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Explore Gervel

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1/21/2010 1:42:39   
Legendary AK!!!

Gas Problems!
Quest Location: Sick Bay
Quests Given From: Dr. Mendas
Requirements: Level 10


Dr. Mendas: Ohhh nooo... This is very bad. Possibly even worse than very bad! Captain Daian received as distress signal from the Protean colony on the gas giant world of Gervel!
Dr. Mendas: The colony's gas mining vessels have been disappearing and they're not sure if pirates or something ELSE is responsible. Gervel is home to many mysterious life forms, and I think the evidence points to something ELSE!
  • Go to Gervel!
    Continues the dialogue
  • Back

    You launch a scoutship from the Alteon.

    «You»: Alteon, this is Scoutship 5. I'm on approach to Planet Gervel now.
    «You»: It's very big. And very yellow.
    «You»: Just so you know...

    You land at the Protean mining colony and meet with a symbiote.

    Har'Zaff: Greetings, «You». We have been expecting you. I am Minister Har'Zaff. I hop your journey here was calm.
    «You»: It was calm enough, Minister. This world is definitely quite a sight from orbit!
    Har'Zaff: I myself am rather new to Gervel, and was likewise impressed. What you have docked in, are now standing on, is just one of over 100 antigravity platforms.
    Har'Zaff: The platforms are spread all throughout Gervel's 5-thousand mile deep atmosphere. The closer to the planet's dense, hot core we came, we found ever more rare and valuable materials.
    Har'Zaff: Much of the Protean economy depends on our presence here. We would never have been able to defend ourselves from the worst of the Network's attacks if it wasn't for Gervel.
    «You»: So your gas mining ships keep disappearing? You think it might be pirates of some kind. But our Doctor on the Alteon thinks it may be some indigenous lifeform...
    Har'Zaff: Well, we lose communications with a vessel, and when we then try to get a visual or radar confirmation, the ship appears to have vanished.
    Har'Zaff: The gravity is great here in Gervel... Each vessel has several failsafes, but if worst came to worst and all systems failed, Gervel's gravity would simply pull a ship to the planet's center in minutes.
    Har'Zaff: But the chance that 6 of our ships would break down in such a manner is vanishingly slim. And nothing explains how we simply lost track of them...
    Har'Zaff: ...That is, nothing except technology. Network technology at that... Cloaking in particular. Which is why we think it may be pirates.
    «You»: I have a plan, Minister. Let me go out there in one of your mining ships, and I'll have the Alteon track me the entire way with long range sensors and telescopes.
    «You»: With the Alteon's help, we'll know what's doing this to your ships and be able to stop it!
    Har'Zaff: Well, you have my permission to take a ship. Good luck to you!
  • Go!

    «You»: Alteon, this is «You». Starting flight. Lock onto me now.
    «You»: Minister Har'Zaff, this is «You». I've plotted a course directly for the middle of the area where all the mining ships vanished.
    «You»: Wait-- I think I see something... Yes!

    A dark bird-like shape flies through the mist.

    «You»: But-- but Alteon DOESN'T see it! How is that possible?!?

    More bird-things follow the first.

    «You»: More of them now... I think I may be in trouble.
    Dr. Mendas: This is Dr. Mendas. So tell me-- You are actually seeing living creatures surrounding your ship? What do they look like?
    «You»: Well, they look like a cross between a giant bird and a snake-like thing, with four or so eyes on long stalks. Black and purple in coloration...
    Dr. Mendas: I've read accounts of such creatures before, but not something living in gas giants. Your description matches a beast called a "Cosmoslug"--
    Dr. Mendas: -- but they have only been seen to live in the vacuum of space, most often around asteroids where they normally feed on many different materials.
    Dr. Mendas: Something must have driven them to seek out a new source of food!
    «You»: That's all well and good, but it looks like maybe I'M going to be their food! I'm going to try and get past them-- Wish me luck!
  • Go!

    The Cosmoslugs are headed right for you in what can only be described as an alien flock! If you can at least get past the majority of them you may stand a chance of fighting your way through the others!

    CONTROLS: Use mouse to move. Dodge the Cosmoslugs without moving outside of the yellow box area. Survive 60 seconds to win!
  • Escape the Cosmoslugs!

    If you lose...

    Game over
    <Number of seconds you survived>
  • Try again!
  • Fight past the remaining Cosmoslugs!

    Full Heal

    The dialogue continues below

    If you win...

  • Continue

    «You»: «You» reporting in to Minister Har'Zaff and Alteon again. I got away from the Cosmoslugs!
    «You»: I think these creatures are responsible for the disappearance of the Protean mining vessels, but I don't know what to do from here. The only way to track them is with the naked eye....
    «You»: ... But no electronic equipment can pick up and sign of them. They're just-- gone!
    Dr. Mendas: Now that we know what NOT to do, I think it has helped us figure out what we CAN do! They are real-- physical things moving through the Gervel atmosphere. Sooooo--
    «You»: Soooo-- of course!! They are going to leave a trail through the gases!! Setting my sensors to pick up patterned disturbances through the gas layers!

    You fly through Gervel and find a pile of mining ships with half a dozen symbiotes on it.

    «You»: The Cosmoslugs' trail took me to-- what can only be described as a huge CLUMP of mining vessels! There appear to be many survivors stranded there... I'm docking to get them out of here!

    You land on the pile of ships.

    «You»: Proteans! I'm «You», and I've been sent by the WarpForce on behalf on Minister Har'Zaff to find you.
    Kir'Alahs: Thank the Makers! The winged beasts just appeared out of nowhere and stole all of our ships! They brought them here to build some kind of a nest, we believe.
    Kir'Alahs: The combined antigravity units of all of our mining vessels is pulling many types of elements from the gas around us. They seem to be-- nutrients to the beasts!
    Kir'Alahs: The creatures return every Gervelian night to feed. They leave us crewmembers along unless we try to separate the ships or fight them... We've lost a dozen good pilots!
    «You»: Start loading everyone onto my ship!
    Kir'Alahs: Everyone, you heard! Let's get out of here!
    Jur'Devan: Kir! The beasts are coming back!!
    «You»: Just get everyone into my ship!! I'll hold them off!
  • Fight!

    A Cosmoslug flies down to meet you.

    3 BATTLES: Cosmoslug (as above)
    Full Heal after 2nd and 3rd battles

    Your ship takes off and starts flying back.

    «You»: Minister, I'm on the way back with a cargo bay full of survivors! It looks like only the Cosmoslugs are to blame!

    Cosmoslug Z
    WG Cosmoslug
    Cosmoslug Z
    WG Cosmoslug


    Very good work in finding the cause of the Protean dissappearances on Gervel, friend! Minister Har'Zaff can rest a little easier knowing that it is not the Network that is to blame for their troubles on the gas giant. It seems the Cosmoslugs' asteroid food supply was depleted and they were forced to adapt to survive in gas giants. The Gervel Cosmoslugs found and effecient way to gather their food -- a clear indication of intelligence in their use of the ships as tools!

    We will help the Proteans set up a large enclosed volume of Gervel as a sanctuary for the Cosmoslugs.
  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Thanks to Rhowena

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