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Explore Dremin

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11/15/2009 14:42:21   
Quantum Mod

Explore Dremin
Quest Prerequisite: Character Level 5
Quest Location: Sick Bay
Quests Given From: Dr. Mendas

Dr. Mendas: I have received a most disturbing report from one of Captain Daian's scouts: The world of Dremin was terraformed and has been colonized by Diceros who escaped their world's destruction by the Devourer long ago.
Dr. Mendas: But the Dicero colonists recently had to leave their new home when the sudden appearance of huge monsters endangered them. The problem is-- those monsters didn't exist when the Diceros first arrived!
Dr. Mendas: Go to the planet Dremin and see if you can find out where those monsters came from and if we can somehow make Dremin safe again for the Diceros!
  • Explore Dremin! - Continue with the dialogue
  • Back

    «A short cutscene shows the LSS Alteon firing a shuttle towards planet Dremin. Two Diceros welcome you and Captain Daian upon arrival.»

    Enki: Fair arrival, Lorian. I am Enki of the Dicero, and this is Enlil. You are «You» of the Alteon, yes?
    «You»: Yes I am. And this is Captain Daian-- She is in command of our rescue patrols.
    Daian: We didn't expect to find any Diceros remaining on the planet.
    Enlil: After we told your scouts what had happened, we decided to remain here to help you track down the monsters.
    Enki: Not to brag, but we both have a nose for tracking. And the monsters are rather large and formidable...
    Daian: Do you know anything about the monsters that might point to their origin?
    Enlil: The two of us are among the greatest hunters of the Dicero, and we have never encountered anything the size of these monsters on this world.
    Enki: Wherever they came from, I don't think it was from here...
    «You»: Are... those the monsters? They look, um, not very intimidating...
    Enlil: Looks can be deceiving. They ARE deceiving in this case. From the patterns of their attacks and the monsters' spread, we think their "nest" is just beyond that ridge--
    Enki: -- But the closer we try to get, the greater the concentration of beasts. We couldn't defeat them all and discover their source. Maybe together we can.
    Daian: There aren't THAT many of them!

    «The scene changes to show a few beasts that Enlil and Enki were talking about. More of the beasts enter.»

    Daian: Okay, there seem to be more... and more...
    Enlil: If one of us can distract them, perhaps the rest can take most of them by surprise?
    «You»: Distractions are one of my specialities!!
  • Distract!
    Controls: MOUSE = Move

    Run through a hoard of Giant Skitters without letting any touch you on your way to find their nest! Get as close to the Skitters as you can without touching them to get the highest score!

    «You commence the mini-game. Touching each Giant Skitter deals you some damage. If you lose all your health, the message "YOU FAILED" appears, but you will continue with the dialogue.

    Succeeding in completing the mini-game yields the message "VICTORY! Final Score: «»" and you will continue with the dialogue.»
    Daian: «You», good job! Now, are you ready to help us get through the stragglers?!
  • Battle!

  • Fight the monsters with Daian! - Daian will now battle by your side!
  • Fight the monsters with Enlil! - Enlil will now battle by your side!
  • Fight the monsters with Enki! - Enki will now battle by your side!
  • Fight the monsters alone!

    Full Heal after the 2nd and 3rd battles

    «You»: We did it! Wait-- did I miss something? Are we at the nest yet? What are those weird metal barrels??

    «A tiny Skitter moves towards the spillage from the barrels and consumes the green liquid. It then grows exponentially into a giant Skitter.»

    «You»: Wow! This appears to be a case of mysterious green mutating ooze!

    «A Tytoa enters»

    «You»: And who are YOU? Is this your ooze??

    «Captain Daian moves into a battle stance.»

    Daian: Watch out-- He's a Tytoa! Their stock-in-trade is engineering biological toxins for the Network!
    Zormath: The female is correct. We found these small Skitter creatures on this world and discovered that their biology melded perfectly with a new metamorphic solution I designed.
    Zormath: This was our first test of the Giant Skitters' potential. They succeeded in proving themselves.
    Zormath: A new weapon for the good of the Network has been born, and you will not stop me from transmitting the results to my superiors!
    «You»: So... you still have to transmit the results, then? You, physically, have to go somewhere to do it?
    Zormath: YES! And now-- uh-- Hm. Pardon me while I escape...
  • Battle!

    1 BATTLE: Giant Skitter (as above)

    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Daian: We did it, «You»! Enlil, Enki... Now it's time to work on getting your people back here.

    Rewards: Dremin
    Skitter Z
    WG Skitter
    Hairy Skitter
    Furry WG Skitter
    Fuzzy Skitter Z
    Bristly Skitter


    Thank you for your assistance in saving the Diceros' new colony world of Dremin!

    Captain Daian has dispatched a biohazard cleanup team to remove and destroy the Tytoan metamorphic liquid, and we will soon begin the process of helping the Diceros re-settle their lands.

    In the meantime, I hope you can provide a good home for one of the little Skitter creatures I had brought back from Dremin. They are delightly little things, aren't they? Except when they've been mutated, of course...
  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Thanks to whackybeanz.

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