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Virin Infection!

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3/10/2010 9:08:32   
Bu Kek Siansu

Virin Infection!
Quest Location: WG Tower -> WarpGuardian Missions -> Virin Infection!
Quests Given From: Temura
Requirements: Level 35


Temura: I'm beginning to think our strikes against the Nechron and Defiler outposts were a setup. While our forces were stretched thin, the Virin took advantage of the lessened security manpower and infiltrated the Alteon!!
Temura: The WarpGuardian Tower is safe so far, but many Alteon crewmembers have been taken over by Virin. Capture as many infected WarpForcers as you can and deliver them to Dr. Mendas in SickBay, were she can save them!

<< Virin Infection! >>
<< Back >>

General Leet: Fresh from the WarpGuardian Tower, eh << Your character name >>? We're having some trouble here with the Virin. Nothing we can't handle!
You: I'm here to help as much as I can, Sir!
General Leet: Let's show these Virin that they're not welcome to hitch a ride with the WarpForce!!

<< Go! >>

You: I can't believe this! Crewmembers taken over by Virin symbiotes?? How did they get aboard? Uh-oh, I hear something ... Here they come!!

<< Full Heal >>
1 BATTLE: Virin Warpforcer (as above)
<< Full Heal >>

Dr. Mendas: Thank Lorithia! << Your character name >>, I am glad to see you're not among the infected! I can cure them.
Dr. Mendas: I've seen a LOT of victims today. All of the Virin, however, seem to be JUVENILES -- young ones. They must have been brought on board as newborns.
Dr. Mendas: That would have been the only way to smuggle them onto the ship without being detected. Over a hundred crew have been infected so far.
Dr. Mendas: Someone brought them aboard the Alteon and then likely freed them during the two-pronged attack. Uh-oh! I'm getting a report that a sqaudron of fighter ships have just launched --
Dr. Mendas: -- And they were not authorized by the Admiral for takeoff! This is very bad -- They must be piloted by Virin!!
Dr. Mendas: You have to try and get them back on board if possible, or keep them from destroying the Alteon!! Who knows WHAT they want?!?

<< Go! >>

<< Scene: Some fighter ships leave the Alteon, you chase them. >>

You: << Your character name >> to the Bridge! The fighters do not appear to have ANY pilots! They must be remote-controlled!
Admiral Amade: They must be controlled by the Virin, then. You have to bring them in or take them down!

<< Engage the remote-controlled Alteon fighter ships in battle! >>
<< Let another WarpGuardian take care of this and instead return to the Alteon to save more crew members! >>

<< Engage the remote-controlled Alteon fighter ships in battle! >>


The Virin invaders aboard the Alteon have programmed dozens of fighter ships and sent them out of the Hangar into space.
It's up to you in your Zhoom 6000 Warp-capable fighter to stop them! The Zhoom can easily outmaneuver them, but blast them if you have to. And there may also be a control problem with the Alteon itself ...

<< Go! >>

Controls: Mouse = Move.
Notes: If you fly under the Health and Energy bars, you'll passively lose health. Shooting doesn't work at the moment (or is bugged, at least) so you can't complete the mini game yet.

Quote taken from the Full release known bugs:

In the Virin Infection mission, the Zhoom6000 ship cannot fire, which means that the minigame cannot be won.

If you lose all your Health:

You failed!
<< Try again >>
<< Give up >>

Give up takes you to back to the Alteon for the other option.

If you succesfully completed the minigame:

Impossible at the moment.

<< Let another WarpGuardian take care of this and instead return to the Alteon to save more crew members! >>

2 BATTLES: Virin Warpforcer (as above)
<< Full Heal >>
1 BATTLE: Virin Warpforcer (as above)
<< Full Heal >>

Dr. Mendas: << Your character name >>, nice work! General Stormfront must want to congratulate you himself on your effort!
Dr. Mendas: He just called to ask me to send you to the Hangar Deck as soon as possible. According to him the last of the Virin have been rounded up!

<< Great! >>

You: General! Dr. Mendas said I defeated the last of the Virin!
You: !!!!!
Stormfront: Not QUITE ...
You: Don't tell me that YOU were behind this!! Bringing hundreds of baby Virin onto the Alteon just so they could latch onto the brainstems of your soldiers!?!
Stormfront: We aren't JUVENILES! We're genetically engineered MINI-VIRIN. We're very good at biological sciences.
Stormfront: Our Overmaster Jarik Z'kaa woud have been so PROUD of us if we had captured the WarpForce flagship!
You: Too bad for you ... But it's not over yet. I wan't my General back!!

<< Fight! >>
<< Full Heal >>

General Leet: What are you doing just standing around, << Your character name >>?! Get back to work, Soldier!
You: Welcome back, Sir!

Mission Debriefing

Excellent fighting, WarpGuardian! Not only did you help save many Alteon crewmembers from being slaves to the Mini-Virin, but you also were able to get General Stormfront out of their clutches!

Honestly, I think he should promote you for that, but I don't think he will. According to Dr. Mendas, none of the affected crew remember what happened to them during their Virin-takeover time.

Now, however, we need to find out just WHO is responsible for getting the Virin onboard!!

<< Play again! >>
<< WarpGuardian Tower! >>
<< Exit >>


Virin Buddy (15)
Virin Buddy (35)
Virin Buddy Z (38)
Virin Buddy (55)
Virin Buddy Z (66)
Virin Buddy (75)
Virin Buddy (95)

Thanks to Technomancer

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