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RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs

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8/28/2012 0:30:28   

When I went to buy the gold plate package+12000 ACs it only showed me buying 11000 acs....

account payment helpTry this link, if that doesn't help you find what your looking for then contact the help desk and inform them of what occurred, provide them with any proof that you may have too~Dnw

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Post #: 76
8/30/2012 11:41:38   

Bug Info:
- What happened?
When I want to leave a comment on artix.com, it says I need to update my display name. But whenever I try to it always says "Not Available."
- What's the bug?
Cannot create a display name for my Battleon Master Account.
- Where is this happening? Use detail!
Battleon Master Account
- Before bug occurred:
(Step by step details please)

Click 'update your member profile'
Type in desired name
Click 'update display name'
Green words say "Not Available"

-During Bug: Rage!

After bug/game crash: More Rage!

-What was the error message/code?
"Not Available"

Screenshot link: Click Here Btw I have tried multiple names that are so random and it still does not work for me. Please help! Thanks!

Have you cleared your cache?: Yes
Did the bug happen again? (if it did not, no need to post!) Every time.
Browser type and version: (Firefox? Internet Explorer? Opera?) Firefox
Internet connection: (DSL? Dial-up? Cable?) Cable I Believe
Operating System: (Windows 98? XP? Vista? Another type?) Windows XP i think

Try typing in your email address name and see what happens, recently artix entertainment has been changing a lot of accounts over to being email named instead of regular user name, if that doesn't help, contact me by pm and I'll find you a link~Dnw

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 77
8/30/2012 11:45:43   

I've been trying to link my AQW members account to my master account and it keeps saying that it is already linked to another account.. I haven't given my password out to anyone and I've tried retrieving the name and password for it from my original email address but no luck :/ Any suggestions?

Step 1: aqw account support page try <.< this link.
Step 2: If link is unable to assist you, return to this post and edit in (under) my response informing me that didn't help you.
Step 3: I will respond with a secondary link for you.~Dnw

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Post #: 78
9/1/2012 22:50:08   

Dnw: I pmd you a while back and I don't know if you got the message or not, but I'm still having trouble creating a display name.

The display name requires 4 to 20 characters and my email is longer than that and I would really like to know f/when AE can fix this problem. You mentioned a link in your reply and I am curious as to see what it might be. Thanks for the help!

-Legion Of War-
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 79
9/3/2012 19:06:52   
meow fish

im actually having the same problem. any ideas?
Post #: 80
9/3/2012 22:35:35   

@meow fish - I'll try to get help from Twitter. The forums are actually taking too long for any Archknights or mods to respond.

-Legion Of War-

Hi there, Legion, Meowfish, Please read the following.

Sorry about the delay in response. I actually never received an email from you Legion of War.

Anyway, Click this link it'll take you to the form where you can fill out the problem, select what it's for, etc. If you have further questions, or need me to clarify something (if I can) you know how to reach me. Again, sorry for the delay~Dnw

Thanks for the update Dnw. I am sorry for not sending an email. Although I did try sending a PM but I do not know if you received it. Anyways, thank you again for your help.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 81
9/4/2012 11:20:31   
meow fish

thanks dragonnightwolf, i've been look everywhere for this xD

quite welcome~Dnw

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Post #: 82
9/18/2012 8:13:52   

Not really an important bug, just something that's out of place but it should be fixed.

Link to "bug"(Image hosted on TinyPic)

"Artix Points" is out of place, this happened after the country flag was added next to it.

EDIT: Fixed! Thank you for reporting the problem.

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MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 83
11/8/2012 2:04:59   


Post New

i don't know why but after i bought my membership , my artix points started decreasing and now it's -2154 help plz

Please contact the master account support team~Dnw
how to contact the support team?

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Post #: 84
11/30/2012 21:53:36   


Bug Info:
- What happened? What's the bug? Where is this happening?
Artix main account. Attempted the Superrewards offers, and it said they have already added the points to my account.
Problem is my balance is still the same. (2944)
I'm missing around 825 points.

Before bug occurred:

Filled out the offers as directed, told I earned these points.
Waited for the points to be added.

-During Bug:

Balance did not change, the offer status did.

After bug/game crash:
Balance did not change, the offer status did.

-What was the error message/code?

The only error was that my balance will not budge.

Screenshot link:
Sent a note to Superrewards about all of them. This was there reply for all of them. + balance Here.
Superrewards offer status page, underlined are the ones I'm missing. Here.

Server: N/A

Have you cleared your cache?: Yes.

Did the bug happen again? It persists.

Browser type and version:
Firefox 16.0.2

Internet connection: Dial Up, i believe. Or DSL, I don't know. It runs fast.

Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise
DF AQW  Post #: 85
12/1/2012 15:21:35   

i bought my 2013 calendar and used the code in dragonfable and it worked perfectly but in aqw it said the code has already been used and i have found multiple people on the forms who has the exact same problem only with aqw.

Forumites, I stand corrected. I was informed by one of my superiors that for any and all heromart related items you should contact the heromart support staff. The heromart support~Dnw

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Post #: 86
12/1/2012 17:27:46   
white akuma

I actually have the same problem as the fellow above me, but my code worked for AQW, but says already used in DF. Looked around to find somewhere else to check about this, but can't find where.

Here's where you fill out that problem just give them the details right in that link~Dnw

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 87
12/2/2012 0:36:37   

Might be nothing but trying to create a player account for AQ3D get master login screen put in propper name and password and get a invalid input(s). I ask because I had my master account open and thats where i tried creating a character from.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 88
12/11/2012 21:44:27   

Bug Info:
- What happened? What's the bug? Where is this happening?
Artix main account. Attempted the Prize Code for Book of Lore: 2013 Calendar, and it said they have already used for this game (Adventure Quest Worlds).
I'm missing Time Killer Class =/

Before bug occurred:

Filled the bar with prize code.

-During Bug:
Level Account don't increase and class or badge not come to my account.

After bug/game crash:
Appear one message

-What was the error message/code?
Select one Game Character you wish to give a prize to.
You can use the same Prize Code only one time per game.
Be careful which account and character you choose!
We can not switch prizes if you make a mistake.
Link a game account if you do not see your game account name listed.
Adventure Quest Worlds
Book of Lore: 2013 Calendar
Code already used for this game.

Screenshot link:

Server: N/A

Have you cleared your cache?: Yes.

Did the bug happen again? It persists.

Browser type and version: Google Chrome

Internet connection: DSL

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate

Please contact the heromart support team about this, if you can't locate the page, i'll include the link~Dnw
Heromart support linkas i previously promised, the link has been provided.~dnw

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AQW  Post #: 89
12/16/2012 10:44:54   

Bug Info:
- Downloded and install youtube grabber
Before bug occurred:
had 58 battleon points.

-During Bug: still had only 50 battleon points even though did thing for 450 more points.

After bug/game crash: did not receive points.

-What was the error message/code?

Screenshot link: none

Server: ???
Have you cleared your cache?: Yes
Did the bug happen again? (if it did not, no need to post!) Yes
Browser type and version: Mozilla Firefox v15.0
Internet connection: Exelent
Operating System: Wondows XP

Contact the Ae-Extras group (for example superrewards) support team for issues like that.~Dnw

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 90
12/20/2012 0:03:05   


how to contact the support team,is there any email?if yes then please post

Support link Here you go, sorry about that, I thought i'd already provided the link to you, my mistake~Dnw

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Post #: 91
12/24/2012 1:24:10   

I recently tried to log into HeroSmash using my master account, and it says I have a wrong password or the user doesn't exist. It is the right password, I know and the right user. But my user apparently doesn't exist anymore. I didn't delete it, and I've never leant out my account. What is wrong?

HerolinksClick this link, and there should be a contact method there, if you don't find what your looking for there, lemme know, but i'm pretty sure you have to talk with the herosmash support team.~Dnw

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 92
1/6/2013 19:41:09   

~I tried to redeem an artix entertainment game card that i bought online from target.com.
When i put in the code, i clicked next it said redeem card now for 4000 artix points.
So i clicked next again.. then the error came up, "Invalid pin number, or system error 43:Invalid Card".
So i went up to the customer service desk at target and explained and they said they couldnt do anything about it..
Ive tried all that i could think of and all i want is the 4000 artix points that i payed $20 for.


Please click on the link i've provided and inform them of the details to your problem, and then wait patiently for a reply, someone will respond as soon as they can~Dnw support team

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AQW Epic  Post #: 93
1/9/2013 11:01:28   
Captain Trip

Not sure if you would call this a bug but I'm not having any luck posting about it elsewhere yet, so I thought I'd try and see if it fits here.

I apologize ahead of time if this is wrong.

I created an Artix Entertainment Master Account and linked my games and now for some reason my account says my age group is under 13. I know I inputted my correct birth date and believe me I haven't seen 13 for more years than I care to mention. I have no kids under 13 and none living at home at any rate, so I don't get how this happened. Is there something I can do to fix this?

It also refuses to link my aqw or mechquest accounts but it has linked aq, df, and wf.

M-Account Support Team I'd recommend contacting through that link and wait for an email reply. This truly does sound quite mysterious indeed. Give them the details and someone will reply as soon as possible.~Dnw

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AQ DF  Post #: 94
1/14/2013 13:02:25   

I just got my 2013 AE Calendar. I redeemed the code but for my DF and AQW accounts it said that code is already used.But i didn't entered the code before.What is the problem?

Actually, that has been appearing quite a bit lately, Contact the heromart support team. It doesn't necessarily mean someone else used it already, that same issue has been coming up more than once~Dnw

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Post #: 95
1/14/2013 13:54:08   


It mostlikely means someone else used that code for AQW and DF. I would say you should contact Heromart for help.
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 96
2/17/2013 11:23:07   
Memory of a Nightmare

I used to log in with a Master Account Username on portal.battleon.com and artix.com. Then I got to change my Display name on artix.com to something else. After that the change where your username was replaced with your Email address took place. A while back, I couldn't comment on articles on artix.com. (Like in this post!) I was asked to change my Display name again, which worked, but now the current situation is: I no longer have a visible Display name on artix.com while logged in. It works perfectly to log in with (the same) mail address + password on both artix.com and portal.battleon.com (On the latter my email address now is my username) but on artix.com I lack a name. The area where your name should be is blank in my case. However, I do have a name! I am able to comment articles again and my correct Display name shows up. So the problem seems to be visual only...?

Screenshot link: Here.

Has been this way for months. Happens all the time even after clearing cache. (Shame on lazy me for not bringing it up. In my defense the Help pages are not clear enough where to ask if the FAQ's doesn't help.)

Browser type and version: Latest versions of Google Chrome and Safari. No difference between the two.
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium and OS X Snow Leopard. No difference between the two.
(I have two computers, and the issue is present on both.)

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AQ DF  Post #: 97
3/1/2013 0:36:20   

So I am trying to log into my master account james181 and I know I got the right password but it won't let me log in also I can't seem to remember what email I gave the account I can't remember if I gave it an email I never use no more or my new one

What I do know is on my master account james181 my aqw account siky3 is linked to it and the most I could tell you to try and recover my master account is what my aqw account email is.

Please do not double post, use the edit function on the post if you want to add more to your post.~Dnw

Sorry for double posting but what can I do to recover my master account ?

here try this link.

Take a look through the link i've provided above, and see if that helps you~Dnw

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AQW  Post #: 98
3/3/2013 22:00:43   

Hello, I bought two UGCs $20 each but they are $21.51 for the 4000 artix points. I can not activate each ugc for the points because of it. I am not sure what happens If I use two cards to cover the payment of one card: $21.51.
Post #: 99
3/9/2013 1:36:12   

I do the surveys and nothing happens i get no points at all i've been trying to get points for the past 4 weeks and all the surveys was worth about for 200 points and i did plenety about 11 so that would be around 2300 points

i use google chrome

please hurry and change it cause i'm ripped of by aqworlds i can't believe it please can u just refund it to my account

Try these steps. First, go to the sponsor whom you did the surveys for (superrewards for example) and click on the support button on the right hand top part of the screen. It'll usually say help or support or something of that nature. Next, report to them, what the trouble is. Wait for a reply from them. Remember. Artix Entertainment is not responsible for AE Extras, those are run by third party sponsors. Next, based on reply (if any) you may want to report the survey/offer to the AE extra's forum located down along the list of forums. Select the sponsor name (Superrewards,) or (other offers) and report which one was bad. Give details. Finally, if none of that works for you, come back here with an edited message telling me, none of it helped, and I'll get you whatever link i can locate. But do all of those things i just said above, first.~Dnw

Link with more details

Feel free to click on the link above, it further explains AE extra's~Dnw

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AQW  Post #: 100
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