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3/1/2010 0:14:52   
A True Hunter


Locations available:

Missions Available:
(Sys Zero)
  • Distress Call
  • Intruder
  • Rescue
  • Dropship Battle
  • Enemy Fleet!
  • Strange Blip

    (Other Missions)
  • Shutter Test Piloting
  • Assault Mecha
  • Tutorials

    Shops Available:
  • Dropship (Shops)
  • Monthly Star Captain Rare Shops
  • Verified Weapons
  • Verified Mecha

  • Tek
  • Alex
  • Sally
  • Dooder
  • Slugwrath
  • Sys Zero
  • Worsh


    Tek: Hi! I'm Tek! I'm opening a new mecha and weaponry shop in Soluna City. This is so exciting! The Captain is at the helm of the ship.

    Tek: Check out these items and weapons that I have for sale! I will have even more in my shop in Soluna!
    Tek: To browse my shops, just click on the buttons on the shop interface to the right of me! I hope you find what you're looking for!

    Tek: Was that your Mecha I saw in the back? Not bad but I would love to recalibrate that gyro stabilizer for you. It looks 0.005% off to the left.

    Mecha Types
    Tek: There are many different Types of Mecha. Stop by my new shop when you get to Soluna and I will show you!
    Tek: The trick is finding a base model with the most armor and the highest energy recharge rate!

    Tek: Like lasers, machine guns, cannons, missile systems, blasters, phasers and *starts running out of breath*... ?
    Tek: I do not even know where to start! I have a small selection here for you to equip your mecha with. My shop will get new shipments regularly.

    Tek: A good mecha is only half the battle. The rest comes down to you! Improving your stats will make you a better pilot.
    Tek: You can click on your portrait in the lower left to see your current stats.

    Tek: Are you an anime fan too!?!? I love anything with space or giant robots in it. What are YOUR favorites?
    Tek: *whispers* Do not tell anyone, but I filled up an entire mecha bay with my anime collection. We should hang out and watch them sometime.


    Alex: I used to be the champ at a star fighter game. Now I want to be the BEST at this Mecha one.

    Alex: Do you need to know more about mecha piloting? You should watch Tek's Tutorial holovid!

    About Game
    Character: So how does this game work?
    Alex: The AssaultMecha arcade game is AWESOME!
    Alex: It grabs all of the information about your real Mecha from the back of the ship. So when you buy new stuff you can test it out in this game.
    Alex: You can challenge any student at the University if you know their ID#. Come on, let's play each other!

    Character: Are you going to GEARS University too?
    Alex: You bet! GEARS University is the greatest place to learn Mecha combat, home economics and underwater basket weaving!
    Alex: Everyone says the entrance exam is really tough though. Did you read the part in the brochure about the 12% survival guaranteed?
    Character: *Gulps* So, what else do you know about the University?
    Alex: Well, hmm, let's see. The dean is some guy named Warlic. They say he started the university to "prepare us for the stars."
    Alex: But the rumors are he is really trying to figure out what happened to all the Dragons.
    Character: DRAGONS!?!?!?
    Alex: C'mon, you are kidding me, right? Everyone knows that Dragons used to rule the universe before they suddenly disappeared.
    Character: Geez, what else can you tell me about the university? What are the dorms like?
    Alex: Well, there are three houses. They are called the WolfBlades, RuneHawks, and MystRavens.
    Alex: Picking the right house is one of the most important things you can do at the University...
    Alex: Once you decide to join one, there is no going back and it will influence the rest of your life as a Mecha Pilot.
    Character: Wow, thanks!


    Sally: I'm so nervous about the GEARS University entrance exam *drinks coffee*. But nothing I do seems to help *drinks more coffee*.
    Character: You do seem REALLY nervous... and jittery.
    Sally: I know! *Drinks MORE coffee* I just do not know how to calm down.
    Character: Maybe all of that coffee you are drinking has something to do with it.
    Sally: Really? *takes another giant gulp of coffee*
    Character: You know, eating a green apple in the morning will give you more energy than a cup of coffee.
    Sally: Really? That was really kind of you for telling me. I am going to try that. *puts the coffee cup down*
    Sally: If we both pass our entrance exams at the University maybe we can go hang out some time!

    Incoming Transmission

    Dooder: I hear Kingadent Slugwrath is going to make a statement tomorrow on the UFO heading straight towards our planet!
    Dooder: The transmission is about to start. This is so exciting!

    Slugwrath: Greetings Citizens! It is I, your beloved and unanimously voted Kingadent, Dinkelheim Slugwrath.
    Slugwrath: As you know, scientists have recently identified a large unidentified flying object on a collision course with our planet.
    Slugwrath: The alien UFO responded to our diplomatic offering of "Slugwrath Rules" embroidered towels with the following message...
    Slugwrath: "All your base are belong to us. You will not survive make your time..."
    Slugwrath: The aliens obviously don't recognize the value of an exquisite towel after a hot steamy bath. Therefore, I have no choice but to declare war!
    Slugwrath: I can assure every citizen that all our base do not belong to them! We shall survive make our time!
    Slugwrath: Our military is the greatest force of mecha power in the galaxy. These aliens don't stand a chance!
    Slugwrath: This isn't a war against some invading aliens. It is a war against Alienism!
    Slugwrath: Alienists beware! For I, Slugwrath shall crush you into oblivion! ...Transmission ends...
    Dooder: Woah, what a totally great Kingadent! He is like so charismatic and righteous.
    Dooder: Dude, I can't believe real aliens are going to attack. I hope this does not affect my classes. That would totally harsh my mellow!

    Sys Zero

    Sys Zero: I am Captain Sys Zero, it is a pleasure to have you aboard my ship! How can I help you?

    Sys Zero: Here's the missions roster that we need to accomplish before landing.

    Land the Ship!
    Sys Zero: We are prepared to land at GEARS University in Soluna City! Are you ready, <Character>?

    Sys Zero: Would you like to see Tek's Shop at the back end of the ship? She has all sorts of weapons available for mecha pilots like yourself.

    If you choose Yes!
    Sys Zero: If you want to come back to the front of the ship, just keep walking right!

    If you choose Nope
    Sys Zero: Well if you change your mind you can either come back to me or walk left to the back of the ship yourself.

    Sys Zero: Actually, I am the ace fighter pilot instructor for GEARS University. But during the summer I fly this ship to make a few extra credits.

    Sys Zero: We don't know much about the Shadowscythe. Unfortunately, all attempts at diplomacy have been unsuccessful.
    Sys Zero: Now we are at war with a species we know little about....
    Sys Zero: When we get to Soluna City, I am going to meet with the Kingadent himself!
    Sys Zero: My next mission is to gather as much intelligence about the Shadowscythe as I can!
    Sys Zero: Hopefully, this war will be a short one! Soluna City is home to the finest mecha pilots in the galaxy!


    Worsh: I am a rock on the wind. Watch how I drop!

    Worsh: Oh, hello there! I am Pilot Worsh, nice to meet you! We will be crashing *coughs* erm, landing in um.. well...
    Worsh: ... how about I just let you know when we get to GEARS University.
    Character: Sounds great! Say, is that a Firefly buzzing by your head?
    Worsh: Yuppers! I find that Fireflys bring me serenity. Say, would you like to hear a song I have been working on?
    Character: (thinks) Oh no....
    Worsh: *singing* Take my gloves, take my hands...
    Worsh: Tie me to chairs I cannot stand....
    Worsh: I dun' care the coffee's free...
    Worsh: You can't crash this ship without me!
    Character: ... (Note: Seriously, how many people are going to actually get that joke?)

    Space Lore
    Worsh: Hey, did you know that Fairies are good luck... just like Dolphins used to be back in the days of sea travel?
    Character: Really?
    Worsh: Sure! They say if a Fairy flies up to the ship and follows us... Well... it is a sign of good luck!
    Worsh: You should take a look every now and then to see if any Fairy friends are following us.
    Worsh: Because with my piloting and landing record... we are going to need all the luck we can get!

    Fly This Ship!
    Worsh: Hey? Have you ever flown a star ship? Would you like to try? Here... TAKE THE CONTROLS!

    Other Information:

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf for Tutorials!

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