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Find F10A7

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11/15/2009 14:13:33   
Quantum Mod

Find F10A7
Level Requirement: -NIL-
Quest Location: Engineering Deck
Quests Given From: Gravlax

Gravlax: My cousin Babaganouj, who works on the Bridge, borrowed my favorite helper droid, F10A7, and proceeded to send him outside to clean the windshield!! His tether broke and he drifted off.
Gravlax: Please, get F10A7 back for me! Glabbus... jibb...ly.. *sniffles*
  • Find F10A7 - Continue with the dialogue
  • Back

    «Scene: LSS Alteon's Bridge»

    «You»: Crewman Babaganouj? Are you here??

    «Babaganouj enters»

    Babaganouj: Oh snard.... «You»! I heard through the grapevine that Gravlax sent you, but I was hoping he would wait--
    «You»: Well, hello to you too, Babaganouj. Wait for what?
    Babaganouj: --Wait longer before sending one of his engineering minions to pressure me into getting his precious little 'bot back.
    «You»: Hey now-- I'm not a "minion"!
    «You»: And I'm not here to pressure YOU into getting F10A7 back. I'M going to get Floaty myself! I just need you to point me in the right direction.
    Babaganouj: Thank Polba!! I was worried that I'd have to actually risk MY life, but you make me feel much better knowing that it is YOUR life! *whew!*
    Babaganouj: So I sent F10A7 out to clean the Alteon's windshield, and like a responsible master of a robot, I was sure he was connected by a warp-gauge tether.
    Babaganouj: But the tether BROKE and Floaty got separated from the ship!
    «You»: So where did that happen?!?
    Babaganouj: It was near Trescol, but I'm not sure if we were in the planet's gravity well or not at the time. Either way, if you're planning on just flying out there and LOOKING for Floaty, forget it.
    «You»: Why?
    Babaganouj: It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack made of needles mixed with pins.
    «You»: .............. Aren't all 'bots equipped with Ro-Jack(TM)?
    Babaganouj: NEW BOTS are... but Floaty is an old Cor-Dem model. The only way to track him would be to use a Cor-Dem device called a starpeeper.
    «You»: STARPEEPER? Seriously?
    Babaganouj: As serious as a 2-pound bag of cotton candy. Old problem is, Floaty's model is SO out-of-date that there is only ONE starpeeper left.
    Babaganouj: Luckily, the WarpForce has it-- back on V'eld Valkan! Good luck!
    «You»: This little 'bot had better be worth it...
  • To Valkan!

    «The scene switches to the outer space of Lore, where you set off on a shuttle towards Valkan. The scene then switches to V'eld Valkan, and your shuttle arrives at Valkan.»

    Meanwhile, a little 'bot named F10A7 finds himself very lonely as he drifts through into low orbit around Trescol...
  • Continue

    F10A7: F10A7 to Alteon....F10A7 to Alteon...
    F10A7: Come in, Alteon...
    F10A7: A little help, here....?
    F10A7 Controls:

    MOUSE = Move

    Control F10A7 as he falls toward Trescol through a cloud of space junk! Get F10A7 as close to the space junk as you can without hitting it to get the highest score!


    If you crashed into space junk too many times and lost all your health...

    You Failed!
  • Continue

    If you successfully completed the minigame...

    Final Score: «»

  • Continue

    Regardless of outcome, you proceed with the following dialogue.
    «Scene: Trescol»

    F10A7 begins to crash towards Trescol's grounds in a fireball.


    «Scene: V'eld Valkan»

    «You»: Colonel Ba'tokk! Boy, am I glad I ran into you so soon. I'm in a little bit of a rush. Babaganouj from the Alteon told me I could find something called a Starpeeper here on Valkan!
    «You»: Do you know where it is?
    Ba'Tokk: ...Um.
    «You»: ...I... don't like that "um." Does that mean you DO know where the Starpeeper is, or that you DON'T know where the Starpeeper is?
    Ba'Tokk: «You», I am afraid the last Starpeeper was just tossed into the V'eld's trash compactor!
    Ba'Tokk: The F10A7 model 'bots it was made to track are virtually obsolete-- We never thought we'd need to use a Starpeeper ever again.
    Ba'Tokk: You'd better hurry and find that thing before it gets smashed and ejected into the sun!
    «You»: This can't be happening...
  • Go!

    «You»: Aha!! There it is, on top of that discarded 'bot's head! Now to grab it and get out of here before the trash compactor squashes me like a--

    «A few thumping sounds are heard.»

    «You»: What was that?? Sounded like something turned on--?

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «You»: Note to self: Remind Ba'Tokk to remove all batteries from obsolete items BEFORE throwing them away...
    Back on Trescol...
  • Continue

    «Lo'Noc and Va'Sara enter the area where F10A7 crashed.»

    Lo'Noc: Va'Sara, do you see that? It is a small, strange man made of a shiny substance. He seems to be... sleeping?
    Va'Sara: Yes, Lo'Noc. My knowledge as a Shaman tells me nothing about such a creature. It is just out in the middle of our tribe's territory, as though-- it fell from the skies!
    Lo'Noc: Perhaps if I rubbed oil on it's joints...
    Va'Sara: Why would you rub oil on it, Lo'Noc? You make no sense!
    Lo'Noc: Okay, forget the oil. I will poke it with my Luntet then...
    Va'Sara: Be careful... If it IS from the skies, it may not like being poked.

    «Lo'Noc moves towards F10A7 and stops right in front of it.»

    Lo'Noc: ........... Should I?
    Va'Sara: Just poke it already!

    «Lo'Noc jabs F10A7 using his Luntet, but there's no reaction from F10A7. Lo'Noc turns his head and faces Va'Sara.»

    Lo'Noc: What do you think? Again? More poke?

    «Va'Sara facepalms.»

    Va'Sara: uuuughhhh...

    «Lo'Noc turns his head back to face F10A7.»

    Lo'Noc: Okay, no more poke. Truly, this is beyond our understanding...

    «The scene switches to the outer space around Trescol, where you approach the planet on your shuttle. Meanwhile, Lo'Noc and Va'Sara take F10A7 along with them across the desert.»

    Lo'Noc: Va'Sara, do you mind if we take a break? This small sky-person is much heavier than he looks. My backs are killing me.

    «You enter»

    Va'Sara: Okay. While you rest I will meditate. My Third Eye might show me what to do about our little visitor.
    Lo'Noc: !!!!!

    «Lo'Noc and Va'Sara move to the right and face you.»

    «You»: THERE he is!!
    «You»: Oh, uh, I suppose you're wondering who I am! I am «You», of the WarpForce, from the world of Lore!
    Va'Sara: ..... Welcome to Trescol, «You». I-- I am Va'Sara, Shaman of the Chairodontae, and this is Lo'Noc, one of our finest warriors.
    «You»: It is nice to meet you. I'm sorry, but I haven't come on an official diplomatic mission-- I am just here to collect my little metal friend.
    «You»: .... The one you are carrying on your shoulder, Lo'Noc.
    Lo'Noc: Oh! The Sky Man?? What is this "metal" you speak of?
    «You»: Well, "metal" is a substance that is crystalline when solid, and is usually able to be formed or shaped, hard to see through, and conductive to electricity.
    «You»: My little friend there-- name Floaty -- is actually made of an alloy called Cordanium which is a combination of several of the strongest metals in the universe.
    Va'Sara: Amazing! So, «You», YOU are from the Skies as well?
    «You»: Well-- Yes, yes I am.

    «Zechay enters»

    Zechay: I have found them!!!!
    Va'Sara: Zechay!! Your kind is not welcome in the tribe's territory-- you know this!
    Zechay: With my new friends, we Par'Sha will no longer have to heed the laws of the tribe, Shaman!!
    «You»: Whoa-- hold on everyone! What's going on? Who is this guy, Va'Sara??
    Va'Sara: Zechay is a Par'Sha -- once a member of our tribe but banished for his inability to fit in to our culture.
    «You»: Maybe we can talk this out--

    «A Cor-Dem enters the scene.»

    Lo'Noc: Va'Sara, look! It is another tiny man!
    Zechay: Fools! My new friends have promised to help the Par'Sha destroy all of the tribes on Trescol if we pledge our loyalty to them.
    «You»: Sounds like the Network. And the little guy is a Cor-Dem.... Few of the Cor-Dem that remain are NOT part of the Network. I think Trescol is in danger--

    «The scene zooms in on the Cor-Dem.»

    Cor-Gil: I know who you are, WarpForcer!! I have come to take the F10A7 'bot back into possession of the Cor-Dem, where it belongs!

    «The scene zooms back out.»

    «You»: Sorry, but that 'bot has a lot of information about our Fleet. I can't let him fall into the hands of the Network.
    Cor-Gil: So be it. You must be thirty for trouble, Lorian. Par'Sha Zechay, time to demonstrate your loyalty!
    Zechay: GLADLY, master Cor-Gil!!
  • Fight!

  • Battle with Lo'Noc's help! - Lo'Noc will now battle by your side!
  • Battle with Va'sara's help! - Va'sara will now battle by your side!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Cor-Gil: You must think you are special, WarpForcer. You are wrong! All you did was defeat one of these stone-age primitives! Now you will face the might of the Network!!
    «You»: If that "might" is, oh, about your size, I don't think I'll have a problem!
    Cor-Gil: Ha! I would never travel anywhere without some BODYGUARDS...
  • Battle!

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Lo'Noc: Thank you, «You»! This Network seems to be a very terrible thing!
    «You»: It is. They want nothing less than to tear every world apart that they find or turn everyone on it into their servants.
    Va'Sara: The Chairodontae of Trescol will do whatever your WarpForce needs to help fight them, friend.
    «You»: And I promise that we will help defend you from them if -- when -- they come back. Now, do you mind if I take Floaty? It's kind of... my mission.
    Lo'Noc: Oh, yes, of course! Here it is!

    «Lo'Noc places F10A7 on his hand, preparing to throw it to you...»

    «You»: Wait, don't thr---

    «Lo'Noc flings F10A7 to you, and it strikes the ground.»

    «You»: ---ow him...
    Lo'Noc: Was that bad?
    «You»: ...Naaaaa. Hi-tech parts don't usually mind impacts and the like.
    «You»: I just hope I don't get back to the Alteon and have to make another visit to a trash compactor...

    «F10A7 begins to start up its system slowly.»

    «You»: Did you two see that?

    «F10A7 fully starts up, and it flies to the sky.»

    Va'Sara: I did see that....
    Lo'Noc: THAT was the secret! I should have thrown him instead of poked him! I knew I was missing something...

    «Your shuttle takes to the skies and leaves Trescol.»

    Rewards: Get Floaty

  • F10A7 Model 1
  • F10A7 Model WG
  • F10A7 Model Z (Z-Tokens)
  • F10A7 Model 2

    You did it! You got my dear F10A7 back! I don't know how I will ever repay you. Oh wait, yes I do... How about with a free pass to tour Engineering deck any time you want! That's right-- you are welcome to watch me work wonders with Warp Crystals and power conduits any time!

    What's that? You already HAVE a free pass? Hmm... Okay, I got it! I hereby revoke your free pass to Engineering Deck! Okay, NOW I am giving you the free pass BACK! There you go! Glabbus jibbly!
  • Play again! - Skips to the dialogue with Babaganouj
  • Warp Guardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Thanks to whackybeanz.

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