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Miss Fixit - Quest for the Viridian!

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11/21/2009 17:39:35   
Legendary AK!!!

Quest for the Viridian!

Location: Battleon » Click on Miss Fixit » Rumors? The Viridian?

Note: Text that are grayed out are not available as dialogue now.

Aelthai: «You», hi there! I'm Aelthai - also known as Miss Fixit, among many other names.
Aelthai: I bet you're wondering why I'm here! I'm one of the Knights of Order (or KoO if you prefer). We are responsible for making sure Lore retains the balance intended by Lorithia.
Miss Fixit: I'm also the AdventureQuest Bugs Head Moderator - and so I was elected spokesKnight for this.
Miss Fixit: I'm here today to announce the recent changes, updates, and improvements - fixes, even - we have made.
  • What did you fix this time?
  • Have you heard any new rumors?
  • Can you tell me about your staff? - Replays Miss Fixit Returns! quest
  • What is that sword? - Replays Miss Fixit! quest
  • Back to Town!

    What did you fix this time?
    Miss Fixit: Rewriting reality takes a lot of time, but we have made good progress! I even took a trip out to the LSS Alteon to give them a hand. This batch of fixes includes:
    Miss Fixit: Kindred Armor will not use a weapon's trigger on the meditation healing. The Drakelbane stones will affect the accuracy of the correct attacks.
    Miss Fixit: The Shearhide Forms from both the Lore-bound and space-bound Astramorphers will use the right stats for calculating the effect of HP potions;
    Miss Fixit: also, the Astramorpher will no longer be able to transform you if you are unable to change armors for some reason, or have no health remaining.
    Miss Fixit: The damage from stats was increased on the spell granted by the Dr. Boom Power Shards. The Z-token items were returned to the Mystery event reward shop.
    Miss Fixit: The Corpse Cannons were re-enchanted to properly fire its main attack. The Frankenglaives no longer display unusual numbers. The "Resistance is Feudal" event is accessible in Darkovia.
    Miss Fixit: The shots fired by the Gunblade in its gun form are now recognized as a "gun attack." (This is basically invisible to you, and is just a future-proofing precaution!)
    Miss Fixit: The Gravy Cannon spells were given a damage boost. Finally, the Serpent's Fang Gi now uses your Strength and Dexterity in proper proportions to match other Ranged attacks.

    Have you heard any new rumors?

    Miss Fixit: Have I heard any rumors lately? Umm... I'm not really one to follow gossip, but I guess I did see Hans go into the pet shop with more chocolates...
    Miss Fixit: Oh! Oh, right. The weapons hanging from every belt loop, the spellbook stuffed full, the army of pets following you...
    Miss Fixit: You mean rumors about a new weapon or something, right? Wellllll....
    Miss Fixit: Zephyros, one of the other Knights of Order, DID mention something about some ancient swords. He grumbled about being too busy with our latest fixes to go himself.
    Miss Fixit: Hmm, what was it he said about them... Oh, I wish I'd written this down...
    Miss Fixit: ...
    Miss Fixit: Oh yes, that's right. He called them the Viridians-- totemic swords, legendary among the ancient Vykking warrior-sailors who once prowled the northern seas!

    Miss Fixit: He said he thinks they left a cache of these swords at AetherFall Atoll, guarded by the ferocious VORG. He's still waiting for the Vykkings to come back to claim them.
    Miss Fixit: I suppose the silly thing doesn't realize they're all dead. Anyway, I can get you a map there if you wanted to go see if Zephyros has really located the lost cache.
    Miss Fixit: I'd suggest you borrow one of Captain Rhubarb's ships for your trip to the Atoll. That is, if you are brave enough to face the Vorg!
  • I sure am!
  • I need to go work up some bravery... - Return to Quest Log

    «The scene shows you sailing on one of Captain Rhubarb's ships.»
      6 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
    «The scene shows the ship arriving at the shores of AetherFall Atoll.»
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
    «The Vorg enters.»

    Vorg: Hiiissssss..... You are not Vykking!! You shall not touch the Viridian swords!!!
    «You»: If you're waiting for a Vykking to come along, you'll be waiting for a LONG time. They're all gone, and your Viridian swords deserve to be in the hands of real warriors.
    «You»: Stand aside and let me pass, and then you can leave this place and go out into the world. Trust me, you could find a good job working for some world-conquering tyrant somewhere.
    Vorg: You lie!!! The Vykkings will return someday, and I will be rewarded for my vigil!! Now-- DIE!!!!!
  • Fight!

  • Viridian Z [L. 10 Z]
  • Viridian [L. 18]
  • Decorated Viridian [L. 42]
  • Guardian Viridian [L. 54 G]
  • Ornate Viridian Z [L. 64 Z]
  • Flashy Viridian [L. 73]
  • Flamboyant Viridian [L. 92]
  • Extravagant Viridian [L. 112]

    Miss Fixit: So the swords were there after all, and you defeated the Vorg. Good job! Now that a Viridian is yours, be sure to treat it with respect. I'm sure the ancient Vykkings would appreciate that!
  • Replay Quest
  • Back - Return to Quest Log
    Monster Encounter List
    Level 0-14
    Blecch (1)
    Blue Wyvern Hatchling (7)
    Braken (8)
    Kelpy Clarkson (7)
    Sea Squirt (10)
    Selkie (7)
    Vagaran (2)

    level 15-34
    Giant Piranha (25)
    Katharine McSeaweed (26)
    Killer Whalezard (18)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Sea Squirt (20)
    Selkie (18)
    Young Blue Wyvern (22)

    Level 35-54
    Blecch (28)
    Braken (35)
    Giant Piranha (50)
    No-Eyes (52)
    Plantasia Marino (46)
    Sea Squirt (30)
    Selkie (42)
    Vagaran Warfighter (38)

    Level 55-74
    Carrie Undersea (66)
    Drakel Water Raider (60)
    Huge Amphibious Oyster (55)
    Braken (58)
    No-Eyes (52)
    Sea Squirt (70)
    Vagaran (62)

    Level 75+
    Giant Piranha (75)
    Jordin Sharks (86)
    Mutant Natator (78)
    Sea Squirt (70)
    Sea Squirt (90)
    Selkie (87)
    Vagaran (84)

    Entry write up thanks to whackybeanz. Monster List thanks to In Media Res. Location thanks to shadowyams. Guardian tag thanks to battlesiege15 and In Media Res.

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