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The Destroyer: Part 3

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11/25/2009 4:56:33   

The Destroyer: Part 3

Location: Travel Map » Dragonspine » 13: Destroyer Part 3

Cyrus: You may be a fool for trusting him, «You».
Galanoth: Amazingly, we agree on something for once. This is one of War's servants, and a very powerful one at that!
«You»: Maybe so, but he's our best bet in stopping this. We need someone who knows War's plans.

«The ground trembles»

«You»: !!!
Cyrus: ...I think you may be right. You're coming with us, Jalek. We need to find what caused that while the rest of my plan makes its way here...
Mayhem: Oh, I can help with that...

«Mayhem enters»

Mayhem: That would be our master dealing with a particularly large and annoying threat. I'm here to make sure he doesn't have to deal with YOU.
«You»: You and what army, Mayhem? You can't even beat me on your own, much less all four of us.

«Mayhem raises his hands and a cloud of black smoke rises, summoning two Corrupt Dragonslayers and a Corrupt Vartai in the process.»

«You»: That's still not enough to stop all of--

«The scene zooms out to reveal a whole group of Corrupt Dragonslayers and Corrupt Vartai at the back.»

Jalek: ...Cyrus? Galanoth? I propose we forget this age-old hatred for now and work on solving THAT problem with violence instead.
Galanoth: Agreed.
  • Fight beside Cyrus! - You get Cyrus as a guest
  • Fight beside Galanoth! - You get Galanoth as a guest
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choiceGalanoth: I can't keep this up...How many of them are there?
    Cyrus: He's making more as quickly as we destroy them...It looks like this might be the end of us.
    «You»: Maybe, but I'm not going down without giving Mayhem the fight of his life!

    «The scene shifts to Mayhem»

    Mayhem: You can't win, mortals! With this body and my master's power, you have no hope of stopping me!

    «A dark circle with red symbols appears beneath Mayhem.»

    Mayhem: NO...

    «A blast of fire strikes across the screen, hitting Mayhem off the scene in the process.»

    Galanoth: Is that what I think it was?
    Cyrus: Indeed. The cavalry has arrived.

    «Sheila, Artix, Warlic and Gaspar enter the scene.»

    Galanoth: How, exactly, did you pull this off?
    Cyrus: I don't think you understand just what we're dealing with here. If we lose, it's LITERALLY the end of the world.
    «You»: They're regrouping! Let's hurry up and finish them off before Mayhem recovers!Cyrus: I'm glad you could make it. We have much to do and very little time in which to do it.
    Galanoth: What's your plan? A direct attack on War?
    Cyrus: No. He'd kill us all. I found a way to shatter his altar, though...We can use that to bring him down to a level where we can hope to fight...
    Mayhem: NO! You're not forcing me out that easily!

    «The scene switches to Mayhem, and Mayhem's hair slowly turns yellow.»

    Hollow: Sorry...beast...but this body...is...MINE!

    «A white glow envelops Mayhem. Hollow and the real Mayhem is separated in the process, while Hollow collapses onto the ground.»

    Mayhem: Curse you...I can't control him anymore. You little pests are going to pay for this!

    «A group of Corrupt Vartai and Corrupt Dragonslayers enter.»

    Corrupt: How dare you destroy our master?!? DIE!!!!

    «The group charges towards you.»Mayhem: Forget this. I'll need an edge to take all of you out!

    «Mayhem leaves and Xerxes enters.»

    Xerxes: ...Heh. You might want to hurry if you have a plan, brother. I can't keep up with this much fun for much longer.

    «Xerxes kneels to the ground as War enters.»

    War: Urgh...Not bad, Vartai. I should have expected as much from you. You were always one of my favorites to watch.
    Cyrus: He--- lost?
    War: What did you expect? He was a mortal, albeit a strong one.
    Galanoth: You... actually killed him?
    War: Not quite. But since you're here, with all these weaklings... I think I'll take you out first.
    Cyrus: I believe I have something to say about that...

    «Cyrus transforms into a half-dragon and attempts to attack War. War uses his sword to hit Cyrus with such power that he is struck off the screen.»

    War: No, no, no. I'm not giving you that chance...
    Xerxes: NO...
    War: Yes. Once I'm done with him, I'll take care of the other three here next... From there, it won't be hard to find and kill that one you call Nava, even with as well as she hides among the humans...
    War: Mayhem, take residence in this one. You'll have PLENTY of power in here.
    Xerxes: I-- won't let--

    «A dark glow covers Xerxes and as it fades away Xerxes stands up, with a devilish glow in his eyes, wielding dark axes.»

    War: Yes... I am going to enjoy having you as my servant.

    «Cyrus returns»

    War: No. You won't be stopping this.«The scene switches to Xerxes speaking with War.»

    Xerxes: I can feel the power... Inhabiting this one will be quite excellent.
    War: Outstanding! With Xerxes himself as my pawn, I will NOT be stopped again.
    Mayhem: Errr.... Master?
    War: What NOW, Mayhem?!

    «The scene shifts right to reveal Mayhem standing behind Xerxes...»

    Mayhem: That's not me in there...
    War: Oh, for the love of me--

    «The possessed Xerxes and War then engage in a very fierce battle, with both sides pulling their strongest strikes. Xerxes ultimately emerges victorious and War kneels on the ground.»

    War: I...see. I will have to call upon ALL of the altar's power, then. Well played, Xerxes... or should I say, Ser'Mathis?
    Xerxes: So you can see we're both in here? You know you called down the wrath of a god. You have no chance anymore, War.

    «War's body glows red.»

    Xerxes: It ends here! May you never be allowed back onto this plane!

    «Xerxes moves forward and swings his axe towards War, but War blocks the axe blade before it strikes him.»

    War: No...I do not believe I'll be leaving that easily, boy.
    Cyrus: Xerxes! We have to destroy this altar if we're going to finish him off!
    Xerxes: Much as I dislike listening to my brother on anything, he's right... We'll have to finish playing later, War.

    «Xerxes leaves the scene»

    War: Mayhem... Follow me! We must stop Xerxes!
    «Scene: Entrance to War's Altar»

    War: You can't win, mutants. You can't hope to even scratch my armor anymore.
    Gaspar: «You», keep Mayhem busy. We'll hold off War as long as we can while our brothers take care of the Altar.
    Mayhem: I may not have future boy's mecha parts anymore, but I'm still strong enough to kill you, «You»!
  • Fight Mayhem with Gaspar's help! - Gaspar will now battle by your side!
  • Fight Mayhem by yourself! - You lose any guests you have had up till now.

    Regardless of choiceMayhem: Heh... I... guess it's over for me.

    «A dark glow envelops Mayhem. As the glow disappears, Mayhem's looks changes to someone different with green eyes and black hair.»

    ???: Heh... I'm free. Thank you, «You».

    «The mysterious person fades into thin air.»

    Gaspar: And now, for YOU, War--

    «War raises his sword and strikes both Gaspar and Sheila off the screen.»

    War: Oh, I am going to ENJOY this...

    «Scene: War's Altar»


    «The two dragons, Limkragg and Ser'Mathis enter, breathing fire unto War's Altar, destroying it in the process. From the entrance rubble can be seen flying everywhere from the destruction. Cyrus collapses from exhaustion.»

    Xerxes: We... win... you slegging abomination...

    «War enters. Xerxes kneels down in fatigue.»

    «You»: We've won, War! Your altar is useless now!
    War: Fool. Look around you. Your allies are no more.
    «You»: I don't care! I'll still fight you!
    War: I was hoping so. I'll need to get you out of the way to start the next phase of my plan. The leftover power from this altar won't last forever...
  • Fight!War: You still don't understand what you're up against, do you?
    «You»: A tyrant who deserves what's coming to him at my hands.
    War: Tch. Far from a tyrant. I MADE this world what it is. Now I want to make it my paradise for my greatest followers. You cannot stop me. My power exceeds that of the Elemental Lords-- even that of the Av-

    «Xerxes appears from the back of War and ambushes him.»

    Xerxes: Paladin! He's over here! Hurry up while I keep this loudmouthed suit of armor busy!

    «Artix enters»

    Artix: I only just now recovered from his attacks on me. Stay still while I try to heal what I can.

    «Artix faces you and a while glow covers him. You receive a Full Heal. War takes the opportunity to catch Xerxes by surprise and strikes him off the scene.»

    «You»: Help the others, Artix. If I don't make it, I want as many people ready as you can manage.
    Artix: I will, friend-- Good luck!

    «Artix dashes out of the scene.»

    War: You don't have a chance, human. I'll crush all of you, then take over this world for myself!
  • Battle!«Cracks form on War's armor.»

    War: ...This isn't possible. You're a human. How in my name did I lose to a HUMAN?!
    «You»: Because this is my world, and I don't intend on letting tyrants like you take over. Not now, and not ever!
    War: This is not over, human. I will come back for you. I will make the lives of you and your descendants a nightmare--
    War: --that your mortal language cannot DESCRIBE! Your whole bloodline will suffer for my humiliation today!

    «A white glow covers War, which then bursts, leaving his armor and weapon behind.»

    «You»: ...Finally, it's over...But I think that took a little too much out of me...

    «The scene fades away. The scene then changes to Medrovia.»

    «You»: What... What am I doing all the way out here?
    Cyrus: War did some serious damage before you finished him off. I'm impressed you survived it at all.
    «You»: You're all okay, too...how'd you recover so quickly?
    Sheila: That paladin... Artix, was it? He healed all of us after War set his sights back on you.
    «You»: And where is he now?
    Gaspar: He took off after Xerxes. They went up into the mountains.
    «You»: For some reason, I don't see such a meeting ending well...

    «Scene: Icy Mountains»

    Xerxes: I figured you'd follow me out here.
    «You»: What is this place? Whose grave is that?

    «Xerxes faces you»

    Xerxes: An important one. I came out here to think, now that it's all over.
    «You»: I assume you're done working with humans now that the big threat is over?
    Xerxes: No. We'll need to work together a little more to keep something like this from happening again. Cyrus plans to open Medrovia to the humans completely soon.
    «You»: I'm looking forward to it. I just hope I don't end up having to fight you again...
    Xerxes: Tch. You're no fun. But don't worry. The guard was formed for more reasons than just fighting...

    «A blue moglin enters and Xerxes turns around to face it.»

    Moglin: Aww...Looks like the big dragon man needs a hug!

    «Xerxes' eyes glow red. The scene switches back to the barracks of Medrovia, where a massive tremble is felt.»

    Cyrus: What the--??

    «The scene shifts up, showing a moglin flying from the mountains, through the sky and landing somewhere far, far away.»

    Gaspar: Heh. Comic relief breaking the sound barrier.
    Galanoth: And... now what, Cyrus? We've proven we can work together. ... Is it time this feud came to an end?
    Cyrus: ... I think so. With me opening the gates to Medrovia to all humans, I should give you and yours another chance by forming a proper alliance...

    «From somewhere, War is looking at Cyrus and the group.»

    War: NO! How did it all come apart so fast?! I had everything laid out so perfectly, until Xerxes actually ALLIED himself with the humans...

    «A mysterious being enters from behind War.»

    ???: Because you are a fool. You failed to anticipate their true preparations. Now is not the time to strike, Brother.
    War: What would you know? You've hardly done anything to try!
    ???: It is not our place to make the attempt yet. Soon, our day will come, and I will succeed where you have failed...

    «The scene fades away...»
    Destroyer Part 3

  • War's Pounding Edge (L. 5 Z)
  • War's Guardian Edge (L. 35)
  • War's Smashing Edge (L. 65 Z)
  • War's Crushing Edge (L. 95 Z)
  • War's Pulverizing Edge (L. 125 Z)

  • War (L. 20)
  • War (L. 20 Z)
  • War (L. 40)
  • War (L. 60)
  • War (L. 80)
  • War (L. 100)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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    Write up thanks to whackybeanz. Monster lists credits to In Media Res.

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