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Frostval 2009

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12/12/2009 11:09:10   
Oh Bother.

Frostval Saga 2009 - Part I!

Event Button > Frostval Saga 2009 Part 1!

«The realm of Glacius, the Ice Clan, Paxia»

«You»: Glaciar, the Ice Clan's leader, asked for help from any hero who could get here fast enough! I hope I'm not too late...
«You»: I have to get to Glaciar's ice lair as soon as possible!«Scene: Glaciar's Lair»

Bergos: Well, well, little brother, I see you have done well. Your Clan is mighty.
Glaciar: Bergos, I know why you are here. You want to claim my Clan for yourself. I cannot let you do that...
Bergos: Come now, brother... This is far too large of an enterprise for you to handle by yourself. Let me control just half of your clan and territories, and you can rest easy.
Glaciar: You should go now, back to your cave. Take care of your cubs. Do not envy me...

«The scene zooms in on Bergos and Glaciar.»

Bergos: Envy?!?

«Bergos becomes very agitated and stands on his two hind limbs.»

Bergos: ENVY!?!!!
Bergos: Without ME your enemies would have nothing to fear!!!
Glaciar: You helped me when we were cubs, and I thank you for that, but the respect I command NOW is because of the Clan that I built myself!

«You enter and Bergos returns to being on all fours.»

Bergos: !!! Who is this???
«You»: I'm «You», and I'm here to help Glaciar.... if he needs it!
Bergos: Ha!! What is this!? Too afraid to defend YOURSELF, brother!?!
«You»: ..... Uh, sorry... Looks like I'm in the middle of some family dispute. Maybe I should be going now...
Glaciar: No, «You»-- please stay. I cannot engage directly in combat with my brother or order anyone as Clan Leader to do so.
«You»: So you just put out a call for help and whoever showed up is what, a volunteer?
Glaciar: I am sorry, friend. But Clan Law prevents me from defending myself from a member of my family in any other way.
«You»: Weird... but okay. Do I seriously have to fight an armored bear??
Bergos: After I'm done eating your friend, I'll just have to see if I still have an appetite for YOU, Glaciar!!
  • Fight!Bergos: You've not seen the last of me, «You»! I'll be back, Glaciar!!
    Glaciar: I'd say «You» put you ON ICE, Bergos. It might be best if you stay away from US...
    Bergos: Grrrrrr....

    «Bergos retreats.»

    Glaciar: Thank you for coming to my aid.

    «Glaciar faces you.»

    Glaciar: To repay you for your help, allow me to give you the awesome SWORD OF THE ICE LORD!! It's the best--

    «A sudden tremor shakes Glacius.»

    «You»: That felt like some kind of explosion!!
    Glaciar: We'd better check it out! You look to the west and I will go east. Good luck!
  • Go!

    «Scene: The icy plains of Glacius»

    «You»: Hmm... I wonder where to look next. There doesn't seem to be anything that looks out of the ordinary here--

    «You see a blast of snow in the background.»

    «You»: Yep, that would be out of the ordinary.«Scene: At the blast site»

    Zorbak: I'm TELLING you, Kabroz, that YOU CAST THE SPELL WRONG!
    Kabroz: Zorbak, I did it the EVIL WAY-- The way it was SUPPOSED to be done! Why do you think everything has to be done the EBIL way?!?

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Zorbak... Kabroz! What are YOU two doing here?? Isn't Paxia quite far away from your normal haunts back in Darkovia??
    «You»: And what were all those explosions???
    Zorbak: Stay out of this, «You»! It's just between my brother and I. My BLOCKHEAD BROTHER!!
    Kabroz: Why you... someday-- POW! To the moon!
    Zorbak: Meh! We came to Paxia so that we could use our combined necromantic skills and summon the fabled ghost of Dragonmaster Frostscythe!
    Kabroz: What are you DOING??! You don't tell every hero you meet your PLANS!!! That's how they manage to WIN most of the time!!
    Zorbak: Normally my EBIL power and Kabroz's EVIL work together in perfect harmony--
    Zorbak: --but Kabroz had to go and TRY HARDER than I did! His EVIL unbalanced the necromantic equation and instead of summoning the ghost, we BLEW IT UP!!
    «You»: But I heard TWO explosions! What was the other one?
    Kabroz: We're... not sure. This hole we made in the ice just keeps spewing smoke.
    «You»: That doesn't really look like SMOKE... It looks like it could be... Magic?
    Zorbak: We DID blast a hole to the center of Lore. It could be the magic core of the planet leaking out. It's all Kabroz's fault!!!
    Kabroz: Oh you are NOT gonna get away with blaming ME for this, you pintsize blue nub-noggin!!
    Zorbak: TAKE THIS!!

    «Zorbak fires a dark blast from his staff onto Kabroz.»

    Kabroz: I'm never gonna lend you my cape-repair kit EVER AGAIN!!!!
    Zorbak & Kabroz: GRRRRRRR.....
    «You»: Come on, little guys-- don't do this! I've seen WAY too much brother-on-brother violence today!!

    «Zorbak and Kabroz jump and strike each other. In a blinding blast, both of them disappear into thin air.»

    «You»: Zorbak? Kabroz??? Where are you?

    «A Moglin that looks like a manifestation of Zorbak and Kabroz appears from the hole releasing "smoke."»

    «You»: !!!
    ???: I'd like a name, now that I'm in the game! I've been thinking of some, but most are too dumb! I thought of GRINCH, that would do in a pinch...
    «You»: Someone already used that name. It had a nice ring...

    «The scene zooms in on the Moglin.»

    ???: And ZINCH or RINCH don't have any zing! I'm of two minds when it comes to this decision... I'm Zorbak and Kabroz smooshed together with little precision!

    «The scene zooms out.»

    «You»: How about... hm... Zorbak...Kabroz...Kabroz...Zorbak....
    «You»: How about-- KABAK!?!
    Kabak: I like that! I do!! A little bit green, and a little bit blue... Which is too bad for you! I'm EVIL plus EBIL which equals NOT GOOD, and for this time of year I'm not in a MOOD!
    «You»: Y'know, Kabak... your meter's a bit off, and "good" and "mood," uh, doesn't actually rhyme. Besides, it's Frostval! It's a time for good cheer and gift-giving and peace and--
    Kabak: FROSTVAL!!! The word means a lot to me... How can I just allow this Frostval to BE??
    Kabak: I have so much more power than my other two selves... It's time to TAKE all those gifts and put them back on the shelves!!
    «You»: Don't do it, Kabak! Zorbak ALWAYS tried to ruin Frostval... I was hoping that YOU wouldn't be the SAME as him!
    Kabak: To be the same as Zorbak would be quite a feat! I'm EBIL plus EVIL now, and that'll be tough for you to beat!! MEHEHEHEHAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!

    «Kabak leaps and disappears into thin air...»

    «You»: Oh no... What are we in store for now?!?

    «Glaciar enters.»

    Glaciar: I caught that last bit... Looks like you're going to need some help. How about that Ice Lord's Sword now?
    «You»: ............ Yes please.
    Glaciar: Thought so.
  • Continued!
    Frostval 09 One

  • Guardian Ice Lord's Blade
  • Ice Lord's Blade (L. 40)
  • Ice Lord's Blade Z
  • Ice Lord's Blade (L. 60)
  • Ice Lord's Blade (L. 80)
  • Guardian Ice Lord's Blade

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry thanks to wackybeanz. Credits to In Media Res for the monster list.

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    1/19/2010 0:24:20   
    Legendary AK!!!

    Frostval Saga 2009 - Part II!

    Location: Event Button > Frostval 2009 Part 2: WAR!!

    On a quest to help Glaciar, leader of Ice Clan Glacius, in his fight with his brother Bergos over his territory, you found yourself pulled into a fight between two OTHER brothers-- the Moglin necromancers Zorbak and Kabroz!

    When they unwittingly open a hole into the very heart of Lore and release a glowing stream of pure Life Mana, the two Moglins become fused into one new creature: Kabak! The pure EBIL of Zorbak is forced together with the pure EVIL of Kabroz, and results in a creature that hates himself so much that he needs to prevent everyone else's happiness. It's too bad this time of year is FROSTVAL, when the Frost Moglins make magical items as gifts to thank the heroes of Lore (like you!).

    Just what will Kabak do to keep us from being happy??


  • «Scene: Glacius, blast site»

    Kabak: Oh how shall I start? Oh what will I do? Oh now I know-- I'll make some HELPERS! Whoohoo!!

    «Kabak creates a Frostval Giant, The Mings and a Corpsicle.»

    Kabak: Now the time is here for my STEP TWO! I'm going to steal Frostval from YOU!!!

    «A short cutscene shows the Frostval Giants stomping around the town of Frostvale, followed by a huge skeletal head chomping down on one of the huts, scaring all the Moglins away.

    The scene then switches to Battleon, where The Mings enter the scene.»

    Ming 1 & Ming 2: Winch! Winch! It's your time!

    «A gigantic winch enters.»

    Ming 1 & Ming 2: Take all the gifts so we can stop this silly rhyme!!

    «The winch chomps down on all the gifts, along with a snowman placed in the middle of Battleon, dropping a present in the process. The scene switches to the entrance to Glacius.»

    Kabak: Here in Paxia will be a good place to start! From Glacius' realm my armies will tear Frostval apart!!

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: Is that-- the only gift from the Frostval Moglins that's left??
    Robina: Yes it is... This Kabak fellow means business. Not only did he steal almost all of the gifts-- he also actually stole half the TOWN of Frostvale!
    Glaciar: I am so ashamed that this horror has come from my Paxian lands... But I cannot lie. His power is great. We need help to defeat him.
    Artix: And you will have it, Glaciar. Battleon will join you, and together we will stop Kabak!!

    «Scene: Area of Stolen Gifts»

    «The Mings and a Frostval Giant guard the stolen gifts. Kabak pops out suddenly.»

    Kabak: Ah-ah-ah! Don't you look at MY gifts! Frostval is MINE now, and it's getting a face lift!! MehehHAAHAAAAA!!!
  • War!

    The Kabak In The Hat
    Won't Give Frostval Back!

    Zorbak and his brother Kabroz have been fused together by elemental energies from the core of the planet! They became a new creature called Kabak with magical powers far beyond the two brothers' own. Using a gigantic undead winch and an army of monsters, Kabak has stolen Frostval!
  • To Battle!
  • Special Mission!
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 5 potions on hand. They can also click on the treasure chest to obtain a temporary Ice Salamander Rider Armor along with the message "You open the treasure chest and find Ice Salamander Rider Armor! Ice/Earth defense, and 2-hit attack!".

    Twilly: Hiyas! We need help to save Frostvale and the ice Moglins from the monsters!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Click on Artix the Paladin's head and he will join you in battle!
    Click on Warlic the Archmage's head and he will join you in battle!
    Click on Robina Hood the ranger's head and she will join you in battle!
    Click on Glaciar's head and he will join you in battle!
    Click on Chilly's tail and he will join you in battle!
    Artix will help you in battle!
    Warlic will help you in battle!
    Robina will help you in battle!
    Glaciar will help you in battle!
    Chilly will help you in battle!
    To Battle!
      1 BATTLE
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
    «After 1,200,000 of Kabak's minions are defeated...»
      1 BATTLE
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
    «The giant winch begins leaving Battleon. Robina, Glaciar and you arrive just on time.»

    Glaciar: The Winch is leaving before it could attack again! Kabak must be getting much weaker -- You need to press the attack now!
    «You»: We will, but first I'm going to dismantle this Winch!!
  • Fight!

    «You are given all the options available from the original war camp, such as selecting guests to accompany you in battle, getting healed by Twilly and so on before fighting the winch.»

  • Battle the Winch!Robina: Onward to Paxia! Let's get those gifts back and show Kabak that he can't push us around! Or should we refer to Kabak as 'they'...?
  • Go!!
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
    «Scene: Site of Stolen Presents»

    «Frosty the Snow Golem and Sandy Claws enter.»

    Frosty the Snow Golem: YOU again! Every year you HEROES just seem to pop out everywhere and ruin everything!
    Sandy Claws: This year will be DIFFERENT, though! Right, Frosty?
    Frosty the Snow Golem: Right, Sandy! Because this year you and I are on the WINNING SIDE!
    «You»: REALLY? You're on MY SIDE??
    Sandy Claws: WHAT?!?!?! No way!! ......... Are we on their side this year, Frosty?
    Frosty the Snow Golem: I should have you drawn and buttered for even THINKING that! NO, we're not on the heroes' side!!! This year we're helping the most powerful Frostval Villain EVER!!!
    «You»: So powerful that he left the two of YOU here to guard the gifts, eh? I'm going to melt you and then boil Sandy with your water!
    Sandy Claws: No need to be cruel...
  • Fight!Artix: Kabak is getting away, and he's throwing a bunch of stolen presents to distract us! The WarpForce has loaned us a robot to catch them. Will you help?
  • Let's get him!
  • Go to Frostvale - Skips the minigame
    Kabak is escaping with the Frostval Gifts! The WarpForce has provided you with a robot to safely pursue Kabak over the inhospitable terrain. Move the robot with the cursor keys to avoid the dangers (the Robot can take 3 hits before it malfunctions) and collect the presents that Kabak accidentally throws. When you have collected a present you can press the space bar to throw it at Kabak, if you hit him 6 times, you can force him to flee without the remaining presents!
  • Play!
    «You proceed on with the minigame. Should you fail, the following message appears.»

    You have failed to retrieve the remaining presents! You can either continue onwards to Frostvale or Try Again!
  • Onwards!
  • Try Again!
    «Completing the minigame yields this message.»

    Well done! You have forced Kabak to abandon the remaining presents! Collect your reward and follow him to Frostvale!
  • Onwards!
    «Scene: Glacius, blast site»

    Kabak: Even the most powerful magic in Lore wasn't enough to keep them from bashing in my door! But I can still keep them from delivering those gifts!
    Kabak: All I have to do is use all of this magic leaking from Lore's center on MYSELF instead of making more minions! I will be UNSTOPPABLE!!!
  • !!!

    «Scene: Frostvale»

    Chilly: You did it! Kabak's army and his Winch are history!
    «You»: And now we need to deliver all of the gifts before the New Year starts, or their magic will weaken!
    Chilly: Wow-- You're smart! How did you know that?
    «You»: I think I'm experiencing deja vu. Next you're going to tell me that Froidrog the Great Frost Wyrm's brood of Reigndragons will help us deliver the gifts.
    Chilly: Froidrog the Great Frost Wyrm's brood of Reigndragons will help us deliver the gifts.
    Chilly: !!!!
    «You»: And next I'm going to tell YOU that we still have to beware of Kabak! He's surely going to try and stop us! Hmmmmmmmm.... Do I have to say that again for it to come true?
    Chilly: No, I don't think so. Unless time and space suddenly collapses due to the weight of the paradox you created. Then I'll go with yes.
  • Continued!
    Frostval 09 Two

  • Unwieldy Frostval Giant's Axe
  • Frostval Giant's Axe
  • Frostval Giant's Axe Z
  • Guardian Frostval Giant's Axe
  • Heavy Frostval Giant's Axe

  • Basic Frostval Giant's Shield
  • Frostval Giant's Shield
  • Advanced Frostval Giant's Shield Z
  • Guardian Advanced Frostval Giant's Shield
  • Notable Frostval Giant's Shield
  • Guardian Superior Frostval Giant's Shield

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Special Mission!
    Kabak's Mings are in charge of transporting the stolen gifts to his Paxian hideout! See if you can stop an entire group of Kabak's creatures before they take away more gifts!
  • Go!«You return to the war camp.»
    Monster List
    Level 0-14
    Corpsicle (5)
    Corpsicle (5)
    Frostval Giant (6)
    Frostval Giant (6)
    Frostval Giant (6)
    Fundead Kitten (3)
    Helves (8)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Mini Moglin Ghost (8)
    Moglin Freak (10)
    PainDeer (10)
    The Mings (8)

    Level 15-29
    Baby Moglin Ghost (18)
    Corpsicle (5)
    Corpsicle (20)
    Frostval Giant (6)
    Fundead Dragon Hatchling (10)
    Fundead Puma Cub (18)
    Helves (28)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Kringle the Barbarian (15)
    Moglin Fiend (10)
    PainDeer (30)
    The Mings (22)

    Level 30-44
    Corpsicle (20)
    Corpsicle (40)
    Frostval Giant (19)
    Fundead Lynx Cub (36)
    Helves (28)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Kringle the Barbarian (35)
    Moglin Fiend (20)
    Moglin Phantom (40)
    PainDeer (50)
    The Mings (22)
    Young Fundead Dragon (25)

    Level 45-59
    Corpsicle (40)
    Corpsicle (40)
    Frostval Giant (39)
    Fundead Dragon (50)
    Fundead Lynx Cub (36)
    Helves (48)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Kringle the Barbarian (55)
    Moglin Ghost (46)
    Moglin Phantom (40)
    PainDeer (50)
    The Mings (46)

    Level 60-74
    Corpsicle (40)
    Corpsicle (40)
    Franken-Moglin (50)
    Frostval Giant (39)
    Fundead Dragon (50)
    Fundead Tiger Cub (54)
    Helves (48)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Kringle the Barbarian (75)
    Moglin Phantom (40)
    PainDeer (70)
    The Mings (64)

    Level 75-89
    Corpsicle (60)
    Corpsicle (80)
    Franken-Moglin (50)
    Frostval Giant (71)
    Fundead Lion Cub (72)
    Giant Fundead Dragon (70)
    Helves (68)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Kringle the Barbarian (75)
    Moglin Phantom (40)
    PainDeer (70)
    The Mings (80)

    Level 90+
    Corpsicle (80)
    Corpsicle (100)
    Elder Fundead Dragon (90)
    Franken-Moglin (50)
    Frostval Giant (91)
    Fundead Lion Cub (72)
    Helves (88)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Kringle the Barbarian (95)
    Moglin UberFreak (90)
    PainDeer (90)
    The Mings (80)

    Write-up by whackybeanz. Credits to In Media Res for the monster list.

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    1/29/2010 18:57:32   
    Legendary AK!!!

    Frostval Saga 2009 - Part III!

    Location: Event Button > Frostval 2009 Part 3: Gift Delivery!

    Gift Delivery!
    When Zorbak and Kabroz accidentally blasted a hole to the center of Lore with their magic, the magic released from the world's heart fused the two brothers together into a new creature called Kabak, who commands powers of necromancy, darkness and ice. He tried to steal Frostval, but we got all of the gifts back! Now we need to deliver them before the New Year begins, or they will weaken!
  • Deliver a gift!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

  • Frostval 2009 Deleted & Extended Scenes

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 5 potions on hand.

    Twilly: Hiyas! It's time to deliver all the Frostval gifts! We only have until the end of the year to do it!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Click on Artix's axe to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
    Click on Warlic's staff to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
    Click on Robina's bow to have her join you in battle! She will replace any other guests.
    Click on Galanoth's sword to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
    Artix the Paladin joins you in battle!
    Warlic the Archmage joins you in battle!
    Robina the Ranger joins you in battle!
    Galanoth the Dragonslayer joins you in battle!
    The Ice Moglins hail you a hero for saving Frostvale! Time to deliver some presents!
    Nighttime in Frostvale is the coldest time of all. Dress warmly!
    Gift Delivery!

    Gift Delivery!
    When Zorbak and Kabroz accidentally blasted a hole to the center of Lore with their magic, the magic released from the world's heart fused the two brothers together into a new creature called Kabak, who commands powers of necromancy, darkness and ice. He tried to steal Frostval, but we got all of the gifts back! Now we need to deliver them before the New Year begins, or they will weaken!

    Remember to get your Gift Boxes from the Guardian Tower now-- They open to reveal the true items inside on the first day of the New Year!
  • Deliver gifts!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Return to Camp

    «You take a ride on the back of the Great Frost Wyrm's Reigndragon and arrive at the entrance of someone's home. Your armor is temporarily replaced by a ReinDragon Mount, but does not replace your No-Drop armor.»
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
    «You»: That was no problem! Now to deliver the gift!

    «You knock on a random person's hut and the door opens.»

    !!!: Woah! Thank you so much! This is the best Frostval ever!
  • :-)

    «After 250,000 gifts were delivered...»

    «You»: We did it!! All of the gifts have been delivered! Now we can open them and--
    Chilly: -- RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!! Kabak's --- back!

    «With a whirl of wind, the area sinks to darkness. Sinister orange eyes look at you and it reveals the monstrosity with those eyes -- Kabak.»

    «You»: You again! This time you don't have a giant winch to do your dirty work. Heh... You don't even have an army anymore!
    Kabak: I'm Kabak! I don't need an army... or a winch... Taking care of YOU will be a cinch!
    «You»: It's over! Give up, already. I think I like Zorbak and Kabroz separated ten times more than I like you! What happened to you, anyway? You were smaller... and cuddlier...
    Kabak: I unleashed a geyser of pure elemental life force from the planet's core, hero. All that magic... and no place for it to go... Until I opened my mouth and gulped down as much of it as I could!
    Kabak: Let me tell you... elemental essence is better than Emeril's Essence!
    Kabak: All that power... I can just barely control it. And now, this is my last chance to put an end to the Frostval festivities! All I have to do is let the magic go!
    «You»: Don't do that, Kabak! There's no telling what might happen!
    Kabak: It can't be worse than living in a world where so many people are sooooo HAPPY all the time!!!
    Kabak: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!Kabak: What a world! What a wooorrrllld!!!

    «Kabak's body begins to glow white and splits back into Zorbak and Kabroz. The darkness of the area fades away, revealing the snowy town of Frostvale.»

    Zorbak: Meh!! What a strange dream...
    Kabroz: Hehehe.... Me too! It was delightful!! Hmmm.. but I don't remember much.
    Zorbak: Me neither. I just have that really really good feeling you get after you've had such a great dream. We should really find a dream-reanimating spell... or machine...
    Kabroz: Ohhh YEESSSS! I agree! Shall we--?
    Zorbak: We shall!

    «Zorbak and Kabroz leave the scene, while Artix enters.»

    Artix Krieger: They don't remember a thing! Most of the fun in defeating Zorbak is getting to see his temper tantrum afterwards... How disappointing.
    «You»: Hey, look on the bright side, Artix. You're a Paladin... that should be easy. Anyway, it's FROSTVAL. Now's the time when we get to open GIFTS!!
    Chilly: Yay!! Happy Frostval, everyone!!!
    Frostval 09 Delivery

  • Stolen Gift Z (L. 0, Melee)
  • Stolen Gift Z (L. 0, Magic)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 20, Melee)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 20, Magic)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 40, Melee)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 40, Magic)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 60, Melee)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 60, Magic)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 80, Melee)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 80, Magic)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 110, Melee)
  • Stolen Gift (L. 110, Magic)

  • Reindog Sleigh Rider Z (L. 0)
  • Reindog Sleigh Rider (L. 20)
  • Reindog Sleigh Rider (L. 40)
  • Reindog Sleigh Rider (L. 60)
  • Reindog Sleigh Rider (L. 80)
  • Reindog Sleigh Rider (L. 105)

  • Two Sizes Too Small Z (L. 0)
  • Two Sizes Too Small (L. 20)
  • Two Sizes Too Small (L. 40)
  • Two Sizes Too Small (L. 60)
  • Two Sizes Too Small (L. 80)
  • Two Sizes Too Small (L. 110)

  • Reindog Z
  • Reindog Puppy
  • Reindog
  • Happy Reindog
  • Active Reindog
  • Playful Reindog

    Artix Krieger: Happy Frostval to all, and may your wishes come true! Be sure to check your Gift Boxes when they open on New Year's Eve! Remember, you can get your Gift Boxes in the Guardian Tower ONLY until New Year's Eve!
  • Guardian Tower
  • Replay Boss Battle
  • Replay Final Battle with the Winch!
  • Back to Town

    Monster List
    Level 0-9
    Baby Ice Dragon (6)
    Baby Ice Dragon (6)
    Crabee Fighter (5)
    Glayser (8)
    Helves (8)
    Helves (8)
    Ice Crabee (5)
    Ice Golem (6)
    Ice Knight (10)
    Icezard (0)
    Icezard (0)
    Snow Warrior (8)
    Snow Warrior Cadet (5)

    Level 10-19
    Baby Ice Dragon (6)
    BlizZard (15)
    Crabee Fighter (5)
    Frost General (15)
    Frost Giant (10)
    Frost Trooper (11)
    Helves (28)
    Helves (8)
    Ice Clawg (10)
    Ice Crabee (5)
    Ice Knight (10)
    Icezard (0)
    Two-Bear (15)
    Young Ice Dragon (19)

    Level 20-34
    BlizZard (20)
    Clawg (25)
    Crabee Fighter (5)
    Frost Giant (20)
    Helves (28)
    Helves (28)
    Ice Burrower (35)
    Ice Clawg (10)
    Ice Dragon (20)
    Ice Dragon (20)
    Ice Golem (22)
    Ice Warlord (30)
    Snow Warrior (22)
    Steppe Mastodon (30)
    Tough Ice Crabee (25)
    Tundra Reaver (22)

    Level 35-49
    Clawg (25)
    Crabee Fighter (5)
    Frost Colossus (40)
    Frostlok (41)
    Helves (48)
    Helves (28)
    Ice Burrower (35)
    Ice Clawg (10)
    Ice Dragon (39)
    Ice Dragon (39)
    Ice Warlord (30)
    Quickfreeze Ice Golem (45)
    Tough Ice Crabee (25)
    Two-Bear (40)
    Yeti (45)

    Level 50-69
    Avalurch (65)
    Clawg (50)
    Crabee (50)
    Frost General (60)
    Frost Trooper (56)
    Helves (68)
    Helves (48)
    Ice Clawg (60)
    Ice Dragon (50)
    Ice Warlord (55)
    Quadrus (50)
    Snowball Lord (52)
    Steppe Mastodon (63)
    Tough Ice Crabee (25)
    Two-Bear (60)

    Level 70-84
    Avalurch (65)
    Clawg (50)
    Crabee (50)
    Elf Power Armor (77)
    Frost General (60)
    Frost Titan (80)
    Helves (88)
    Helves (68)
    Ice Clawg (60)
    Ice Dragon (75)
    Ice Dragon (71)
    Snowball Lord (52)
    Steppe Mastodon (63)
    Tough Ice Crabee (25)
    Two-Bear (60)
    Yeti (73)

    Level 85+
    Clawg (50)
    Crabee (50)
    Elf Power Armor (77)
    Frost General (60)
    Frost General (90)
    Helves (88)
    Helves (88)
    Ice Clawg (60)
    Ice Dragon (75)
    Ice Dragon (91)
    King Two-Bear (92)
    Snowball Lord (52)
    Steppe Mastodon (90)
    Supreme Iceshifter (84)
    Tough Ice Crabee (25)
    Two-Bear (60)

    Write-up by whackybeanz. Monster lists credits to In Media Res.

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    Legendary AK!!!

    Frostval 2009 Deleted & Extended Scenes

    Like everything in AdventureQuest these scenes are something of a parody. In this case a parody of DVD Extras themselves! Thus in the style of such extras the following is the storyline developers "commentary":

    So epic was the story of Kabak that in the process of relating it to you cuts had to be made in order to make the material more approachable to the uninitiated, that is to say the player who plays either more casually or is new to the game.

    Some of these cuts were in length to fit, others represent content that would have slowed the flow of the quest down, had they been revealed in game.

    The scenes that follow represent these cuts and early work included an expanded and alternate introduction flashback sequence where the hero learns more about the origins of Kabak. In some places these deleted scenes may appear to introduce points of >>>[missing words]<<<

    Some of you, the ones who obsess over things like canon and fanon, may wonder then which version of these contradictory events are true. As the New Year will reveal however, Lore is a larger and stranger place than any imagined. Each version of events may be true in its own version of Lore.

    Largely it is assumed that where seeming contradiction exists the events are closer in our own version of Lore to the original release.

    Where no contradiction but only expansion exists the expansions are deutrocanonical. They are part of the canon and story of the game but are considered to hold less weight and importance than the events originally shown.

    «Scene: Isle D'Oriens, Library»

    Ryuusei Cartwright: You really do make some excellent baked goods, Ardendor.
    Falerin: It is a gift.

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Ryuusei Cartwright, your vile evil has gone too far! Helping Kabak use his giant winch to steal all of Frostvale is beyond the pale!
    Ryuusei Cartwright: ...Whatever are you talking about? Who in the worlds is Kabak?
    «You»: Don't play innocent Cartwright; I found a green and black astromorph device. Clearly it was involved in the magic Zorbak and Kabroz used that blew that hold in Glaciar's domain.
    Falerin: Ryuusei and I have been meeting together for days, comparing recipes and baking Frostval treats. He has been under my observation the entire time.
    «You»: But... But I...
    Falerin: Really, «You»... Breaking into my library! When someone finally just wanted to have tea!
    «You»: But.... I found this...
    Ryuusei Cartwright: The coloration of this is all wrong. I could almost imagine that this is where that stolen device went, were it not for this odd configuration.
    Ryuusei Cartwright: Hmm... wait... yes, this is the stolen device.
    «You»: Stolen...?
    Ryuusei Cartwright: Oh, but what have they done to it? This is horrible! This sort of alteration is highly unstable.
    «You»: But if you are not responsible, Cartwright, then how did this happen?!
    «You»: How did that crater create Kabak? Are Zorbak and Kabroz gone for good?
    «You»: How did Kabak construct that entire winch to steal the very town of Frostvale itself?!
    Falerin: All good questions but lets address one at a time shall we. Abode trace this please.
    Abode: Here is a tale from far far away a tale of e(v/b)il a tale of hayt.
    Abode: Why a tale so dark that in Frostval they say.
    Abode: That Zorbak and Kabroz's hearts shrank 1.4 sizes that day!

    «Scene: Flashback - Glacius, before the blast»

    Kabroz: You simply lack any sort of foresight at all. Not only have you repeatedly failed to end the accursed holiday, your meddling actually made us have it twice in one year!
    Zorbak: Bah, that merely was an unforeseen complication of Mu Glen's involvement. Besides, the Khandie Khain issue has been resolved...
    Kabroz: No it has not. Though I have plans for that too. For now however we need to address the holiday and how to destroy it, rather than save it as you so nobly did...
    Zorbak: Meh. I did NOT... besides, what can you possibly do that I have not? I have everything prepared.
    Kabroz: I have acquired one of these.

    «The scene zooms in on Kabroz and Zorbak, and Kabroz shows a green and black Astramorph device.»

    Zorbak: Stole it you mean. That Astramorph device looks even more pathetic and low quality than usual.
    Zorbak: It is hideous. Completely lacking quality. I tell you the standards for content have gone down tremendously.
    Kabroz: Are you done insulting its manufacture? You of all people know not to judge a book by its cover. Or do I have to remind you.
    Zorbak: Remind me of what?
    Kabroz: The bright and flowery pastel book of ultimate necromantic doom.
    Zorbak: That is entirely different.
    Kabroz: How?
    Zorbak: By being bright with flowers and unicorns and butterflies on the cover. None expects what waits to consume their very soul inside.
    Kabroz: ... I do love that book.
    Zorbak: Yeah it is great. I think we're getting off topic. I am not having my body altered by some alien device...
    Kabroz: No, not you... Think grander, you fool. I have altered the device.
    Zorbak: Now the truth about why the manufacture is so shoddy comes to light.
    Kabroz: (Ignoring Zorbak's slight) The original alters things into what they truly wish to be. This device alters things into what WE truly wish them to be.
    Zorbak: Meheheheh... to reshape beings into the ultimate anti-Frostval warriors. Well, lets see it in action!

    Animate wolf.
    Device activates.
    Horn appears on his head.

    Kabroz: Hmm... The frozen zombies were better. Cold based rather than darkness based. Corpsicles!
    Kabroz: This is disappointing, I think I need to make some adjustm...
    Zorbak: This!? A wolf with a deer antler strapped to his head? THIS... this pathetic attempt... This is your idea of the ultimate anti-Frostval beast?!

    «Zorbak shoots a dark bolt from his staff at Kabroz, who throws the Astramorph device when hit.»

    Zorbak: I swear Kabroz. You get far too much credit.
    Zorbak: Meh! You're the brighter one.
    Zorbak: You're the evil one!
    Zorbak: You're the more scholarly one!
    Zorbak: You're the yellow one!
    Zorbak: You're the... Uh oh... is the device supposed to have that crack in it and glow and smoke like that?
    Kabroz: You broke it you idiot! It's going to explode! It is a good thing you have me. I'll cast a spell to repair it!

    «You replay Part I of the Frostval 2009 Saga from this point on, including all battles, and cutscenes, all the way till the end. When you press "Continued!"...»

    Kabak: Oh, but this is perfect. I am a whole greater than some of its parts.
    Kabak: A creature of pure e(v/b)il squared. What delightful punctuation that was! Demons would show envy. Now to that hero I had better be prepared. For I am sure he is coming to get me.
    Abode: Kabak was vile, vulgar, and mean,
    Abode: tasteless, and tacky, and not very clean.
    Abode: A wicked, fused moglin with a misanthropic streak,
    Abode: He would attack the Frostval holiday where he found it most weak...
    Kabak: Now... where is it they defeated them year after year... the delivery. That is the rub. The delivery... they always stop me at the delivery. So, rather than stopping the delivery...
    Abode: For years, Zorbak's conniving had long been expected. For years, each and every one of his plans been detected.
    Abode: But in Kabak, at last, a true diabolical plot had been perfected.
    Kabak: Let their deliveries to Battleon go through. I will not stop a one. Let their deliveries go through, but here comes the fun...
    Kabak: When none come to stop them, they'll know not what to do. They simply cannot imagine that such a thing will be true.
    Abode: His plan was dastardly but simple I fear. They'll rest easy at night in their beds full of cheer...
    Abode: And it's then, so much later, that e(v/b)il Kabak and his Winch would appear!
    Kabak: Kabak said with diabolic glee.
    Kabak: The buildings, the presents, and even the trees. The whole town of Frostvale dug up... it's a cinch. I will just use my giant undead Winch!
    Kabak: I will send my armies to end it all. I will send them and their holiday will fall. Now where to start my goals quite grand, where to launch my diabolical plan. Hmm..

    «You replay Part II of the Frostval 2009 Saga from this point on, up till the cutscene which shows the giant Winch chomping down on all the presents and leaving only one behind in Battleon. The scene then switches back to the library at Isle D'Oriens.»

    «You»: This is terrible and now that he has constructed that winch. There is no way I can get to him to save Frostval in time.

    «Ryuusei Cartwright raises his staff, which begins glowing blue.»

    Ryuusei Cartwright: Oh, I do not know about that.

    «The scene slowly transits from the library to the Frostrail Turbo Express.»

    Ryuusei Cartwright: Well are you coming?
    «You»: Wheres?
    Ryuusei Cartwright: Why, to Frostvale of course. What did you think? We can fight Kabak, break the magic that fused him and restore all of the gifts in a wink.
    Ryuusei Cartwright: To Frostval, dear «You», you need not distress-- for this is the Frostrail... Turbo Express!
    «You»: ...
    Ryuusei Cartwright: The thing about trains, it doesn't matter where they're going. What matters is deciding to get on.
    «You»: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight...
    Abode: And so they set out on that magical train to save the holiday from the vast evil crane to rescue the city upon the Frostrail to turn Kabak's plan into Frostfail.
    Abode: Ouch... I mean wow... these puns hurt my brain. And talking like this could drive Fizzle sane.

    «The background instantly changes to the spot where Frostvale once stood.»

    Abode: So swifter than eagles, the little train that could, raced through Greenguard to where Frostvale once stood.
    Abode: What they found was not merry, what they found was not nice, for where Frostvale once stood was nothing but ice.
    «You»: Can we do this without the Abode's bad poetry?
    Ryuusei Cartwright: Poetry?
    «You»: Why is the Abode even here? I could see it back in the library but... wait... you don't hear the poetry?
    Ryuusei Cartwright: No. Ardendor?
    Falerin: I hear nothing.
    «You»: Sigh...
    Falerin: Don't look now but those Zombies look a bit unhappy to see us. Were I not already, I would not want to be us.
    Ryuusei Cartwright: I think perhaps Kabak has grown annoyed and even a tad sick of us. I am supposed to be a master of the Cold but this is ridiculous.
    «You»: ...


    This scene represents an alternative mid war confrontation between Kabak, Falerin, Ryuusei and the Player.

    Kabak: You are too late, there's nothing to do, for Frostvale is gone and that annoying holiday too.
    «You»: Not so fast my e(v/b)il friend, We're here to stop you, To your plans put to an end and send your winch to the pit. ...Oh, for heaven's sake, now I'm doing it!
    Ryuusei Cartwright: That was a bit off...
    Falerin: Indeed, the meter is all wrong and the cadence felt forced.
    Kabak: You haven't the chance... Let's look at the facts. Starting right here with my sleddog named Maxx.
    «You»: Your cute little doggie sure did the trick. Instead of attacking; my hand gave a lick. Your loss is apparent the battle complete; you know that this shall end in your defeat.
    Ryuusei Cartwright: I <<Missing words>>
    Falerin: A little it still needs work on flow and timing.
    Ryuusei Cartwright: Still not everyone can be an c. c. zardlings, or a Robert Frostzard...
    «You»: Are you really sitting here and cri.... crita *Laughter* Sorry. Are you really sitting here my friends to criticize? While the fate of the holiday in my hands lays.
    «You»: Kabak you're finished. It's over just quit. Or else I will have to do it by force; use my fists to end it.
    Kabak: I pity you if you think this means my plans are undone, that you have put an end to my Frostval fun.
    Kabak: You cannot stop the winch. Nor can you beat my crane. And now my friend, here comes the pain.


    This was the originally scripted end of the first war.
    Proceeding Frostval Delivery.

    «Scene: Frostrail Turbo Express»

    «You»: We cannot possibly make the deliveries on time. What time is it anyway?
    Ryuusei Cartwright: It's a minute to midnight.
    «You»: Hey! It's been a minute to midnight for twenty minutes!
    Falerin: Exactly....

    «The scene fades to white.»
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  • Write-up thanks to whackybeanz

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