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Dragonsgrasp (All Versions)

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12/5/2009 10:32:35   
Legendary AK!!!

Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2)

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> DragonsGrasp -> Take me there!, Timeline (Book 1) -> Vilmor Saga An Icy Wind/Donovan -> To Dragonsgrasp
Requirements: Dragon Amulet
Release Date: December 4th, 2009

Quests Available
Prankster Dragonlords

Inspector Doyle
An Icy Wind
The Blue Mile
The Ruins of Bask
The Adventure of the Broken Tower
Free Fall
The Chase

Training Exhibition
Prison Revolt

Captain Lestrad
Inspector Doyle
Sir Baumbard

Bluestar Weaponry
DragonLord Items
Dragonsgrasp House Shop
Dragonsgrasp House Items
DragonLord Keep
Reni DC

City Entrance

Sir Baumbard: Ah, hello again, <Character>.... I... urp... am happy to see you... Welcome to Dragonsgrasp.

  • Dragonsgrasp?
    Sir Baumbard: Dragonsgrasp is the stronghold of the DragonLord Order.
    Sir Baumbard: To keep it secure, only those who have become one of the Order and bonded with their dragon may enter.
    Sir Baumbard: You see, Dragonsgrasp is also a prison.... In the very depths of the city, a special, enchanted cell holds one of the Order's greatest foes...
    Sir Baumbard: ... as the prisoner was also one the greatest DragonLords. The only DragonLord, in fact, to bond with one of the Great Dragons.
    Sir Baumbard: Vilmor turned against the Order, though, and now we keep one of our own locked away...

  • What can I do here?
    Sir Baumbard: For now, feel free to explore. The merchants are restocking in Swordhaven and Channiru meets with Alteon.
    Sir Baumbard: In the coming weeks more and more will be available here. In fact, I expect to see the weapons vendor here next week.

    Sir Baumbard: The weapons shop and Inn are in the interior of the city. If you seeking more training, then you can find it in the Armory.
    Sir Baumbard: If you venture into the depths of the city, you may even find Channiru visiting his prisoner....

  • Why is the city here?
    Sir Baumbard: For security... urp... the city piloted by our dragons... it is... mmph... constantly in... motion.
    Sir Baumbard: As the most... urp... senior DragonLord... in the region... it falls to me to... coordinate efforts...
    Sir Baumbard: and... mmph... inform the head guard Channiru of the dangers in the area.
    Sir Baumbard: The city... moves... I look forward to the time I... urp... will get to spend on the ground in Oaklore... It's better... when I think of solid ground...
    Sir Baumbard: Dragonsgrasp shall be in the sky over Falconreach... mmph... for a while though.

  • Are you.... okay?
    Sir Baumbard: The... mmph... constant swaying.... urp... of the city....
    Sir Baumbard: ... air sick... mmmph....
    Sir Baumbard: ... I shall.... urp.... try... to visit... Oaklore soon.

    Dragon Trainer

    Tanis: Hello <Character>! I've heard a lot about you and your dragon. If you'd like to play some games with little <Dragon>, come and visit me.

    Hudson: Welcome to the Baker Street Inn. How can I help you?
    • Rest - fully replenishes HP and MP.
    • Potions - fully replenishes potions.
    • Set Home Town
      Hudson: Are you certain you want to make Dragonsgrasp your home?
      • Yes
      • No (Back)
    Inspector Doyle: When you have eliminated the impossible... you will find the truth in what remains.

  • Talk
    Inspector Doyle: I am not interested in rumors, stories, legends. I only seek the truth.
    Inspector Doyle: What we is know is this. Vilmor is a dragonlord, born and bred from an honorable family.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor's prowress in battle, and the bond created with the Great Ice Dragon, were unmatched.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was seen as fiercely loyal to the Order. The slightest injury of the Great Dragon was immediately seen to.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was active among the people. Would help to build towns, bring supplies, fight invasions.
    Inspector Doyle: Then... the Incident.
    Inspector Doyle: An entire town, decimated.
    Inspector Doyle: The Great Ice Dragon injured, rebelling against the very DragonLord with whom it was bonded to from hatching.
    Inspector Doyle: After the destruction of the village of Bask... the Great Ice Dragon is lost. Those that survived have stated the dragon escaped but it has not returned.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was found in the epicenter, besides the remains of the Guardian Tower.
    Inspector Doyle: Unbeknowst to us, and Vilmor, the Ice Orb, which was once under that tower's protection, had been stolen long before.
    Inspector Doyle: Scrying has vaguely placed it somewhere in the north, but the power of the Orb conceals it's final location.
    Inspector Doyle: The town of Dragesvard would be a good starting point... but the DragonSlayer, Galanoth, is... not always welcoming of our assistance.
    Inspector Doyle: So I leave the possiblity of that case to him... we do not wish to provoke the DragonSlayer without more facts.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor remains much closer to home...
    Inspector Doyle: What would cause someone so fiercely loyal to betray all they had known? To sever a bond that had been nurtured since childhood?
    Inspector Doyle: Was Vilmor after the Orb itself? Or was the once great DragonLord... working for a new master?

  • Quests
    Inspector Doyle: I shall call upon you soon, <Character>. I fear there is much more to this case then many of my counterparts would like to believe.
    • An Icy Wind
      Inspector Doyle: Channiru and Lestrad have requested a meeting... Shall we go find them, <Character>?
    • The Blue Mile
      Inspector Doyle: Ah, <Character>. Recovered from your run-in with Vilmor?
      Inspector Doyle: Channiru is having issues getting the prison back under control. A lone guard is also trapped inside.
      Inspector Doyle: He has requested that you go in and deal with the prisoners and try to find Reggie.
      Inspector Doyle: The prisoners will have started ransacking Vilmor's cell, <Character>
      Inspector Doyle: Make sure to check your temporary inventory as you go. You should be able to recover some clues.
      Inspector Doyle: Oh.... and <Character>... watch out for Jingles....
    • Ruins of Bask
      Inspector Doyle: The alchemical powder you found in the prison was a very potent mixture... one that is very hard to procure....
      Inspector Doyle: It is made from the scales of Cryozen, Vilmor's drag... the Great Ice Dragon. Vilmor's supply is therefore, thankfully, limited.
      Inspector Doyle: I think the situation is finally under control here, <Character>. It is time to start the hunt for Vilmor.
      Inspector Doyle: Head to Bask, <Character>. It was the last place Cryozen was seen and where Vilmor will likely begin to search as well.
      Inspector Doyle: Be very careful, <Character>... the village has been in ruins for years. Who knows what dangers may lurk there now.
    • The Tower
      Inspector Doyle: Search the remains of the Bask Tower, <Character>, for clues as to why Vilmor attacked.
      Inspector Doyle: A thorough search of the tower was never done, due to how unstable the remains of it was.
      Inspector Doyle: The tower has hopefully settled some in the intervening years, but be very careful... If the rubble collapses, your passage could be blocked.
      Inspector Doyle: Choose your path carefully to gather as much evidence as you can.
    • Free Fall
      Inspector Doyle: There has been heavy snowfall the past few days. Be careful, <Character>.
    • Donovan
      Inspector Doyle: Find out what you can, <Character>. Even the smallest detail can have tremendous implications for this case... for Vilmor.
    • The Chase
      Inspector Doyle: Do not let down your guard. If, as I suspect, there is more to Vilmor's story then we know, that increases the danger.
      Inspector Doyle: If Vilmor is truly evil, then your danger is seen... but, I fear that unseen enemies abound.
    • Betrayal
      Inspector Doyle: Vilmor's fate is in your hands, <Character>.
      Inspector Doyle: Do what you have to to uncover the truth. Do what you have to to find and save, Cryozen.
      Inspector Doyle: I know you can do it, <Character>! Find the truth and solve this mystery!
    Weapons Shop

    Reni: Greetings, friend! Didn't I see you outside the dragon pens earlier?

  • Gold Shop - opens Bluestar Weaponry shop.
  • DC Shop - opens Reni DC shop.

  • Leave - exits shop.

    House Shop

    Reni: Ahh, didn't I see you in the weapon shop earlier?

  • House Shop - opens Dragonsgrasp House Shop.
  • Item Shop - opens DragonLord Items shop.

    Dragon Coins!
  • House Shop - opens DragonLord Keep shop.
  • Item Shop - opens Dragonsgrasp House Items shop.

  • Leave - exits shop.

    (before An Icy Wind)

    Channiru: I am the Warden, Channiru. What business do you have down here, DragonLord.

  • Who is Vilmor?
    Channiru: Vilmor is the last of a line. The child, in fact, of the architect that built this very city, and many others that have long been lost.
    Channiru: Vilmor's ancestors were among the first to bond with dragonkin and their bond has always been the strong.
    Channiru: In fact, Vilmor was the only DragonLord to bond with a Great Dragon. They were a sight...
    Channiru: Regardless, those days are long gone and the Great Ice Dragon... is lost to us.
    Channiru: We may never know all of Vilmor's crimes, but breaking the bond... the trust... of your dragon. Harming it....
    Channiru: Vilmor's heart contains great evil, and I shall make sure this jail is secure enough to contain it.

  • Why did Vilmor become evil?
    Channiru: Vilmore was once one of the most noble, honorable DragonLords I had the honor to serve with. At every turn a new award, a new acclaim...
    Channiru: Ranks were quickly gained... but with great power, comes great strain... and apparently Vilmor could not withstand temptation.
    Channiru: Inspector Doyle has been tasked with resolving the mysteries of the case but he seems to spend more time daydreaming in the Inn then making inquiries.

  • What can I do?
    Channiru: For now, nothing. Be watchful, though, <Character>. If Vilmor were to escape.... it could mean the destruction of the DragonLord Order.

    Outside the Prison Gate
    (after An Icy Wind, before Betrayal)

    Channiru: The damage is extensive, <Character>. Vilmor's escape left a huge hole in the bottom of the city, with the explosion blowing out the doors up here.

  • Who is Vilmor? - see above dialogue.

  • Why did Vilmor become evil? - see above dialogue.

  • Where did Vilmore go?
    Channiru: Can't you feel it?
    Channiru: The cold wind that blew through... the plane of Frost is crying out. The Great Dragon of Frost is dying, the balance is shifting.
    Channiru: Vilmor must have felt this...
    Channiru: ... and has gone after the Dragon.

    Outside the Prison Gate
    (after Betrayal)

    Channiru: The Jail is finally secure again. The cell at the bottom is ready for it's new occupant... if he can be caught.

  • Frostscythe?
    Channiru: Vilmor has gone after her old friend, Frostscythe.
    Channiru: She has sworn to see him put behind the bars she stared at for so long.
    Channiru: I fear that he will not be easy prey to catch though, especially with the new powers he absorbed through Cryozen.
    Channiru: The fact that he remained hidden for so long before... that he managed to hide the truth and fool us all for so long....
    Channiru: Frostscythe will not be brought in easily.

  • So Vilmor is free?
    Channiru: Vilmor was not the one behind the destruction at Bask. The harm done to Cryozen was not her fault...
    Channiru: Though she still holds some guilt in her heart.

    Channiru: Frostscythe's jealousy and misplaced ambition was the force behind it all.
    Channiru: Unfortunately, it resulted in a terrible misjustice against Vilmor. The rift between her and the other DragonLords will take time to heal.
    Channiru: She is free. I only hope that one day she will feel at home here again...

  • Can I help?
    Channiru: Vilmor has claimed Frostscythe as her quarry. If she needs help, I'm sure you'll be the first she seeks out.

    Soldier Barracks

    Captain Lestrad: And just where do you think you're going?

  • Talk
    Captain Lestrad: This is a prison, not a museum. While you're wandering about, some of us have work to do.
    Captain Lestrad: I suppose you've met our prisoner, Vilmor? *spits* Any DragonLord that would harm their dragon...
    Captain Lestrad: And Doyle just sits in the Inn, daydreaming. With him in charge of the case, we may never know the full extent of Vilmor's villany.


    If your base class is Warrior:
    Aine: Greetings, <Character>! I am Aine, and I would be delighted to show you what it is like to be a DragonWarrior.
    Aine: We combine the best aspects of the Warrior and fiercest traits of our Dragon brothers and sisters.
    Aine: You would do very well as a DragonWarrior, <Class>. Join us!

    Aine: I am Aine, Dragonwarrior trainer.
    Aine: As a corps we look to our dragon brethern and try to emulate their strength and fierceness in battle.
    Aine: If you already have the strength of will and basic training of a warrior, I can train you further.
    • Equip DragonWarrior - equips DragonWarrior class.
    • Save DragonWarrior - equips and saves DragonWarrior class.
    • Equip Base Warrior - equips Warrior class.
    • Save Base Warrior - equips and saves Warrior class.
    If your base class is Mage:
    Jonath: Welcome to Dragonsgrasp, <Class>. I am a DragonMage, a rank above your normal Mage.
    Jonath: I have studied in many lands, and taught in more. I am quite wise, you'll find.
    Jonath: I've heard a lot about you. I think you'll make a fitting DragonMage.

    Jonath: Hello, <Character>. I've been expecting you.
    Jonath: I am Jonath, head Dragonmage. I have much to teach those that are willing to learn.
    Jonath: If you already count yourself among the leagues of mages that populate this land then I can take your magic to the next level.
    • Equip DragonMage - equips DragonMage class.
    • Save DragonMage - equips and saves DragonMage class.
    • Equip Base Mage - equips Mage class.
    • Save Base Mage - equips and saves Mage class.
    If your base class is Rogue:
    Mi'Kael: You'll find DragonRogues are stealthy. Silent. Strong.
    Mi'Kael: We want you to join us. <Character>. You won't regret it.

    Mi'Kael: If you already count the shadows as your friends, then I can show you how to hone your skills further.
    • Equip DragonRogue - equips DragonRogue class.
    • Save DragonRogue - equips and saves DragonRogue class.
    • Equip Base Rogue - equips Rogue class.
    • Save Base Rogue - equips and saves Rogue class.
    Knox: Welcome to the DragonsGrasp Armory! The armorers are still working to perfect the newest details, so they might change.

    Knox: Welcome to the DragonsGrasp Armory!

  • Quests!
    Knox: This is so cool! I can't believe I get to talk to the famous <Character>!
    • Training Exhibition
      Knox: Your exploits on the battlefield are well known, <Character>. Many of the aspiring DragonLords here wish to follow in your footsteps.
      Knox: Would you be willing to display your fighting prowess to them? Jonath can create illusions of your past conquests for you to fight.
    • Revolt!
      Knox: Some of the other prisoners are acting up. Can you go down into the prison itself and stop the rioters?
    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines if you don't meet the trainers' requirements:

  • You can't fool me. I can tell you're not a Warrior.
  • The power I offer might be too much if you're not a Mage, sorry.
  • You're not a Rogue. I can't help you.
  • Prison is inaccessible after completion of An Icy Wind.
  • Previously a Map of Dragonsgrasp was accessible.

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    ArchKnight DragonFable

    Dragonsgrasp (Book 3)

    Access Point: Swordhaven Castle -> Queen Victoria -> Quests! -> The Awakened Depths,
    Access Point: Braughlmurk Region -> Dragonsgrasp -> Travel,
    Access Point: Tyndur's Depths -> Sail to L7 -> Drop Anchor
    Requirements: Completion of Of Duty and Dragons
    Release Date: June 25th, 2021

    Zones Accessible
    Armor Customization
    The Awakened Depths (All Versions)

    Quests Available
    Fungus Among Us
    Turn up the Heat
    To the Bottom
    No Mountain High Enough
    Rock & Roll
    The Potion

    Captain Lestrad
    Frustrated DL
    Gossipy DL
    Groft Nyori
    Guard DL
    Inspector Doyle
    Lounging DL
    Reasonable DL
    Sir Baumbard
    Skeptical DL
    Vind Soldier

    Potion Vending Machine

    Rhyn's House Shop
    DragonLord Items
    Dragonsgrasp House Shop
    Dragonsgrasp House Items
    DragonLord Keep

    Reni and Feldspar's Shop
    Dragonsgrasp Armory
    DragonLord Artifacts



    Vind Soldier: Hi, <Character>. We're still setting up camp. It's probably safer for everyone if our quarters are outside the fortress.

    Vind Soldier: Hi, <Character>. We're just sorting supplies for the camps! You can find them by heading back around the walls.

    DragonLord: Welcome, <Character>, <Dragon>. Watch yourselves inside the fortress. These are tumultuous times.

    Groft Nyori: I'm so sorry, ma'am. Our last scouting party didn't find any sign of your husband.
    Brunhilda: He was right behind me when we fled... He can't be gone. He can't be!
    Groft Nyori: We're not giving up, but we need to be realistic about our expectations...
    Brunhilda: Maybe you're not looking the right way. Maybe the Dragonslayers can help more. I don't... I can't believe...
    Groft Nyori: We're doing all we can, ma'am, including working with the Dragonslayers.
    Brunhilda: Then... then maybe I should go take a look myself! I'm not giving up!
    Groft Nyori: Nor are we, ma'am. Nor are we.

    Central Intersection

    Captain Lestrad: First the refugees, now elves and the Rose running around...
    Captain Lestrad: This is a fortress, not a theme park. I've got my eye on them. All of them.
    Captain Lestrad: We might have decommissioned the lava pit, but the prison still has plenty of room...

    Rhyn's House Shop

    Rhyn: Welcome- Ah! You're... You're <Character>! I've heard stories about you! Please, let me know if anything in the shop that catches your eye!

  • House Shop - opens Dragonsgrasp House Shop.
  • Item Shop - opens DragonLord Items shop.

    Dragon Coins!
  • House Shop - opens DragonLord Keep shop.
  • Item Shop - opens Dragonsgrasp House Items shop.

    Western Section

    Outside the Hatchery

    Lounging DL: When Dragonsgrasp was forced to land, the Great One provided shelter and safety.
    Lounging DL: And so, when the refugees came to us, we followed the Great One's example.
    Lounging DL: Er, the Great One? It's a metaphor. For the mountain we're in. Very metaphorical.


    Tanis: Welcome to the Hatchery, <Character>!
    Tanis: No, you can't eat the eggs, not even a small one, and no, you can't pet the baby dragons.
    Tanis: ...Sorry we're pretty popular with the refugee kids. And they ask a lot of silly questions.
    Tanis: Anyway, with the help of the Dragonslayers, we're raising a new generation of dragons here, in safety.
    Tanis: I just hope the babies turn out okay. There's a lot of people around, and not much room to spread their wings.
    Tanis: But we will endure no matter what. Just as dragons and DragonLords always have.

    Fountain Area

    Bart: Ah! You must be <Character>!

    Bart: My name's Bart. I'm a... traveling alchemist!

  • Quests!
    Bart: I need your help!
    • Preparation
      Bart: You arrived at the right time. I need your help with a bit of prep-work.
      Bart: You see, I just arrived too and haven't had time to stock ingredients for my potions.
      Bart: I know a good place where you can gather them. You might be familiar with it too!
      Bart: I think the alchemists in Falconreach also use the place to gather most of their ingredients!
      Bart: Please bring back as many as you can, we're going to need it.

    • Fungus Among Us
      Bart: <Character>! Good that you're here!
      Bart: I'm dealing with a lot of fungus-related problems here. I was asked to find a way to get rid of that pesky fungus that's infesting Dragesvard.
      Bart: But it's like they expect me to vanish it with a snap of my fingers!
      Bart: My fingers are too fuzzy to snap, <Character>! How am I supposed to do that?!
      Bart: (Wow, not even a giggle? You're cold.) Anyway! I would be able to help more if I knew what exactly we're dealing with here!
      Bart: I need you to go to the Northlands and get a bunch of fungus samples for me so I can analyze them and find a way to get rid of them...

    • Turn up the Heat
      Bart: Welcome back, <Character>. I've been analyzing the samples you brought me and came to some interesting conclusions.
      Bart: While the samples have seemingly different properties and functions, they all seem... connected somehow.
      Bart: If they are, it means there could be a connection in their weakness as well!
      Bart: I need you to take the samples to extreme climates to see how they react to extreme conditions.
      Bart: So go! Jump into a volcano or something!

    • To the Bottom
      Bart: So, fire didn't seem to do much. Maybe some intense pressure?
      Bart: How about the ocean floor?
      Bart: I can't believe I'm suggesting that, but it's for the good of the people!
      Bart: And since some fool dumped a bunch of water breathing potions into the ocean, it should be safe to do so!
      Bart: So go! Confer with the fishes! Let's see how the sample reacts to water and pressure!

    • No Mountain Far Enough
      Bart: There's my favorite errand runner!
      Bart: So water and the pressure did nothing either... Hmmm that's quite weird.
      Bart: Maybe it can be blown away!

      Bart: Or electrocuted!
      Bart: Don't look so concerned I would never send you to anything too dangerous!
      Bart: I mean... there was the volcano, and the bottom of the ocean. But you're tough, you can handle that!
      Bart: Now go and help me find a way to get rid of this fungal-consuming threat!

    • Rock & Roll
      Bart: You look... like you've been through a lot.
      Bart: What are you glaring at me for?!
      Bart: Ok fine. So electrocution and harsh winds had no results.
      Bart: My own experiments of prolonged sunlight, darkness, or bacon didn't have any results either.
      Bart: ...Say... What's your opinion on standing in front of a rockslide?
      Bart: Ok I get it! No rockslides! But maybe you can go to a nearby cave?
      Bart: It's infested by Nature elementals. It's our last chance!

    • The Potion
      Bart: So not even earth did the trick, huh?
      Bart: No matter! I figured out a way to do it while you were gone.
      Bart: By combining certain elements in a very specific way rather than one by one.
      Bart: Why the sour face? I couldn't have done this without you!
      Bart: I experimented on the samples you left behind after each of your adventures and found the solution!
      Bart: (Not like you would understand my genius...)
      Bart: Now stop being a grouch and test the potion on the fungi!

    • Epilogue
      Bart: Now that's more like it! As for your payment...
      Bart: Well, there's good news and bad news.
      Bart: Good news, the potion works a treat. Those fungal fiends didn't know what hit them!
      Bart: Bad news, you dropped pretty much all of my supply on your flyover.
      Bart: It'll take some time to rebrew the stocks, and the DragonLords aren't exactly happy that it'll be delayed.
      Bart: So I can't quite pay you. Yet. But, if you want to help fund the next iteration with some Dragon Coins...
      Bart: I can recompense you with this old, I mean, antique, Potion Vending Machine for your home!
  • Talk
    Bart: What's up?
    • Who are you?
      Bart: My name's Bartholomew, but people usually just call me Bart.

    • What are you doing here?
      Bart: I heard that people were in need of an alchemist here, and I happen to be quite good at brewing potions. As well as... other concoctions.

    • Potions?
      Bart: Surprised that a moglin does his healing through potions rather than healing magic? I get that a lot!
      Bart: I just never had the magical talent the other moglins seem to possess. So I learned how to make potions instead!

    • Other concoctions?
      Bart: Well... I brew different things for different problems. And there are plenty of problems here in Dragonsgrasp.
      Bart: Maybe I can brew something for you if you have any... problems.

    • What happened to your ear?
      Bart: Heh... that's a long story. Let's just say that I found myself in a weird place with many powerful creatures.
      Bart: One of them went for me, but luckily only got half of my ear.

    DragonLord: The refugees from Dragesvard wasted no time getting to work! I've never seen the fortress so busy and bustling!

    Ingaberg: Olaf, for the last time, you can't just jump into the fountains like that!
    Olaf: Well, maybe if they had proper pools like civilized people, we'd be able to have a real pool party!
    Ingaberg: You'll live without a pool for however long you need to. You don't need pool parties to live!
    Olaf: Pools are an integral part of Dragesvard culture! Maybe I could, I don't know, find a water dragon and squeeze it?
    Ingaberg: Sure, then it'll squeeze you. With its teeth. And you'll be dead. And still poolless.
    Olaf: I just... they were good times. To take our minds off the bad.
    Ingaberg: They really weren't. You were the only one who liked them.
    Olaf: Astrid liked them too!
    Ingaberg: But Astrid's not the one I caught splashing around in the fountain like a child. Come now, let's get you cleaned up and dried off.

    Eastern Section

    Intersection Between Central Intersection and Deployment Area

    Guard DL: I'm sorry, <Character>. No entry allowed, even for you.

    Reni and Feldspar's Armory and Shop

    Reni: Welcome to Dragonsgrasp's premier armory and forge! And... clothier., Feldspar: Welcome to Feldspar's Famous Clothier!

  • Talk (Reni)
    Reni: I don't have any problems sharing the armory with Feldspar, no.
    Reni: He just... showed up one day. Didn't even have a Dragon Amulet.
    Reni: Captain Lestrad threw a fit, of course. Even tried to interrogate him.
    Reni: Can't say I'm too pleased about sharing the armory with him. Not because he's an elf, I mean, but it's just... less space for me.
    Reni: But space is hard to find in the fortress. Harder now with all the refugees.
    Reni: But that's none of your concern. Can I interest you in a new helm, perhaps?

  • Forge Shop - opens Dragonsgrasp Armory shop.
  • Artifact Upgrade - opens DragonLord Artifacts shop.

  • Talk (Feldspar)
    Feldspar: Yes, I am an elf, yes, it is strange that I am here, and no, I don't intend on leaving just yet.
    Feldspar: Sorry, the usual questions I get. I'm sure you're a perfectly pleasant customer.
    Feldspar: I heard about the DragonLords, you see, and saw a wonderful opportunity to help some... fashion challenged peoples.
    Feldspar: Ah, but they are getting used to me. If you'd like to sample some of my wares, feel free to enter the dressing room to the right of the counter.

    Hudson's Inn

    DragonLord: Is that refugee staring at me? He's kind of cute. But what would my dragon think?

    Norsk: I'm so grateful to the DragonLords for letting us stay here!
    Bjorn: Are you? And what are they doing for us?
    Bjorn: You think this chicken went and cooked itself and its eggs? I don't think some high and mighty DragonLord did.
    Norsk: I think you've had too much moglinberry juice.
    Bjorn: Oh sure, they let us in, but they're just using us. Taking advantage.
    Norsk: They're providing us shelter and sustenance. The least we can do is help out with some odd jobs.
    Bjorn: ...Whatever.

    Sven: Never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad to be out of all that ice and snow. Maybe I'll stay here after it's all over.

    Gossipy DL: I'm telling you, my dragon and I both saw it on our flight in!
    Skeptical DL: You're not special. The Great One holds many secrets, but they're not for you.
    Gossipy DL: Then how do you explain this bump I got when my dragon and I crashed?
    Skeptical DL: Not enough fresh air? Why don't you go and help set up some refugee tents after this?
    Gossipy DL: Fine, but only if you're coming with me. It's always so awkward...
    Skeptical DL: Sure. Awkward or no, the Great One will provide.

    Hudson: Welcome! Find a seat if you can, and we'll take care of you. Although, we're a bit crowded these days!

    Deployment Area

    DragonLord: If you look directly up from here, you can see the sky through the mountain's crater.
    DragonLord: Sometimes, it's hard not to miss soaring through the air.

    DragonLord: Please respect the refugees in their time of recovery.

    Helga: Oh, I don't know about letting in all these elves. There's hardly enough room as it is!
    Helga: I even heard there was a moglin scuttling about! How dreadful!
    DragonLord: I'm just here to keep the peace, ma'am.

    Gerda: We tried to start a garden but were told we had to work in a "designated farming area of the Great One".
    Gerda: They have so many strict rules here!
    Gerda: I suppose we should be thankful for the shelter, but the DragonLords could relax once in a while!


    Sir Baumbard: Welcome, <Character>. It's good to see you again.

  • Who are you?
    Sir Baumbard: It is I, Sir Baumbard, and this is Glumbert, my dragon companion. You... don't remember us?
    Sir Baumbard: I am one of the elite order of DragonLords. We... were protectors of this realm.
    Sir Baumbard: At one point we would not have hesitated to answer the call of those who needed us.

  • Non-Intervention
    Sir Baumbard: After the Rose came to power, Captain Lestrad led a campaign for Dragonsgrasp and the order to retreat.
    Sir Baumbard: Most saw the Rose's actions as a political conflict, which Dragonsgrasp has always tried to withdraw from.
    Sir Baumbard: He argued that the presence of the DragonLords and their dragons would only exacerbate the political conflicts in Greenguard.
    Sir Baumbard: I, and others, such as young Mritha, disagreed.
    Sir Baumbard: We see the threat that the Rose poses. No offense to your... allies.
    Sir Baumbard: When the Rose started hunting dragons, even then, it took much effort to bargain a treaty with the Dragonslayers.
    Sir Baumbard: Mritha left to join the Vind in a rather... explosive fashion. Her examples led to a few others renouncing the order.
    Sir Baumbard: I stayed in order to oversee our work with the Dragonslayers, and to hopefully convince more DragonLords to take action.
    Sir Baumbard: Your arrival can only bode well in that endeavor. Your and <Dragon>'s heroism is inspirational to many DragonLords.

  • Dragonsgrasp
    Sir Baumbard: This is the fortress of the order of DragonLords. While once it... soared through the sky, it is thankfully now back on solid ground.
    Sir Baumbard: Well, solid enough.

  • DragonLords
    Sir Baumbard: Joining the order of DragonLords requires only a Dragon Amulet... and finding Dragonsgrasp.
    Sir Baumbard: While new DragonLords are always welcome, we have our own laws and rules.
    Sir Baumbard: Sometimes this can cause... problems.
    Sir Baumbard: Not everyone who comes across a Dragon Amulet holds the best interests of others at heart.
    Sir Baumbard: But as long as they respect others and the law, we can work together for the benefit of the order.
    Sir Baumbard: I believe the change for the DragonLord order I dream of can come around from within.
    Sir Baumbard: My apologies, you must have more on your mind than our internal disputes and issues.

  • DragonLords
    Sir Baumbard: Anyone who finds a Dragon Amulet can claim to be a DragonLord, but joined the order is a different matter entirely.
    Sir Baumbard: While new DragonLords are usually welcome, we don't just hand a dragon over to every person who comes through the gates.
    Sir Baumbard: Sometimes this can cause... problems with those who came across their amulets by less than favorable means.
    Sir Baumbard: But with dragon numbers dwindling, even noble souls who find Dragon Amulets may not find dragons to bond with either.
    Sir Baumbard: One would think there would be a better way to control the distribution of Dragon Amulets... But our laws state that we allow "Destiny" to decide.
    Sir Baumbard: Hmph. I've seen enough war and suffering to know the meaninglessness of "Destiny" and "Fate".
    Sir Baumbard: While it's easy to blame The Rose for our current troubles, a lot of DragonLord policy is ancient and inconsistent, if not nonsensical.
    Sir Baumbard: The change I can dream of for the DragonLord Order can only come from within.

    Stablemaster: If you're looking for the dragons, they're... around.
    Stablemaster: They seem to have taken a liking to the Great One, so they're flying around the cave, perching in the corners, you know. Dragon things.
    Stablemaster: Sure makes my job easier, at least.
    Stablemaster: They'll show up when called, though. That's the kind of bond we DragonLords share with our companions.

    Intersection Between Fountain Area and Staircase to Prison

    Kid: I'm a PuppyLord!

    Astrid: Maybe we could buy a house here, what do you think?
    Leif: A house? In this fortress? Surrounded by dragons?
    Astrid: Well, I'm pretty sure the old one is a giant mushroom now, and that's no place to raise a young girl.
    Leif: Nonsense! My father raised me in the side of a snowbank, and we had to rebuild it every other day!
    Astrid: Yes, it's clearly done wonders for your perspective.
    Leif: I turned out just fine!
    Astrid: I know, I know. This has been hard for all of us. But we'll make it through, together.
    Leif: Wherever we end up, everything will be okay. I know it will.

    Soldier Barracks

    DragonLord: Is it true? Mritha and Odgne are back...?
    DragonLord: Maybe I can find somewhere to hide...

    DragonLord: I can't believe Dragesvard was brought down by mushrooms of all things. What a way to go...

    Frustrated DL: And then, she asked if my dragon could carry her cart for her! As though he were some sort of... of pack animal!
    Reasonable DL: I'm sure she meant no harm by it. What did your dragon think?
    Frustrated DL: Well, you know him, he immediately said it was no problem and started helping.
    Reasonable DL: So what's the problem?
    Frustrated DL: I guess... I guess there isn't one.
    Frustrated DL: What happened to me? There was a time when I would be just as eager to help with the smallest task.
    Reasonable DL: I know the feeling. We've been cooped up in here for far too long. Hopefully this Rose business will blow over sooner than later.

    Inspector Doyle: Dragonslayers, refugees, and now the Vind and Rose, too...? Oh, hello, <Character>.

  • Who are you?
    Inspector Doyle: Inspector Doyle, head of the Dragonsgrasp guard, at your service.
    Inspector Doyle: We worked together on the Vilmor incident. Do you really not remember me?
    Inspector Doyle: Ah, it's fine, I'm sure you've got plenty other things to worry about these days!

  • Dragonslayers?
    Inspector Doyle: Yes. When the Rose started hunting dragons, we didn't act, at first.
    Inspector Doyle: What happens to dragons outside our order isn't really our jurisdiction.
    Inspector Doyle: But when the Rose refused to discriminate between our bonded dragons and those who were not, we had no choice.
    Inspector Doyle: Captain Lestrad and his followers wanted us to stay out of the conflict, but dragon populations were dwindling. Even they could see that, eventually.
    Inspector Doyle: Turns out the Dragonslayers were the answer. I don't think they fully trust us, and they are a weird bunch...
    Inspector Doyle: But regardless of that, they were willing to help defend the remaining dragons. I think they're even considering a change of title.
    Inspector Doyle: There have been a few healthy flocks sighted since. I just hope the Rose hasn't gotten their hands on them.
    Inspector Doyle: Dragons are not the kind to stay in one place for long, and we can only do so much to protect them.

  • Refugees?
    Inspector Doyle: Please don't mistake me, I have no problem with the refugees. It's certainly more work for us guards, keeping the peace, and helping where we can...
    Inspector Doyle: ...but the Great One provides, so in the end, it's no trouble, really.
    • The Great One?
      Inspector Doyle: The, uh, mountain that we're inside. It's got secrets of its own that aren't mine to share, sorry.
  • Vilmor
    Inspector Doyle: She stayed with us for a short time, but her reputation, however justifiable, followed her and tainted her every interaction.
    Inspector Doyle: She and Cryozen Jr. left quite some time ago without a word.
    Inspector Doyle: I can't say I blame them. The DragonLord order can be a... difficult organization at times.
    Inspector Doyle: Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.

    Staircase to Prison

    DragonLord: Watch your step and enjoy the view!

    Prison Area

    Outside the Prison Gate

    DragonLord: The prison is closed, under orders of Captain Lestrad. We're hoping to renovate it into new refugee quarters.


    If your base class is Warrior:
    Aine: I am Aine, Dragonwarrior trainer.
    Aine: As a corps we look to our dragon brethern and try to emulate their strength and fierceness in battle.
    Aine: If you already have the strength of will and basic training of a warrior, I can train you further.
    • Equip DragonWarrior - equips DragonWarrior class.
    • Save DragonWarrior - equips and saves DragonWarrior class.
    • Equip Base Warrior - equips Warrior class.
    • Save Base Warrior - equips and saves Warrior class.
    If your base class is Mage:
    Jonath: Hello, <Character>. I've been expecting you.
    Jonath: I am Jonath, head Dragonmage. I have much to teach those that are willing to learn.
    Jonath: If you already count yourself among the leagues of mages that populate this land then I can take your magic to the next level.
    • Equip DragonMage - equips DragonMage class.
    • Save DragonMage - equips and saves DragonMage.
    • Equip Base Mage - equips Mage class.
    • Save Base Mage - equips and saves Mage class.
    If your base class is Rogue:
    Mi'Kael: If you already count the shadows as your friends, then I can show you how to hone your skills further.
    • Equip DragonRogue - equips DragonRogue class.
    • Save DragonRogue - equips and saves DragonRogue class.
    • Equip Base Rogue - equips Rogue class.
    • Save Base Rogue - equips and saves Rogue class.
    Knox: Wow... You're... you're really back, <Character>! If only the other DragonLords were as eager to follow your example...

    Other information
  • The dragon eggs both outside and inside the hatchery are randomly generated each time they appear on-screen.
  • Pop-up headlines in the area:

      Click the Vind and Rose members
    • Looks like the Greenguard Alliance is making themselves at home.

      Click the DragonLord near Rhyn's House Shop
    • This DragonLord seems to be asleep on the job!

      Click the water fountain in Rhyn's House Shop
    • There is something engraved on the side of this fountain...
    • "Water not suitable for drinking."
    • "Seriously, you don't want to know where it's been."
    • Probably best to trust the engraving and not try the water.

      Click the Channiru plushie in Rhyn's House Shop
    • A familiar plushie...

      Click the waterfall near Captain Lestrad
    • What a pretty waterfall!
    • Wait... how does that even work?
    • Probably best to just enjoy the magic.
    Western Section
      Click the dragon eggs in Outside the Hatchery
    • Dragon eggs! They look so comfy in the hay!

      Click the dragon egg in the fireplace in Hatchery
    • Egg... will hatch!

      Click the books in the Fountain Area
    • So many books!
    • 'Dragons and You, Not Just a Bond'
    • 'The Littlest Dragon'
    • 'On the Origins of Dragon Amulets, v4, Abridged'
    • 'The True Origins of Dragon Amulets'
    • 'The Actual True Origins of Dragon Amulets, Don't Believe the Lies'
    • 'Does It Matter Where Dragon Amulets Come From? A Debate.'
    • 'Dragons and Baths, A Treatise'
    • 'The Great Dragons: Where Are They?'
    • Seems like the origins of Dragon Amulets are a much written about topic.

      Click the breads in the Fountain Area
    • Looks like there's enough food for sale, at least.

      Click the fountain in the Fountain Area
    • Did someone... or something... splash water out of the fountain?

      Click the clothes in the Fountain Area
    • Colorful cloths!
    Eastern Section
      Click the sword shop sign
    • Armory, Forge, and... Feldspar's Famous Clothier?

      Click the Hudson's Inn's sign
    • This must be the inn!

      Click the DragonCrest in Reni and Feldspar's Armory and Shop
    • A stunning example of craftsmanship.

      Click the old Dragonsgrasp banner in Reni and Feldspar's Armory and Shop
    • The old Dragonsgrasp banner! They're still around!

      Click the dragon head above the furnance in Hudson's Inn
    • Not a real dragon head. Hopefully.

      Click the Moglinberry juice near Hudson
    • More than enough Moglinberry juice to last years.

      Click the Ice Dragon in Deployment Area
    • A massive dragon watches over the deployment area!
    • It doesn't seem to pay you any mind.
    • Probably best not to bother it.

      Click the empty stable in Stables
    • An empty stable. The dragons must be flying round the cave.

      Click the light shining from the crater in the old City Entrance
    • The light shining in from the crater above reflects a calm green over the cave.
    • It's very relaxing.
    • It probably wouldn't hurt to spend some time here.
    • A peaceful rest, bathed in warm light.

      Click the fallen Dragon statue in the old City Entrance
    • This dragon has fallen and can't get up!
    • Oh, it's just a statue. Phew.
    • This dragon statue must have fallen at some point.

      Click the spilled Moglinberry juice in Soldier Barracks
    • Someone spilled their moglinberry juice...

      Click the stone bench near DragonLord in Staircase to Prison
    • This stone bench threatens you with a comfortable seat in the light.
    Prison Area
      Click the prison gate
    • The prison is still as secure as ever...
      If you don't meet the trainers' requirements
    • If you don't have your Dragon Amulet, I can't help you. Sorry.
    • You can't fool me. I can tell you're not a Warrior.
    • The power I offer might be too much if you're not a Mage, sorry.
    • You're not a Rogue. I can't help you.

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    ArchKnight DragonFable

    Other information
  • You are unable to speak to a dragon base trainer that does not correspond with your base class, or if you don't have a Dragon Amulet (in Book 3).

    Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2)
    Thanks to
  • Peachii for entry rewrite.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for additional dialogues and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix for dialogue information.
  • Dwelling Dragonlord for link.
  • Aquapyre for quest link.
  • Razmos for additional NPC information.
  • Dwarven_Wizard, Niki and Sinis for corrections.

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