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The Hall of Memories - The Third Door

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3/15/2010 17:40:38   

The Hall of Memories

The Third Door (Shadowy Door)

Today's Event > The Third Door! OR
Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > Dracopyre Legacy > 6: The Hall of Memories > Open Doors! > The Thrid Door (Shadowy Door)

«The engraving on the door shows the symbol of the ShadowScythe.»

«You»: Hey Cenara, over here. What do you make of this?
Cenara: It certainly looks foreboding... Abode, why is it that this door looks so different from the others?
Abode: I cannot say for sure, though given the nature of Astral... it is not accidental.
«You»: Possibly, the doors match those whose memories lay beyond?
Abode: That is a good conjecture, «You». As good as any I could offer.
Cenara: If that is the case, the nature of the being to whose memories this door leads... *shiver*
«You»: Remember, you're Dracopyre, Cenara... I'm sure we can manage.
«You»: Besides, it's clearly tied to what happened in Darkovia. We need to know what happened.
Cenara: I suppose...

Lets go!
  • Enter the doorway

    On second thought,
    I would not mind if you
    were bit harder to convince.

  • Leave

    «Scene: Luminovia»

    Acolyte: Father Dhows?
    Father Dhows: Yes, my son?
    Acolyte: Commander Paladin, the First Knight, is here to see you Father, as you asked.
    Father Dhows: Very good, please show him in, Brother Lux.

    «Brother Lux leaves while Commander Paladin enters the scene.»

    Cmdr. Paladin: You wished to see me, Father?
    Father Dhows: Please, Commander, let us dispense with these formalities. We have known each other since I first came to Luminovia three years ago.
    Cmdr. Paladin: While that may be, Father, respect seems appropriate. Clearly the Light Lord favors you, for you have risen rapidly through the ranks.
    Father Dhows: Nonetheless, you yourself have also known the favor of the Light Lord, and will continue to. Why, even the name your parents have given you speaks to your nature.
    Cmdr. Paladin: ...I don't understand. What do you mean?
    Father Dhows: Only that yours is a noble calling, as a defender of the faith. It is good to know that I can count on the aid of those who are so fervent. Nothing at all could corrupt your vision.
    Cmdr. Paladin: You flatter me, Father... though that seems a bit strong.
    Father Dhows: In ages hence, I believe your order shall ever memorialize you. Why... yes, I could even see them taking up your name as their own in memorial.
    Cmdr. Paladin: Your faith in me is heartening, Father... if a bit unnerving. Your speaking of my memorial is very premature. I am be the First Knight of my order, but I am ever a servant.
    Father Dhows: You are too modest, my friend. Now please, call me Seth Cay. I insist.
    Cmdr. Paladin: As you wish Fath... I mean Seth Cay.
    Seth Cay: Good, now I have called you here on somewhat urgent business. You know that a creature of the vilest darkness has taken hold near the far edges of the Forest of Luminova.
    Seth Cay: She is ageless, but her hunger for the blood of the innocent marks her enemy of the church.
    Cmdr. Paladin: You refer to the Lady Safiria? With all due respect, Seth Cay, she may be a creature of the Darkness... but her interactions with the temple hardly mark her as our enemy.
    Cmdr. Paladin: She has been a hospitable neighbor and...
    Seth Cay: She is ageless, but her hunger for the blood of the innocent marks her enemy of the church.

    «A ghostly figure of Cenara appears.»

    Father Dhows: Ugh! I think not!

    «Cenara retreats and hides behind Commander Paladin.»

    Cmdr. Paladin: Seth Cay?
    Father Dhows: Its nothing. Just... bad memories.
    Seth Cay: You MUST continue to watch this woman. She has dark plans, mark me. She will plunge all Luminova into the depths of darkness
    Cmdr. Paladin: Surely you are not serious, Seth Cay.
    «You»: ...Something has gone wrong.
    Cenara: So I gathered... We failed to bind with these people. At least we can observe them...
    «You»: He mentioned bad memories. Do... do you think he can sense us?
    Seth Cay: Why yes, I can!
    Cenara (in unison): !!!
    «You» (in unison): !!!
    Cmdr. Paladin: ...I beg your pardon?
    Seth Cay: Yes, I can be serious... I have seen what her kind bring; it is only death and despair. Watch her and mark me.
    Seth Cay: The time is coming when the church will take the war to her.
    Cmdr. Paladin: As you command...
    Cmdr. Paladin: ... Father.
    Seth Cay: I thought I asked you to...
    Cmdr. Paladin: With all due respect, Father, I am afraid that I do not feel comfortable with that level of familiarity with you.

    «Commander Paladin departs and Drageth Slugwrath enters the scene.»

    Drageth Slugwrath: He seemed a bit reticent.
    Seth Cay: It matters not. The forces of the light and of the moon shall take the war to the vampire queen under my command, and Constantin Petyrovich shall march at their head. Heheheh.
    Drageth Slugwrath: Yes yes, that's all well and good, but HOW does this gain me the throne?
    Seth Cay: Constantin Petyrovich will create chaos. ...Oh, I so love that word... chaos and doom...
    Drageth Slugwrath: He will resist even once infected. And how am I to take advantage of the chaos?
    Seth Cay: He will obey, whatever he likes it or not. He will have no choice.
    Seth Cay: As for you... when the light meets the darkness in this confrontation, all that will remain is that which depends on both.
    Drageth Slugwrath: The shadows.
    Seth Cay: The shadows. The shadows, which I know so well. I shall tend to you, Slugwrath, as I always have you and your kin. Now go prepare Petyrovich.

    «Drageth Slugwrath leaves the scene. Seth Cay's appearance transforms to that of a black hooded figure, looking exactly the same as the Mysterious Necromancer

    Father Dhows: Dirty spying birdies, spying on memories they cannot change... Let us see if you can escape the trap in which you are now snared, birdies.

    «The spirit of Cenara materializes into a real figure, while both you and Cenara approach the Father.»

    Cenara (in unison): What?! How is that possible?!
    «You» (in unison): Who are you?!
    Mysterious guest: Two very interesting questions. As to the one: I am an emissary. Living shadow. Timeless void.
    Mysterious guest: I have held so many names. In your own time an entire secret order models itself after me.
    Mysterious guest: To Slugwrath I am but his guest... though through ages, they have served. Here, I am Father Seth Cay Dhows.
    Mysterious guest: But all that they, and that you, see and know is but the shadow that I and those who follow cast from my realm immaterial.
    Mysterious guest: I am light and I am dark. I am all things. The door that led you to this place bore my sigil.
    Mysterious guest: Heheheh... You will find me stranger then anything you can conceive, and more mysterious than the greatest mysteries your feeble material universe has to offer.
    «You»: So what you are saying is that you are a mysterious stranger?
    Mysterious guest: Hahaha! You are indeed a smart one! That name is one I have worn and and will wear with pride. I am not simply a mysterious stranger. I am THE Mysterious Stranger.
    Mysterious Stranger: And you dear friends, have trespassed upon my domain. What you experience here is a SHADOW of reality, heheheh...
    Mysterious Stranger: As to your second question, it is possible because... because...
    Mysterious Stranger: Because I am SO much more than meets the eye. Now, Transmorphers, attack!
  • Fight!

  • Fight alongside Cenara! - Cenara will now battle by your side as GraceFang!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choiceMysterious Stranger: My my my. Two very interesting questions, brought by two VERY interesting people... but trouble approaches, and so my game ends.
    Brother Lux: Father Dhows?
    Mysterious Stranger: Imagine his terror if poor Brother Lux saw me like this. Hehehe... HAHAHA... No, I do not think I am ready for that. Yet, I cannot use a flashy spell on you either, for he would see it.
    Mysterious Stranger: No matter. I can deal with you simply enough, without a fuss.
    Mysterious Stranger: Oh, one last thing... When you next see Ardendor, let him know that I am not done with HIM either...
    Mysterious Stranger: Shadows, hear my command! Return these interlopers whence they came!
    Brother Lux: Father Dhows?
    Mysterious Stranger: Little Dhows sends you away... come on back some other day.

    «Cenara and you are forced by the shadows to leave the scene, and the Mysterious Stranger transforms back into Father Dhows.»

  • Goldyfish Z (L. 9)
  • Guardian Goldyfish (L. 19)
  • Goldyfish (L. 44)
  • Goldyfish (L. 69)
  • Goldyfish (L. 94)
  • Goldyfish Z (L. 112)
  • Guardian Goldyfish (L. 119)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Quest write up thanks to Bratac. Monster list thanks to In Media Res.

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