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Spy Hunt

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11/25/2009 10:58:40   
More than a Game


Spy Hunt!
Quest Location: WarpGuardian Tower
Quests Given From: Temura Ge'Thrak


Temura: After that last mission, my fears that there is a spy aboard the Alteon are still brewing... but we need to find out for sure. Since you have learned your way around the Alteon, this mission is yours!
Temura: First you need to hack into the main computer for each of the main decks. If you find a trace of spyware, you'll need to go to the VR Deck to enter the computer system and track it back to its source! Good luck, WarpGaurdian-- You're gonna need it!

  • Spy Hunt!
  • Back

You head towards the Alteon.

Where do you want to go next to look for evidence of a spy aboard the Alteon?
  • Go to the Bridge
  • Go to Engineering
  • Go to SickBay
  • Go to the Hangar

You enter the Bridge.

Queen Pra'Mithia: Greetings, <Your Character Name>-- This is a surprise. What brings you here? I had heard you were visiting the WarpGuardian Tower.
You: Good day, Queen. I am on a special mission for Temura. I-- I'm not actually sure if I should tell you the nature of this mission--
You: --but of anyone aboard the Alteon, you are the one person I am absolutely SURE of...
Queen Pra'Mithia: Sure of what, <Your Character Name>? This is beginning to concern me.
You: When the Network captured you, the only way for them to have know exactly where you would be, and when, is if they had a SPY on the Alteon.
Queen Pra'Mithia: Of Course! So are you trying to track them down?
You: Yes, and I need to access the main computer for each deck. The trouble is, I need to do it without anyone KNOWING. I told you becuase I know I can trust you.
Queen Pra'Mithia: Don't worry-- I will issue an executive order to give you full access and--
You: I'm sorry, Queen, but you can't do that. To do this right-- I need to BREAK THE LAW.
Queen Pra'Mithia: Ahhhh... yes. I see.
Queen Pra'Mithia: Well then, <Your Character Name>, I will just leave the Bridge for a moment to attend to-- some other business--
Queen Pra'Mithia: --and conveniently leave my console logged in with my ID....

Queen Pra'Mithia walks away.

You: Whew! THAT wasn't so hard... Now to check out this computer for traces of the spy!

You check the Bridge's computer for any signs of the spy and find that the Bridge system's performance is far lower than expected...
  • Back

    Where do you want to go next to look for evidence of a spy aboard the Alteon?

    • Go to the Bridge
    • Go to Engineering
    • Go to SickBay
    • Go to the Hangar

    You enter the Engineering Deck.

    You: Hello Zorboz-- Lt. Roddenberry -- Ensign Fisher! How are you all today?
    Ensign Fisher: We're all doing well! Thanks for asking!
    Lt. Roddenberry: What brings you to Engineering today, <Your Character Name>?
    Zorboz: Yes... Indeed. You being here is quite SUSPICIOUS.
    You: Suspicious?! What are you talking about, Zorboz?? I'm just here to visit some friends. Zorboz, do you mind if I have a word with you-- out in the hall?
    Zorboz: I do. But I will go with you anyway, in hopes that you will attempt to deactivate me and I will be forced to defend myself by electrocuting you.
    You: Great!! Let's go!

    You enter the hallway with Zorboz.

    Zorboz: I have joined you in the hallway. Now what is it that you want? You are wasting my time. I could be searching the trash receptacles in the Officer's Lounge for hidden treasures.
    You: Zorboz, I was being honest when I said I was visiting friends. I consider you and I to be friends-- I really do. I think that we have gotten to know each other well these past days.
    Zorboz: I came installed with lie detector software, Lorian. I know you're not telling me the truth.
    You: Okay, I'll get right to it. I will pay you 10 gold if you pull the fire alarm in Engineering and then leave the door open after everyone evacuates.
    Zorboz: NOW we're getting somewhere! This sounds like a fun prank! Mehehe! When do I do it??
    You: How about... NOW!
    Zorboz: Yay!!

    Zorboz rushes off screen.

    Zorboz pulls the alarm and Lt. Roddenberry and Ensign Fisher evacuate Engineering with the rest of the crew!
  • More

    You walk into the empty Engineering Deck.

    You: Now-- I probably only have 5 minutes before they realize the alarm is a fake. I have to get into the Engineering system and find a trace of the spy!

    Whose Engineering console do you want to hack?

  • Lt. Roddenberry's
      To get in, you must guess Lt. Roddenberry's password. One failed guess, and you will have to repeat this mission! What is it?

      • Tiberius
      • Chickencow
      • Rutabaga

  • Ensign Fisher's
      To get in, you must guess Ensign Fisher's password. One failed guess, and you will have to repeat this mission! What is it?

      • MasterChef
      • GreedoShotFirst
      • 12345

    If you get it wrong, then you get moved back to the room choosing screen. If right, then:

    After getting into Engineering Deck's computer, you find that the system's log file has been truncated -- the spy has been trying to erase his tracks!
  • Back

    Where do you want to go next to look for evidence of a spy aboard the Alteon?
    • Go to the Bridge
    • Go to Engineering
    • Go to SickBay
    • Go to the Hangar

    You enter the Sickbay and find Captain Daian.

    You: Hello Captain Daian!
    Captain Daiain: Hi there, <Your Character Name>. Dr. Mendas isn't here right now if you need some fixing up, but--
    You: --That's okay, Captain. I don't need healing right now.
    You: I just came by to... umm... challenge you to a shooting competition!
    Captain Daiain: Wait-- what?
    You: You heard me.
    Captain Daiain: You DO know who you're talking to, right? I'm the BEST SHOT in the entire WarpForce.
    You: Yeah, yeah. We ALL know. You scored 2200 out of a possible 2000 on the sniper test.
    You: You once blasted the nosecone off of a supersonic missile and caused it to stray off course and splash down harmlessly in the sea. Yadda, yadda...
    Captain Daiain: There's no YADDA-YADDA about it-- I AM the best.
    You: And I'm not disputing that claim... I am merely saying that if you're the best, you shouldn't be afraid of a harmless little challenge from me.
    Captain Daiain: Good point...

    Charisma Check!
    Did it work? Do you have sufficient CHA to get Captain Daian to go along with your challenge?
    Difficulty: 25
    Stat Used: Charisma
  • Roll!

    Captain Daiain: OKAY. You got me. I'm going to go prep the practice range down on the VR Deck and THEN I'll show you WHY I'm the best.
    You: You do that! I'll meet you down there in a few minutes!

    Captain Daian leaves.

    You: Hehehe... Now that I'm ALONE...

    Once in the SickBay's computers, you discover a hidden storage area full of software and hacking tools that have nothing to do with the SickBay-- The Spy's secret stash that he was hoping to hide from anyone else!
  • Back

    Where do you want to go next to look for evidence of a spy aboard the Alteon?

    • Go to the Bridge
    • Go to Engineering
    • Go to SickBay
    • Go to the Hangar

    You enter the Hangar.

    You: What luck! No one is here, so I have a clear shot at getting into the Hangar Deck's computer and getting back out without anyone knowing!
    You: Forced to... Huh. Y'know, I think I'll just see just what happens when a 8A5IC droid tries to eject me forcibly...
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    You: Now--time to check the Hangar computer before anyone else shows up to eject me!!

    After exploring the Hangar Deck's system, you find a dtrange username -- Leett -- that doesn't belong to any crewmember on the Alteon's crew list...
  • Back

    After you have completed all 4 tasks, you head to the VR Deck.

    Tronzor: <Your Character Name>, are you ready to train today?
    You: No, not right now, Tronzor. I have a bit of an emergancy that I need your help with. I found enough clues to prove that we have a SPY on the Alteon--
    You: -- and I think I can track him down.
    Tronzor: What did you find??
    You: Well, the Bridge computer's performance is far lower than it should be, which means someone is running unapproved programs...
    You: The Engineering Deck's log file has been truncated, which means someone erased traces of what they were doing.
    You: This same someone is also using the SickBay's system to store hacking tools--
    You: --and managed to create a new username in the Hangar Deck's computers that doesn't fit with any listed crewmember!
    Tronzor: You're right. Those are some clear signs that someone is spying on the Alteon, and at the very least hacking us. Very clear signs indeed.
    Tronzor: You can plug into the Aleon's Intarwebs here on the VR Deck and see if you can trace the culprit to wherever they may be physically located...
    Tronzor: ... but beware: They seem to be pretty advanced, and probably created some Guardbots just in case something like this happened. Good Luck!
  • Plug in!

    Once you enter the IntarWebs (Copyright 3009, Gravlax), you will have to race along the path that was left by the spywayre -- but watch out for any "guardbots" the spy left behind to keep intruders from tracking him back to his source!

    CONTROLS: Use mouse to move. Dodge the Guardbots without moving outside of the blue box area. Survive 60 seconds to win!

  • Race against Time!

    If you move outside the box, or get hit then:

  • Try Again!
  • Just fight your way through!

    If you win the minigame, you fight two Guardbots instead of four.

    If "Just fight your way through" then:

    Full heal after the second and fourth battles

    You: .... Are YOU.... the SPY?? What are you?!?

    ??? Leaves

    You: ...Somehow that didn't feel like a victory...

    Back at the VR Deck

    Tronzor: Any luck, friend?
    You: You by luck you mean I found the spy, and it wasn't a he OR a she... It was in fact some kind of organic spybo sent by the 4 Autarchs to test our technological capability...
    You: ... and that it left only becuase I just managed to FIND it... then yes. I had a little luck.

    Captain Daian enters.

    Captain Daian: <Your Character Name>. I've been waiting for you. Ready for me to prove... once again... that I'M the best shot in the WarpForce?
    You: Yeeaahhh... ABOUT that...


    Mission Debriefing

    You have performed admirable, fellow WarpGaurdian! By finding proof of the spy's existence, and then successfully tracking it down, you managed to secure the Alteon's computer sytems once more. We will leave KEEPING it secure up to Gravlax and his team.

    The spybot's message was clear: It may have failed in its overall mission, but even its failure was valuable to our Network enemies: Now Dark MAdder and the other Autarchs know some of our strengths as well as weaknesses. Our weaknesses we can fix. As for our strengths-- Let's show them more!!

    Thanks to Nightly

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