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Gray Goo

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2/11/2010 2:39:11   
Legendary AK!!!

The Gray Goo
Quest Location: Engineering
Quests Given From: Gravlax
Requirements: Level 10


Gravlax: Fah nifful! A good friend of mine on K'eld Valkan back on Lore has a bit of an emergency she's in charge of handling. It seems some members of the Network broke into a lab there and stole something I sent them--
Gravlax: -- Some nanomachines! There's no telling what the Network might do with my brilliant invention, but in the wrong hands nanotech can cause some... gulp... bad things! If it goes wild it could become Gray Goo!!
Gravlax: Go find Captain Arzana on the Amilani Outpost off the coast of Vandar on Lore. She'll be able to help you. I asked Sgt. Lucky and Celestra to go with you, too. This is potentially... very bad. Glabbus jibbly!
  • Stop the Gray Goo!

    You launch a shuttle from the Alteon

    «You»: Alright! Sgt. Lucky, Celestra, saddle up-- It's time to take a ride back to Lore!
    Sgt. Lucky: Ooh! Can I fly??
    Celestra: Knowing YOUR luck, I think not....

    You land at the outpost

    Arzana: You must be «You», Celestra, and Sergeant. 'Lucky' Gibbs from the LSS Alteon! Esteemed Gravlax told me you'd come.
    «You»: "Esteemed" Gravlax? He doesn't really give off an "esteemed" vibe...
    Arzana: Hehe, it is how we address longtime friends. I am Captain of this outpost's security force. We have-- an emergency.
    Celestra: We've heard. And we're here to help as much as we can.
    Arzana: You do not truly understand the dangers of nanotechnology... The kind that Gravlax has engineered is very safe:
    Arzana: Many thousands of microscopic machines, built of only a few molecules each, are contained withing many small spheres that allow the nanomachines to only do what they are programmed to.
    Arzana: The real danger is possible if those containment spheres are not programmed properly, and the nanomachines are allowed to do whatever they want.
    Sgt. Lucky: What can they WANT? They're just a few molecules each. It's not like they can THINK...
    Arzana: Just as true organic life may have first come to be, the very simplest of small parts can come together as an organized group, even without the process of thought.
    Arzana: In the case of nanomachines, lack of control might allow them to organize. And from there, they will be unpredictable...
    Arzana: With there innate power, they could create more of themselves by breaking down any material they come across, and using those new atoms to make MORE of themselves...
    Arzana: They could consume and entire world... and entire system... maybe even an entire GALAXY--
    «You»: .....................
    «You»: Let's go GET those things!!! Where are they??
    Arzana: Exactly! My security staff has been sent to the far corners of Lore over the past day to search for the nanotech, but I've just gotten a report from the Vandar mainland.
    Arzana: A group of offworld Network aliens has been spotted, so I've called in some experts on fighting them-- you three!
    Arzana: According to witnesses, THEY are the ones who broke in the lab here and stole the nanotech.
    Arzana: They seem to be headed to rendezvous with a waiting Network ship to take them offworld.
    «You»: Then we'll intercept them! I can get us there fast with my ship.
  • Go now!

  • Battle with Lucky's help!
  • Battle with Celestra's help!
  • Battle with Arzana's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    Your shuttle flies over Lore's surface

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Arzana: This is not good... They didn't have the nanotech on them.
    «You»: What does that mean? Why break in and--- ooohhhh.
    «You»: They didn't steal it... they did something else with it. And LEFT it at the outpost!! We have to hurry back!
  • Go!

    Your shuttle flies back to the outpost

    Gravlax: So the nanotech is somewhere back at the outpost, eh «You»? Great Jamble, this could be bad!
    Gravlax: Luckily it gives off an energy signature I know how to find... Hmmm. Let me see... Ahhh yes! There it is! North quarter, level 3, section B! And it appears... oh my.
    Gravlax: It appears to be over 4 times the original mass of the sample I sent. Which means its controlling spheres no longer function properly--
    Gravlax: --and the nanomachines have been-- making more of themselves!

    You find the nanomachines

    «You»: There they are... We need to stop them before they keep growing until they consume the entire galaxy!
    Arzana: How do you propose we do that?
    «You»: The traditional way ususally works for me!
  • Battle!

  • Battle with Lucky's help!
  • Battle with Celestra's help!
  • Battle with Arzana's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Celestra: Is that it? Are the nanomachines-- destroyed?
    «You»: I -- I think we did! One moment-- Gravlax is calling me back!
    Gravlax: «You», there seems to have been a little problem with your... 'traditional' method.
    Gravlax: You technically defeated the nanomachines, but a few of them survived. And EVOLVED.
    Gravlax: They are quickly becoming a GRAY GOO-- a quickly expanding cloud of nanomachines that can eat anything in its way!

    A gray cloud appears in the right side of the outpost and destroys the buildings there.

    Gravlax: They Gray Goo is growing exponentially! Most of the West Quarter has been consumed!!
    Gravlax: It's beyond anything you can stop ... "traditionally". Luckily, you have a genius like ME on your side! I've run some calculations and you have 2 choices:

  • Blast the Gray Goo with the outpost's primary plasma cannon!

    ******You fire the cannon, but the Gray Goo dodges and expands to cover all of Lore.

    ******Feeding on the plasma energy, The Gray Goo grows... and grows... Until Lore is a wasteland. You made the wrong decision, apparently.
    • Rewind time and try the EMP solution!
    ******The gray cloud recedes. The scene proceeds as below.

  • Shut down all outpost systems and hit the Gray Goo with an EMP burst!

    Arzana: Powering down the outpost-- NOW!

    All the lights in the outpost turn off.

    «You»: The EMP burst is almost ready! 5-- 4--
    «You»: 3-- 2-- 1---

    The EMP burst hits the Gray Goo and dissolves it.

    Arzana: «You», I wish to thank you, Celestra, and Sergeant Lucky for all that you have done today!
    Arzana: You've not only saved the outpost-- You've also quite possibly saved the world!
    «You»: Well, *ahem*, we'll never know FOR SURE, will we?
    Celestra: Say, just where IS Sgt. Lucky?
    «You»: Oh no... I think he was in the West Quarter using the rest room.

    There is a shot of the outside of the outpost.

    Celestra: WHAT West Quarter?!?


    NanoGauntlet Z
    Light NanoGauntlet
    Guardian NanoGauntlet
    Insubstantial NanoGauntlet Z
    Weightless NanoGauntlet
    Floating NanoGauntlet


    Excellent, friend! You managed to stop the Network's plot to use my nanotech to try and destroy Lore! Those fiends will stop at nothing to weaken those who have united against their cause.

    The ease with which they managed to turn my nanotech into a weapon of vast destruction IS frightening, however. I will have to increase the safety mechanisms i have built in to my containment spheres, and perhaps add some kind of self-destruct mechanism that activates if the nanomachines show signs of erratic behavior...
  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Thanks to Rhowena

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