleet of Fusians after us!!

    Shoot Fusians while escaping the planet!

    Rewards: Benobi Shop

  • Star Knight Apprentice
  • Star Knight Journeyman
  • Star Knight Z
  • Star Knight
  • Advanced Star Knight
  • Star Knight Master

  • Star Knight Hood

    You have done well, Warp Guardian! You managed to rescue both Star Knight Opie-Juan and a renegade Gathoran robot from the clutches of the Network, and at the same time discovered what the mythical power of the Star Knights is: The ability to physically control the Unified Force of nature, the Uniforce!

    Opie-Juan has volunteered to stay here on the Warp Guardian Tower and help us learn the ways of the Uniforce, and our new Gathoran friend, named Screwloose, will teach us about robotic Network forms.

  • Play again!
  • Warp Guardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Thanks to Lkeas.

  • Added, thanks! ~moneybags

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    general greivous


    Quest Location: Bridge
    Quests Given From: Admiral Amada


    Amada: An apparent storm of asteroids has been detected heading straight for Lore! We're going to intercept them and save our world!!

    • Back

    Admiral Amada: We need YOU to take the forward gunner position, <<player name>>!
    Admiral Amada: You reflex tests show that you can do a good job controlling the Alteon's main battery of laser cannons.
    Admiral Amada: Meanwhile, our fighter pilots will attack the asteroid storm head-on -- It's the only way to make sure we get the ones smaller than 20 meters across.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Admiral, I just head that your SON will be out there with them. Are you--
    Admiral Amada: My son is more than capable of blasting rockets out of the sky, lo -- my Queen.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: I'm not sure this is as simple as it seems, Admiral. It is almost as if the asteroids were AIMED at Lore...
    Admiral Amada: <<player name>>, are you ready? The time has come!!

    • Gun!

    Controls: MOUSE = Move, click to shoot

    Shoot the asteroids

    If you destroy asteroids enough before your lasers run out:
    Admiral Amada: Nice shooting, <<player name>>! You clear the way for us to launch fighters and engage the asteroids in directly!

    Admiral Amada: You did your best, <<player name>>! You may have not gotten them all, but you cleared the way for us to launch fighters and engage the asteroids directly!

    Queen Pra'Mithia: Admiral, wait -- there is one superasteroid headed our way, much bigger than the others! We have to put the Alteon between it and Lore-- now!
    Admiral Amada: You heard the Queen, <<player name>>-- take the helm!

    BATTLE: MegAsteroid
    «You lose all your inventory and guests during the battle, and become the LSS Alteon»

    Admiral Amada: Good piloting, <<player name>>! Now, time to clean up the rest of them!!

    <<the scene changes to the outside, where the fighters start to attack the asteroids>>

    Admiral Amada:Activate force fields and ready fighters for launch!
    Captain Stormfront:Admiral, there is one massive asteroid left and only one fighter remain to intercept it!
    Lt. Amada:My lasers are drained-- They'll recharge but not until it's too late!
    Lt. Amada:I have no choice-- I'm going to put my fighter between the asteroid-- and Lore!
    Admiral Amada:Lieutenant -- Get out of there, now!!
    Lt. Amada:I have to do this, Father-- they need me!!


    Thank you for your heroic efforts today, fellow WarpForcer. The crew of the LSS Alteon was able to prevent total disaster on Lore by destroying all of the asteroids before they could enter the planet's atmosphere.

    Many... sacrifices were made today, and I promise to find out just what power was behind controlling those asteroids and aiming them at Lore. This was a direct assault at our homeworld, which can only mean one thing: Someone out there fear us.

  • Play Again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

  • Thanks to General Greivous

    Added, thanks! ~$b

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    Spy Hunt!
    Quest Location: WarpGuardian Tower
    Quests Given From: Temura Ge'Thrak


    Temura: After that last mission, my fears that there is a spy aboard the Alteon are still brewing... but we need to find out for sure. Since you have learned your way around the Alteon, this mission is yours!
    Temura: First you need to hack into the main computer for each of the main decks. If you find a trace of spyware, you'll need to go to the VR Deck to enter the computer system and track it back to its source! Good luck, WarpGaurdian-- You're gonna need it!

    • Spy Hunt!
    • Back

    You head towards the Alteon.

    Where do you want to go next to look for evidence of a spy aboard the Alteon?

    • Go to the Bridge
    • Go to Engineering
    • Go to SickBay
    • Go to the Hangar

    You enter the Bridge.

    Queen Pra'Mithia: Greetings, <Your Character Name>-- This is a surprise. What brings you here? I had heard you were visiting the WarpGuardian Tower.
    You: Good day, Queen. I am on a special mission for Temura. I-- I'm not actually sure if I should tell you the nature of this mission--
    You: --but of anyone aboard the Alteon, you are the one person I am absolutely SURE of...
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Sure of what, <Your Character Name>? This is beginning to concern me.
    You: When the Network captured you, the only way for them to have know exactly where you would be, and when, is if they had a SPY on the Alteon.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Of Course! So are you trying to track them down?
    You: Yes, and I need to access the main computer for each deck. The trouble is, I need to do it without anyone KNOWING. I told you becuase I know I can trust you.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Don't worry-- I will issue an executive order to give you full access and--
    You: I'm sorry, Queen, but you can't do that. To do this right-- I need to BREAK THE LAW.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Ahhhh... yes. I see.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Well then, <Your Character Name>, I will just leave the Bridge for a moment to attend to-- some other business--
    Queen Pra'Mithia: --and conveniently leave my console logged in with my ID....

    Queen Pra'Mithia walks away.

    You: Whew! THAT wasn't so hard... Now to check out this computer for traces of the spy!

    You check the Bridge's computer for any signs of the spy and find that the Bridge system's performance is far lower than expected...

    - Back

    Where do you want to go next to look for evidence of a spy aboard the Alteon?

    • Go to the Bridge
    • Go to Engineering
    • Go to SickBay
    • Go to the Hangar

    You enter the Engineering Deck.

    You: Hello Zorboz-- Lt. Roddenberry -- Ensign Fisher! How are you all today?
    Ensign Fisher: We're all doing well! Thanks for asking!
    Lt. Roddenberry: What brings you to Engineering today, <Your Character Name>?
    Zorboz: Yes... Indeed. You being here is quite SUSPICIOUS.
    You: Suspicious?! What are you talking about, Zorboz?? I'm just here to visit some friends. Zorboz, do you mind if I have a word with you-- out in the hall?
    Zorboz: I do. But I will go with you anyway, in hopes that you will attempt to deactivate me and I will be forced to defend myself by electrocuting you.
    You: Great!! Let's go!

    You enter the hallway with Zorboz.

    Zorboz: I have joined you in the hallway. Now what is it that you want? You are wasting my time. I could be searching the trash receptacles in the Officer's Lounge for hidden treasures.
    You: Zorboz, I was being honest when I said I was visiting friends. I consider you and I to be friends-- I really do. I think that we have gotten to know each other well these past days.
    Zorboz: I came installed with lie detector software, Lorian. I know you're not telling me the truth.
    You: Okay, I'll get right to it. I will pay you 10 gold if you pull the fire alarm in Engineering and then leave the door open after everyone evacuates.
    Zorboz: NOW we're getting somewhere! This sounds like a fun prank! Mehehe! When do I do it??
    You: How about... NOW!
    Zorboz: Yay!!

    Zorboz rushes off screen.

    Zorboz pulls the alarm and Lt. Roddenberry and Ensign Fisher evacuate Engineering with the rest of the crew!

    - More

    You walk into the empty Engineering Deck.

    You: Now-- I probably only have 5 minutes before they realize the alarm is a fake. I have to get into the Engineering system and find a trace of the spy!

    Whose Engineering console do you want to hack?

    - Lt. Roddenberry's
    - Ensign Fisher's

    If Lt. Roddenberry's then:

    To get in, you must guess Lt. Roddenberry's password. One failed guess, and you will have to repeat this mission! What is it?

    • Tiberius
    • Chickencow
    • Rutabaga

    If Right then:

    After getting into Engineering Deck's computer, you find that the system's log file has been truncated -- the spy has been trying to erase his tracks!

    If Wrong then:

    You get moved back to the room choosing screen.

    If Ensign Fisher's then:

    To get in, you must guess Ensign Fisher's password. One failed guess, and you will have to repeat this mission! What is it?

    • MasterChef
    • GreedoShotFirst
    • 12345

    If Right then:

    After getting into Engineering Deck's computer, you find that the system's log file has been truncated -- the spy has been trying to erase his tracks!

    If Wrong then:

    You get moved back to the room choosing screen.

    If Right:

    Where do you want to go next to look for evidence of a spy aboard the Alteon?

    • Go to the Bridge
    • Go to Engineering
    • Go to SickBay
    • Go to the Hangar

    You enter the Sickbay and find Captain Daian.

    You: Hello Captain Daian!
    Captain Daiain: Hi there, <Your Character Name>. Dr. Mendas isn't here right now if you need some fixing up, but--
    You: --That's okay, Captain. I don't need healing right now.
    You: I just came by to... umm... challenge you to a shooting competition!
    Captain Daiain: Wait-- what?
    You: You heard me.
    Captain Daiain: You DO know who you're talking to, right? I'm the BEST SHOT in the entire WarpForce.
    You: Yeah, yeah. We ALL know. You scored 2200 out of a possible 2000 on the sniper test.
    You: You once blasted the nosecone off of a supersonic missile and caused it to stray off course and splash down harmlessly in the sea. Yadda, yadda...
    Captain Daiain: There's no YADDA-YADDA about it-- I AM the best.
    You: And I'm not disputing that claim... I am merely saying that if you're the best, you shouldn't be afraid of a harmless little challenge from me.
    Captain Daiain: Good point...

    Charisma Check!

    Did it work? Do you have sufficient CHA to get Captain Daian to go along with your challenge?

    Difficulty: 25
    Stat Used: Charisma

    If Yes then:

    Captain Daiain: OKAY. You got me. I'm going to go prep the practice range down on the VR Deck and THEN I'll show you WHY I'm the best.
    You: You do that! I'll meet you down there in a few minutes!

    Captain Daian leaves.

    You: Hehehe... Now that I'm ALONE...

    Once in the SickBay's computers, you discover a hidden storage area full of software and hacking tools that have nothing to do with the SickBay-- The Spy's secret stash that he was hoping to hide from anyone else!

    - Back

    Where do you want to go next to look for evidence of a spy aboard the Alteon?

    • Go to the Bridge
    • Go to Engineering
    • Go to SickBay
    • Go to the Hangar

    You enter the Hangar.

    You: What luck! No one is here, so I have a clear shot at getting into the Hangar Deck's computer and getting back out without anyone knowing!
    You: Forced to... Huh. Y'know, I think I'll just see just what happens when a 8A5IC droid tries to eject me forcibly...

    - Fight!

    8A5IC X1

    After Fight.

    You: Now--time to check the Hangar computer before anyone else shows up to eject me!!

    After exploring the Hangar Deck's system, you find a dtrange username -- Leett -- that doesn't belong to any crewmember on the Alteon's crew list...

    - Back

    After you have completed all 4 tasks you head to the VR Deck.

    Tronzor: <Your Character Name>, are you ready to train today?
    You: No, not right now, Tronzor. I have a bit of an emergancy that I need your help with. I found enough clues to prove that we have a SPY on the Alteon--
    You: -- and I think I can track him down.
    Tronzor: What did you find??
    You: Well, the Bridge computer's performance is far lower than it should be, which means someone is running unapproved programs...
    You: The Engineering Deck's log file has been truncated, which means someone erased traces of what they were doing.
    You: This same someone is also using the SickBay's system to store hacking tools--
    You: --and managed to create a new username in the Hangar Deck's computers that doesn't fit with any listed crewmember!
    Tronzor: You're right. Those are some clear signs that someone is spying on the Alteon, and at the very least hacking us. Very clear signs indeed.
    Tronzor: You can plug into the Aleon's Intarwebs here on the VR Deck and see if you can trace the culprit to wherever they may be physically located...
    Tronzor: ... but beware: They seem to be pretty advanced, and probably created some Guardbots just in case something like this happened. Good Luck!

    - Plug in!

    Once you enter the IntarWebs (Copyright 3009, Gravlax), you will have to race along the path that was left by the spywayre -- but watch out for any "guardbots" the spy left behind to keep intruders from tracking him back to his source!

    CONTROLS: Use mouse to move. Dodge the Guardbots without moving outside of the blue box area. Survive 60 seconds to win!

    Race against Time!

    If you move outside the box, or get hit then:

    - Try Again!
    - Just fight your way through!

    If Just fight your way through then:

    Fight Guardbot X4

    After the Fight.

    You: .... Are YOU.... the SPY?? What are you?!?

    ??? Leaves

    You: ...Somehow that didn't feel like a victory...

    Back at the VR Deck

    Tronzor: Any luck, friend?
    You: You by luck you mean I found the spy, and it wasn't a he OR a she... It was in fact some kind of organic spybo sent by the 4 Autarchs to test our technological capability...
    You: ... and that it left only becuase I just managed to FIND it... then yes. I had a little luck.

    Captain Daian enters.

    Captain Daian: <Your Character Name>. I've been waiting for you. Ready for me to prove... once again... that I'M the best shot in the WarpForce?
    You: Yeeaahhh... ABOUT that...


    Mission Debriefing

    You have performed admirable, fellow WarpGaurdian! By finding proof of the spy's existence, and then successfully tracking it down, you managed to secure the Alteon's computer sytems once more. We will leave KEEPING it secure up to Gravlax and his team.

    The spybot's message was clear: It may have failed in its overall mission, but even its failure was valuable to our Network enemies: Now Dark MAdder and the other Autarchs know some of our strengths as well as weaknesses. Our weaknesses we can fix. As for our strengths-- Let's show them more!!

    Thanks to Nightly

    Special note:

    On Captain Daian's Charisma roll, I do not have what happens if you fail. On the mini-game, I do not have what happens if you pass.

    This was based on the assumption that the quest would be done in the order that the events are listed.

    This is ready to be added. The special note still applies however. Oh and it will need the little Guardian tag :P

    [/quote]Taken care and noted! Thanks! ~Mysterious Strangeface
    Added, thanks! ~$b

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    Quest Location: The Bridge
    Quests Given From: Admiral Amada


    Amada: My son, Lt. Amada, died in the asteroid attack. The asteroids were on too controlled of a course toward Lore to have been a natural occurence-- Someone or something out there must have sent them our way!
    Amada: You have proven yourself a skilled fighter and pilot so far. I need YOU to use one of our Scoutships to track the path of the asteroids back to wherever they came from!

    - Scoutship!
    - Back

    You exit the Alteon in a Scoutship. Your character is seen at the head of the controls.

    You: Command this is <Your Character Name>. Long-range sensors indicate no Network activity, but I'm seeing some clusters of asteroids...
    You: -- but they don't exhibit any signs of outside control or direction. It IS strange that they are together in a group, though.
    You: I'm picking up the subspace resonance created by the original asteroid storm, too! It's a very direct route-- they were definitely "shot" here by some outside force!
    Asmiral Amada: What you going to do, WarpForcer??

    - Investigate the mysterious asteroid group!
    - Follow the asteroid trail at warpspeed!

    If option 1 then:

    You: The asteroids are in my sights now... There seems to be something on their surface.
    You: I'm going to check it out.

    Your character is on the asteroid.

    You: What on Lore is that thing?!? Oh... right. I'm not on Lore any more.
    You: Command, can you see this on my battlesuit cam?
    Admiral Amada: We can. Our science officer says that is an Erpobdella Astrus...
    You: Say what?
    Admiral Amada: A Space Leech. They can eat almost any material that exists.
    You: There also appear to be... large areas of the asteroids that have been removed. Almost like... they were MINED...

    A Space Leech appears in front of your character.

    You: .......Command, it looks like I'm going to be.... occupied for a bit...

    Fight Space Leech X2

    You: I'm going to get off of these asteroids before I get slimed by more Space Leeches.

    Back on your Scoutship

    You: <Your Character Name> to Command-- I survived the enemy's attempt to destroy my scoutship. They'll need to try harder next time!
    Admiral Amada: Were you able to confirm Network involvement?
    You: Well, some Nechron ships filled with Network aliens were in the area, but I can't say for certain if they were working for whoever was in control of the asteroid belt.
    You: Someone has built a fortress right in the middle of the asteroids out here! That reminds me... That group of straggler asteroids is still out there.

    - Follow the asteroid trail at warpspeed!
    - Return to the Alteon!

    If Follow the asteroid trail then:

    You: Charging warpspeed generator now...3..
    You: 2....
    You: 1....
    You: GO!!
    You: All systems running smootly
    You: Coming out warpspeed-- NOW
    You: ... What the...

    Shows cutscene of base

    You: ...What IS that???
    You: Alteon, are you seeing this?
    You: !!!!!! They shot some asteroids at me!! EVASIVE ACTION!!
    You: Alteon, I have a problem...

    - Fly into the Network fleet and repel boarders!
    - Zoom and blast through asteroids in the ship!

    If option 1 then:

    Fight Monster X3

    Back on your ship.

    You: <Your Character Name> to Command-- I survived the enemy's attempt to destroy my scoutship. They'll need to try harder next time!
    Admiral Amada: Were you able to confirm Network involvement?
    You: Well, some Nechron ships filled with Network aliens were in the area, but I can't say for certain if they were working for whoever was in control of the asteroid belt.
    You: Someone has built a fortress right in the middle of the asteroids out here! That reminds me... That group of straggler asteroids is still out there.

    If option 2 then:

    The same power that must sent the asteroids toward Lore seems to have sent a small swarm of them AFTER YOU!

    Use your mouse to dodge the rocks and click to shoot at them with your Scoutship railgun! Scoutship guns are weaker than Fighter ship guns, so you will need to dodge as much as possible!


    *Special note, there is a grey area at the bottom of the screen during the mini-game. Stay OUT of it. You WILL LOSE health.*

    If you run out of health then:

    You Failed!

    - Try again
    - Give up

    If Give up then:

    Fight Monster X3

    If you win then:



    <Your score here>

    - Ready!

    Your character flies away


    - Next

    You escaped the asteroid swarm!

    Time to return to the LSS Alteon and report your findings to Admiral Amada!

    - Next

    You: <Your Character Name> to Command-- I survived the enemy's attempt to destroy my scoutship. They'll need to try harder next time!
    Admiral Amada: Were you able to confirm Network involvement?
    You: Well, some Nechron ships filled with Network aliens were in the area, but I can't say for certain if they were working for whoever was in control of the asteroid belt.
    You: Someone has built a fortress right in the middle of the asteroids out here! That reminds me... That group of straggler asteroids is still out there.

    - Investigate the mysterious asteroid group!
    - Return to the Alteon!

    If Return to the Alteon then:

    You: All systems running smoothly.
    You: Coming out of warpspeed-- NOW.


    Mission Debriefing

    Good scouting, WarpForcer!Your observations have been analyzed by our specialists. Needless to say, their findings are a little alarming.

    We need to do more research, and possibly consult with some other alien allies, to learn just what that fortress is in the asteroid belt-- But one thing seems certain: Whoever was responsible for sending those asteroids toward Lore is probably the same person...MONSTER... who built that. The asteroids you found were definitely mined of some raw material as wel...

    Thanks to Nightly
    Added! Thanks! ~Mysterious Strangeface

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    Adding on to where To the Veil left off:


    <<Cutscene: The LSS Alteon is pursued by its enemies. Both groups are racing through space>>

    The pursuing Network forces are closing in! As an Emergency Pilot, you have to decide where to drop out of warpspeed and outmaneuver them!

    • Exit at Protus
    • Exit at Kairula
    • Exit at Aglon-11

    Exit at Kairula

    <<Cutscene: You Head towards Kairula.>>

    You: Im going to try something different this time: Hopping out of warpspace in a fighter ship!
    You: I'll be on Kairula before the Network's sensors catch up to me!

    <<On Kairula>>

    Yivat: A Lorian... again! I thought we had seen the last of your kind!
    Nizya: This Lorian has come as a friend, Yivat... Let us hear what our friend has come to say.
    You: I'm sorry for the short notice... but I need your help. Badly.
    You: I know that there is very little peace between your two races, but I need you to help each other by helping me. Some Network warriors led by Dark Madder are trying to steal an ancient device--
    You: -- and I have it. It's important, we think, and might help us ultimately defeat the Network. As you both know, they may some day attack your world, and some of them may already be here.
    You: Can you join forces and hold them off as long as possible while I try to escape back to my ship?
    You: We're trying to divert them long enough so they can't follow us as closely as they have been.
    Nizya: Thanks to you, we understand the threat the Network poses to Kairula. Since we first met, we have reached a truce in mutual hostilities so that we can build up a united military--
    Nizya: In preparation for if or when the Network makes a move against us.
    Yivat: Hmf! As much as it goes against my better judgment, fighting by your side today is what I must do, Nizya!
    You: Thank you both! The Network will be here any moment -- I need to go now. Good luck!

    You hurry back to the Alteon and immediately enter warpspace, while back on Kairula Nizya and Yivat take on the Dark Madder's forces...

    • Continue

    <<Cutscene of the forces fighting>>

    You: Nizya and Yivat are keeping the Network busy. We might be able to--
    Captain Daian: Sorry, <Your Character Name>, but we should have expected this. Dark Madder just abandoned her ground forces as soon as we warped.
    You: .... Well, then we have no choice but to keep going.

    <<Cutscene: The LSS Alteon is pursued by its enemies. Both groups are racing through space>>

    The pursuing Network forces are closing in! As an Emergency Pilot, you have to decide where to drop out of warpspeed and outmaneuver them!

    • Exit at Protus
    • Exit at Kairula
    • Exit at Aglon-11

    Exit at Aglon-11

    General Leet: Why did we stop here? It's a barren world--.
    You: On the surface, General. But if you recall, the Defilers has a hidden base here, which we destroyed. Sureillance since then has shown us several OTHER underground bases--
    You: -- all powered by a single antimatter fuel cell. I'm going to lure as many of Darm Nadder's force down there as I can, then blow the antimatter containment unit!

    Taking a Zhoom 6000 warpfighter from the WarpGuardian Tower, you speed to the planet's surface-- to the coordiantes of the entrance to the underground antimatter chamber...

    • Continue

    <<Cutscene: You head to Aglon-11.>>

    You: Alteon, I'm here... but it looks like the Network beat me to the surface. I'll need to fight through some of them to get down into the antimatter chamber and plant the explosive!

    2 Battles
    1 Battle

    After dispatching your Network adversaries, you make you way down into the antimatter reactor and place a small explosive charge, set for 10 minutes. It's small because all has to do is release the reactor's tiny amount of antimatter from its antigravity field so that it comes into contact with the plain matter surrounding it...

    • Continue

    <<Cutscene: Flying away from Aglon-11>>

    Gravlax: Shields are at maximum!
    You: As soon as Aglon-11 explodes, we'll jump into warpspace! the explosion might prevent the network from following us!
    You: 3......2......1......

    Admiral Amada: <Your Character Name>, your plan took out many of Dark Madder's forces, but more than enough managed to escape with us.
    You: This isn't over yet...

    <<Cutscene: The LSS Alteon is pursued by its enemies. Both groups are racing through space>>

    *You've tried everything you can think of!*

    You: Dropping out of warpspeed now-- We're here! We've reached--
    You: -- the Cryptic Veil!

    Mission Debriefing

    Our attempts to evade Dark Madder's forces in our warpspeed journey to the Cryptic Veil have been unsuccessful, but you managed to reduce their numbers, and most importantly we made it to our destination unscathed!

    Now it remains to be seen just WHAT the Cryptic Veil is, and whether or not we will be able to shomehow defeat Dark Madder and the rest of her forces!


    Thanks to Nightly and moneybags.
    Done! Thanks! ~Mysterious Strangeface

    Just suggesting that the Quests Needed should be trimmed down to:

    WarpGuardian Only Quests:
    Find Ken Benobi Done
    Spy Hunt
    Zhoom 6000

    WarpTracker Quests:
    Alteon Assualt
    Asteroids Done
    Red Dwarf
    Moon Base

    Half done Quests:
    To the Veil

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    Alteon Assualt
    Quest Location: The Bridge
    Quests Given From: Queen Pra'Mithia


    Queen Pra'Mithia: The Defilers are attacking!! They must be after the Hand of Creation... we CAN'T let them have it! Will you help us defend the Alteon so we can follow the course it showed us?

    • I'M READY!
    • Back

    <<Cutscene: Defilers attacking the Alteon>>

    Admiral Amada: They've broken through our shields! Prepare to repel boarders!

    <<Cutscene: Ships fighting>>

    Admiral Amada: <Your Character Name here>! Glad you were able to make it to the Bridge!
    You: I'm here to do whatever I can to send these Defilers packing!
    Temura: The Defilers are all over the place-- Our fighter ships are engaging them outside but they still managed to board the Alteon.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: We're not sure what they want, but they definitely have a purpose. I think they may be after the Hand of Creation.
    Admiral Amada: We need your help in different areas. Select a mission to begin, and complete them all to defeat the Defilers!

    Select a mission! You must complete each one in order to drive the Defilers off of the Alteon.

    • Clear the Hangar Deck!
    • Blast Defiler ships with Alteon guns!
    • Clear the WG Tower!
    • Remove enemy ships from hull!

    Hangar Deck

    You: The entrance to the Hangar is blocked by Defiler Sentries! This can't be good...

    2 Defiler Sentry
    Defiler Sentry

    General Leet: Good work, WarpForcer! The enemy was trying to establish a beachhead here but you helped push them back. I think we can hold it from here...
    You: You're welcome, General!

    Select a mission! You must complete each one in order to drive the Defilers off of the Alteon.

    • Clear the Hangar Deck!
    • Blast Defiler ships with Alteon guns!
    • Clear the WG Tower!
    • Remove enemy ships from hull!

    Blast Defiler ships

    *Click to shoot*

    Admiral Amada: Nice shooting, <Your Character Name>! You cleared the way for us to launch more fighters!

    Select a mission! You must complete each one in order to drive the Defilers off of the Alteon.

    • Clear the Hangar Deck!
    • Blast Defiler ships with Alteon guns!
    • Clear the WG Tower!
    • Remove enemy ships from hull!

    Clear the WG Tower

    Defiler Sentry

    You: I need to get to Lkeas' floor! (Use elevator button)
    Lkeas: <Your Character Name>, help me!

    Dark K1773R

    Lkeas: I'm glad you showed up, <Your Character Name>. The Defilers were trying to get me to reveal information about Lore's defenses.

    Select a mission! You must complete each one in order to drive the Defilers off of the Alteon.

    • Clear the Hangar Deck!
    • Blast Defiler ships with Alteon guns!
    • Clear the WG Tower!
    • Remove enemy ships from hull!

    Remove enemy ships from hull!

    You: I though the Defilers already took Engineering, but I don't see any of them guarding-- Oh. I spoke too soon...


    Gravlax: Thanks for retaking the Engineering Deck, <Your Character Name>! Now I can regain control of our hull defenses and blow those Defilers off of us!
    You: Ooh! Ooh! Can I push the button?!
    Gravlax: Bibbus fibble! Contain your excitement just a little! Sure, sure, you can push the button!

    • Blow the Defilers off of the Alteon's hull!

    <<Cutscene: Defilers get blasted!>>

    Admiral Amada: You have done well, <Your Character Name>-- Nearly all Defilers and ships have been repelled, and our shields are back online.
    You: ...... Nearly?
    Temura: They managed to take the Hangar Deck... again. General Leet hasn't been heard from, and we assume.... he may be... gone.
    You: No way! Not General Leet! I'm going to get the Hangar Deck back, and no robot is going to stop me!!

    <<Cutscene Defilers are destroying the Hangar>>

    Defiler: Master Z29k we succedeed in taking the Hangar!
    Z29K: Fools we're to late!
    Z29K: The Lorians have already destroyed our ships. We're stuck here!
    General Leet: Stuck with me!

    You: They call me the Defiler Slayer! And I'm going to spill your oil all over this flight deck!!
    Z29K: You can TRY, fleshling. You will rue the day you challenged the master of the Defilers!!

    2 Defiler Sentry

    General Leet: Good fighting! I was just getting warmed up, myself...

    Mission Debriefing

    Your actions during the siege were the key to our survival! You also managed to defeat Z29K -- one of the Four Autarchs! With him as a captive, we should be able to learn much more about our enemies, particularly about Dark Madder.

    Now, we must set a heading for the Cryptic Veil. Who knows what we may find there?? Considering that the Hand of Creation might be as old as our very galaxy, it could be leading us to something never before seen by any Lorian-- or even any living thing!


    AAA-Cell Warp Energizer
    AA-Cell Energizer
    C-Cell Energizer Z
    B-Cell Warp Energizer
    D-Cell Energizer
    9-Volt Warp Energizer

    Thanks to Nightly

    Added, thanks! ~$b

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    Moon Base
    Quest Location: Hangar Deck
    Quests Given From: General Leet Stormfront


    General Leet: This is a SEARCH AND DESTROY mission. Don't you just LOVE saying that?!? Ha! Anyway, you need to take a shuttle over to the dark side of Lore's moon and take out a hidden Network base! Good luck!

    • Back

    <<Cutscene: Heading towards the moon.>>

    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: All clear, <Your Character Name>! It doesn't look like anyone was expecting us...
    You: Thanks for being the first one out of the ship, Lucky. This feels so strange... Being able to walk in a place with no air and such low gravity...
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: It sure does! Every armor made by Queen Pra'Mithia's WarpForce Engineers is equipped with 2 VERY important things:
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: A magical "BArrier Gem" charm that forms a protective, invisble force field around our heads, allowing us to breathe and have an unobstructed 360 degree view in space--
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: -- and "Graitronic Insoles", invented by Vince of Isle d'Oriens, that adjust your body mass to fit the gravity of whatever planetary surface you're nearby.
    You: Wow! It's amazing how far Drakel Magicscience has come!
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Let's keep going-- We need to find this base soon, before the Network finds US!
    You: Sergeant Lucky! I don't see any base!! Do you?!
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: No! No base here!
    You: I wonder where General Stormfront is getting his intelligence? This seems to be a wild goose chase!
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: I trust Stormfront completely. If he says the Network has a base on the dark side of the moon, then they do. It's up to us to find it!
    You: Okay, Sir. Then let's keep looking!
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: OUCH
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: By Creator's Orb
    You: !!!!!
    You: What on Lore is THAT!?!
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Whatever it is, it's not from Lore!! I think this is the Network base that General Stormfront was talking about!
    You: Hm.. okay. So how do we get in??
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: I don't know if we can. Did you see what happened?? I walked right into some kind of force field-- like what the Alteon and other WarpForce battleships have!
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Except this one ALSO seems to HIDE whatever is behind it!!
    You: Like some kind of cloth covering we could wear that both protects us from the elements and camouflages us in plain sight...
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: I was going to call it a "cloaking device" but your idea is much better!

    <<Scoutship Enters>>

    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Hey! It's like a cute version of the Network base!
    You: I don't think it wants to play, though--

    <<Scoutship attacks Lucky>>

    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: HEY!! that wasn't very nice!!
    You: I think that settles it, Sergeant Lucky... Let's call the Alteon and have General Stormfront drop a missile on this thing from orbit!!
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: <Your Character Name>, you got yourself a deal! Hurry up before--

    <<More Scoutships enter>>

    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: What do you say we knock out one of these guys and take it back with us to the Alteon!?!
    You: That sounds good Sergeant! Le't fight this one together!

    Nechron Scoutship

    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Hmf-- Well it looks like we're eighter just TOO GOOD or they don't want to be taken captive!
    Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Uh-oh... Is the alien base glowing or is it just me??

    <<Lucky gets hit with a lasor.>>

    You: Sergeant Lucky...? Uh-oh... Maybe I can sneak back to the shuttle before they see me....
    You: Aw no-- Why couldn't I get lucky, just once?? Oh, wait-- maybe being "Lucky" isn't always a good thing...

    Nechron Scoutship
    Nechron Scoutship
    Nechron Scoutship

    You: Whew! I thought they'd never stop coming!!

    <<Scoutship base lifts off and flies away>>

    You: WOAH!!!
    You: It wasn't a permanent base... It was a ship!! Wow... Well, Lucky, looks like that was the end of our mission!


    • Carry Sgt. Lucky back to the shuttle and return to the Alteon!

    Mission Debriefing

    Congratulations! You may not have destroyed the enemy base, but you discovered that it wasn't a base at all! It was a spaceship of some kind. Based on your descriptions, our specialists believe you encountered a scouting unit of NECHRONS from the world of Purgos. All we know about the Nechrons is that they are one of the oldest Network races... which means they are probably one of the most powerful and dangerous.

    Completing this mission promoted you to the rank of PRIVATE!



    Thanks to Nightly

    Added, thanks! ~$b

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    Red Dwarf
    Quest Location: The Bridge
    Quests Given From: Admiral Amada


    Admiral Amada: I have some fortunate news, WarpForcer! It seems we have a lead in our search for more intelligence on the strange asteroid base you discovered.
    Admiral Amada: Our communications Officer filtered a very precise message from what we thought was simply intergalatic noise. After a lot of work, we managed to piece enough of it together to make sense of it. The transmission said:
    Admiral Amada: "We need help. Crew of...Red Dwarf... all dead. Cannot return to Asteroid Base Haven." And then the transmission died out. We need YOU to find that ship-- apparently called the Red Dwarf --
    Admiral Amada: -- and see if you can save anyone aboard so we can gather more info. even if no one can be saved, we may still be able to learn a lot just from the ship's records. Good luck!

    • Back

    <<Cutscene: Heading towards the Planet>>

    You: Command I have reached the coordinates from the SOS message-- and the Red Dwarf is not a ship.
    You: It's a STAR-- a red dwarf star!
    You: !!!
    You: Command, <Your Character Name> here. I landed on one of the 3 barren planets in orbit around the red dwarf star and have found something... bad.
    You: It's a skeleton in a kind of space suit. It appears to be -- a dwarf!
    You: I'm going to continue investigating the area to see what else I can find.

    Healing Kits Left: <2-0>

    • Heal!

    • Search to the North
    • Search to the South
    • Search to the East
    • Search to the West

    Search to the North


    Search to the South


    Search to the East

    You: I've found what seems to be some kind of built complex. Energy readings are very high-- This might be an energy farm.
    You: Uhh... Command, Virin precense encountered. It looks like this is a Network operation...
    Keevix: Lorian, you are quite biased! You see a Virin and automatically assume the Network must be involved!
    You: Well, am I wrong?
    Keevix: No, you are not. And I am Keevix, General Manager of this facility.
    Keevix: You really shouldn't be here. I run a tight operation, and having the WarpForce show up can only be bad for business.
    Keevix: So-- I will make a deal with you. Give me your fighter craft and I will not have my guards attack you.
    You: Sorry, but I would prefer not to be stuck wandering on this desolate planet for the rest of my life. Bring on your guards!

    3 Monster

    You: Now, Mr. General Manager, tell me just what it is you're doing here for the Network, and maybe I'll let you go so you can tell your Virin friends just how nice I am.
    Keevix: *shiver* I apologize, oh frightful one... I'm just a simple supervisor trying to earn enough money to buy a good host body for my Virlings to grow up in, that's all.
    Keevix: Our Grand Leader Jarik Z'kaa on the Virin world of Xirrix sent my company here to extract the last of the geothermal energy remaining in these few dying planets' cores.
    You: How do you explain the dead body of the space-suited Dwarf I found just west of here??
    Keevix: OH! THAT! I was sure that mess had been cleaned up. The dead Dwarf is an employee of ours who tried to take an extra-long lunchbreak and got caught.
    Keevix: You see, I am a contractor working for Haven Power & Electric. You know, the multigalactic corporation?
    Keevix: The largest corporation in the known universe? run by its founder and CEO named Lord Terror?
    You: ....
    You: No, I didn't know about that. But what about the DWARF?
    Keevix: Lord Terror gathers employees against their will and forces them to work for him for no wages anywhere he needs them. Dwarves often find work in our mining division.
    Keevix: Lord Terro has taken employees from over 200 different worlds. Several races he employs are from your own world of Lore. Dwarves, Elves, Drakel...
    Keevix: In return, they recieve Lord Terror's protection and free room and board for life in Lord Terror's capital city of Haven.
    You: They're-- SLAVES. All of his employees are actually SLAVES!
    Keevix: I don't beleive that term appears anywhere in Haven Power & Electric's employee handbook...
    You: And you said a lot of them have actually been taken from LORE? This is very bad. Tell me where I can find the closest group of Lord Terror's slave workers and I'll let you go!
    Keevix: Now THAT'S a good deal! You'll find the nearest Worker Pod harvesting Alternium in the small ring of asteroids around this system's first planet.
    Keevix: Can I live now?
    You: Yes you can! Now wait right here. I have one more thing to do before I go...
    Keevix: Hmm... I wonder where <Your Character Name> went?
    Keevix: Oh... my, thats going to put me over budget...
    You: Command I destroyed the Virin power plant I am now reconning the area around the asteroids.

    <<On the Asteroids>>

    You: Command, I have landed on one of the asteroids after seing several Dwarf miners apparently run away on some hi-tech space bikes.
    You: I think I saw some movement...
    Lister: You saw some movement, alright!!
    Lister: Tha rest 'a my pod had ta bug out and left me behind-- an' fer THAT yer gonna PAY!! Big time!!


    You: Hey, come on! I'm from the WarpForce -- We're out here trying to fight the Network and everything it stands for.
    You: I hear that your kind have been enslaved by someone called Lord Terror, who works for the Network. I just want to help you, and--
    Lister: HELP?! This is what we Dwarves have always done! My father and his father before him have mined the asteroids. Lord Terror lets us live in peace in Haven.
    Lister: We don't need to be SAVED by anyone. All you're going to do is make things BAD. Lord Terro doesn't work for anyone. He isn't even part of the Network!
    You: He bombarded my homeworld of Lore with asteroids from his space fortress!
    Lister: It sounds like you have an enemy apart from the Network to worry about, then. Lord Terror is a businessman. Maybe he wants to ACQUIRE Lore.
    Lister: Either way, just stay away from Haven and Lord Terror... and US!

    <<Dwarf bike picks Lister up>>

    You: ..... Command, I'm coming home.

    Search to the West


    Mission Debriefing

    You've done well. It looks like the SOS we picked up was NOT and SOS from a ship called the Red Dwarf. From what we can piece together, it was an SOS sent by a group of the slave-Dwarves you discovered who tried to escape, but were shot down in the red dwarf star system.

    The most important discovery you made, however, is the identity of the person who sent that meteor bombardment toward Lore-- Lord Terror! We need to find out more about him, his asteroid fortress Haven, and any weaknesses in his defenses!


    Thanks to Nightly.

    The Quests needed list should be updated so that Zhoom 6000 is the only needed quest.
    Added thanks for your contribution! (PS: Its technically not the last quest since there were quests just released in the Nov release. I'll get the list updated soon. :P) ~$b

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    More than a Game


    Quests not yet done (thanks to Nightly)

    Maws! Done ~Rhowena
    The Gardens
    Ballistic Bounty Done! ~Mysterious Strangeface
    What Lies Beyond
    Two-Pronged Attack
    Zhoom 6000

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    Ballistic Bounty
    Quest Location: Satiren
    Quests Given From: Trinni

    Trinni: This is bad-- REALLY bad! My long-range sensors have picked up the sifnal of one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. Eirth! You need to get her away from here-- do whatever it takes!

    • Ballistic Bounty!
    • Back

    <<Scene: You go in outer space to find the bounty hunter's ship>>

    <<You>>: Trinni, do you copy? I'm using the secure frequency you gave me...
    Trinni (on radio): I read you, [yourname]. Good luck out there, and be careful! Erith is the type of bounty hunter that's feared by OTHER bounty hunters!
    <<You>>: Thanks for the confidence boost! Don't worry, I can handle myself. I think I see the ship now...
    <<You>>: Scanners show a heavily armored ship with some serious weaponry... I'm WAY outclassed ship-to-ship!
    <<You>>: But I need to do SOMETHING to take this bounty hunter's attention away from Saterin!!


    • Attack the Bounty Hunter'ship directly!

    <<You>>: Bounty Hunter Erith!! Prepare to be destr--

    <<Scene: Your ship gets blown into pieces. A button pops up saying, Try Again!>>

    • Offer the Bounty Hunter gold to get on board!

    <<You>>: Greetings! I am in a non-warp-capable vessel and need a ride back to my fleet. Can you help me? I can pay in gold!
    Erith: ............... Permission granted for docking. We will discuss PIRCE face-to-face.

    <<Boards the Bounty Hunter Erith's ship>>

    <<You>>: !!!
    Erith: You look suprised. Never saw a female bounty hunter before?? I'm Erith--Erith Kesai.
    Erith: Why don't you shove your eyeballs back into their sockets and tell me what you're doing out in the middle of nowhere.
    <<You>>: My name is [yourname], and I was out on a routine system patrol looking for warp crystals.
    Erith: Any luck?
    <<You>>: No, not a bit. This system is empty. Nothing of value here.
    Erith: How about the water world? No signs of postapocalyptic civlization eking out a meager exsitence by scavenging the oceans for every last drop of oil?
    <<You>>: ......... No.
    Erith: Good. I've already had enough of that scenario. My time alone on a homemade catamaran with a gill-man left me forever wary of drinking anything on boats.
    <<You>>: Well--you've really been around.
    Erith: What do you expect!? I SAID I'm a bounty hunter. In fact, I'm THE BEST bounty hunter in the 5 galaxies.
    <<You>>: My, but you have a healthy ego!
    Erith: No, I actually AM the best. I won the 499th Annual Fugitive Recovery Award. Have myself a littler golden statue of a person holding a blaster rifle to prove it.
    Erith: Let's get down to business. You need a warpspeed ride back to your fleet. I don't usually rent out my ship, but you seem like you can pay me well enough to make it worth my while.
    Erith: How does 10,000 gold pieces sound?
    <<You>>: Well, that's a pretty high pr--
    Erith: Sorry, [yourname]-- What I MEANT to say was: That will be 10,000 gold pieces. Or you can try to hitchhike your way back.
    <<You>>: How... kind of you. Sure. 10,000 it is. I need to collect it from my ship, but can I use your restroom first?
    Erith: Sure you can. But be quick about it.

    <<Scene: You venture out, and start to explore the ship>>

    <<You>>: Hm, that looks like one of the engine rooms. One timed explosive coming up...

    <<Scene: You head back to where Erith is>>

    Erith: There you are! I was beginning to wonder if you had an accident with the grav-flush or something. Where's my money?
    <<You>>: OH yeah! I forgot! Let me just run to my ship and grab it for you--

    <<Scene: BOOM! BAM! an explosion erupted and interuppted the conversation>>

    Erith: WHAT WAS THAT?!?
    <<You>>: --I have no idea! We must be under attack!
    Erith: I just did a full-system traffic scan! There's no one within 20 million miles!
    Erith: Wait here while I recon the ship. DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING.

    <<Scene: Erith leaves>>

    <<You>>: I need to get out of here!!

    <<Enters another part of the ship>>

    <<You>>: Now which way was it to the docking bay... Uh oh! Someone's coming! Won't be good to running into Erith like this!



    • Virin
    • Virin Behemoth
    • Virin Spider

    Full Heal after 2nd battle

    <<You>>: Virins!! Where did THEY come from!?!

    <<Scene: Enters another part of the ship, encountering more virins>>

    <<You>>: You have to be kidding me!! MORE of them! What's going on here??

    <<Scene: Erith shows up, blasting away the virins>>

    Erith: So, [yourname], it looks like SOMEONE set a timed explosive devide just outside the door to my prison cell.
    Erith: I was in the process of delivering a renegade group of Virin back to Jarik K'zaa for "trail" when I decided to swing by this sector in a continued long-term search I've been part of.
    Erith: And while I'm on this fugitive searh. BY RANDOM CHANCE I meet YOU... and you get on my ship...
    Erith: ...and try to TAKE OUT the Virin before they could be interrogater by K'zaa!!
    <<You>>: ..........
    <<You>>: Makes sense. Looks like you got me. Yes, I came here to make sure the Network didn't learn anything from your prisoners. But I don't have a problem with you...
    <<You>>: .... and your VERY BIG GUN. So if you don't mind, I think I'll just hop back in my fighter ship and take off--
    Erith: You cost me 400,000 GOLD. I think me and my VERY BIG GUN want a few WORDS with you before you go...


    1 BATTLE

    • Erith

    <<You>>: One more timed explosive charge left... I think now's a good time to put it in the RIGHT spot before Erith recovers!

    <<Cutscene: Takes off, and returns back to Saterin>>

    Erith: [yourname]!!! This isn't over yet!!!

    Rewards: Bounty Hunters


    • VBG Mark Warp-l
    • VBG Mark ll
    • VBG Mark lll
    • VBG Mark lV-Z
    • VBG Mark lV
    • VBG Mark V-Z
    • VBG Mark V
    • VBG Mark Warp-Vl


    You risked your life to help me! For that, I am enternally grateful. It will take Erith weeks to get her ship repaired because of how highly customized it is. Plus, you didn't leave any clue as to your TRUE reason for slowing her down.

    She will come back sometime, I'm, sure-- She is thorough and will want to make sure she inspects every inch of this system herself.

    Maybe you can make use of her VERY BIG GUN on some of your other missions!

    • Play again!
    • WarpGuardain Tower!
    • Exit

    Thanks to Ilø€IMPERIAL€ølI

    Done, thanks! ~$b

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    The Gardens
    Quest Location: Satiren
    Quests Given From: Trinni


    Trinni: I need some serious help! Something has been destroying my underwater gardens and the precious plants I grow there. Can you check it out while I keep an eye out up here?

    • Trinni's Garden
    • Back

    Trinni: So, <yourname>, tell me: How much experience do you have with creatures that live in the water and diving?

    <<You>>: Well, as a matter of fact I have been quite successful against water-type creatures. Just today, I really gave one a run for its money.

    <<You>>: It was right before I got here. Aquella used her Sea Squirt and I hit just the right combination of--

    Trinni: .............

    <<You>>: Um... As to diving, you mean like with special gear?

    Trinni: (facepalm) This is going to be a long day. Let's get you some gear.

    You put on the gears you found. Rubber duckies!

    <<You>>: How hard can this be.

    Trinni: I said to get the stuff off the first shelf... not the fourth shelf. Let's just use my minisub instead...


    Minisub Controls:

    MOUSE = Move

    Move Trinni's minisub through the depths! Pick ip her orange and purple plants, and dodge all of the other underwater debris that has been kicked up from the ocean floor.

    <--- Get these, and dodge everthing else!


    If you crashed into the debris too many times and lost all your health...

    You Failed!

    • Continue

    If you successfully completed the minigame...

    Final Score: «»
    • Continue

    Regardless of the outcome...

    Trinni: You did well enough, <yourname>! Now, I suppose you notived all of that debris floating around down there?

    <<You>>: I did. It looked like something must have ripped it all up from the sea floor.

    Trinni: Just a little futher on you would have come across some wreakage. My undersea gardens were recently destroyed, probably by whatever force also created all of that debris.

    Trinni: The plants that are supposed to be growing here are used bby explorers to boost their resistance in battle.

    Trinni: The orange Suncys plants and the purple Gravas plants both boost different things.

    Trinni: This is happening everywhere. I have very few of my plots left.

    Trinni: If I can't stop this, I will lose my means of keeping these creatures content and healthy and my ability to sustain myself through trade -- and stay off the radar.

    <<You>>: Do you have any idea at all what creature or creatures are doing this?

    Trinni: I caught a glimpse of it two days ago. It's shade of blue, long, almost serpentine.

    <<You>>: But I thought space dragons were a myth...

    Trinni: I didn't say it was dragon-like, I said it was serpentine. Big difference.

    <<You>>: Er... of course.

    Trinni: Find our what is tearing my garden apart. While you are out there. gather the rest of the plants that have been ripped out of my plots and bring them back to me.

    <<You go back to the underwater seafloor to collect the plants>>


    1 BATTLE

    - Tube Creepers

    Contiunes to collect the plants requested...


    1 BATLLE

    - Ectopede

    Full heal after battle

    Contiunes to collect the plants requested...

    <<You>>: !!!! What is THAT??

    <<sees a blue serpent>>

    <<You>>: What are THOSE?!?

    <<sees more blue serpents>>


    2 BATTLE

    - Blue Serpent
    - Blue Serpent

    Full heal after 2nd battle

    Contiunes to collect the plants requested...

    <<Goes back to the surface>>

    <<You>>: You are right, they are very serpentine... and hard to beat. The more of your plants I recovered, the more they seem to fight me.

    <<You>>: If I didn't know any better, I would think that someone is out to get you.

    Trinni: That is disconcerting. I live a quiet life here on Satiren. I raise my gardens, tend the natives, and offer useful trade in goods, as the produce of the seas here are very healthy.

    Trinni: Why would anyone on Satiren want to hurt me?

    <<You>>: I don't know, Trinni. I am just as baffled as you.


    <<You>>: ... That's convenient. And here I was thinking my job was done.

    Marix: I am the mighty Marix. Who dares attack my children?

    <<You>>: I.... Well... they kind of attacked me.

    Marix: I see. So you have been the one to disturb the waters, sending my children to flee in terror.

    <<You>>: Wait... I sent them fleeing in terror! Nice! Ahem...

    <<You>>: Well, your childern were messing up Trinni's gradens. She needs the gardens to survive and uses the fardens to take care of the living things in the area.

    <<You>>: Destroying those gardens have not only hurt her, but endangered the other fish as well.

    Marix: Who says she has the right to live here? Maybe I was sent here to clear Satiren of creatures that do not belong.

    <<You>>: Yea... that doesn't sit right with me. She is doing no harm.

    Marix: Her existence is enough of a problem here.

    <<You>>: Them's fighten' words!


    • Battle with Trinni's help!
    • Battle Marix by yourself

    1 BATTLE

    - Marix

    Marix: If I were you, I would watch myself, fisherwomen.

    <<You>>: Sweet, I remain undefeated against water-types

    Trinni: What are you talking about?

    <<You>>: Ummmm... nothing. Nothing at all.

    Trinni: Thank you, <yourname>. I am not sure excactly what this heralds, but it is much to think on. That thing-- that monster-- is not from Satiren, that I am sure of.

    Trinni: I have lived here long enough to know every creature that swims in these oceans.

    <<You>>: Keep your eyes open, Trinni. If something like this comes up again, do not hesitate to contact the Alteon.

    Trinni: I do not want to leave you empty handed. Please, take a look at what I can offer you in return.

    Rewards: Trinni's Garden


    • Netgun
    • Netgun
    • Netgun
    • Netgun
    • Netgun
    • Netgun
    • Netgun

    • Suncys Sprout Z
    • Gravas Bud
    • Gravas Z
    • Guardian Suncys Bud
    • Gravas Sprout
    • Suncys
    • Guardian Gravas
    • Suncys Z
    • Gravas
    • Suncys Blossom
    • Gravas Blossom
    • Guardain Suncys


    Thank you for discovering the cause of my gardens' destruction!

    It seems that we have driven off the mysterious sea creature Marix for the time being. It will take a while to replenish my underwater harvests, but because of YOU, it will happen.

    Unfortunately, I fear I will need your help again sooner than later-- Those bounty hunters I told you about are getting closer. I can feel it...

    • Play again!
    • WarpGuardian Tower!
    • Exit

    Thanks to Ilø€IMPERIAL€ølI
    Done, thanks! ~Mysterious Strangeface

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    Zhoom 6000
    Quest Location:WarpGuardian Tower
    Quest Given From: "WarpGuardian Missions" Button



    [In the WarpGuardian Tower]

    Temura: "Since your discovery that Dark Madder and Z29K were behind the spy inside the Alteon's computers, our WarpGuardian Tower technicians have been VERY busy--"

    Temura: "-- intercepting communications between the Nechron world of purgos and the Defiler world of Omnus. So far there is good news AND bad news:"

    Temura: "The good news is that we found a relay station at the exact midpoint between Purgos and Omnius. The bad news is that the last communication we intercepted was about CLOAKING the relay station!"

    Temura: "You need to take one of General Leet's warp-capable Zhoom 6000 fighters and get to that station as fast as possible and destroy it before they cloak it! If they succeed, we won't have this chance again..."

    *click* [Zhoom 6000]

    [In the Hangar]

    Player: "Hello, General Leet, Sir!"

    General Leet: "Oh how my day has been brightened, <Player>
    . What do you want to waste my time with now?"

    Player: "Uh, well sorry to bother you about this matter of fleet security..."

    General Leet: "Security!? Bother?! Ahem, of course not -- please proceed!"

    Player: "We found a relay station at the exact midpoint between Purgos and Omnus. The last communication we intercepted was about cloaking the relay station!"

    Player: "I came to ask if I could to take one of your warp-capable Zhoom 6000 fighters so I could get to that station as fast as possible and destroy it before they cloak it!"
    (typo original)

    General Leet: "The Zhoom 6000's are still in testing -- but since you're a WarpGuardian I think you can handle it. Good lick on your mission!"

    Player: "Thank you, Sire! I won't let the fleet down!"

    [Cutscene, the player's fighter is launched]

    [In the fighter cockpit, after a look at the screen/dashboard]

    Player: "WarpGuardian Tower, this is <Player>
    . Long-range sensors indicate that the Network communication relay seems to be unguarded.

    Temura: "Right now that doesn't mean anything... The relay could be guarded by cloaked enemy ships. But that doesn't change the choice you have to make:"

    Temura: "Attempt a direct assault on the relay station or recon the vincinity first to see if you can trigger a Network trap on your own terms."

    Player: "Understood! I'l get this job done one way or another, I'll promise you that!"

    *two buttons here* Choice A

    • 1: [Recon the area around the relay station!]
    • 2: [Direct assault on the relay station!]


    A, Choice 1: [Recon the area around the relay station!]

    [Fighter moving across a background of stars]

    Player: "Switching over to short-range light sensors..."

    Player: "If there are any cloacked Network ships nearby, I might be able to detect anomalies against the background."

    [3 ships are now visible]

    Player: "I emphasize the "might" part of that..."

    To: [Choice B]


    A, Choice 2: [Direct assault on the relay station!]

    Player: "Charging warpseed generator now! 3......."

    Player: "2......."

    Player: "1......."

    [In cockpit as fighter is in warp]

    Player: "All systems running smoothly"

    Player: "Coming out of warpspeed--NOW"

    [Fighter is moving towards the relay]

    Player: "I see the communications relay station now"

    Player: It appears to be inactive, and is not sending or recieving messages at the moment.

    [In fighter cockpit]

    Player: "Captain Ge'Thrakm I have a funny feeling about this."

    Temua: "I agree... It SHOULD be performing its function. You'd better attack now, before--"

    [In space, three ships are visible]

    Player: "--- before THIS happens???"

    To: [Choice B]


    Choice B

    • 1: [Let the Defilers board-- and then attack them!]
    • 2: [Take evasive action and fight the Defiler ships!]


    B, Choice 1: [Let the Defilers board-- and then attack them!]

    [Inside a corridor (in your fighter)]

    • *Two Battles*
    • *Full Heal*
    • *One Battle*
    • *Full Heal*

    [A Technowraith appers]

    Player: "Whoa -- what are you??"

    Technowraith: "I am a Technowraith, mortal. I am the culmnination of Nechron and Defiler technology and magic."

    Player: "A robot, brought back from destruction? I've seen that done before. It's called GETTING REPAIRED."

    Technowraith: "No, mortal. Lvigin machines such as the Defilers can indeed die. It is not so simple as just repairing our physical forms."

    Technowraith: "Dark Madder's magic, and the genius of Z29K, have remade me--"

    Player: "Let me guess. Better-- faster -- stronger?"

    Technowraith: "I am a machine that knows whaat life and death are. I have calculated the true essence of each state of existance, and I can calculate exactly what it will take to DESTROY YOU."

    Player: "Okay, so you ARE better. But I bet you haven't fought a WARPGUARDIAN before!"

    *One Battle - Technowraith"

    Continue to [Post-battle]


    B, Choice 2: [Take evasive action and fight the Defiler ships!]


    The Zhoom 6000 is too awesome of a fighter to not use!
    It's time to show these Defilers who the better pilot is!

    Use your mouse to dodge the defiler ships and click to shoot at them with your Zhoom 6000 plasma gun!
    Defiler ships are made of a combination of the galaxy's strongest materials, so your weapons may not be enough to take them all out!

    *click* [GO!]

    *There are many waves of smaller ships, then a "boss" ship.*

    *Pick up "P" powerups to increase the number of shots you fire at a time*


    Final Stage Score:

    *Click* [Ready!]


    You defeated the Defiler trap!

    Now you must destroy the Network relay station!

    Continue to [Post-battle]



    [Back in fighter cockpit]

    Player: "<Player> to WarpGuardian Tower -- local Network force neutralized! It was a joint squadron of Nechron and Defilers."

    Temura: "Good job, WarpGuardian! Now take out that relay station!"

    [Fighter approaches the relay station]

    *Button* [FIRE!]

    [Several shots are fired, destroying the relay]

    Player: "Mission Accomplished!]

    [Fighter warps out, and returns to the Alteon]

    [Shop opens]


    • 8A51C Model A
    • 8A51C Model CZ
    • 8A51C Model B
    • 8A51C Model FZ
    • 8A51C Model D
    • 8A51C Model E
    • 8A51C Model G


    Nice work! With the Network relay station destroyed, the link between Omnus and Purgos is temporarily severed!

    This will be a perfect time to plan an all-out assault on two Network strongholds simultaneously:
    The Nechron base on the world of Delta 7 and the Defiler outpost on the Gevorian moon.
    They won't be able to rely on sharing information or sending each other reinforcements.
    Prepare yourself for one of your most important battles yet, WarpGuardian!

    3 buttons:
    [Play again!] OR [WarpGuardian Tower!] OR [Exit]

    The first takes you back to the start of the General Leet conversation.

    Thanks to Alavaria/Feanor

    Done, thanks! ~$b

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    Two-Pronged Attack!
    Quest Location: WarpGuardian Tower -> Missions
    Quests Given From: Temura


    Temura: You did well in your mission to disable the enemy's communications ability. Now we are in a good position to gain the upper hand!
    Temura: We're going to synchronize two attacks: One on the Nechron base on the world of Delta 7 and the other on the Defiler outpost of the Gevorian moon! They won't be able to coordinate defences without their relay station, thanks to you!

    <<Attack x2!>>

    General Leet: <<Character Name>>, YOU again! Haha -- You're becoming a regular hero, eh?!
    You: I'm here to join the two-pronged attack!
    General Leet: Well, you can't be in two places at the same time, so you'll have to choose which target to attack!

    <<Attack Delta 7!>>
    <<Attack Gevorian Moon!>>

    Attack Delta 7! Dialogue:

    General Leet: Sounds good to me! May your aim be true and your feet quick, WarpForcer!

    <<Lets Go!>>

    <<Cutscene of WarpForce ships heading to Delta 7>>

    <<Battle with Nechron Protean>>
    <<Battle with Nechron Exo>>
    <<Battle with Nechron Scoutship>>
    <<Battle with Nechron Dicero>>
    <<Battle with Nechron Virin>>

    <<Cutscene of WarpForce ships leaving to Delta 7>>

    Mission Debriefing

    The attack on Nechron base Delta-7 was a success!!

    We were able to deliver a crippling blow to the 4 Autarchs' ability to mine hydrogen from Delta-7. This will reduce some of their fleets' fuel capacity, especially for Exo ships which metabolize hydrogen.

    You still have time to join the second attack on the Defiler base on the Gavorian moon.

    <<Play Again!>>
    <<WarpGuardian Tower!>>

    Attack on Gavorian Moon! Dialogue:

    General Leet: Sounds good to me! May your aim be true and your feet quick, WarpForcer!

    <<Let's Go!>>

    <<Cutscene of WarpForce ships heading towards the Gavorian moon>>

    <<Battle with Defiler Sentry>>
    <<Battle with K1773R>>
    <<Battle with Defiler Sentry>>
    <<Battle with Ybbor the Tobor>>
    <<Battle with Technowraith>>

    <<Cutscene of WarpForce ships heading leaving the Gavorian moon>>

    Mission Debriefing
    Gavorian moon

    The attack on Defiler base on the Gavorian moon was a success!!

    With your help, we were able to deliver a crippling blow to the 4 Autarchs' capacity to manufacture Krayl, the extremely strong and resilient alloy used to build Defiler fighter ships!

    You still have time to join the second attack on the Nechron base on Delta-7.

    <<Play Again!>>
    <<WarpGuardian Tower!>>


    Delta-7 base:

    Sonic Cannon
    Sonic Cannon
    Sonic Cannon
    Sonic Cannon
    Sonic Cannon

    Gavorian moon:

    Sonic Axe
    Sonic Axe
    Sonic Axe
    Sonic Axe
    Sonic Axe

    Thanks to Alternia

    Got it, thanks! ~$b

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    Legendary AK!!!


    Quest Location: Hangar Deck -> Travel -> Satiren -> Missions
    Quests Given From: Trinni


    Trinni: I need someone to watch my artificial (in game: artifical -typo) island while I go on a little expedition. Can you help? I'm sure it will just be a chance for you to kick back and relax!

    << Island- Sitting! >>
    << Back >>

    << Cutscene showing an Exo spacecraft nearing planet Satiren >>

    ???: We're here!! Tell me you guys remembered to bring suntan lotion??

    << Scene shifts to Trinni's island >>

    Trinni: <Your character name>, do you think you can island-sit for me while I take my submersible North (in game: north - typo) to study a large bloom of starfield algae?
    You: No problem, Trinni. What's (what are? not too sure since algae is plural) starfield algae?
    Trinni: It is a microscopic bioluminescent plant (that) normally only appears in small colonies between 1 and 2 acres in size. This bloom, however, is almost a square mile in size!
    You: Good luck, Trinni! I'll take good care of the island while you're gone.

    Hours later ...
    << Continue >>

    You: Hmm ... She's been gone almost a whole day! This is getting a little boring. I don't think she'll mind if I take her speedboat for a little spin ...

    << Scene shifts to show your character in the boat >>

    You: Let's see what kind of power this thing has ...

    << Non-clickable cutscene: your character sails off, a few Exo's sail towards the island >>

    You: Whooooaaaa!!!

    Cligg: A three-hour tour, a three-hour tourrrrrr--
    Lobber: PLEASE, would you cut that out? Spring Break only comes once a year, and I want to ENJOY it!
    Spiny: hey guys, LOOK! An Island!!

    << Scene: the Exos enter the island. >>

    Cligg: This is super-excellent, guys! Just LOOK at it! It's paradise!
    Lobber: Let's get out the grill and then take a dip!!

    A few MORE hours later ...
    << Continue >>

    << Scene: You return from your cruise. >>

    You: What on Lore is THAT??
    You: This is not good! I was just gone for a little sightseeing and when I get back someone else is here! Trinnin isn't going to trust me if she gets back and finds this ...

    You: Hey! What are you all doing here?? This place doesn't belong to you!
    Spiny: *gulp* We'we're just having a little barbecue and enjoying some, uh, fun in the sun!
    You: What? You're here on some kind of vacation??
    Lobber: Um ... Yeah! Duh! It's Spring Break! We have a whole week off from the Exo Institute of Technology!
    You: I'm sorry, but first of all, you're all Network aliens! And I'm from the WarpForce! You just can't BE here! And if Trinni finds out -- she'll never let me back here again!
    Cligg: Man!! This ALWAYS happens! Okay, okay. We'll leave. But we're going to report you to the Dean of the Institute!
    You: Come on, that's not nice! I'm letting you go.
    Cligg: Sorry, but you ruined our vacation! Later!

    << Non-clickable cutscene: Cligg, Lobber and Spiny try to make a getaway on their raft. You pursue them. >>

    Spiny: Whoohooo! We're makin' a getaway! Woohoo! We're makin' a getaway-ay-ay!!!
    Cligg: You spoke too soon, Spiny!! We got trouble!
    You: Pull over! I can't let you tell the Network about this place!!
    Lobber: Abandon ship!! Let the Bashers do their thing!!

    << Scene: The Exo's raft 'shatters' into individual Exo Barnacle Bashers, flipping over your boat and sending you to battle them at the ocean's floor. >>

    << 2 Battles with an Exo Barnacle Basher >>
    << Full Heal >>
    << 2 Battles with an Exo Barnacle Basher >>
    << Full Heal >>
    << Battle with an Exo Krillscout >>
    << Battle with an Exo Clawtrooper >>
    << Full Heal >>

    You: Uh oh ... One of them got away!

    << Scene: Cligg tries to escape. >>

    Cligg: ... Lobber? ... Spiny? *gulp* Were are you, guys??
    Cligg: I KNEW I should have gone camping with my parents.

    << Scene: Cligg is surrounded by Maws and Marix. >>

    Cligg: If you don't eat me, I'll write all of your term papers untill you graduate ...

    << Scene: Back on Trinni's island. >>

    Trinni: So <Your character name>, did anything interesting happen while I was gone?
    You: ..... Nothing I couldn't take care of myshellf. Er, myself.

    Mission Debriefing

    Trinni: So ... Let me get this straight: some Exos came to Satiren, but not on any mission or sent by the Network. They were STUDENTS on SPRING BREAK? And they had a boat that was made out of OTHER EXOS that broke apart and attacked you?

    If it wasn't for that strange new crustacean pet you brought back with you, I wouldn't believe you.

    << Play Again! >>
    << Warp Guardian Tower! >>
    << Exit >>


    Guardian Exobarnacle
    Exobarnacle Z
    Guardian Exobarnacle
    Exobarnacle Z

    Thanks to Technomancer

    Done! Thanks! :) ~MysteriousStrangeface




    (Replace with Quest Name)
    Quest Location:
    Quests Given From:



    Thanks to (Your Name)

    Note: I believe I found some typos in the first part of the quest. I corrected them (italic), so could you take a look at them as well?
    And just a quick question: is this sort of the correct layout and do you guys usually add the layout yourselves? Just for future reference.
    Also, could someone provide a list of quests that haven't been added yet? I'll see if I can add them tomorrow.

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    Legendary AK!!!


    Quest Location: WG Tower -> WarGuardian Missions
    Quests Given From: Temura


    Temura: I have a bit of a favor to ask you, WarpGuardian. Colonel Ba'Tokk is going to be docking with the Alteon in a few minutes so that he can do a routine inspection and security check.
    Temura: Not long ago he was captured by the Network and we rescued him, so he prefers you be his guide. Now, I like the Colonel, but he comes from a family that didn't respect the Drakel family that took me in. If you escort him I'll owe you one!

    << Meet Ba'Tokk >>
    << Back >>

    << Scene: You meet up with the Colonel and an unknown child >>

    Colonel Ba'Tokk: <Your character name>, nice to see you again! I can never thank you enough for helping to rescue me from those Noctherezza creatures!
    You: Just doing my duty, Colonel. It's nice to see you doing well. And this is -- ?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: This is my son Brian!
    Brian: That's MAJOR Brian Ba'Tokk, father!
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Hehehe ... Brian is a Major in the Junior WarpForce.
    You: Wow, that's great! Good going, Brian. So, were would you like to begin your inspection, Colonel?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Actually, I'd like to perform this one independently, without escort. You can just relax and go about your routine. If we need you, we'll call.
    You: Um, okay, Sir ... but I really should now at least were you'll both be, just in case.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Right, indeed. I will start my inspection with the maximum security sector of the brig.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Brian here always wanted to tour the Engineering Deck of a flagship like the Alteon, so he'll go there. Okay, we'll see you again soon!
    You: Sounds good. See you soon Sir. Have a nice tour, Brian!
    Brian: Oh yeah, I will! I can't wait to see how the warpcrystal looks inside a reak, operative engine!!

    << Scene shifts to Engineering Deck >>

    Ensign Fisher: <Your character name> just called down to say that we'd be having a visitor -- Colonel Ba'Tokk's son, Brian!!
    Lt. Roddenberry: That's nice! We rarely get sightseers in here!
    Zorboz: Meh heh heh ... Hopefully you do not scare him away with your boring human personalities.
    Lt. Roddenberry: Hey! I take some offense to that, Metal-Mouse!
    Gravlax: Rablus maffy! Would you all stop squabbling and get back to work?? Zorboz, what is it that you DO, anyway??
    Zorboz: Hmm ... I'm not sure. I hope I am not a plot device ...
    Brian: Hi everybody! I'm Major Brian Ba'Tokk. This place is so cool!! Can you teach me how it all works??
    Gravlax: ..... Lt. Roddenberry, show little Brian here how the Engineering systems all function together. I need to go work on --uh-- boring paperwork stuff.
    Zorboz: Me too ...
    Ensign Fisher: That reminds me -- It's my my turn to take luch first. I'll be back in a bit!
    Lt. Roddenberry: Ahhh ... okay Fisher. Bring me some pudding from the mess hall, would you?
    Ensign Fisher: Sure will! Have fun with our guest while I'm gone.
    Lt. Roddenberry: Come on over here, Brian, and I'll show you how the warp conduit connects to the jeffersons tube system, and the jeffersons tube connects to the flux compactor!
    Brian: This is awesome!!

    << Scene: You meet up with Queen Pra'Mithia and Admiral Amada in the Hangar Deck. >>

    You: Hello Queen Pra'Mithia and Admiral Amada, Sir!
    Admiral Amada: WarpForce. Say, aren't you supposed to be escorting Colonel Ba'Tokk around the ship? Temura said you were his first choice.
    You: Well, I was going to do that, Admiral, but the Colonel requested that I allow him and his son Brian to look around on their own for a while.
    Admiral Amada: Hm, okay. Next time, check with me first. We need to make sure we follow protocol.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Bill ... Colonel Ba'Tokk doesn't HAVE a son. Or any children that I know of.
    You: But I saw him. He's a nice young man, a Major in the Junior WarpForce!

    << Scene shifts to the security sector of the brig. >>

    Corporal Ripley: So, how about you and I go get a Moglinberry juice in the cantina when this shift's over?
    Sgt. Schaeffer: Get to da choppa!!!
    Corporal Ripley: Huh?
    Sgt. Schaeffer: Sorry ... It's just that you make me nervous ...
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Hello troopers, I'm here to inspect the Brig.
    Corporal Ripley & Sgt. Schaeffer: Yes Sir!
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: So ... can anyone tell me just WHAT makes this sector a MAXIMUM SECURITY area?

    << Scene shifts back to the Engineering Deck. >>

    Lt. Roddenberry: -- so then when the warpcrystal begins to degrade, we know that we only have 6 hours to replace it.

    << Scene: Brian slowly backs away to the control panel. >>

    Lt Roddenberry: Now, replacing a warpcrystal is a lot more complicated then replacing a battery. WC's are actually connected to spacetime --

    Brian: !!!
    You: Brian! What were you doing over by the console?!?
    Brian: That's MAJOR Brian to you, <Your character name> ...
    Lt. Roddenberry: Huh? Is something wrong?

    << Scene shifts back to Colonel Ba'Tokk. >>

    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Entry code recieved, Unit 42. Proceeding to stage 2.
    Sgt. Schaeffer: Uhh, Colonel ... Who are you talking to?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Just my son. Say, can you confirm for me that the Defiler Overlord Z29K is being held in this cell?
    Corporal Ripley: He sure is, Sir. We captured him when the Defilers tried to stop us from reaching the Cryptic Veil!
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Thank you. You are relieved from your stations, troopers ...

    << Scene: Colonel Ba'Tokk transforms into a Defiler. >>

    << Fight with Brian Ba'Tokk >>
    << Full Heal >>

    Gravlax: What happened????
    You: Colonel Ba'Tokk's son wasn't his son after all -- he was a Defiler in disguise!
    Zorboz: Meh - heh - heh.
    Gravlax: Oh fleebb!! Does Colonel Ba'Tokk know?!?
    You: Gravlax, don't you get it? Colonel Ba'Tokk isn't even Colonel Ba'Tokk!! He must be one of them, too!
    Gravlax: I thought we rescued him from the Network a little while ago!
    You: We did ... but apparently who -- or WHAT -- we rescued, was an imposter! It must have been a TRICK from the start. I have to go find him!
    Gravlax: I wonder what they're doing here? I'll call some help for you!

    Temura: We got here as soon as we heard, <Your character name >! Lt. Krath from V'eld Valkan was visiting in the Tower, too.
    Lt. Krath: If what you say is true about Ba'Tokk ... Well, let's just say I'm shocked.
    You: Shocked is putting it lightly! Someone's coming!

    << Scene: Corporal Ripley & Sgt. Shaeffer run away. >>

    Sgt. Schaeffer: Yahhgg yahhhhh yaaaggghhhhh yaaaaaahhh!!!!! Yahhgg yahhhhh yaaaggghhhhh yaaaaaahhh!!!!!
    Corporal Ripley: Nuke it from orbit!!! Nuke it from orbit!!!

    Lt. Krath: I guess what you said IS true.
    Temura: There go the alarms! It's the brig -- There must have been a prison break!!
    You: Z29K!!! Ba'Tokk must have busted him out!
    Z29K: HAHAHAHAAa!! My Defilers are no fools -- He didn't just free ME -- He freed the OTHERS as well!! You will have to contend with them while I escape!
    Lt. Krath: He's right -- and from the looks of it, Ba'Tokk opened up ALL of the Network prison cells!!

    << Battle alongside Temura! >>
    << Battle alongside Lt. Krath! >>
    << Everybody split up and fight seperately! >>

    Regardless of choice:

    << Battle with Nechron Virin >>
    << Battle with Technowraith >>
    << Full Heal >>
    << Battle with Exo Krillscout >>
    << Battle with Virin Spider >>
    << Full Heal >>
    << Battle with Noctherezza >>
    << Full Heal >>

    Colonel Ba'Tokk: I see you got past the other prisoners I released. You won't capture our Mighty Warlord Z29K again, however, I assure you.
    You: Oh, I will -- as soon as I turn you into scrap! Just tell me one thing: Were's the REAL Ba'Tokk?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: We have him. Dark Madder allowed us to keep him on Omnus, our homeworld. She formulated this plan from the moment we had the chance to capture him.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: We have learned much from him -- enough to fool YOU stupid fleshbags, heheh ... but not everything yet. He is very strong-willed, but we will break him eventually.
    You: Not before I get him back. Now, how about I break YOU?!?

    << Battle with Colonel Ba'Tokk >>
    << Full Heal >>

    << Scene: Z29K jumps out of the Hangar Deck into space and is picked up by a Defiler spacecraft. >>

    Mission Debriefing

    Temura: Good fight, WarpGuardian! You saved the Alteon from a prison break and reduced two disguised Defilers to junk. Unfortunately, the Ba'Tokk Defiler was just distracting you while Z29K opened the Hangar Bay doors and leaped out into space for a waiting Defiler ship to pick him up in a tractor beam!

    At least we now know that the REAL Colonel Ba'Tokk is still alive and were to look for him: the Defiler homeworld of Omnus. It's a scary place, I hear ... a world shaped totally by machine-kind. Are you ready for it?

    << Play again! >>
    << WarpGuardian Tower >>
    << Exit >>


    Plasma Gun
    Plasma Gun Z
    Plasma Gun
    Plasma Gun Z
    Plasma Gun
    Plasma Gun

    Thanks to Technomancer

    Done! Thanks! :) ~Mysterious Strangeface

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    Note for Spy Hunt.

    If you win the minigame, you fight two Guardbots instead of four.

    This information is not yet in the encyclopaedia page.

    Added! Thanks! :) ~Mysterious Strangeface

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    Legendary AK!!!


    Nefadon Invasion! March of the Nefadon.
    Quest Location:

    LSS Alteon -> Nefadon Invasion!
    Hangar Deck -> Nefadon Invasion!
    WG Tower -> Elevator to Lkeas -> Nefadons


    << Skip Cutscene. >>
    << Cutscene: Virin Transport Ship X'avix. >>

    Th'rix: Ahhhhhh ... my beatiful Nefadon! You were the first of your kind. A mindless brute, of course, but but a perfect body to act as host to the Virin.
    Th'rix: For so long have I been an outcast among my people that I began to believe I would never be remembered for anything. But now, even our queen Yarik Z'kaa will remember me!
    Th'rix: I have always been unable to bond with a host. As a Virin, being unable to join with a symbiote marks me as having an inferior genetic makeup. I have been disallowed progeny.
    Th'rix: But when I prove to the Queen, and the rest of the Network, that my genius is the greatest in the galaxy, and my Nefadon warriors wipe the WarpForce from the stars --
    Th'rix: -- I will be hailed as savior! The greatest Virin to have ever ruptured his egg sac! The name Th'rix Na'thaar will echo through time for all eternity!
    Nefadon: ..............
    Nefadon: *grunt*
    Th'rix: Why am I telling YOU all of this?? You have nothing but the most basic brain functions allowing you to eat and fight. Never fear, most of your kin will be given symbiotes before battle.
    Th'rix: And weapons ... Yes, weapons! Your bodies have been engineered to allow cybernetic weapon implants that operate using your own bioelectricity. I am so, so brilliant!
    Th'rix: Now, my Nefadon, we march to WAR!!
    Th'rix: Well -- YOU march ... I will float!

    << War! >>


    War Camp

    March Of The Nefadon
    The Virin named Th'rix Na'thaar is a brilliant scientist among his race, but a genetic anomaly prevents him from being able to bond to other lifeforms as a symbiote. An outcast because of this, Th'rix has spent his entire life trying to create a perfect organic host body for all Virin. At long last, he succeeded in creating the Nefadon -- perfect, powerful bodies grown for war. To prove himself, Th'rix is attacking all non-Network worlds in the galaxy with armies of Nefadon! Only YOU, and the rest of the WarpForce, is equiped to fight them!
    << To Battle! >>
    << Special Mission! >>
    << Leave War >>

    WarpGuardians can refill their Health Potions by clicking on the potion bag if they have less than 4 Health Potions on hand.

    Celestra the Huntress will help you in battle!
    General Leet will help you in battle! (You must be a WarpGuardian for General Leet to help you in battle!)
    Hans the WarpGuardian will help you in battle!
    Captain Daian will help you in battle! (You must be a WarpGuardian for Captain Daian to help you in battle!)

    To Battle!

    << To Battle! >>
    << Back (takes you to the War Camp, you'll get a full heal) >>

    2 Battles
    Optional Full Heal
    2 Battles

    After ??? of Th'rix' minions destroyed: ... (war not over yet).

    Special Mission!

    You must be a WarpGuardian to take this special mission!

    An elite force of Shearhide's Network fighters have boarded the LSS Alteon! It is up to YOU, WarpGuardian, to eradicate the enemy from the flagship of the WarpForce! Good luck!

    << Go! >>

    2 Battles
    Optional Full Heal
    2 Battles
    Optional Full Heal
    2 Battles
    Optional Full Heal
    Treasure Chest



    Thanks to Technomancer
    Noted! ~Mysterious Strangeface

    Notes: I will need some help on the monster lists, and the war isn't over yet so there are no rewards yet.

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    Legendary AK!!!


    Rescue Missions!
    Quest Location: Sick Bay -> Captain Daian -> Missions
    Quests Given From: Captain Daian


    Captain Daian: Ahh, so you are <<Your character name>>? I have heard a lot about you. I am Captain Daian, and I am in command of the WarpForce's Search and Rescue operations.
    Captain Daian: The elves of the WarpForce take pride in their logical abilities, and to this end we tend to work more often in Engineering and Sick Bay. Some of us prfer to take more risks, however ...
    Captain Daian: ... And there is no riskier work than flying right into known danger and risking one's own life to save others. That is what I do, and I think YOU can do well at it, too.

    << You are a true hero! Thank you! >>
    << Missions >>
    << Back >>

    << Missions >>

    Captain Daian: We are always receiving distress signals from space. We have scoutships available for Search and Rescue missions -- please help us investigate the signals and save the people out there!

    << Go!! >>
    << Back >>

    Choice between three options (1, 2 or 3 Health and Energy potions), the description is random and will tell you which enemies you face (Nechrons, Exos, Virin, Cor-Dem or random Network Aliens):

    << 1 Health and Energy potion >>

    2 Battles (against the enemies mentioned in the description)

    << 2 Health and Energy potions >>

    3 Battles (against the enemies mentioned in the description)

    << 3 Health and Energy potions >>

    4 Battles (against the enemies mentioned in the description)

    If you succeed:

    Your rescue mission has been successful!

    For your work, Captain Daian has provided you with X HP and Energy potions from Sickbay storage!

    << Back to Sick Bay >>
    << Take another mission >>


    1, 2 or 3 Health and Energy potions depending on which quest you choose.

    Thanks to Technomancer

    Added! Thanks! ~Mysterious Strangeface

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    Legendary AK!!!


    Virin Infection!
    Quest Location: WG Tower -> WarpGuardian Missions -> Virin Infection!
    Quests Given From: Temura


    Temura: I'm beginning to think our strikes against the Nechron and Defiler outposts were a setup. While our forces were stretched thin, the Virin took advantage of the lessened security manpower and infiltrated the Alteon!!
    Temura: The WarpGuardian Tower is safe so far, but many Alteon crewmembers have been taken over by Virin. Capture as many infected WarpForcers as you can and deliver them to Dr. Mendas in SickBay, were she can save them!

    << Virin Infection! >>
    << Back >>

    General Leet: Fresh from the WarpGuardian Tower, eh << Your character name >>? We're having some trouble here with the Virin. Nothing we can't handle!
    You: I'm here to help as much as I can, Sir!
    General Leet: Let's show these Virin that they're not welcome to hitch a ride with the WarpForce!!

    << Go! >>

    You: I can't believe this! Crewmembers taken over by Virin symbiotes?? How did they get aboard? Uh-oh, I hear something ... Here they come!!

    << 2 Battles with Virin WarpForcer >>
    << Full Heal >>
    << Battle with Virin WarpForcer >>
    << Full Heal >>

    Dr. Mendas: Thank Lorithia! << Your character name >>, I am glad to see you're not among the infected! I can cure them.
    Dr. Mendas: I've seen a LOT of victims today. All of the Virin, however, seem to be JUVENILES -- young ones. They must have been brought on board as newborns.
    Dr. Mendas: That would have been the only way to smuggle them onto the ship without being detected. Over a hundred crew have been infected so far.
    Dr. Mendas: Someone brought them aboard the Alteon and then likely freed them during the two-pronged attack. Uh-oh! I'm getting a report that a sqaudron of fighter ships have just launched --
    Dr. Mendas: -- And they were not authorized by the Admiral for takeoff! This is very bad -- They must be piloted by Virin!!
    Dr. Mendas: You have to try and get them back on board if possible, or keep them from destroying the Alteon!! Who knows WHAT they want?!?

    << Go! >>

    << Scene: Some fighter ships leave the Alteon, you chase them. >>

    You: << Your character name >> to the Bridge! The fighters do not appear to have ANY pilots! They must be remote-controlled!
    Admiral Amade: They must be controlled by the Virin, then. You have to bring them in or take them down!

    << Engage the remote-controlled Alteon fighter ships in battle! >>
    << Let another WarpGuardian take care of this and instead return to the Alteon to save more crew members! >>

    << Engage the remote-controlled Alteon fighter ships in battle! >>


    The Virin invaders aboard the Alteon have programmed dozens of fighter ships and sent them out of the Hangar into space.
    It's up to you in your Zhoom 6000 Warp-capable fighter to stop them! The Zhoom can easily outmaneuver them, but blast them if you have to. And there may also be a control problem with the Alteon itself ...

    << Go! >>

    Controls: Mouse = Move.
    Notes: If you fly under the Health and Energy bars, you'll passively lose health. Shooting doesn't work at the moment (or is bugged, at least) so you can't complete the mini game yet.

    Quote taken from the Full release known bugs:

    In the Virin Infection mission, the Zhoom6000 ship cannot fire, which means that the minigame cannot be won.

    If you lose all your Health:

    You failed!
    << Try again >>
    << Give up >>

    Give up takes you to back to the Alteon for the other option.

    If you succesfully completed the minigame:

    Impossible at the moment.

    << Let another WarpGuardian take care of this and instead return to the Alteon to save more crew members! >>

    << 2 Battles with Virin WarpForcer >>
    << Full Heal >>
    << Battle with Virin WarpForcer >>
    << Full Heal >>

    Dr. Mendas: << Your character name >>, nice work! General Stormfront must want to congratulate you himself on your effort!
    Dr. Mendas: He just called to ask me to send you to the Hangar Deck as soon as possible. According to him the last of the Virin have been rounded up!

    << Great! >>

    You: General! Dr. Mendas said I defeated the last of the Virin!
    You: !!!!!
    Stormfront: Not QUITE ...
    You: Don't tell me that YOU were behind this!! Bringing hundreds of baby Virin onto the Alteon just so they could latch onto the brainstems of your soldiers!?!
    Stormfront: We aren't JUVENILES! We're genetically engineered MINI-VIRIN. We're very good at biological sciences.
    Stormfront: Our Overmaster Jarik Z'kaa woud have been so PROUD of us if we had captured the WarpForce flagship!
    You: Too bad for you ... But it's not over yet. I wan't my General back!!

    << Fight! >>
    << Battle with Virin Stormfront >>
    << Full Heal >>

    General Leet: What are you doing just standing around, << Your character name >>?! Get back to work, Soldier!
    You: Welcome back, Sir!

    Mission Debriefing

    Excellent fighting, WarpGuardian! Not only did you help save many Alteon crewmembers from being slaves to the Mini-Virin, but you also were able to get General Stormfront out of their clutches!

    Honestly, I think he should promote you for that, but I don't think he will. According to Dr. Mendas, none of the affected crew remember what happened to them during their Virin-takeover time.

    Now, however, we need to find out just WHO is responsible for getting the Virin onboard!!

    << Play again! >>
    << WarpGuardian Tower! >>
    << Exit >>


    Virin Buddy
    Virin Buddy
    Virin Buddy Z
    Virin Buddy
    Virin Buddy Z
    Virin Buddy
    Virin Buddy

    Thanks to Technomancer

    Added! Thanks! :) ~Mysterious Strangeface

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    Legendary AK!!!


    What Lies Beyond (Into the Veil)
    Quest Location: The Bridge -> Queen Pra'Mithia -> WarpForce Saga!
    Quests Given From: Queen Pra'Mithia


    Queen Pra'Mithia: We've followed the Hand of Creation and reached the Cryptic Veil. The directions from the Hand are leading us right through it ... but Dark Madder is still right on our trail! We'll have to distract the Nechrons.

    << Let's go! >>
    << Back >>

    General Stormfront: Everything is secure on the Hangar Deck. Ready when you are, Admiral!

    << Scene: The Alteon approaches the Cryptic Veil. >>

    You: Queen, Admiral -- We're here! The Cryptic Veil appears to be some kind of giant nebula ... A huge cloud of gas and debris. This one stretches for thousands of miles in every direction!
    Admiral Amada: Yes it does, << Your character name >>. I just received word from General Stormfront that we're secured.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Dark Madder's Network forces are right behind us -- But the Hand of Creation wants us to go through the Cryptic Veil.
    You: I think I know what we can do. The WarpGuardian Tower can hold them off while we go into the nebula in the Alteon.
    Admiral Amada: Excellent plan, << Your character name >>. Let's just hope our shields can take it!
    Admiral Amada: Engineering reports massive radiation -- So much that our sensors can't make out what is inside the Cryptic Veil.
    You: The Hand of Creation led us here. It -- well, the incredibly ancient race that MADE it, anyway -- wants us to take this chance. I'm inclined to go with it.
    Pra'Mithia: Admiral -- I agree. We have no time to waste.
    Admiral Amada: << Your character name >>, you should secure yourself on Engineering with the Hand of Creation. It's the safest part of the ship.
    Admiral Amada: We're going in!!

    << Scene: The Alteon activates it's shields and dives into the Cryptic Veil. The WG Tower stays behind to fend of the incoming Nechron ships. >>

    Admiral Amada: Activate shields! Full power!
    Temura Ge'Thrak: Alteon -- we have VISITORS ...

    << Scene: Back aboard the Alteon, inside the Veil. >>

    Pra'Mithia: ........
    Amada: Is -- that -- ??
    Pra'Mithia: Yes, William ... It is.

    You: Bridge, this is Engineering. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?!
    Zorboz: I think I popped a bolt ...
    Gravlax: Watch your language, young robot, before I wash your mouth out with Drain-Ought!

    Amada: Am I seeing what I THINK I'm seeing??
    Pra'Mithia: Yes, William. Those are ELEMENTAL LORDS, and they're CREATING A NEW WORLD!

    Zorboz: This does not compute! Those Elemental Lords do not look like the Elemental Lords I have stored in my database.
    Gravlax: The creator Lorithia manifests new Elemental lords for every new world, so these do not look like the ones that made Lore.
    You: There are 8 Elemental Lords ... but what is that other thing with them?
    Gravlax: Indeed -- it's humgabbered me as well! It definitely looks like some kind of MACHINE ... the size of a small planet!!

    << Scene: The WG Tower engages the Nechron ships, but it suffers serious damage and the Nechrons make it into the Veil. >>

    Temura Ge'Thrak: Alteon, we've engaged the enemy!!
    Temura Ge'Thrak: Fighters away!
    Temura Ge'Thrak: We've taken serious damage!
    Lt. Norvin: The Tower is out of the fight, and the Nechrons are entering the nebula!

    Dark Madder: I have been conserving my magic for so long, for this moment ... I will show these Elemental Lords a NEW power they must obey!

    << Scene: Dark Madder casts a massive spell, driving the Lords away. Meanwhile, Nechrons from other ships board the Alteon. >>

    Gravlax: << Your character name >>! We have reports that Nechrons have beamed onto the Alteon!! You're the only experienced fighter in Engineering right now --
    You: Don't worry, Gravlax -- I'll protect all of you!!
    Gravlax: Glabbus jibbly!

    << Fight! >>

    << Battle with Nechron Scoutship >>
    << Battle with Nechron Virin >>
    << Full Heal >>
    << Battle with Nechron Dicero >>
    << Battle with Technowraith >>
    << Full Heal >>

    You: This is << Your character name >> in Engineering! I've just secured this area from the Nechron incursion.
    You: What's going on out there?
    Pra'Mithia: Dark Madder just used a massively powerful spell to actually stop the Elemental Lords in mid-creation! They seem to be closing in on the gigantic machine ...

    << Scene: The ships teleport out of the Veil, together with the massive device. >>

    Mission debriefing

    We made it all the way to the Cryptic Veil, where the Hand of Creation directed us to go! But Dark Madder pursued the LSS Alteon the entire way, and we were unable to get her off our trail.

    The Cryptic Veil turned out to be a nebula, within which a group of Elemental lords appeared to be making a new world. Unexpectedly, they also seemed to be using a planetary-scaled machine of some kind to help them, perhaps by channeling their energies. And it is that device that Dark Madder stole ... for some reason that cannot yet be fathomed.

    << Play again! >>
    << WarpGuardian Tower! >>
    << Exit >>



    Thanks to Technomancer

    Added, thanks! ~$b

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    Legendary AK!!!


    Quest Location: The Bridge -> Admiral Amada -> Missions
    Quests Given From: Admiral Amada


    Admiral Amada: We've known that the asteroid attack that led to the death of my son was launched from Haven. After doing some more recon, we've found out that the Haven is a colony of dwarf minors taken from Lore centuries ago!
    Admiral Amada: Haven is basically an interstellar BUSINESS run by someone known as Lord Terror. We haven't found anyone who's actually SEEN this boss, but he is well- guarded by Network mercenaries.
    Admiral Amada: His head of security is a General Vax. She's supposedly a cybernetically-enhanced humanoid of some kind. We also believe the dwarf mines are being forced to work. Haven's defenses have been to great for us to get very close, but --
    Admiral Amada: -- Gravlax has managed to reverse-engineer some Network cloaking technology and outfitted your fighter ship with it! With the cloak you should be able to pass through Haven's defenses and enter the space fortress!
    Admiral Amada: Confront this Lord Terror if you can ... He has to pay for what he's done. Good luck, WarpForcer.

    << Infiltrate Haven! >>
    << Back >>

    << Scene: You cloak your fighter and prepare to enter Haven. >>

    You: LSS Alteon, << Your character name >> reporting over secure channel. I'm cloaking now and moving in to dock.

    << Scene: You enter Haven undetected and see a colony of dwarves. >>

    Dwarves: Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to the mine we go! We'll crush some stone and drill some ore and hope Lord Terror let's us go, hi-ho, hi-ho, hi-ho, hi-ho!
    You: It worked! The cloaking got me inside without being detected ... so far. This looks like one of the main mining chambers.
    You: The Admiral's intelligence was right! It appears to be a colony of dwarves. It makes sense that this Lord Terror would capture dwarves to this work.
    You: But anytime someone forces someone else do do something, it's wrong. And it's a sure bet that Lord Terror sells whatever these dwarves mine to the Network.
    You: Looks like some hallways over there. I'll have to look around and try to make my way to some inner rooms ...

    << Scene: Inside the hallways. >>


    ....................5 - 6
    Start - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Trap


    << Battle with Defiler Sentry >>

  • East (to screen 1)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 1:

  • West (to Start)
  • East (to screen 2)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 2:

    << Battle with K1773 >>

  • West (to screen 1)
  • East (to screen 3)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 3:

  • West (to screen 2)
  • East (to screen 4)
  • North (to screen 5)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 4:

    << Battle with Defiler Sentry >>

  • West (to screen 3)
  • East (Trap)
  • North (to screen 6)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    If you choose East:

    << Scene: The floor crumbles, you fall into the pit. >>

    You: I fell below the main level! I'm underneath most of Haven's main machinery ... This might be a good way to sneak further into the base!

    << Scene: Some debris falls from the ceiling. >>

    You: Uh-oh. No wonder this is a trap -- the operations of Haven's machinery must cause constant cave-ins down here!!

    << A big 'Dodge' button pops up, you have to click it to dodge the cave-ins 4 times. Each hit will make you lose about 1/3 of your Health. >>

    You: Finally! I see a way back up!!

  • North (to screen 5)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 5:

    << Battle with Dark K1773 >>

  • West (to screen 3)
  • East (to screen 6)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 6:

    << Scene: Inside Lord Terror's office. >>

    Lord Terror: General, you may enter.
    General Vax: Some disturbing news to report, Boss. It looks like we have an intruder on level 5. How this fool managed to get INTO Haven I don't know yet ...
    Lord Terror: That -- I don't like. Go capture this intruder and find out what brought 'em here ... By whatever means necessary.
    General Vax: You got it, Boss.
    Lord Terror: I know you won't let me down.
    General Vax: Thank you, Boss.
    Lord Terror: Fuhgeddaboutit.

    You: I have a feeling I'm getting close ...
    General Vax: What are you doing here? Your kind is not welcome.
    You: MY kind?? From what I can tell, you and your boss Lord Terror have captured dwarves from Lore, and are forcing them to mine this asteroid field. I'd say YOUR kind isn't welcome here.
    General Vax: This is BUSINESS, WarpForcer. All we want is to be left alone to trade with whomever we please.
    You: Ha! Tell me -- Do you ''trade'' with the Network? And why did you send an asteroid storm towards Lore?? I'm sorry, but you've chosen sides, and what you're doing has to END.
    General Vax: My boss was right. The WarpForce IS bad for business. Maybe if I send you back to the Alteon in a body bag they'll get the idea.

    << Battle with General Vax >>
    << Full Heal >>

    You: They know I'm here! No choice but to get out now and tell the Admiral what I found out.

    << Scene: You escape Haven and return to the Alteon. >>

    Mission Debriefing

    So now we know. Lord Terror is in charge of Haven and does indeed sell raw materials to the Network. Who knows what ELSE he does ...

    From your report, it also looks like he commands a sizable force of Defilers in his own right, probably on loan from the Network. As much as I want to, I think it would be unwise to engage Haven in a battle right now. We'd be fighting two enemies at once. For the time being, we must wait for the right reason to attack Haven ... I think having an ally INSIDE Haven would be that reason.

    << Play again! >>
    << WarpGuardian Tower! >>
    << Exit >>


    Shimmering Axe Z
    Guardian Shimmering Axe
    Shimmering Axe Z
    Shimmering Axe
    Guardian Shimmering Axe
    Shimmering Axe

    Thanks to Technomancer
  • Added! Thanks! ~AVA

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    AQ DF  Post #: 23
    5/7/2010 1:36:20   
    Legendary AK!!!

    Putting this here until the war's finished: Done except for the special mission.


    Bizarre Flecks!
    WarpForce Front
    Quest Location: Main Screen
    Quests Given From: None
    Requirements: None


    You may skip the cutscene at any time


    You are on the Bridge with Celestra and Amada

    Admiral Amada: Celestra, Sugar Li-- er -- Her Majesty will see you now...
    Celestra: One of these days your mouth is going to get you in trouble, Admiral.
    Admiral Amada: Oh it already has, many times...
    Celestra: And yet you do not change?
    Admiral Amada: No need to cramp my style, honey bunches--


    When the scene returns to the Bridge, Queen Pra'Mitha has entered and Amada's glasses are askew.

    Queen Pra'Mithia: What is it, Celestra?
    Celestra: I am going to pay my husband a visit on Terra, and then check back in on Lore. I have had the oddest dreams lately.
    «You»: How IS Galrick doing these days?
    Celestra: He is well, «You». Thanks for asking.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Good. Send my regards and may the powers speed you on your journey.

    Meanwhile, on Haden, dark sister world to Purgos, Queen Carmella Leifanu awaits news of her own. The Hadeni people have long been held as captives on their own world by Dark Madder and the Nechrons of Purgos, only allowed a meager level of self-rule and trade among other Network planets. To Dark Madder, the Hadeni are inferior -- a race of naturally evolved undead whose emotions led them down a path far removed from the warlike Nechrons...
  • Continue

    Inside a dark fortress, an undead Protean meets with two other undead. The swirling vortex of a lightning storm can be seen and heard outside.

    Royal Retainer: My Masters... Corus has been uncreated by Network agents. Madder is working with them as usual.
    Royal Retainer: The remains of the planet are breaking up into a band of meteoroids. They are composed of compressed uncreation energy.
    Queen Leifanu: How big are they?
    Royal Retainer: Most are the size of boulders, but the largest is the size of a small moon. The ripples are echoing throughout this entire system in all realities.
    Queen Leifanu: As uncreated matter, what impact will these things have upon those who come in contact with them?
    Royal Retainer: With this sort of strange matter it is difficult to say. It is unfortunately typical of Madder and her goons to uncreate incompletely in a manner that causes such a mess.
    Royal Retainer: Had this been complete uncreation there would be no memory of the planet, let alone meteors.
    Queen Leifanu: I understand uncreation technology well enough, Sheridan. It is the remnants that concern me. Speculate on what effects it may have.
    Sheridan: It may boost our own necrotic processes, but for born biotics it likely will be poisonous to both body and mind. Bizarre matter is, after all, highly unpredictable.
    Queen Leifanu: Where are the meteors headed?
    Sheridan: The meteor shower shall be reaching the Lorian system shortly, your Decayedness. The damage could be profound. It could even set off an uncreation wave.
    Queen Leifanu: We should alert the WarpForce. This has the potential to directly impact them.
    Sheridan: Respectfully, your Majesty, The breakup of planet Corus is not our concern. If we chose to side with the WarpForce now, in defiance of Madder, she might drive us from Haden entirely.
    Sheridan: Or worse, we would have more in common with Haven than the similarity of our names.
    Queen Leifanu: And if we do not, we are unfit to call ourselves Hadeni. The biotics may have bizarre and seemingly unnatural biological metabolisms--
    Queen Leifanu: --which require them to consume other biotics to survive, but they are sentient beings born in a manner not entirely unlike us.
    Sheridan: Of course, your Majesty. What do you wish me to do, then?
    Queen Leifanu: Prepare the transit vortex. I shall be meeting with my fellow Queen.
  • War!

    Dark Madder has created a storm of uncreation particles that are blasting across the galaxy. These "bizarre flecks" have been breaking down the boundaries between realities. In the reaches of space beyond Lore, however, the bizarre matter has boosted the powers and numbers of Madder's Nechron forces to the boiling point!
  • To Battle!
  • Special mission!
  • Leave War
  • Join this same war against undead on Lore in AdventureQuest!

      To Battle!

      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES

      After 100% of the enemies were defeated...

      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal

      1 BATTLE


    Thanks to Rhowena

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    8/20/2010 11:05:44   
    Legendary AK!!!

    I just stumbled across this quest entry. I've had it saved to my computer for months now ... >.>


    Haven's Gate
    Quest Location: The Bridge -> Queen Pra'Mithia -> WarpForce Saga!
    Quests Given From: Queen Pra'Mithia


    Queen Pra'Mithia: Dark Madder has stolen the Engine of Creation! With that much power ... there's no telling WHAT she might do!! We need to find her, and FAST! Is there any sign from the Hand of Creation? It led us here ...

    << Let's find out! >>
    << Back >>

    << Scene: Aboard the Alteon, inside the Veil. >>

    Queen Pra'Mithia: Thank you for repelling the Nechron boarders, << Your character name >>. Unfortunately, it appears Dark Madder has transported the Engine away.
    You: I heard. Do we have any idea were it might be?
    Admiral Amada: At first, I thought she might have taken it to Purgos ... but Gravlax's long-range scan has not detected any warp activity in that planet's vicinity recently.
    You: Purgos. Dark Madder's homeworld, eh?
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Yes. That she just stole the Engine of Creation from these Elemental Lords is surprising enough, but what also troubles me is that it is so brazen an act ...
    Queen Pra'Mithia: As though Dark Madder is doing whatever she pleases, even beyond the purview of the Network as a whole.
    You: Right. Zorboz showed me a meeting between her and the leaders of three other factions. It makes sense ... The Exo's, Nechrons, Defilers and Virin all appear to be cooperating.
    Eternal: An astute observation, << Your character name >>. You are correct. Dark Madder has formed an allience of her own.
    You: Garavin!
    Eternal: Your Hand of Creation gauntlet has communicated with us yet again.
    You: How? I didn't see it project another hologram ...
    Eternal: It contacted ME directly. Apparently it's powers extend into the Etereal Realm. It makes sense, considering the Hand's connection to the beginnings of the Universe.
    You: What did it say?
    Eternal: It does not have the answers to all of our questions, as it is not an omnipotent being. But it knows were we must search ... And now it points the way to HAVEN.
    Admiral Amada: The space fortress? Ruled over by Lord Terror, who forces enslaved Dwarves from Lore to mine asteroid fields for his profit?
    Admiral Amada: The same Lord Terror who send an asteroid storm towards Lore, resulting in my son's ... death.
    Eternal: Yes, Admiral. The Hand of Creation told me that some answers in our quest lie with a Dwarf named Vogenvuld, in Haven. A small force must enter Haven and find him.
    You: I volunteer. I'll take Hans and Ken Benobi with me.
    Admiral Amada: We'll take the Alteon just to the edge of Haven's sensor limits, and scramble fighters as backup in case you need it. Good luck!!

    << Scene: The Alteon finishes preparations, you take a fighter and try to enter Haven again. >>

    You: We're on approach to Haven now, Alteon. Preparing cloaking device.
    You: Claoking now! Wish us luck!

    << Scene: Inside Haven, Lord Terror's office. >>

    Lord Terror: General, you may report now.
    Lord Terror: Are my good little helpers back on track with the program already?
    General Vax: I settled the current bout of unrest with a firm hand, as usual, Boss. But that's not why I'm here now.
    General Vax: Scanners have detected the presence of a sizable contingent of ships just outside of visual range. I'm not sure, but it could be those WarpForce meddlers again.
    Lord Terror: Ah, they are bad for business. I definitely don't miss Lore. I'm glad I got off of that rock when I did. They're all just jealous of my success.
    Lord Terror: One of them managed to get into Haven last time. They might try that again.
    General Vax: I'm doubling security as we speak, Boss.

    << Scene: You arrive at the mine where the Dwarves are working. >>

    Hans: Ken, can you use the UniForce to sense which one of the miners is Vogenvuld?
    Ken Benobi: One step ahead of you, kid. He's the one in the blue-tinged suit down there. Must be a rank higher than the others ... a foreman perhaps.
    You: I see him. Hang back here while I go talk to him and keep an eye on the doors for Defilers.

    You: Vogenvuld? I am << Your character name >>, of the WarpForce, from Lore.
    Vogenvuld: Really? You probably shouldn't be here. This place is crawling with 'bots, and they all have had bad words to share about your WarpForce, or whatever it's called.
    You: You are Vogenvuld, right? I have an artifact -- something ancient that has an intelligence all its own -- the Hand of Creation. It tolds us that YOU know something important --
    Vogenvuld: Hand of Creation, eh? Did it mention me by name?
    You: I actually don't know. It didn't talk to me --it talked to the materialized spirit of a man named Garivan who used to be immortal but lost his life when the Devourer decided to leave Lore intact.
    Vogenvuld: Sorry, I haven't been on Lore in over 70 years. I have no clue what you're talking about.
    Vogenvuld: You should get outta here while the gettin's good.
    You: Look, you DO know something -- I can see it in your eyes. We want to help you -- ALL of you -- get out of Haven. But we don't knwo what to do NEXT.
    You: Dark Madder, the Nechron leader, found a moon-sized machine called the Engine of Creation and stole it from some Elemental Lords that were using it to make a new world.
    You: It's the kind of power that should never have fallen into the Network's hand, but it DID, and it may be our fault.
    You: The fate of Lore, and you people, and all of the other innocent worlds hangs in the balance!
    Vogenvuld: ..... Okay, so it's worse than I thought. But I don't hear much about the outside in here. It's all rumor and hearsay. I DO know things ... Because Lord Terror used to trust me.
    Vogenvuld: I'm just one of the grunts now, mining like the rest of the Haven Dwarves. But not long after I was first captured from Lore and brought here, I realized what I needed to do.
    Vogenvuld: I had to help get us all free, and you know what they say: Keep your enemies CLOSER. So I did my best to show Lord Terror what a good, loyal worker I was.
    Vogenvuld: I gained the loyalty of the other miners and used it to show Lord Terror that they would do what asked of them, and I would do what HE asked of me.
    Vogenvuld: I'd keep all of his ducks in a row, so to speak. Eventually he even took me out on meetings with him. I'd show his buyers just how pure our product was.
    Vogenvuld: I did all this so that Lord Terror would trust me enough that he'd turn his back to me every now and then, and I could do my REAL work: Organizing a revolt.
    Vogenvuld: But some of the miners just recently broke away on their own. General Vax punished them. And now Lord Terror trust NONE of us. Not even me.
    You: What do you know about this Engine of Creation? Where might Dark Madder have taken it? And WHY does she need it??
    Vogenvuld: Well, friend, Dark Madder has recently become one of Lord Terror's biggest cutomers ...

    << Scene shifts to show the story of Dark Madder while Vogevuld tells you what he knows. >>

    Vogenvuld: I met her once. She's a Nechromantress, born on Lore several decades ago. A Network agent named Epheel saw potential in her, and brought her and her brother to the stars.
    Vogenvuld: Dark Madder's name used to be Vanatia.
    Vogenvuld: She and her brother were taken to the world of Purgos, cloaked in shadow borne of the ashes of a dead civilization, and bathed in the dim light of a distant red giant star.
    Vogenvuld: On Purgos, the siblings were groomed to one day be rulers of the Nechron Empire. Their natural nechromantic powers led to immediate leadership in the Nechron ranks.
    Vogenvuld: Over time, Vanatia came to embrace the empire's status as the most feared of all among the Network.
    Vogenvuld: But her brother, Veritos, found himself doubting their cause after seeing the suffering the Nechrons were responsible for.
    Vogenvuld: One of the Nechron Empire's great dreams was to eventually control most of the known universe. To do this, they would need vast power.
    Vogenvuld: And so for centuries Nechron scholars studied the past, and their scouts searched the galaxies, hoping to find that power. Eventually, they discovered the Engine of Creation.
    Vogenvuld: For a long time, it was just a myth ... But the proof of the Engine's existence came from the Devourer himself.
    Vogenvuld: The Devourer, around whose existence the Network formed to worship him, travels through the very fabric of space. In his travels, forever seeking out sources of elemental energies --
    Vogenvuld: -- the Devourer witnessed the creation of a new world. At first, he didn't know what to think of the moon-sized machine.
    Vogenvuld: Lorithia, the goddess of creation, appointed avatars of the 8 primary elements -- Elemental Lords -- to focus their power through the device.
    Vogenvuld: The Engine itself then created matter from the elemental forces, forming the world. And when it was done, the Engine of Creation teleported away ...
    Vogenvuld: ... leaving the Elemental Lords of the new world to continue making life. Presumably, the Engine would then reappear whereever it deemed a new world was necessary.
    Vogenvuld: Lorithia would sense it's new location, and again use it to make a new world. Through the Devourer, the knowledge of the Engine's existence spread to the Network.
    Vogenvuld: And so the search for the Engine of Creation began immediatly after Vanatia assumed control of the Nechron Empire. Veritos realized that such power in the wrong hands would be devastating --
    Vogenvuld: He voiced his concern and his disapproval to Vanatia, now calling herself Dark Madder.
    Vogenvuld: But she would have none of it, and imprisoned her own twin brother in the prison at Aguilos, situated on a storm-ridden cliff of Purgos.
    Vogenvuld: Once the Nechron Empire, and Dark Madder's alliance of Exos, Virin and Defilers found out all they could, they destroyed as much evidence as they could.
    Vogenvuld: Only THEY would know the secrets of the Engine. But Veritos is still there, in his prison, and HE knows how to stop Dark Madder from turning the Engine of Creation into an Engine of Destruction.

    << Scene shifts back to the mining facility. >>

    You: We need to get to Veritos somehow. But what about the Engine's location NOW? Where did Dark Madder take it?
    Vogenvuld: She would need to study it's mechanisms, to understand it better and know how to turn it into a machine she can use as a weapon.
    Vogenvuld: I imagine the only place she could do that -- the only place with the ability to do that -- would be the world of machine-king itself ... OMNUS, homeworld of the Defilers.
    You: Then that's where we have to go next! Okay, Vogenvuld, it's time to get you and the other Dwarves out of here.
    Vogenvuld: Ha! I've been here a LONG time, friend. Haven's defenses are too much, and even if we managed to escape in your ship, General Vax would shoot us down.
    You: I'm not here alone. And our WarpForce flagship, the LSS Alteon, is within striking distance.
    Vogenvuld: .... Really??
    You: All we need is to buy a little time. Can your friend provide a diversion so we can strike at Haven's nerve center?
    Vogenvuld: Oh yes, oohhh yes. I've been waiting forever to have some backup.

    << Battle! >>

    << Scene: The Dwarves start holding off the Defiler Sentries. >>

    << Fight with Vogenvuld's help! >>
    << Fight with Ken Benobi's help! >>
    << Fight with Hans Olo's help! >>
    << Fight without help! >>

    Regardless of your choice:

    << Two Battles >>
    << Full Heal >>
    << One Battle >>
    << Full Heal >>

    You: Hello, General. I have an appointment to meet with your boss. Can I go in?
    General Vax: So you show up and the Dwarves stage another uprising. I don't think that's a coincidence. And I don't think you're going to get in to see the Boss.

    << Battle with General Vax >>
    << Full Heal >>

    << Scene: Inside Lord Terror's office. >>

    Lord Terror: Well, hello! Someone needs to take a course in manners.
    You: Lord Terror, at last. I've heard a lot about you. Too much, actually. Your greed is astounding.
    Lord Terror: Greed ... is ... good. If it wasn't for people like me, half of the galaxy would still be looking around for their next toilet paper replacement.
    You: What?!? Yuck! Look, I'm here to ask you to let the Dwarves go. Give them their freedom.
    Lord Terror: Why would I do that?? I'd have to capture MORE workes, then.
    You: No! You have more material wealth than you could ever use for yourself. Just PAY some people to work for you!
    Lord Terror: How am I supposed to STAY wealthy if I actually PAY to make my product? You, dear intruder, would make a terrible businessperson.
    You: So you don't feel like redeeming yourself?
    Lord Terror: ... Redeem? Why would I seek redemption? I'm good at what I do.
    You: Then I suppose this is where we part ways. Permanently.

    << Scene: Lord Terror rises from his desk, ready for a fight. >>

    Lord Terror: Permanently. I like the sound of that.

    << Battle with Lord Terror >>
    << Full Heal >>

    << Scene: Vogenvuld appears in Lord Terrors office, informing you that all preparations are done. >>

    Vogenvuld: All of my Dwarves are stowed away on your ship. It's a tight fit, but we're ready to go.
    You: Let's take off! The Alteon is moving in to draw some of Haven's fire!

    << Scene: You escape from Haven. As the Alteon moves in, Haven explodes. >>

    Mission debriefing

    Thanks to your efforts, WarpForcer, we were able to tackle Haven from both inside and out at the same time, allowing us to finally get past it's formidable defenses.

    In the process, you rescued dozens of Dwarf asteroid miners, including their leader Vogenvuld, and learned the location where Dark Madder transported the Engine of Creation: The Defiler homeworld of Omnus. We must warp there next, and try our best to retake the Engine before Dark Madder gets one step closer to transforming it into an Engine of Destruction!

    << Play again!
    << WarpGuardian Tower! >>
    << Exit >>


    Chaingun Z
    Recharged Chaingun
    WarpGuardian Chaingun
    Overcharged Chaingun
    Overcharged Chaingun Z

    Thanks to Technomancer

    Got it. Thanks! ~Rhowena

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