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DrakelCube P

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DrakelCube P

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Sail Southeast » DrakelCube P

You can skip the cutscene at anytime.

«Scene: Deren»

«Mobs of Drakel and Ice Cweam create chaos in Deren. The scene then shifts from King Tralin, to Gherkina, to Darin and lastly to Twig, all standing around the mob.»

Gherkina: You win this round Tralin of Deren. Soon, however, the Tastifreeza Ray will have transmuted half of your countryside into fish sundaes! And then... THEN we shall see.
Twig: MMM! Fish sundaes!!!

«Gherkina, his minion and Twig teleport away. The scene zooms in on Tralin and Darin.»

Tralin: ...He is right. We need to find how he got the Drakelcube P. Send word to the WarpForce through my cousin Pra'Mithia on the L.S.S. Alteon. We need the aid of Celestra.


The Drakel we know today are actually the offspring of several ancient related dracomammalian races that before the first coming of The Devourer as a god -- but after his birth as a mortal on Inilar -- existed in competition and harmony.

The Silari were the rulers of the deserts. When The`Galin came, their division and corruption was high and they were found wanting. Many were destroyed; many joined the Network. Only a few remained to join with their brethren.

Within the deeps and the waters were the Amilani, the water drakel. They too warred and were corrupt. They too were nearly destroyed, with only a few to join their brethren in the mountains.

Within the mountain were the Kiminari. These were the old world Drakel. Few even used the specific term for their race, referring to themselves only as Drakel. The Kiminari were peaceful and showed great unity and cooperation. It was they alone that the Devourer spared, and it was they that took in the remnants of the other races to form the modern Drakel.

«Jano and Draslin enter the scene.»

It was not always this way. In the distant past there was a time where the Kiminari were as corrupt and warlike as their brethren. Seeking to control the powers of the world, they designed dark artifacts capable of summoning the draconic gods themselves and compelling from them wishes.

These devices were complex interlocking cubes that contained within them a nexus of great power. They were called Drakelcubes.

Draslin: Have you read the selection yet, my lord?
Jano: I have, my dear Draslin. Thank you for bringing it to me earlier. It is in the returns pile.

«The scene zooms in on a pile of books.»

  • Read the Book!*
  • Continue
    Four Years Ago: The Estate of Jano,
    T'Palo to Tralin of Deren

    Jano: The Deep not only contains the pocket of creation, but some rather alarming ancient Drakel technology...
    Jano: I see from this that your people once favored more overtly magical means to accomplish their goals, Draslin.
    Draslin: Yes, my Lord.
    Jano: Their magical art seems to be metamagical and summoning-based rather than elemental.
    Jano: This is somewhat disturbing... Altering the very fundamental rules of nature and summoning draconic gods to do their will? I cannot imagine the gods appreciated that much...

    «Celestra, Darin and Tralin enter the Estate of Jano through the use of the Gauntlet of The'Galin.»

    Jano: Darin, Lord Tralin and... who are you? Your method of arrival is most unusual, and...
    Darin: Jano! This is Celestra, the Huntress. I am overjoyed I am to see you again, my old friend! But I am afraid we have no time for pleasantries...
    Darin: Panfluti and Gherkina are attacking with their Tastifreeza Ray. While Twig is quite comfortable with their plan, the rest of us prefer to not be turned into demonic sundaes.
    Jano: Tastifreeza Ray...?
    Tralin: It turns people to ice cream by altering the fundamental nature of their cells. Most flavors are acceptable... but the garlic and broccoli are downright vile.
    Tralin: Not even the androids like the taste, and they lack tongues.
    Jano: What?
    Darin: We are trying to track down the violation. A device that alters reality that freely can only be the work of one technology, and Gokar is livid. He is leading his own forces to retrieve it.
    Jano: Gokar?

    «Tralin's hair turn yellow in a flash of light.»

    Tralin: It is not here, meaning that this is where and when the violation occurs... During the absence before Diviara's attack upon the Keld and the shattering of the shield of Lorithia.
    Tralin: It is here that Panfluti and Gherkina acquired it.

    «With another flash, Tralin's hair turns back to dark brown.»

    Darin: Too many people are doing that lately. It makes a big mess. We cannot fight them here, but we need to make sure their damage to time does not unravel everything.
    Darin: There is too much risk of damage to the time stream. We need to inform him of what he needs to do to make sure history is unaltered and move on.
    Tralin: Draslin, summon Lady Kithia. I believe she is here during this time period, isn't she?
    Draslin: Er... Yes, my lord.

    «Draslin leaves the scene to get Kithia.»

    Huntress: Won't your wife's presence in this earlier timeline make maintaining the timeline even more difficult?
    Tralin: I merely wanted him gone. When he and Kithia arrive, Jano, your local analog will explain that we left and all is well. Your other analog is coming with us.
    Jano: Analog??
    Tralin: I am afraid you have no future here, T'palo. You die at my son's hand after being infected by undeath and the Cold.
    Huntress: All is not lost, however. Your sacrifice help sets the tone and we eventually convince The`Galin to leave.
    Huntress: And afterwards, Tralin's cousin leads us in our battle against the Network. We have taken the fight to them-- out to the very stars.
    Jano: I see... That is wonderful news! But--
    Darin: An analog is an alternate version of you, one that forms by some pivot point in history... some major activity.
    Darin: They form naturally as alternate worlds form and as differing choices are made.
    Jano: ...May I finish? I am aware of the concept, but that does not explain how a second analog goes with you. What pivot point?
    Tralin: Ah, well, that is how they form naturally. Their formation can also be aided by magics that separate and cause such divisions.
    Tralin: Celestra, you are certain you can control the reality splitting of the Gauntlet at that fine of a level?
    Huntress: Heh... Only one way to find out.

    «With a slash from the Gauntlet, an analog of Jano is formed.»

    Jano (both in unison): !!!!!
    One hurried explanation later...

    Jano #1: So... it is all worth it. All of our struggles, all of what happened. ...What WILL happen.
    Darin: Yes, my friend. We succeed in the end. I am only sorry that you still must suffer that fate.
    Jano #1: It is worth it. I will make sure time continues as you originally remember, and say nothing. At least I have the consolation that one of me gets to see that new world.
    Jano #2: I will do us proud.
    Jano #1: I know we will.
    Tralin: Let's go, Celestra. We need to move if you want to see Galrick on Terra before returning to the WarpForce, and we still need to get back to deal with Panfluti and Gherkina.
    Tralin: There can be no doubt now. They used the DrakelCube O to steal the DrakelCube P. It was the DrakelCube P that enabled them to unleash the power of the Tastifreeza Ray.

    «With a warp, Celestra, Tralin, Darin and Jano #2 exit the scene. The scene switches to the throne room in Deren, where Darin, Tralin and Kithia meet each other.»

    Queen Kithia: You have returned not a moment too soon, husband. Gokar and his forces are attacking.
    Tralin: Gokar! Whatever next...
    Darin: Why would he do that?
    Tralin: I can explain, but first we need help and we need it now. Send Nel to Twilly to seek aid from our friends in the west.

    Twilly contacts you and before long you are in Deren with King Tralin...

    «You reach the throne room in Deren.»

    «You»: Okay, so let me get this straight. Panfluti and Gherkina used the DrakelCube O, which they retrieved from the ruins of K'eld Alorin on Vandar, to travel to the past and steal the DrakelCube P.
    «You»: They then created the Tastifreeza Ray and are turning people into ice-cold, king-size broccoli ice cream cones and junior garlic cones, among other horrible desserts with a demonic bent.
    «You»: Is that about the size of it?
    Tralin: I am afraid so...
    «You»: But why is Gokar attacking?
    Tralin: The DrakelCube P has been sealed away for 9300 years by our ancient ancestors. Gokar's family was entrusted to protect it. Its loss is a serious blow to him.
    «You»: 9300... but that's OVER 9000!
    Darin: Thanks for your math lesson, friend.
    Tralin: Moving right along: His family was entrusted to protect the Drakelcube P. The crown took over that protection when we arose and took full control over K'eld Ner.
    Tralin: He is unaware that Panfluti and Gherkina have the DrakelCube O, so he blames us for the DrakelCube P's disappearance.
    «You»: So I have to first fight a war to defeat the hero and his band before I can even think of fighting the villains and their band.
    Tralin: Yes. You're good at this... That's why we picked you! Time to go to WAR!
  • War!

    DrakelCube P
    Gokar has gathered his most trusted warrior friends and built an army to battle whoever gets in his way on a quest to get the DrakelCube P back!

    You and your fellow Adventurer and Guardians must first defeat Gokar's forces before you can then do battle with the army of Gherkina and Panfluti, who have stolen the DrakelCube P.
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Oh no's!!! Undead are everywhere! Artix and E think we'll find their leader if we beat them back to Darkovia!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Guardians can refill their health potions by clicking on the potion bag if they have less than 5 on hand.

    Warlic the Archmage is here to help you in battle!
    Galanoth the Dragonslayer is here to help you in battle!
    Robina Hood the ranger is here to help you in battle!
    Artix the Paladin is here to help you in battle!
    To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Artix Krieger
  • Warlic
  • Robina Hood
  • Galanoth
  • By yourself

    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE

    The above battles uses Monster List 1.

    «After 400,000 monsters were defeated, you are able to choose between two options below.»

      Defeat Gokar and win his aid!
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
      Optional Full Heal

      The above battles use Monster List 1.

      3 BATTLES
      Level 0-32: Rotshi (10), B'helma (10), Gokar (10)
      Level 33-52: Rotshi (35), B'helma (35), Gokar (35)
      Level 53-72: Rotshi (55), B'helma (55), Gokar (55)
      Level 73-92: Rotshi (75), B'helma (75), Gokar (75)
      Level 93+: Rotshi (95), B'helma (95), Gokar (95)

      Optional Full Heal after each battle

      «You»: Gokar! Stop the insanity. We are not your enemies.
      Gokar: Never! Your people let the DrakelCube P fall into human hands!

      «Jano enters the scene.»

      Gokar: T'palo Jano... But you died before the war of The`Galin!
      Jano: I am well aware of that. No need to remind me.
      Gokar: But... how?
      Jano: I needed to be brought from the past to convince you, Gokar. The DrakelCube P did not fall into the hands of Gherkina and Panfluti after the crown took control of The Deep.
      Jano: Gherkina and Panfluti have the Drakelcube O.
      Gokar: What? They violated time?
      Jano: They did, and they stole from the time when I still lived and was T'palo to K'eld Ner.
      Gokar: Meaning when my family was still in control of...
      Jano: Yes, exactly. So can you stop your enemies from fighting us, and instead fight those who need a good kick in the pants?
    • War! - Proceed back to war camp
      Fight Panfluti!
      «You proceed to battle as above, but battles use Monster List 2.»
    «After a total of 1,000,000 monsters were defeated...»
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
      Optional Full Heal

      The above battles use Monster List 2.
    «Gokar holds the DrakelCube P as you confront the duo.»

    Gokar: It ends here, Gherkina!
    Gherkina: Hah!
    Gokar: You and your son Panfluti shall hand over the device.
    Panfluti: I do not think so Gokar. Its power shall transmute you too!
    Gokar: Even its power cannot stand against the unity...
    Gherkina: Your words are super, but you are just saying them. You have no clue what true power is.
    «You»: I will place money on what Gokar is Super Saying any day. Now, let's just see whose power level is greater!!
  • Fight!

  • Battle with Gokar's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice«A white glow covers Panfluti, and someone older than both Gherkina and Panfluti appears from him.»

    «You»: Who are YOU??
    Kapitoliss: I am Kapitoliss.
    «You»: Kapitoliss??
    Kapitoliss: I am the alternate good-aligned form of Panfluti. I have purchased my freedom and become a Guardian of Lore.
    «You»: ............. Isn't that a bit... meta?
    Kapitoliss: Never mind that. I shall take the DrakelCubes O and P to my secret observatory in the sky and prevent them from being used again for nefarious purposes.
    «You»: Er....
    Gokar: Sounds wonderful.
    «You»: Wait... we are just going to give the DrakelCubes to this guy because he is a good-aligned alternate Panfluti?
    Jano: Of course. It is the perfect solution.
    «You»: Uhh... How exactly?
    Jano: Never your mind, «You». Just rest assured that the Drakelcubes are now safe.

    «A green-skinned being enters the scene.»

    Kapitoliss: Ah, Culak. Have you and Kendrel prepared the Shrimp Popo?
    Culak: It just about done humee, it be grillin right now. Kendrel wants to know if you prefer the Emperor-style rice pillaf or the roast bew root with chocolate molé sauce.
    Kapitoliss: Let's have both, I have a Herculean appetite!
    Jano: Perhaps some nice roast yams, too.
    Culak: Cha! I think that's an excellent idea humee.
    Twig: Yay!! Swimps!! Sundaes!

    «Jano, Twig, Kapitoliss and Culak all leave the scene, leaving you, Gherkina and Panfluti behind.»

    «You»: ...Is it just me, or did the ending of this war make no sense whatsoever??
    Panfluti: You'll get used to that eventually.
    DrakelCube P

  • Bhelma's Basic Blade (L. 25)
  • Guardian Bhelma's Blade (L. 45)
  • Bhelma's Improved Blade Z (L. 48)
  • Bhelma's Improved Blade (L. 66)
  • Bhelma's Advanced Blade (L. 85)
  • Bhelma's Refined Blade (L. 105)
  • Guardian Bhelma's Perfected Blade (L. 125)

  • Gokar's Gi (L. 31)
  • Gokar's Gi (L. 35)
  • Gokar's Gi (L. 55)
  • Gokar's Gi (L. 75)
  • Gokar's Gi (L. 95)
  • Gokar's Gi (L. 115)

  • Commemorative Drakelcube 34274
  • Commemorative Drakelcube 16958
  • Commemorative Drakelcube 536
  • Commemorative Drakelcube 25

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    * - To read the book, click on 'Turn Page'. Choosing 'Back' will return you to the original dialogue. The contents of the book is as follows.

    Sixteen such devices were created, each more power than the last. The Kiminari society crumbled beneath the terror these devices created.

    Rumor was that when all sixteen were combined, they could literally create alternate cubic dimensions that trapped people within and pit them against each other, struggling for their very survival.

    So terrible was this power that fourteen of the sixteen were destroyed.

    Two, however, were so powerful that they proved invulnerable to destruction. The DrakelCube O could bend time and space, and it was locked within the vaults of the walled city of K'eld Alorin on Vandar. When Alorin was destroyed, it was buried beneath tons of rubble and lost.

    The DrakelCube P could bend reality itself, altering the fabric of the world and changing the very laws of nature within, also altering the wielder's body and mind, imbuing them with great strength, dark magical powers, and twisted ambitions.

    The DrakelCube P was locked within the Deep beneath the city of K'eld Ner in a forbidden armory, and a single family was charged with its protection.

    Forbidden from ever entering Drakel society, this family remained ever after De'me'thar, outcast, with one purpose: prevent the use of the DrakelCube P at all costs.

    Monster List 1Monster List 2

    Write-up by whackybeanz. Kill count for first cutscene by Mystical Warrior. Credits to In Media Res for the monster lists! Guardian Only by .*..*..*.

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