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Dr. Jackel and Mr. Snide!

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Times Silent Keeper

Dr. Jackel and Mr. Snide!

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Quests » Dr. Jackel & Mr. Snide!

«Scene: Ethereal Realm»

«You enter the scene, meeting up with Jackel Sano and Warlic.»

«You»: Hello Warlic! Jackel Sano, thanks for teleporting me over here. It's always nice to visit the Ethereal Realm.
Warlic: Hello, «You»! Thanks for arriving on such short notice.
Jackel: I realize it would have been easier for you if I'd just teleported myself to Battleon, but I am currently involved in some off-world duties...
«You»: Oh?
Jackel: I have to remain in the Ethereal Realm for at least several weeks in order to anchor my consciousness while I use my FarSight power to scout the farthest reaches of the universe.
«You»: Wow!
Jackel: The WarpForce asked for some help. There are some things-- well, MANY things -- that even the mightiest scientific devices cannot see.
Jackel: Hehe... In a strange way, that leads me to why I've asked you here. I need your help dealing with ANOTHER scientific problem.
Jackel: I have a brother, Jackel Valen. Well, he's known as Dr. Valen Jackel on Lore. He never liked our ancestors' traditional naming conventions.
Jackel: My FarSight has shown me something very troubling about my brother. He never wanted to be an Archmage... or even learn any magic.
Jackel: In his quest against his upbringing, Valen searched high and low for someone who he could learn from.
Jackel: First, he came upon Drakel. But their science was tainted by magic... magiscience they call it... and therefore not pure enough for Valen.
Jackel: Valen researched the work of Dr. Voltabolt, and managed to learn much of the scientific method. But ultimately it took a fateful discovery of an abandoned laboratory to the west.

«The scene zooms in on Jackel and Warlic.»

Jackel: It belonged to someone who could be considered a pure scientist, one who disregarded the paths of magic and alchemy.
Jackel: Using the equipment he found there, Valen began his experiments. His goal was to find an elixir for health that did not rely on magic...
Jackel: --something that could be made by anyone, anywhere, only using the proper ingredients and not requiring someone to know magic.

«The scene zooms out.»

Jackel: He devoted so much time to his efforts that he soon felt that he was too removed from the rest of humanity...
Jackel: Fearing that he was wasting too much of his life, he soon ventured out more, and fell in love with a beautiful woman in Granemor.
Jackel: But, unlike me, Valen has very little in the way of... shall we say... people skills. Try as he might, he could not get her attention in the way he wanted to.
Jackel: And now he has turned his attentions to finding a way to change his personality. He's trying to develop a formula... What I might call a POTION... to change how he thinks.
Jackel: My FarSight has allowed me to examine this formula, and I fear it will do more than simply alter his personality.
Jackel: Can you journey to his secret lab and try to convince him to not use the formula?
«You»: Quite a story. What do I do if he refuses, though? If he really, really likes this woman, I might not be able to convince him.
Jackel: If he refuses, you'll have to first find 3 component ingredients I have identified that can make an antidote to his formula, and then get it to him before HIS formula takes effect.
«You»: Well, I'm not one to refuse to help two of Lore's finest. It looks like I'm off -- off to see the wiza-- er, scientist!
  • To the lab!

    «Scene: Secret Laboratory»

    «You»: Hmm.. Not hard to find for a secret laboratory. I wonder if I should knock?
    «You»: ..................
    «You»: Naaahhh.
  • Go in!

    «Scene: Inside the Secret Laboratory»

    «You»: Sorry-- I let myself in! The door was unlocked... after I picked it. My name is «You». Is there a Dr. Jackel here?

    «Dr. Jackel Valen enters the scene.»

    Dr. Jackel: Nice to meet you, «You». Now, I don't get many... ANY... guests here. I must surmise then that you were sent here by someone.
    Dr. Jackel: And the only "someone" I know who could have ascertained my location, and would care to know it, would be my brother. Am I correct?
    «You»: Well, uh, yes. I'm here because he can't be, at the moment. And he's-- concerned about you.
    Dr. Jackel: Oh, he IS now, is he? His mind is usually not on planetbound matters, let alone on FAMILY matters.
    Dr. Jackel: You know, I have scientifically proven that being an Archmage prematurely grays your hair.
    «You»: He did say you were quite the scientist. This laboratory is quite a discovery!
    Dr. Jackel: Everything was in very good repair when I first found it. It belonged to a scientist named Lim. From what I can tell, he moved on to another location.
    «You»: So, your brother told me all about this potion you were making to change your personality.
    Dr. Jackel: FORMULA! It's a formula, not a potion! ...And yes, I have made such a solution. It's going to make me a better man, give me what I've lacked all these years.
    «You»: I think you can do whatever you want to, without using some formula to do it for you. And besides, your brother says that the formula might do more than you expect.
    «You»: It could be harmful... Who knows? Is it really worth the risk?

    «The scene zooms in on Dr. Jackel.»

    Dr. Jackel: I have used logic to deduce that I must take the formula to know what its effects will be on me.
    Dr. Jackel: And for ME, the reward far exceeds any risk. Now, I need to go. No one is going to stop me from changing my life for the better!
    Dr. Jackel: You may want to leave behind me... Staying here can be dangerous if you don't know which rooms are safe.

    «The scene zooms out.»

    «You»: Why??
    Dr. Jackel: A number of monsters, mostly energy creatures, have taken up residence here. Lim's power supplies haven't yet run out.

    «Dr. Jackel leaves the scene.»

    «You»: Wait! I--
    «You»: Hmf. Well, I KNEW that wouldn't work. Now I have to find 3 ingredients to make an antidote to Valen's formula:
    «You»: Ester of Aerinide, PU-235, and Jabronium Sulfate.
  • Search!

    «You begin a mini game, to search for the 3 items listed above.»
  • 6 Healing Kits can be used
  • Each use provides a Full Heal
  • Maneuver around rooms by clicking on arrows
  • Battles can occur in certain rooms
  • Backtracking is allowed, but returning to rooms visited before triggers another battle.

    If you need help with searching for the items...

    Click me!

    The following battles can occur:

    Yellow Box
    1 BATTLE
    RA Mob (Energy)

    Red Box
    1 BATTLE
    RA Mob (Fire/Void)

    Black Box
    1 BATTLE
    RA Mob (Darkness)
    Some messages that appear when you are searching for the items:
  • You found some Ester of Aerinide!
  • You found some Jabronium Sulfate!
  • You found some PU-235!

    «Once you complete obtaining the 3 items, you return to the outside of the laboratory.»

    «You»: Now on to Granemor! I wonder just WHO Dr. Jackel is going to try and impress with his new personality...
  • Go!
      1 BATTLE
      RA Mob (Earth)
      Full Heal
    «Scene: Granemor»

    «You enter and see Mulb sprawled on the ground.»

    «You»: Mulb! What happened??
    Mulb: Some fancy-pants-wearing young man came by here with a bit of an attitude, actin' like he OWNS the place!
    Mulb: He was a LOT more AGGRESSIVE than he looked like he would be-- So much that he seemed a little dangerous. So I tried to stop him from going into Lucretia's shop, and--
    «You»: I can see what happened next. Jackel Sano was right, then. This could be bad. Mulb, go get some help.

    «You enter Lucretia's Apothecary. Here, Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 5 on hand.»

    Dr. Jackel: You're going to be MY girlfriend, Lucretia! And that's that!!
    Lucretia: Valen, I already told you how I feel. I like you as a FRIEND. But that's all. Why are you acting so strangely?? You used to be so... NICE. This isn't like you!
    Dr. Jackel: You're wrong. This IS me. The NEW me!!
    «You»: Valen, that formula you took is turning you into something you're not. You already hurt Mulb. We don't want anyone else to get hurt...
    Dr. Jackel: From now on I'm going to DO what I want! And TAKE what I want!!

    «Boog and Mulb enter the scene.»

    Boog: Sorry, Valen... But Lucretia already told you how it's gonna be. An' Boog 'ere thinks that you need to respect their wishes.
    Dr. Jackel: You can't threaten me! NO ONE threatens ME!!!!
  • Fight!

  • Battle Dr. Jackel with Boog's help!
  • Battle Dr. Jackel with Mulb's help!
  • Battle him alone!

    Regardless of choice

  • Add the antidote to your equipment!
  • Don't use antidote! (Challenge Battle)

    «Depending on what you choose, you face a different difficulty mob, as shown below.»Dr. Jackel: I-- I'm so sorry. I didn't realize what the formula was doing to me until it was too late.
    Dr. Jackel: Thank goodness you were able to put together that antidote...
    «You»: You can thank your brother the next time you see him, Valen. That IS a pretty impressive formula, though... if maybe not in social situations.
    Dr. Jackel: I'll happily give you my notes if you want them. I certainly won't be making any more of this. Can you ever forgive me, Lucretia?
    Lucretia: I forgive you already, Valen. I think you should visit Granemor more often. Meet more people and make new friends. It will help you.
    Lucretia: It always helps to get out and do something when you're feeling down.
    Dr. Jackel: Thank you. Thank you all. I promise to make up for the trouble I've caused. From now on, I will do whatever I can to help!
    «You»: Let me be the first to mention this.... If, by chance, you are even remotely thinking of MAKING yourself a girlfriend using some kind of weird science, just don't do it.
    «You»: It sounds like a prescription for trouble.
    Dr. Jackel: Hmmm... I admit that WAS on my to-do list BEFORE this formula fiasco. I'll be sure to remove it when I get back to my lab....
    Dr. Jackel

  • Snide Transformation Formula
  • KiloSnide Transformation Formula
  • MegaSnide Transformation Formula Z
  • Guardian Snide Transformation Formula
  • MegaSnide Transformation Formula
  • GigaSnide Transformation Formula
  • TeraSnide Transformation Formula
  • PetaSnide Transformation Formula
  • ExaSnide Transformation Formula
  • ZettaSnide Transformation Formula

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

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