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The Gardens

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12/22/2009 10:03:14   
Bu Kek Siansu

The Gardens
Quest Location: Satiren
Quests Given From: Trinni


Trinni: I need some serious help! Something has been destroying my underwater gardens and the precious plants I grow there. Can you check it out while I keep an eye out up here?

  • Trinni's Garden
  • Back

Trinni: So, <yourname>, tell me: How much experience do you have with creatures that live in the water and diving?
<<You>>: Well, as a matter of fact I have been quite successful against water-type creatures. Just today, I really gave one a run for its money.
<<You>>: It was right before I got here. Aquella used her Sea Squirt and I hit just the right combination of--
Trinni: .............
<<You>>: Um... As to diving, you mean like with special gear?
Trinni: (facepalm) This is going to be a long day. Let's get you some gear.

You put on the gears you found. Rubber duckies!

<<You>>: How hard can this be.
Trinni: I said to get the stuff off the first shelf... not the fourth shelf. Let's just use my minisub instead...


Minisub Controls:

MOUSE = Move

Move Trinni's minisub through the depths! Pick ip her orange and purple plants, and dodge all of the other underwater debris that has been kicked up from the ocean floor.

<--- Get these, and dodge everthing else!


If you crashed into the debris too many times and lost all your health...

You Failed!

  • Continue

If you successfully completed the minigame...

Final Score: «»
  • Continue

Regardless of the outcome...

Trinni: You did well enough, <yourname>! Now, I suppose you notived all of that debris floating around down there?
<<You>>: I did. It looked like something must have ripped it all up from the sea floor.
Trinni: Just a little futher on you would have come across some wreakage. My undersea gardens were recently destroyed, probably by whatever force also created all of that debris.
Trinni: The plants that are supposed to be growing here are used bby explorers to boost their resistance in battle.
Trinni: The orange Suncys plants and the purple Gravas plants both boost different things.
Trinni: This is happening everywhere. I have very few of my plots left.
Trinni: If I can't stop this, I will lose my means of keeping these creatures content and healthy and my ability to sustain myself through trade -- and stay off the radar.
<<You>>: Do you have any idea at all what creature or creatures are doing this?
Trinni: I caught a glimpse of it two days ago. It's shade of blue, long, almost serpentine.
<<You>>: But I thought space dragons were a myth...
Trinni: I didn't say it was dragon-like, I said it was serpentine. Big difference.
<<You>>: Er... of course.
Trinni: Find our what is tearing my garden apart. While you are out there. gather the rest of the plants that have been ripped out of my plots and bring them back to me.

<<You go back to the underwater seafloor to collect the plants>>



Continues to collect the plants requested...



Full heal after battle

Contiunes to collect the plants requested...

<<You>>: !!!! What is THAT??

<<sees a blue serpent>>

<<You>>: What are THOSE?!?

<<sees more blue serpents>>



Full heal after 2nd battle

Contiunes to collect the plants requested...

<<Goes back to the surface>>

<<You>>: You are right, they are very serpentine... and hard to beat. The more of your plants I recovered, the more they seem to fight me.
<<You>>: If I didn't know any better, I would think that someone is out to get you.
Trinni: That is disconcerting. I live a quiet life here on Satiren. I raise my gardens, tend the natives, and offer useful trade in goods, as the produce of the seas here are very healthy.
Trinni: Why would anyone on Satiren want to hurt me?
<<You>>: I don't know, Trinni. I am just as baffled as you.


<<You>>: ... That's convenient. And here I was thinking my job was done.
Marix: I am the mighty Marix. Who dares attack my children?
<<You>>: I.... Well... they kind of attacked me.
Marix: I see. So you have been the one to disturb the waters, sending my children to flee in terror.
<<You>>: Wait... I sent them fleeing in terror! Nice! Ahem...
<<You>>: Well, your childern were messing up Trinni's gradens. She needs the gardens to survive and uses the fardens to take care of the living things in the area.
<<You>>: Destroying those gardens have not only hurt her, but endangered the other fish as well.
Marix: Who says she has the right to live here? Maybe I was sent here to clear Satiren of creatures that do not belong.
<<You>>: Yea... that doesn't sit right with me. She is doing no harm.
Marix: Her existence is enough of a problem here.
<<You>>: Them's fighten' words!


  • Battle with Trinni's help!
  • Battle Marix by yourself


Marix: If I were you, I would watch myself, fisherwomen.
<<You>>: Sweet, I remain undefeated against water-types
Trinni: What are you talking about?
<<You>>: Ummmm... nothing. Nothing at all.
Trinni: Thank you, <yourname>. I am not sure excactly what this heralds, but it is much to think on. That thing-- that monster-- is not from Satiren, that I am sure of.
Trinni: I have lived here long enough to know every creature that swims in these oceans.
<<You>>: Keep your eyes open, Trinni. If something like this comes up again, do not hesitate to contact the Alteon.
Trinni: I do not want to leave you empty handed. Please, take a look at what I can offer you in return.

Rewards: Trinni's Garden


  • Netgun
  • Netgun
  • Netgun
  • Netgun
  • Netgun
  • Netgun
  • Netgun

  • Suncys Sprout Z
  • Gravas Bud
  • Gravas Z
  • Guardian Suncys Bud
  • Gravas Sprout
  • Suncys
  • Guardian Gravas
  • Suncys Z
  • Gravas
  • Suncys Blossom
  • Gravas Blossom
  • Guardain Suncys


Thank you for discovering the cause of my gardens' destruction!

It seems that we have driven off the mysterious sea creature Marix for the time being. It will take a while to replenish my underwater harvests, but because of YOU, it will happen.

Unfortunately, I fear I will need your help again sooner than later-- Those bounty hunters I told you about are getting closer. I can feel it...

  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

Thanks to Ilø€IMPERIAL€ølI

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