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2/12/2010 15:43:03   
Oh Bother.


Location: Battleon » Zard hunter Shop » Other Quests » Insectozards!

«Scene: Battleon»

Zardhunter: G’day, «You»!
«You»: Hi there, Zardhunter. So who is it we’re supposed to meet here?

«Aria and Twig enter the scene.»

«You»: Aria! And… Twig?
Aria: Hiyas!
Twig: Yippee!
Aria: It’s great both of you could meet me. I have a… hmm… significant problem that I think both of you can help me with.
Aria: You both know I’m the pet shop owner here in Battleon, but I’m also an expert naturalist and zoologist, trained by my Granny!
Aria: When I’m not working, one of my favorite things to do is study the flora and fauna of our little valley. Just yesterday I recognized some troubling signs.
Aria: Many of the local animal species seem to have left the area. It looks like they have been… displaced.
«You»: What do you mean, ‘displaced’?
Aria: Some other…NEW creatures have taken their place in the natural order. This happens as a normal part of nature, but what’s different is the way it is happening.
Aria: Some large animal species are being replaced by other large animals… but the replacements have features of both Zards AND insects!
Zardhunter: Crikey! This sounds like the handiwork of my old nemesis-- the Zardmaster! We’ve got our work cut out for us, mates!
Aria: I’m going with you to find out the cause of this. And Twig, too!
Twig: Twig WUVS adventuwes!!
  • Go!

  • Fight with Aria’s help!
  • Fight with Twig’s help!
  • Fight with the Frogzard Hunter’s help!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice «Your group arrives at a hornet’s nest.»

    Aria: That’s one of the first new things I noticed! It appears to be a normal, though very large, hornet’s nest, BUT--
    «You»: Wait! Don’t say it! I’m trying to decide what to do next.
    Zardhunter: Well don’t take all day, mate! Some of us ‘ave a little barby to get to later!
  • Poke the nest!
  • Don’t poke the nest!

    «If you poked the nest, it sways and you enter the following battle. If you choose not to, Twig bounces and strikes the nest, leading you to the same battle.»Aria: Next time, please listen to me before you poke anything…
    Zardhunter: Where to next, Aria?
  • Go!

    «Scene: Along a pavement»

    Aria: Here we are! This is where I spotted… the.. uhhh…. IT.
    «You»: The what?
    Aria: It was a… well… big ball… of… Hmm. I don’t know how to put it…
    Zardhunter: Something we ‘ave to see to believe, eh?
    Aria: Right. But--

    «A brown ball starts rolling your way. You can attempt to quickly dodge by clicking on the ‘Dodge!’ button when it appears. Otherwise, you will get struck and sustain some damage.»

    Zardhunter: Crikey! That wasn’t what I THINK it was, was it, «You»?
    «You»: Yes… Yes it was.
    «You»: So, Aria, just WHAT does that big ball of--uhh--STUFF have to do with what we’re looking for??
    Aria: Here it comes! It’s a--
    Zardhunter: --- DUNG BEETLE ZARD!!!!
  • Fight with Aria’s help!
  • Fight with Twig’s help!
  • Fight with the Frogzard Hunter’s help!
  • Fight by yourself! «You»: Remind me to take a shower when we get back to Battleon…

    «You reach an area with jars and bottles laying around.»

    «You»: So this is where those strange new zard-like critters seem to be coming from?
    Aria: I believe so. If you draw a circle on a map to show the range in which the new zard-things have been spotted, this would be the center!
    Zardhunter: I hate to say it, mates, but this doesn’t look ANYTHING like a mad scientist’s lab…

    «The Zardmaster enters.»

    Zardmaster: That’s because SOMEONE keeps finding my hideout and destroying them!!
    Aria: Don’t look at ME…
    Twig: eep!

    «Twig hides behind Aria.»

    Zardhunter: That would be ME, Dilwod. But only because you keep creating abominations of nature out of the already large variety of naturally occurring zards!
    Zardmaster: That’s WHAT I DO! You have no right to deprive me of my life’s work!! And stop calling me Dilwod. I am ZARDMASTER!
    «You»: What are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere with a few bottles and jars?
    Zardmaster: These are not just ANY jars and bottles… These hold the key to the future of zardian evolution!!
    Zardmaster: Behold! The power of my new INSECTOZARD FORMULA!!

    «The Zardmaster retreats a little. A Frogzard enters, and with a quick glow on its body, it turns into a scorpion-like monster.»

    Aria: That’s not part-insect, Zardmaster. That’s part-SCORPION. Scorpions aren’t insects! They’re arthropods!
    Zardmaster: It was little, and it had a shell! How was I supposed to know! Anyway, my new formulas WORK! These new zards are much more durable and have deadly built-in weapons!
    Zardhunter: Crikey! Don’t you realize that you’re messing up the natural order?? If we let you keep making these things, the entire ecosystem could collapse!
    Aria: Very well said, Zardhunter!
    «You»: Turn over the rest of your formulas and stop making these… things… and maybe we’ll leave you alone.
    Zardmaster: NEVER! You’ll have to catch me first! Scorpion Zard, get them!!

    «The Zardmaster leaves the scene.» «You arrive at an entrance into a cave.»

    «You»: Zardmaster went into that cave!! Who wants to come in with me and help get him??
  • Fight with Aria’s help!
  • Fight with Twig’s help!
  • Fight with the Frogzard Hunter’s help!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice

    Use your arrow keys to walk around the maze! Don’t touch the walls or run into a Scorpion Zard!
  • Maze search!
    «You enter a mini-game, similar to that of Vince’s Maze.» «Once you found the Zardmaster…»

    «You»: Okay, Zardmaster—the gig’s up! Turn yourself in!
    Zardmaster: NEVER! You may have gotten past my insectozards, but I can still beat you with my new armor and weapons!!
  • Fight!«You»: No…no, you can’t. You’ll need a lot more than THAT to beat me!

  • Zardmaster’s Blade (L. 15)
  • Zardmaster’s Z-Blade (L. 29)
  • Guardian Zardmaster’s Blade (L. 50)
  • Zardmaster’s Blade (L. 85)
  • Zardmaster’s Blade (L. 120)

  • Scorpzard (L. 30)
  • Scorpzard Z (L. 40)
  • Scorpzard (L. 60)
  • Guardian Scorpzard (L. 90)
  • Scorpzard (L. 120)


  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write-up by whackybeanz. Credits to In Media Res for the monster lists. Correction thanks to trans205.

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