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RE: =WF= Gameplay Feedback Thread

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9/28/2010 15:59:57   

I hope that means more quests in between quests so the game feels less of a grind.
AQ  Post #: 51
10/28/2010 1:08:47   

It needs much more diversity in the weapons and armors. I dislike the feel that all i am doing is getting the same weapon again. just that its upgraded this time.

Theres also a lot of minor bugs that get annoying. All have already been mentioned before though. If you guys patch these up soon, then it might help the games lasting appeal because, I'll tell you honestly. it looks a bit unprofessional when i have to restart a whole mission because my armor was unequipped since the last time i checked, or the text bubble is behind my gauntlet (Namely this happens in the 1st real mission you get sent on in the hangar).

nothing much else to say, however I really should mention that the Plot is much more interesting than AQ's was at this point.

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AQ DF  Post #: 52
10/28/2010 1:53:17   
More than a Game


The lack of weapons and items will come as the game ages. Since releases are once a month, it may take a longer time, but that goal is eventually bound to be achieved. A quote from Galanoth says that the team will focus on more mid-level content as well (as many players are requesting). It is almost definitely planned by the staff that we won't have the same series of weapons to use all the way up until higher levels. Just sit tight and enjoy the game as it is now-- patience is a virtue ;-)
Epic  Post #: 53
11/9/2010 9:26:48   

I'm enjoying it myself, since I first started out playing AQ years ago, it's nice to come back to an old familiar game style with a new face. Normally I play AQ Worlds but I often live in constant fear of something happening to my account because well, there's so many scammers and hackers on there I'm afraid they'll steal my character from me or something. WF and AQ I don't have to worry so much. Just to be safe though I don't really display my character links on my forum profile anymore.

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Post #: 54
11/10/2010 18:27:22   


I hope that means more quests in between quests so the game feels less of a grind.

+1 to this. The game feels to grindtastic at the moment. I find it annoying that I am unable to progress through the main story as I have to level up several times first, which takes a ridiculous amount of time and thus giving me less of an incentive to play my guardian character (effort != reward at this stage). The lack of content to bridge the level gaps also works against the games favour and waiting for more contents also seems like a redundant solution.

I think an overhaul of the current level requirement system is order. I also think some good discussion between staff members and players could go a long way.

Also I think the issue regarding long hair clipping in the Warptrooper armour should be looked at.
Post #: 55
11/18/2010 16:58:40   
ShadowScythe Valen

What do I think about WarpForce?

Well first off, I like how the gameplay mechanics are very similar to Adventure Quest. I don't really mind the fact that you can't walk around.

When I decide whether or not I like a game, I base it on my personal likings. I, myself, enjoy games where strategy is involved.

Sure, maybe you can't walk around, but it is a strategy game. I like games where you actually have to know what you're doing, rather then just spamming the "Attack" button.

I like WarpForce, and I think that it does indeed have potential to be a very enjoyable game. I will now list the Pros and Cons. (Based solely on my opinion)


-Adventure Quest-Like Gameplay (Which I love)

-Fairly descent storyline

-Nice Graphics

-Ability to choose race, as well as class

-Challenging at times. (I hate easy games)

-Game rarely gets boring

-Good futuristic time setting

-Can hold up to 50 Hp and Mp potions, not to mention you also login with 5 of each.


-Very limited equipment, and not enough variety. (Weapons , Spells, and Armors stay the same, only become more powerful.)

-Infrequent updates

-No "Travel Map" or Exploration what so ever, not enough quests. You have to stay in the ship at all times. Can make me feel clausterphobic at times.

-Similar to all AE Games, you must pay for some sort of special "Membership". (I just convinced my mom to upgrade my AQ account, not gonna do the same for WarpForce.)

-Quest dialogue takes forever. Can be a pain for players who just want to kill stuff.

-Is it just me, or the higher the level the monster is, the less EXP you recieve? Most level 5-10 monsters give around 45 xp, while levl 13-18 monsters give out 20 xp.

I understand that WarpForce is in it's early stages, and I accept that. It has the potential to become a great game, it just needs some more content. It would be great to travel to places other than inside of your spaceship, though.

My Overall Rating: 8/10

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AQ  Post #: 56
11/21/2010 17:25:38   

the game is pro but if you can increase the speed on battles a bit more or a lot more(since I always prefer speed>all), I think the game would be great and entertaining and less on time consuming and eventually boredom. Oh the skip scene too that everyone is talking about would be a big plus as well^^
Post #: 57
11/21/2010 22:45:17   
The Harukyuba Bros.

I think that once the major gameplay and graphics bugs are fixed and some more content (quests and weapons as already mentioned)is added, some focus should be put into creating some advertising for the game in order to attract more players.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 58
11/22/2010 10:26:16   

The game doesnt seem to be in the same innovative train of thought that the newer AQ games have. It seems like the game has lost direction or never had a strong one to begin with. Like as if someone said, "Hey lets make Battleon IN SPAAACE!" then subsequently stopped after that.

It seems like, from the majority of the feedback on this page, the percieved success of this game is based on how much time passes, and the old rpg concepts like "Loot" and "Quests" instead of actual "Gameplay".
AQ  Post #: 59
11/23/2010 18:44:09   

I've posted this in another thread but I will also post it here as I feel it is important. I will also like to agree with MonsterMike's post above. The general idea assumed by the WF team and player base seems to be that the game will improve over time and that players should be patient (i.e. wait for the game to become good). I'd like to point out that the game has currently lost its direction. With releases becoming shallower and a massive amount of equipment gaps and lack of item choice still apparent after nearly a year, a lot of the dedicated fan base will simply leave the game at this rate before the game becomes "awesome". I think WF needs a mini overhaul and the WF team needs to sit down, have a meeting and discuss ways of doing things differently to the way they are being done now.


Another single quest release, that is extremely disappointing. Considering a WF monthly release is supposed to be meatier than a weekly AQ release and contain a variety of content (i.e. more that one), I dare say that recent the AQ releases have been “meatier” than the recent WF releases.

The original foundations of the game’s release schedule is that WF is supposed to have large, single month releases instead of small weekly releases, I say the staff have dropped the ball big time on this one.

Also, with the current lack of equipment choice in game still apparent, WF IMO is not improving over time as fast as I would like.

/sad panda

Post #: 60
11/23/2010 20:31:03   

when i first seen that aq had an expansion i thought to myself "ahh great here we go........" to my surprise it was not as bad as i thought it would be, i would rate this game based on everything a 8/10(harsh critic, i rated Halo Reach a 4/10 so do not feel to bad) now i would ad in a few features like build your own weapons and upgrade your own ship, unless you have those thoughts underway already. now combat, as much as i agree with most of it, i think that giving us the skills when we buy the armor is not to bad, but could make it more interesting as of obtaining skills instead of just giving them to us, then again i have no clue what you people are thinking of(recalls past encounters with cysero) so i am going to be quite on that subject.

as it basically having the same battle system as AQ, i am not surprised nor writing a hate speech on it, you are working with flash and alot of games keep their combat system and place them in other games, like "Fallout" has some of the same control system on their sister game "Oblivion" and they still make great games regardless, although it would not hurt to add a few things, i can not think of anything off the top of my head but if you have anything that you think maybe great go right ahead, i mean the gauntlet was terrific and i really enjoyed shooting that a few people.

now as for walking around, as fun as that sounds, i think that would kinda make it harder on the staff and would cause more problems, sure you could please the public by having it walk around but were basically using the same battle system so there is virtually no need for that, even thought DF and MQ has walkaround, i kinda think their game needs it as this one could work with it, it really doesnt.

yes i know what my name says, i just thought i should give my personal insight on this game since i believed it to be very well and balanced game.

happy thanksgiving.


DF  Post #: 61
11/24/2010 1:01:40   
More than a Game


Just on the walking around idea, as you said, there's DF, MQ, AQW and ED for that. And even the upcoming SuperHero Quest. I personally think that AQ and WF should be kept like this where you can just click a button and get to a location. A main reason why I don't play DF/MQ is the simple yet somewhat complex maps (I don't really know the maps that well, so for example, if I walk into the dark woods into the Necropolis, I'd be like "Hey, how'd I get here?" and "How would I go where I wanted"). I know there's the flying monster that takes you to different places, but I don't know exactly who is where if there weren't an Encyclopedia in these forums. But anyhoo, my main point is that one of the most attractive charms of AQ/WF is the pure simplicity of clicking a button or two to do an action (ie. Battle Monster or The Bridge), and with that taken away, it wouldn't be as unique and special.

So yeah. My $0.02.
Epic  Post #: 62
11/26/2010 14:17:38   

I'm thinking that the game might be losing a little value by placing a shop at the end of every single quest. It feels a little disappointing to go on a quest knowing that you'll probably only gain a couple battle's gold out of it, if at all. Maybe bind those rewards to a shop at the questgiver's that unlocks items as you complete their quests, only keeping some items (like the Hand of Creation) at end-of-quest shops?

Tronzor is really tough. Intelligence training against him especially is very hard at early levels.

Other than that, my only problem is the lack of variety, which should be solved as more content is added.
AQ  Post #: 63
12/13/2010 18:45:44   

I've posted this in another thread but I will post it here.

Warpforce needs a large overhaul however if the staff are diligent enough, things can be fixed. The below are just some suggestions that I can think of however I suggest the staff also have serious internal on brainstorming more ideas for fixing the game (take note of the fact that the game needs fixing).

Remove level restrictions on main storyline quests
Grinding 5 levels just to play 1 quest, only having to grind *another* 5 levels to progress further does not warrant fun gameplay nor does is offer any strong incentive to continue playing. As a rule of thumb for game design, if something is restricted to a player, rather than play the game extensively to “unlock” it, in most instances, the player will most likely quit the game or ignore the feature, thus shortening the lifespan of the game. Locking out the core portion of the storyline/game in this fashion has worked against the game as a result.

Prioritise plugging item gaps
Add more competitive items to the existing item stops in the game. There is currently a lack of choice and too much of a need to complete a quest in order to purchase an item. It becomes especially annoying at higher levels where one has to complete several quests just to refresh their inventory.

Add more competitive Armours/Armour Variety
One of the big hooks of warpforce was the fact that the game uses post sweep balance standards and an extensive array of skills embedded in all armours Currently there is a lack of variety as far as armour choice is concerned (with the majority of armours being warrior based/containing warrior skills/recycled skills). I suggest adding more armours (including more mage/gunner based armours/armour skills).

Add Giftboxes and Frostvale quests to Warpforce
I see no reason why warpforce does not have any Frostvale giftboxes or Frostvale quests. The Frostvale sword and gun release of last year was fairly disappointing and the lack of a Frostvale quest gave the feeling that “Frostvale is present in every AE game, except WF”. WF appears to be a second thought as far as Frostvale is concerned (which is very sad IMO) and something needs to be done about this.

Fix outstanding bugs
There are quite a few outstanding bugs in game that need to be squished. One such bug, the hair clipping issue with the warp trooper armour has been around for a year now. In general, I’ve noticed a lot of the graphic issue appear to be layering issues with hair/armours/gauntlets/weapons.

Return of big monthly releases
The past few monthly releases have been somewhat shallow and to be honest, there have been weekly releases in other AE games that have been bigger. Small monthly releases work against the original premise and release promise of the game. The big monthly releases of the distant past need to return.
Post #: 64
12/29/2010 1:18:56   

The Question


Add more competitive Armours/Armour Variety
One of the big hooks of warpforce was the fact that the game uses post sweep balance standards and an extensive array of skills embedded in all armours Currently there is a lack of variety as far as armour choice is concerned (with the majority of armours being warrior based/containing warrior skills/recycled skills). I suggest adding more armours (including more mage/gunner based armours/armour skills).

- I agree. From AQ and WF, Gunners and Rangers classes are really lacking in everything. Though they have the guns, you can see that these guns aren't very effective nor entertaining. Their power is mostly limited to firing once or twice and having a small chance of doing extra damage, with the same attack animation. It's almost like Gunners and Rangers are supposed to have tank armours instead of offensive ones since most of their attacks are congested to that one attack, having no speacialty whatsoever compared to the Striker/Warrior class. My suggestion is to have make some kind of armour for them; like the basic class armour,by adding some special attacks when using a gun weapon. For example, there is a chance of striking multiple times more than the current amount they are firing.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 65
12/30/2010 18:16:40   
J style

GOOD ideas, totally agree with u, i'm a gunner so i would like to see more feature on my part,

for the armor part, except the warp guardian gunner , thought it'll be cool to have more variety
AQ DF  Post #: 66
1/3/2011 15:50:47   
Moon Raven

Why do I miss so much in this game?! It's very annoying to miss every second attack you make or more.
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 67
1/3/2011 19:26:45   
More than a Game


That's what I experienced too at my early levels, but when I got up to the 40-50 level range, I missed much less, probably because I had more stats to train. If you are a Striker, train STR and DEX, they'll both help out with BtH. As a Gunner, Focus on DEX and LUK. If you max those stats out, you'll have the highest accuracy possible, not counting the accuracy bonus from armors and weapons of course.
Epic  Post #: 68
1/6/2011 17:26:51   

I like the game, basically since it's almost a miniature AQ and it almost replays my AQ char in his baby years but with more power.....
The bad thing is, the cutscenes with the LSS alteon going to a planet is taking like 10 mins on my comp....
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 69
1/6/2011 19:06:36   
ArchMagus Orodalf

@Above: That lag happens for pretty much EVERY computer, but the staff know, presumably, because they've stopped using those in quests. :P
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 70
1/9/2011 18:20:22   

a classic pros and cons list


numerous quests, not two the same like some other games.

gauntlets are great, wish they were in some of your partner games

ships, if they ever come out, are great and unique

storyline is gripping

combat is simple yet surprisingly effective


some battles are repetitive, like you battle the same guy over and over.

raising stats is a pain

gold is hard to get

some cutscenes are unneeded.

armour, do not just hand us the skills make our lazy butts work for it.

things i wish you would add

oh wait, not the suggestion thread, were is that anyway?

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DF  Post #: 71
1/9/2011 18:37:10   

To be honest, I feared WF when it was first announced. I feared for my beloved AQ, that WF would suck up all of the staffs time, and that eventually I would be left with an empty forum as all of AQ's players migrated to WF. However, since I liked AE and its games, I put my 15$ behind my character and guardianized him. The result wasn't very surprising: WF did not hold my appeal because it was new, so I gave it some time.

When I came back; it seems to be that WF is dying off slowly, but is still being sustained on AE's promise of monthly releases, no matter how small. All in all; it appears that WF was a lengthly and not very lucrative experiment :/
AQ  Post #: 72
1/9/2011 18:41:51   

With this game, I'm actually doing much better with my char than my AQ secondary...
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 73
1/16/2011 0:09:25   

The Question

I think AE staff should employ more free-lance players who can help them in 'producing' the game. Since they're short of staff, they use player's suggestions and all; why not get players to do free-lance(ing) for them?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 74
4/18/2011 13:04:28   
  Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

Okay, today I visited my agent in the Warpforce again. Once again, my attempts to get into the game were foiled.

Here are my reasons.

1. People don't have a guide on how to train stats. *Raises hand.*
(Just where are we supposed to post our ratings for WF characters anyway?)
-That does not solve the problem, we need something IN-GAME, lest you want to miss out on players.-

2. If they know how to train stats, they have to farm A LOT.

3. The training itself becomes boring fairly quick.

4. If you lack a proper build, you will get destroyed.

5. Misc. Items cost too much SP to use, making them obsolete.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 75
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