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1/19/2010 19:06:44   
Legendary AK!!!

E-Leet Mission 3
Rescue Ba'Tokk!
Quest Location: Hangar Deck
Quests Given From: Leet Stormfront
Requirements: Level 10, Rank 2 (completion of Peace Offering)


Stormfront: This is a RESCUE operation, WarpForcer! One of our top-ranking officers, Colonel Ba'Tokk, was on an inspection tour of the WarpForce in Sector G and never showed up to inspect the LSS Cysero.
Stormfront: We received a digital recording from a group of very strange aliens who called themselves "Noctherezza." They want 20 billion gold. I'm going to give them-- YOU! Well, not really, but I need you to break Ba'Tokk out of his prison on the world of Ajerak!
  • Break out Ba'Tokk!
    Continues the dialogue
  • Back

    The Alteon is shown flying through space.

    Stormfront: First you need to go to V'eld Valkan to collect the 20 billion gold pieces the Noctherezza demanded.
    «You»: Wait -- 20 BILLION gold?!? For real!?!
    Stormfront: NO! Of course not! The will actually be 20 billion chocolate coins surrounded by the ILLUSION of being gold pieces-- courtesy of the Archmage Warlic!
    «You»: So magic created ON Lore can persist in space?
    Stormfront: That's what the braniacs tell me. Now, you'd better get going!

    Your shuttle launches from the Alteon and docks at V'eld Valkan. You meet with Sergeant Lucky and Lieutenant Krath.

    Lt. Krath: «You», Sergeant Gibbs, welcome back to V'eld Valkan.
    Sgt. Lucky: Feel free to call me "Lucky," Sir. It's kind of my trademark!
    «You»: You could also say it's your ANTI-trademark. Thanks for meeting us, Lieutenant. If you could just give us the 20 billion gold pieces-- er, the ILLUSION of 20 billion gold pieces-- we'll be on our way.
    Lt. Krath: Actually, I'll be going along with you. Colonel Ba'Tokk is one of my mentors. I owe him a debt I could never fully repay... Trying to rescue him is the least I can do!
    «You»: Great! Reinforcements are always welcome! Unless they're ENEMY reinforcements...
    Sgt. Lucky: I hear Ajerak is nice this time of year. Isn't it some kind of tropical paradise?
    Lt. Krath: Well, we'll see it firsthand!
  • To Ajerak!

    You and Lieutenant Krath land on Ajerak.

    «You»: This reminds me of some Lorian jungles I've seen...
    Lt. Krath: You're right. Based on what I've seen of alien life so far, it seems most of it follows the same branching paths of change, resulting in many similar forms.
    «You»: Hmm.. Where's Sgt. Lucky??
    Lt. Krath: I haven't seen him since we parachuted out over the jungle.
    «You»: Sergeant!! Where are you??!

    Sergeant Lucky falls into frame, caught in some vines.

    Sgt. Lucky: Uhhhh.... I seem to have hit a snag...
    Lt. Krath: Indeed you have. «You», should we cut him down or leave him until we double back?
    Sgt. Lucky: Veeerrry funny.
    «You»: How many jumps have you done before this one, Lucky?
    Sgt. Lucky: 12. And every single one, I end up upside down. Once, I even ended up upside down on top of a sinking island. That was on fire. So this isn't all that bad...
    «You»: Okay, I guess we'll cut you down and make our way to the coordinates these Noctherezza told us we'd find the Colonel.
  • Fight alongside Sgt. Lucky!
  • Fight alongside Lt. Krath!
  • Fight by yourself

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «You»: Why would the Noctherezza try to stop us from reaching the Colonel?? Don't they WANT the 20 billion gold?
    Lt. Krath: Maybe the Noctherezza... don't even know what they're doing. They seemed pretty mindless, almost like zombies.
    «You»: Well we're about to find out... the coordinate are just ahead! It looks like some sort of cave...
  • Fight alongside Sgt. Lucky!
  • Fight alongside Lt. Krath!
  • Fight by yourself

    The three of you enter a dark cave. Colonel Ba'Tokk is behind some red laser bars.

    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Krath! It's about time! I've been stuck here for days!
    «You»: Colonel, we came as fast as we could. Lt. Krath was even able to secure the... 20 billion gold.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Are you serious?? They asked for THAT MUCH?? What are they planning to BUY? 10,000 Heavy Gunner Battlesuits???
    Lt. Krath: No idea, Colonel. Where are your captors?? A couple of them attacked us on our way here, and we have no idea why.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: The Noctherezza tend to stay in the dark unless they have a reason to come out. Why don't you show them the gold?
    Lt. Krath: Good idea...

    Lt. Krath pulls out a small briefcase.

    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Wow! 20 billion gold pieces!! But how can they all fit inside that little briefcase?!?
    «You»: It is a case full of burned-out computer hard drives that has an archmage's Convince spell on it... so that anyone who doesn't know otherwise believes that 20 billion gold is inside.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: .......... Now that's a solution to the problem I hadn't thought of.
    Lt. Krath: Where are those Noctherezza? WE HAVE YOUR MONEY! NOW LET THE COLONEL GO!

    A Dark Noctherezza enters.

    «You»: ............ That's a new one.
    Noctherezza: Yyyyou... haaaave... the goold... Giiiivve it to meeee....

    Lt. Krath lowers the briefcase.

    Lt. Krath: Of course! It's all yours. Now...

    He drops it.

    Lt. Krath: Let the Colonel go.
    Noctherezza: *sniff sniff*
    Noctherezza: Iiiiit isssss NNNOT the gooooold. You have tricked usssss!
    «You»: Wow... even Warlic's magic wore off after being away from Lore!
    «You»: YOU attacked us before we even got here! What was that all about??
    Noctherezza: Our mistresss knows, then we know. Our mistressss tells us to plaaaay with our victimsssss. But now... Mistressss says to sssssseparate your aaaaall limb from liiiimb!!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Colonel Ba'Tokk comes out.

    «You»: Does it feel better being out from behind those bars?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: It certainly does!
    «You»: We finished off all the Noctherezza we found here and didn't have a chance to interrogate any. Did you happen to learn anything about why they needed the gold?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: They didn't. But from the looks of them, and the fact that the seemed to be under the control of some outside force-- this "mistress" they kept referring to--
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: -- I'm thinking they were some kind of Nechron we haven't seen before. Which would mean Dark Madder is behind this.
    «You»: Noctherezza. I'll remember that name. Now let's get you back home!

  • Return to the LSS Alteon !

    Artillery Z
    Artillery Z


    On behalf of Admiral Amada, the Queen, and... uh, myself... I would like to thank you for rescuing Colonel Ba'Tokk from the clutches of those strange Noctherezza kidnappers. From your report, I can only guess that Dark Madder is trying everything in her power to gather whatever resources she can to bulk up her considerable piece of the Network pie. This time we managed to show here what an epic fail is!

    Your actions have earned you a promotion to SERGEANT! Isn't that great? Now you, too, have the same exalted rank as Sergeant Lucky!
  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Thanks to Rhowena

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