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Ruins of Rundlecrum!

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12/12/2009 11:06:40   

Ruins of Rundlecrum

Location: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Quests! » Next » Ruins of Rundlecrum!

«Scene: Battleon Inn»

Robina: So, «You», I have a quest for you that could be very interesting...
Robina: The Ruins of Rundlecrum were just discovered by the head of the Lorian Cultural and Natural History Museum in Deren.
Robina: He knows I've done a few dungeon crawls in the past, and asked if I could send someone to support the dig. Seems they're having some problems with grave robbers.
Yulgar: Interesting! I've heard tales of the lost city of the Azamay natives. Is this THE Rundlecrum?
Robina: I've heard the same stories, and to be honest I don't know. It's still a new discovery. The Archaeologists at the site would have a good idea, though.
Hans: Ooh! Ooh!! I'll go!
Yulgar: I wouldn't think you'd have time-- You're just on weekend shore leave from the WARPFORCE, aren't you?
  • Continue
  • WarpForce website! (Opens in new window)

    Hans: ... *sigh* Right. But I bet «You» can do it!
  • Journey to the Ruins!

    «Scene: Greenguard Forest»

    «You»: I have to make my way through Greenguard until I find the Azamaya Mountains, the very small range where the Rundlecrum Ruins are supposedly located!
  • Go!

    «You begin a minigame to walk through the Greenguard forest. Click on the arrows to maneuver around until you reach the Azamaya Mountains.»

    Need help in navigating the forest?

    Click me!

    The green box represents your destination. Within the forest, you will meet up with certain battles at different areas, indicated by the numbers in the boxes.

    Battle Encounters
    1 - Wolverine
    Level 0-24: Wolverine (8)
    Level 25-54: Wolverine (25)
    Level 55-74: Wolverine (55)
    Level 75+: Wolverine (75)

    2 - Owl, with a Full Heal
    Level 0-27: Owl (10)
    Level 28-57: Owl (28)
    Level 58-77: Owl (58)
    Level 78+: Owl (78)

    3 - Woodland Pack
    Level 0-33: Woodland Pack (15)
    Level 34-63: Woodland Pack (35)
    Level 64-83: Woodland Pack (65)
    Level 84-93: Woodland Pack (85)
    Level 94+: Woodland Pack (95)
    «When you find the Azamaya Mountains...»

    «You»: There they are -- The Azamaya Mountains!
  • The Ruins!«You proceed deeper into the mountains.»

    «You»: Hmm... This must be the Archaeologists' camp! Hello!! Is anyone here??
    ???: Well, well. Look what the ranger dragged in.

    «Zephyros enters.»

    «You»: ...What? I'm «You» -- how'd you know Robina sent me?
    Zephyros: Grave robbers usually don't bother to yell and draw attention to themselves. Especially at MY camp. I'm what their kind calls an "occupational hazard."
    Zephyros: Usually I try to get to a site first to document, catalogue and preserve anything of great importance. This one was too big, and word got out too fast.
    Zephyros: Every time I snag some half-wit bandit, two more make off with priceless pieces of history. I imagine the "brokers" in Krovesport will be happy to put a price to them, though.
    «You»: What can I do to help? Will ousting the robbers from the ruins be enough??
    Zephyros: Sure, for now. Like I said, too many treasures have already been stolen, but if we can keep MORE from being lifted that would be great. Fewer people for me to track down later.
    Zephyros: We may have a bigger problems on our hands, though. At the heart of this temple is a VERY special statue of Goliagath.
    «You»: Wait -- who's Goliagath?
    Zephyros: I suppose we have just enough time for a quick history lesson.
    Zephyros: You see, «You», most of the carvings and statues that you'll find around here are of the Azamay natives' god Goliagath.
    Zephyros: He was their god of Eternity. He was the only one of their gods they were allowed to create statues and carvings of, because stone lasts forever.
    Zephyros: Obviously, we know now that stone DOESN'T last forever -- wind, water and ice slowly erode it. But that's what they believed.
    «You»: So what's this "bigger problem" we might have than plain old grave robbers? Are they trying to take off with this special statue?
    Zephyros: Not exactly. In that statue's chamber, there's a puzzle in the wall. One of those bumbling amateurs triggered it and ran off... and if I'm right, we need to solve it as soon as possible.
    «You»: Or what??
    Zephyros: I think some kind of countdown began as soon as it was activated. It'll likely self-destruct, and take with it all of the knowledge and treasure we found.
    Zephyros: Get down to the main temple complex as fast as you can. I'll join you as soon as I take care of a few more bandits up here, before they get away.
  • Okay!

    «Scene: Entrance to the Azamay Temple»«You proceed into the temple.»«Scene: At the statue of Goliagath»«A mysterious lady enters»

    Cara Loft: You might have gotten rid of THAT particular tomb rai-- er, robber-- but you won't find it so easy to deal with me!
  • Fight!«You»: That big guy must be the statue of Goliagath! And on the wall-- That's the puzzle Zephyros mentioned!

    «You proceed towards the wall containing the puzzle. In this mini game, you are to fit the puzzle pieces within the circle by rotating the pieces around.»

    This is how the pieces should be placed into the wall, image credits to afterlifex.

    Click me!
    «Once the puzzle is completed, it begins spinning and a glow envelops the puzzle. Goliagath walks out of where he was standing and confronts you.»

    Goliagath: ARE YOU A GOD?
    «You»: !!! ......... Uh, well.... No.«Zephyros enters»

    Zephyros: K'shaqa ro mey huyda facha -- Ney mu Azamaya ro'taqa!

    «Goliagath's jaw drops.»

    Goliagath: I'M JUST A STATUE??
    Zephyros: Oh good, you DO have a translation module. Azamay makes my throat all scratchy. ...Plus there's only a handful of people who can speak it. That might get a little lonely.
    Zephyros: Look, I'm sorry to break it to you. I mean, don't get me wrong! You have some pretty stout magical powers. The Azamay wizards saw to that. But... you're not a god.

    «Goliagath shuts his jaws.»

    Goliagath: ARE THERE... OTHERS LIKE ME?
    Zephyros: Yes there are -- many others. Golems of all types. You will meet many interesting individuals made of inanimate objects on Lore!
    Zephyros: «You» here woke you up by completing the puzzle your creators left. Maybe you two can go find some.
    Goliagath: OH GOODY!
    Zephyros: Thanks for your help, «You». You've done a great service in helping keep the past alive.
    Zephyros: Now, I've found several of these runestones that look like they could fit in Rocky's chest socket here. You might find them useful.
    Zephyros: Each one has a different symbol from that puzzle... they look like they're different elements. And then there are a few more REALLY special ones. ...Oh, and for the record?
    Zephyros: When someone asks you if you're a GOD, you say YES!
    «You»: I really need to get myself into a situation where that could happen again...
  • Victory!
    Ruins of Rundlecrum

  • Azamay Limestone Golem
  • Azamay Sandstone Golem Z
  • Azamay Sandstone Golem
  • Azamay Gneiss Guardian Golem
  • Azamay Flint Golem
  • Azamay Basalt Golem
  • Azamay Granite Golem Z
  • Azamay Marble Guardian Golem

  • Paralyze Runestones ( Guardian, Minor Z, «Normal» Z, Major Z, Greater Z, Superior Z, Supreme Z)
  • Poison Runestones ( Guardian, Minor Z, «Normal» Z, Major Z, Greater Z, Superior Z, Supreme Z)
  • Fire Runestones ( Minor, «Normal» Z, «Normal», Guardian, Major, Greater, Superior Z, Supreme)
  • Water Runestones ( Minor, «Normal» Z, «Normal», Guardian, Major, Greater, Superior Z, Supreme)
  • Wind Runestones ( Minor, «Normal» Z, «Normal», Guardian, Major, Greater, Superior Z, Supreme)
  • Ice Runestones ( Minor, «Normal» Z, «Normal», Guardian, Major, Greater, Superior Z, Supreme)
  • Earth Runestones ( Minor, «Normal» Z, «Normal», Guardian, Major, Greater, Superior Z, Supreme)
  • Energy Runestones ( Minor, «Normal» Z, «Normal», Guardian, Major, Greater, Superior Z, Supreme)
  • Light Runestones ( Minor, «Normal» Z, «Normal», Guardian, Major, Greater, Superior Z, Supreme)
  • Darkness Runestones ( Minor, «Normal» Z, «Normal», Guardian, Major, Greater, Superior Z, Supreme )

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Thanks to In Media Res for the monster lists. New location by Mysterious Strangeface.

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