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Moon Base

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11/26/2009 0:20:31   
More than a Game


Moon Base
Quest Location: Hangar Deck
Quests Given From: General Leet Stormfront


General Leet: This is a SEARCH AND DESTROY mission. Don't you just LOVE saying that?!? Ha! Anyway, you need to take a shuttle over to the dark side of Lore's moon and take out a hidden Network base! Good luck!

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<<Cutscene: Heading towards the moon.>>

Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: All clear, <Your Character Name>! It doesn't look like anyone was expecting us...
You: Thanks for being the first one out of the ship, Lucky. This feels so strange... Being able to walk in a place with no air and such low gravity...
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: It sure does! Every armor made by Queen Pra'Mithia's WarpForce Engineers is equipped with 2 VERY important things:
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: A magical "BArrier Gem" charm that forms a protective, invisble force field around our heads, allowing us to breathe and have an unobstructed 360 degree view in space--
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: -- and "Graitronic Insoles", invented by Vince of Isle d'Oriens, that adjust your body mass to fit the gravity of whatever planetary surface you're nearby.
You: Wow! It's amazing how far Drakel Magicscience has come!
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Let's keep going-- We need to find this base soon, before the Network finds US!
You: Sergeant Lucky! I don't see any base!! Do you?!
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: No! No base here!
You: I wonder where General Stormfront is getting his intelligence? This seems to be a wild goose chase!
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: I trust Stormfront completely. If he says the Network has a base on the dark side of the moon, then they do. It's up to us to find it!
You: Okay, Sir. Then let's keep looking!
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: OUCH
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: By Creator's Orb
You: !!!!!
You: What on Lore is THAT!?!
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Whatever it is, it's not from Lore!! I think this is the Network base that General Stormfront was talking about!
You: Hm.. okay. So how do we get in??
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: I don't know if we can. Did you see what happened?? I walked right into some kind of force field-- like what the Alteon and other WarpForce battleships have!
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Except this one ALSO seems to HIDE whatever is behind it!!
You: Like some kind of cloth covering we could wear that both protects us from the elements and camouflages us in plain sight...
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: I was going to call it a "cloaking device" but your idea is much better!

<<Scoutship Enters>>

Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Hey! It's like a cute version of the Network base!
You: I don't think it wants to play, though--

<<Scoutship attacks Lucky>>

Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: HEY!! that wasn't very nice!!
You: I think that settles it, Sergeant Lucky... Let's call the Alteon and have General Stormfront drop a missile on this thing from orbit!!
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: <Your Character Name>, you got yourself a deal! Hurry up before--

<<More Scoutships enter>>

Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: What do you say we knock out one of these guys and take it back with us to the Alteon!?!
You: That sounds good Sergeant! Le't fight this one together!

Full Heal

Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Hmf-- Well it looks like we're eighter just TOO GOOD or they don't want to be taken captive!
Sgt. "Lucky" Gibbs: Uh-oh... Is the alien base glowing or is it just me??

<<Lucky gets hit with a lasor.>>

You: Sergeant Lucky...? Uh-oh... Maybe I can sneak back to the shuttle before they see me....
You: Aw no-- Why couldn't I get lucky, just once?? Oh, wait-- maybe being "Lucky" isn't always a good thing...

3 BATTLES: Necron Scoutship (as above)
Full Heal after each battle

You: Whew! I thought they'd never stop coming!!

<<Scoutship base lifts off and flies away>>

You: WOAH!!!
You: It wasn't a permanent base... It was a ship!! Wow... Well, Lucky, looks like that was the end of our mission!


  • Carry Sgt. Lucky back to the shuttle and return to the Alteon!

Mission Debriefing

Congratulations! You may not have destroyed the enemy base, but you discovered that it wasn't a base at all! It was a spaceship of some kind. Based on your descriptions, our specialists believe you encountered a scouting unit of NECHRONS from the world of Purgos. All we know about the Nechrons is that they are one of the oldest Network races... which means they are probably one of the most powerful and dangerous.

Completing this mission promoted you to the rank of PRIVATE!



Thanks to Nightly

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