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=WF= Gameplay Feedback Thread

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9/26/2010 16:21:52   
Bu Kek Siansu

WarpForce Gameplay Feedback Thread

Do you like WarpForce? Do you hate it? Have an opinion? :P
Here's the thread to lay down your thoughts on the game and give the staff a general idea on how the players(YOU) feel about it. This is in no way a Suggestions thread, but it is a way to get your voice heard and feelings expressed about the game.

Some general rules:
  • Keep it constructive.
  • Follow the Universal Rules.
  • This is NOT a Suggestions thread so don't even start on that.
  • NO WarpGuardian vs Non-WarpGuardian flaming.
  • No spamming.
  • No Begging for an upgrade.
  • If you want to discuss the feedback someone gives with them, please do so via PM instead of posting in this thread
  • Feedback may be subject to clarification and response by Board and Game Staff.
  • And no Woot first post, it's considered spam.

    Questions belong here: Official Release Q&A Thread
    Bugs/Typos belong here: WarpForce Bugs

    I think that covers some of it. :)

    Note: All feedback the players can provide, negative feedback included, is greatly appreciated.
    However, please keep in mind that feedback should remain civil and constructive.

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  • Post #: 1
    11/24/2009 17:23:14   

    Is it just me or does Trinni (When in battle) seem far away from the Player's Character?

    It just looks akward to have that much distance as she appears to be basically in the middle of the screen.
    Post #: 2
    11/24/2009 21:19:31   

    I find that warp force is a great game. My only complaint is that some of the cut scenes are too long. I love to watch them from time to time but I would like to see a skip cutscene button included because I often find that my computer has difficulty handling these scenes so it makes it slower getting to the actual quest
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
    11/25/2009 15:29:40   

    As a player I agree with you. Sometimes you just want to get on with the good stuff.

    However, as a writer, a lot of effort goes into writing a lot of the details that make a story interesting. We kind of want you to see everything. I would think the poor programmers who do all the hard work would want us to enjoy their efforts as well.

    That being said, viewing a cut scene for the sixth time does get to be a bit much and a cut button would be a good idea.
    Post #: 4
    11/26/2009 23:05:15   
    Iron Man

    great game!

    Needs small improvements but not many

    and maybe classes?
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
    11/26/2009 23:20:46   

    @ alderon,

    I love to watch the cut scenes the very first time through because I like the writing. I am only saying for multiple plays in the same session. I think they need to do what they did in dragonfable. That for the first time you log in you must watch the cut scene but after that you could have the option of skipping that scene afterwards on subsequent play throughs.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
    11/27/2009 0:01:46   
    More than a Game


    I kinda do agree with having a skip button. I watch the cutscenes for sure, but with the WF level cap continuously being raised (meaning quests must be redone to upgrade items to a higher level), it does get repetitive. It also slows down farming, and it isn't all that great when playing on secondary characters.
    Epic  Post #: 7
    11/27/2009 8:22:48   

    Cool looking armors and weapons,armor menus are fun to look at also
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
    12/2/2009 4:47:18   

    As of now the difficulty still seems a bit off. At least for warptrackers, who are a bit hard pressed for level appropriate equipment, it basically comes down to how high the enemy level is, rather then the actual enemy itself being a problem.

    It could be any enemy, but if I happen to get a level 32 enemy, currently at level 20, after fighting a level 13 enemy, I just don't have the HP/potions to win against it.

    Aside from that, I really like the direction the game is going in. The level gaps in warptracker stuff are a bit much sometimes, but what are you gonna do. ;p
    AQ DF  Post #: 9
    12/2/2009 22:08:35   

    I notice one thing, there are too much undead enemy, make us fight by Light weapon too much.
    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 10
    12/2/2009 22:15:59   
    The Braken Bard

    I'm really impressed by the use of music and the animations are very good. One thing that kind of annoys me though is that when you use the Ache Machine, your face temporarily disappears. Other than that though the game is really good. And the scaling is still a little annoying (I did a level 5 quest and had to fight a level 28 Tytoa).
    AQ MQ  Post #: 11
    12/2/2009 22:45:49   
    How We Roll Winner

    I've been playing a lot more warpforce lately, and that given I've noticed that for some strange reason or another, In that whole peace-treaty mission between the two alien species, that my character gets in the way of what the two network aliens are saying. To the point where the one on my left in that scene, I can't even read what he's saying. That needs to be corrected so there won't be any confusion as to what's being said. That said, the animation, the creativity and the endless hours that go into warpforce, are by and far extremely pleasing not only to look at, but to interact with. The backgrounds are crisp, the space-moving scenes "could" go a tiny bit faster rather then that slow-motion style they have been doing a bit of, however, it isn't really that much of a bad thing. The pets and weapons are fun to use, and the over all feel of the entire atmosphere, reminds me of something far superior to space quest style games. The only planet we have to explore right now is satiren. But it's still a nice looking place.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 12
    12/4/2009 18:38:44   

    Hi guys,

    I've got a few comments:

    1. I'm enjoying the storyline and the cutscenes. I find that sometimes the animation and dialogue in the cutscenes goes too fast and you can't see it/read it properly - I've either had to redo the quest or check the Encyclopedia.

    2. The new races and planets are great. Showing the Alteon travelling through space before every quest to a new planet is probably not really necessary.

    3. The music is fantastic. Listening to Zobak's/Zorboz's evil laugh in the background during some scenes/quests over and over again is not. That gets really annoying.

    4. Several people have mentioned about the battles being long and boring. I have to agree. The ratio of damage done to total health means an awful lot of turns, and when every turn takes several clicks and several animations, it is very slow and tedious.

    Streamlining the battle interface more would be great, and either changing the amount of damage done or the enemy health points could also help a lot.

    Regarding the battle interface:
    a) It takes 2 clicks to use normal attack, three clicks to use a battlesuit attack. Could that be reduced by showing the battlesuit attacks in the same menu as normal attack - that would eliminate an extra menu and an extra click.
    b) It would be helpful to show the cost of using battlesuit attacks - some cost, some don't - how do you know? And how do you know whether it uses MP or SP? You don't until you get a message saying you don't have enough MP/SP to use it.
    c) What's the difference between skills and attacks? Many of the skills offer special attacks - why are they in a separate menu from the other attacks? This means you have to look in several places to find which attacks you can use. And again, it's not clear from the interface whether the skill attacks use MP or SP.

    Basically, the battle interface is too complicated, inefficient and uninformative.
    Battles are normally about eliminating your opponent as quickly as possible while minimising harm to yourself. Battles in WF are drawn-out affairs because most of the time is spent using the interface. In real life, if people had to fuss around finding their weapons or ammo or whatever, they would be dead. They have to be there, ready to go, immediately.

    5. Now this isn't really about the game mechanics but about graphics: it would be great if we could see things clearly. Perhaps scaling the size of characters/monsters/scenery etc. a little so they fit on screen instead of being clipped.

    Best features:
    - great story
    - great quests
    - great music
    - great artwork

    Worst features:
    - battles

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    DF MQ  Post #: 13
    12/8/2009 21:27:15   

    Greetings and Salutations,

    I rather like jakemaster1390's idea about forcing the first cutsceen then an option to skip it after that. They kinda make redoing quests for better equipment a drag sometimes. I also agree that space movement is slow enough that even the first time through I tend to go get a soda or something during it. Is anyone else wondering WHY combat pauses for WarpDragon comments? I mean it's not like they're really pause worthy to begin with...plus the Guardian Dragon in AQ doesn't make the combat pause for his silly remarks. Just kind wondering why they added that feature in WarpForce. Personally I kinda like the once a month updates though. Since I play AQ, DF, MQ, and WF all at the same time. (makes farming a little more bearable)
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
    12/9/2009 11:49:19   
    Jakau Ryuu

    I've been playing WarpForce since its Beta release, and even though it's quite a bit smaller than AQ, I find it just as playable in most aspects. It's grown on me quite a bit - especially in the past couple of weeks, where I've been playing it more.
    Even though I'm more of a swords-and-spells person, Warpforce does a great job of pulling in the players and blending a bit of the AQ style into a more spacey, technology-based game. Of course, it's an expansion of AQ, but it's different enough that it doesn't feel quite like an attachment to the game. It's hard to explain, but it seems like more than just something built to explain what happens after the departure of the Network.
    I think my favorite feature - besides getting a preview of what Post-Sweep AQ will be like - is the gauntlets. Aside from providing defense and just looking good, they provide an extra bit of damage every once in a while. It's a mechanic unique to Warpforce, and I look forward to seeing more gauntlets.
    The fact that sometimes, the cutscenes slow down to a crawl does occasionally annoy me, but that's really the only downside to the game, and it's not major enough to detract from the quality of the game itself, in my mind.

    < Message edited by Jakau Ryuu -- 12/9/2009 12:00:39 >
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 15
    12/9/2009 15:53:50   

    I have been playing both Adventure Quest and Mech Quest for some time now, and just started playing Warp Force a few days ago. So far, I like what I see, and look forward to what the future holds. The only complaint I have (so far :P) is about player races. I picked the Drakel race, just for something different, but I don't care much for the way they are designed (it's just a Drakel head and tail pasted on a human body) and would like the option of re-choosing race. Any chance this of this option becoming available?
    AQ  Post #: 16
    12/9/2009 19:35:28   
    DragonFable Boxcat

    Highly unlikely to happen, I think, Deltoru. I'm sorry you don't like your choice! :(
    AQ MQ  Post #: 17
    12/10/2009 3:04:30   

    To be honest I have played all 4 AQ games except AQ Worlds. At one time it was getting too much!!

    My fave has been AQ and I did have interest in MQ and DF. Prior to WF, I had lost interest in DF and MQ especially MQ. The only thing preventing me from deleting my acct totally in both games is the amount of real life money and time invested in them. With the introduction of WF, it has further cemented my non-playing of DF and MQ.

    It is a refreshing change and is actually more of a lunch time game than the other three. Congrats to AQ on that and I hope it will be maintained in that regard. It doesnt punish non-farmers and allows the player to progress at own pace - I look forward to when I own my own room in either the WG tower or the Alteon.

    Battle On!!
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 18
    12/15/2009 13:52:14   

    like you siad dude wf is pretty cool but mabye it could be like aq worlds where you walk around talk and have buddy lists and do the rgular thing because if oyuy think about it the people make aq worlds and its almost like a better verssion of aq so why not do that with warp force a future version of aq worlds and mabye for that one there shouldnt be members atleast for a while so it kicks off


    Post #: 19
    12/15/2009 17:08:23   

    Overall, for me...Warp Force is a so-so game.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the new locales, the new characters, and the new art (the addition of music is nice, too!) However...It is, at its core, just AQ with a new attack bar. With each of the new games, I've looked forward to AE introducing something new, and exciting. Warpforce...While it is new in concept, is essentially a futuristic veneer over the AQ system.

    Of course, I DO love AQ: I have played it for years, and will continue to do so. But WF is essentially a second AQ: since I started, I just felt like my AQ character was reset, given new art, and put into a new environment. To me, this isn't fun, so much as it is frustrating.

    It would be better for me if WF had sought to IMPROVE on the AQ engine, rather than just run on it. One of my personal dislikes regarding AQ is the lack of any walkaround system. You click buttons to get places: it doesn't leave for much of a sense of continuity. Warpforce, rather than trying to implement a walkaround system like the other three AE games, continued to stick with the AE engine's limited perspective.

    Another is a lack of player interaction. Although DF, MQ, and especially AQW, have remedied this problem somewhat, WF continues to isolate players from one another, just like in AQ. Almost like WF has taken a step BACKWARD, rather than advancing. And yes, I also feel a skip button is very much needed for cutscenes: I can respect that the authors and designers want us to see everything. But making us do so EVERY time we wish to do the quest? That's rather... Repetitive.
    AQ MQ  Post #: 20
    12/16/2009 9:00:44   

    i think that warp force and aq could use a walk around system it would rack in players like nobody's buisness also if any of you have evr played runescape and are a member pretty sweet right yea well mabye aq should throw in a littl of that

    Another thing i would adress is probably the fact of choosing i'll bring up another example fable and fableII look i know in aq you can pick your race and stuff but you know what its not the same i mean you wanna talk to somebody mabye it can give you a list of things to bring up or you can type in a response that would be cool

    and i dont wanna sound like a complainer but the isolation of players i dont like that about aq or wf thats kinda why i started playing epic duel and aq wolds a bit more i mean all i'm thinkin is com'mon i got buddies who play and what if i wanna talk to them i think the house thing is cool though

    well this is my opinoin yours truely, johnboy


    Post #: 21
    12/18/2009 2:16:44   
    Helpful and Constructive!

    I don't think that walkaround and multiplay are neccessary features for a game to be successful. In fact, one of the bigger reasons why AQ and WF are the only AE games that I still play is the lack of such features.

    To me, walkaround is plainly boring; I am not thrilled at all at the sight of my character taking twenty seconds to get from one side of the screen to the other just to advance to the next part of the corridor. I much prefer to advance directly and quickly to the next significant part of the quest (a monster, an object I have to find, a NPC...).

    And I prefer my games to be enjoyable without having to depend on other players. If I want to interact with the community I come to the forums, but on the game I prefer to be left on my own. Some hints of cooperation are nice, such as wars, where you see the efforts of the rest of the players counting towards a common goal. But that is as much as I can enjoy when it comes to multiplay.

    So i have to disagree that the lack of those means that WF does not expand on AQ features. It has definite improvements on other fields (like more attack options on most armours, or well-defined standarts on pricing and power progression) that are more closely related to the gameplay that AQ players appreciate.
    AQ  Post #: 22
    12/18/2009 14:31:09   
    Kalyn Valeheart
    Constructively Friendly!

    I second that Traveler. My own gaming experiene is far better when solitary, such as in AQ or WF which remains part of the reason why I became interested in Ae games in the first place as well as the reason why I have never got invovled with any mmo. I'm glad to know I do not seem to be the only one not very enthusiastic about elements such as " open multiplay" (as opposed to player co-operation you have mentioned), as a lot of voices seem to express the opposite sentiment and remain insistent on multiplay. AQW and now EpicDuel are the games that cater for those needs in fair measure, in my humble opinion.

    Having played WF some more lately, I feel inclined to repeat that personally I really like it for what it is. As an add-on it fulfills its purpose, expanding on AQ gameplay experience. Are add-ons supposed to bring innovative gameplay solutions to the game or improve its engine? I suppose they might, to some extent. But WF does just that. It expands on the graphics/audio elements and offers a branched off storyline which has a distinct enough flavour in order to be enjoyed in separation from AQ while at he same time conveniently fitting into the AQ universe. At the same time, as has been mentioned, WF improves on AQ gameplay in several ways and thus the add-on beomes really more casual player friendly, something which I myself find refreshing.

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    DF  Post #: 23
    12/29/2009 21:05:09   

    I kinda like the concept of resetting my AQ character and putting him into a sci-fi setting. AQ was much easier and more fun when I was a newbie, and WF brings that warm, fuzzy feeling back. The only difference is, this time I know what I'm doing. Also, before getting involved in AQ and seeing how awesome knighthood and wizardry can be, I was a sci-fi buff with a dislike for fantasy, so it brings back that nostalgic feeling, too. ^_^ Minus the disliking fantasy part. :|
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
    12/31/2009 14:46:46   

    i think stats cost a little too much considering the amount of money we're getting per battle. i just trained my str to 95 and it costed like 650 gold which took a huge chunk of my money :( 650 golf could probably buy you like 6 weapons XD i've had fun getting to level 34 so i hope they increase the level cap so i can keep training can't wait till the next release:) and so far most of my weapons have pretty weak specials :( a normal attack in star ninja can match the firepower of most of my weapons' specials (except the wind weapon that thing's a nuke :))

    i think people enjoy mutiplayer games because they can show off XD that's why i like em :)

    i like the fact that i could get a brand new start in a game. the only reason why i stopped playing AQ is because my build was terrible and i didn't want to retrain all my stats so i've turned to warpforce as a replacement for my aq account. i never wanted to make a new character in aq because i thought that'd be a waste of my other char :)

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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