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Red Dwarf

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11/27/2009 13:39:26   
More than a Game


Red Dwarf
Quest Location: The Bridge
Quests Given From: Admiral Amada
Requirements: Level 10


Admiral Amada: I have some fortunate news, WarpForcer! It seems we have a lead in our search for more intelligence on the strange asteroid base you discovered.
Admiral Amada: Our communications Officer filtered a very precise message from what we thought was simply intergalatic noise. After a lot of work, we managed to piece enough of it together to make sense of it. The transmission said:
Admiral Amada: "We need help. Crew of...Red Dwarf... all dead. Cannot return to Asteroid Base Haven." And then the transmission died out. We need YOU to find that ship-- apparently called the Red Dwarf --
Admiral Amada: -- and see if you can save anyone aboard so we can gather more info. even if no one can be saved, we may still be able to learn a lot just from the ship's records. Good luck!

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<<Cutscene: Heading towards the Planet>>

You: Command I have reached the coordinates from the SOS message-- and the Red Dwarf is not a ship.
You: It's a STAR-- a red dwarf star!
You: !!!
You: Command, <Your Character Name> here. I landed on one of the 3 barren planets in orbit around the red dwarf star and have found something... bad.
You: It's a skeleton in a kind of space suit. It appears to be -- a dwarf!
You: I'm going to continue investigating the area to see what else I can find.

Healing Kits Left: <2-0>
  • Heal!

  • Search to the North
  • Search to the South
  • Search to the East
  • Search to the West

Search to the North


Search to the South


Search to the West


Search to the East

You: I've found what seems to be some kind of built complex. Energy readings are very high-- This might be an energy farm.
You: Uhh... Command, Virin precense encountered. It looks like this is a Network operation...
Keevix: Lorian, you are quite biased! You see a Virin and automatically assume the Network must be involved!
You: Well, am I wrong?
Keevix: No, you are not. And I am Keevix, General Manager of this facility.
Keevix: You really shouldn't be here. I run a tight operation, and having the WarpForce show up can only be bad for business.
Keevix: So-- I will make a deal with you. Give me your fighter craft and I will not have my guards attack you.
You: Sorry, but I would prefer not to be stuck wandering on this desolate planet for the rest of my life. Bring on your guards!

Full Heal
Full Heal

You: Now, Mr. General Manager, tell me just what it is you're doing here for the Network, and maybe I'll let you go so you can tell your Virin friends just how nice I am.
Keevix: *shiver* I apologize, oh frightful one... I'm just a simple supervisor trying to earn enough money to buy a good host body for my Virlings to grow up in, that's all.
Keevix: Our Grand Leader Jarik Z'kaa on the Virin world of Xirrix sent my company here to extract the last of the geothermal energy remaining in these few dying planets' cores.
You: How do you explain the dead body of the space-suited Dwarf I found just west of here??
Keevix: OH! THAT! I was sure that mess had been cleaned up. The dead Dwarf is an employee of ours who tried to take an extra-long lunchbreak and got caught.
Keevix: You see, I am a contractor working for Haven Power & Electric. You know, the multigalactic corporation?
Keevix: The largest corporation in the known universe? run by its founder and CEO named Lord Terror?
You: ....
You: No, I didn't know about that. But what about the DWARF?
Keevix: Lord Terror gathers employees against their will and forces them to work for him for no wages anywhere he needs them. Dwarves often find work in our mining division.
Keevix: Lord Terro has taken employees from over 200 different worlds. Several races he employs are from your own world of Lore. Dwarves, Elves, Drakel...
Keevix: In return, they recieve Lord Terror's protection and free room and board for life in Lord Terror's capital city of Haven.
You: They're-- SLAVES. All of his employees are actually SLAVES!
Keevix: I don't beleive that term appears anywhere in Haven Power & Electric's employee handbook...
You: And you said a lot of them have actually been taken from LORE? This is very bad. Tell me where I can find the closest group of Lord Terror's slave workers and I'll let you go!
Keevix: Now THAT'S a good deal! You'll find the nearest Worker Pod harvesting Alternium in the small ring of asteroids around this system's first planet.
Keevix: Can I live now?
You: Yes you can! Now wait right here. I have one more thing to do before I go...
Keevix: Hmm... I wonder where <Your Character Name> went?
Keevix: Oh... my, thats going to put me over budget...
You: Command I destroyed the Virin power plant I am now reconning the area around the asteroids.

<<On the Asteroids>>

You: Command, I have landed on one of the asteroids after seing several Dwarf miners apparently run away on some hi-tech space bikes.
You: I think I saw some movement...
Lister: You saw some movement, alright!!
Lister: Tha rest 'a my pod had ta bug out and left me behind-- an' fer THAT yer gonna PAY!! Big time!!

Full Heal

You: Hey, come on! I'm from the WarpForce -- We're out here trying to fight the Network and everything it stands for.
You: I hear that your kind have been enslaved by someone called Lord Terror, who works for the Network. I just want to help you, and--
Lister: HELP?! This is what we Dwarves have always done! My father and his father before him have mined the asteroids. Lord Terror lets us live in peace in Haven.
Lister: We don't need to be SAVED by anyone. All you're going to do is make things BAD. Lord Terro doesn't work for anyone. He isn't even part of the Network!
You: He bombarded my homeworld of Lore with asteroids from his space fortress!
Lister: It sounds like you have an enemy apart from the Network to worry about, then. Lord Terror is a businessman. Maybe he wants to ACQUIRE Lore.
Lister: Either way, just stay away from Haven and Lord Terror... and US!

<<Dwarf bike picks Lister up>>

You: ..... Command, I'm coming home.

Mission Debriefing

You've done well. It looks like the SOS we picked up was NOT an SOS from a ship called the Red Dwarf. From what we can piece together, it was an SOS sent by a group of the slave-Dwarves you discovered who tried to escape, but were shot down in the red dwarf star system.

The most important discovery you made, however, is the identity of the person who sent that meteor bombardment toward Lore-- Lord Terror! We need to find out more about him, his asteroid fortress Haven, and any weaknesses in his defenses!


Thanks to Nightly.

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