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3/21/2010 11:57:05   
Bu Kek Siansu

Quest Location: The Bridge > Admiral Amada > Missions
Quests Given From: Admiral Amada
Requirements: Level 25


Admiral Amada: We've known that the asteroid attack that led to the death of my son was launched from Haven. After doing some more recon, we've found out that the Haven is a colony of dwarf minors taken from Lore centuries ago!
Admiral Amada: Haven is basically an interstellar BUSINESS run by someone known as Lord Terror. We haven't found anyone who's actually SEEN this boss, but he is well- guarded by Network mercenaries.
Admiral Amada: His head of security is a General Vax. She's supposedly a cybernetically-enhanced humanoid of some kind. We also believe the dwarf mines are being forced to work. Haven's defenses have been to great for us to get very close, but --
Admiral Amada: -- Gravlax has managed to reverse-engineer some Network cloaking technology and outfitted your fighter ship with it! With the cloak you should be able to pass through Haven's defenses and enter the space fortress!
Admiral Amada: Confront this Lord Terror if you can ... He has to pay for what he's done. Good luck, WarpForcer.

<< Infiltrate Haven! >>
<< Back >>

<< Scene: You cloak your fighter and prepare to enter Haven. >>

You: LSS Alteon, << Your character name >> reporting over secure channel. I'm cloaking now and moving in to dock.

<< Scene: You enter Haven undetected and see a colony of dwarves. >>

Dwarves: Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to the mine we go! We'll crush some stone and drill some ore and hope Lord Terror let's us go, hi-ho, hi-ho, hi-ho, hi-ho!
You: It worked! The cloaking got me inside without being detected ... so far. This looks like one of the main mining chambers.
You: The Admiral's intelligence was right! It appears to be a colony of dwarves. It makes sense that this Lord Terror would capture dwarves to this work.
You: But anytime someone forces someone else do do something, it's wrong. And it's a sure bet that Lord Terror sells whatever these dwarves mine to the Network.
You: Looks like some hallways over there. I'll have to look around and try to make my way to some inner rooms ...

<< Scene: Inside the hallways. >>


....................5 - 6
Start - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Trap


  • East (to screen 1)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 1:

  • West (to Start)
  • East (to screen 2)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 2:

    1 BATTLE
  • West (to screen 1)
  • East (to screen 3)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 3:

  • West (to screen 2)
  • East (to screen 4)
  • North (to screen 5)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 4:

    1 BATTLE
  • West (to screen 3)
  • East (Trap)
  • North (to screen 6)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)


    << Scene: The floor crumbles, you fall into the pit. >>

    You: I fell below the main level! I'm underneath most of Haven's main machinery ... This might be a good way to sneak further into the base!

    << Scene: Some debris falls from the ceiling. >>

    You: Uh-oh. No wonder this is a trap -- the operations of Haven's machinery must cause constant cave-ins down here!!

    << A big 'Dodge' button pops up, you have to click it to dodge the cave-ins 4 times. Each hit will make you lose about 1/3 of your Health. >>

    You: Finally! I see a way back up!!

  • North (to screen 5)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 5:

    1 BATTLE
  • West (to screen 3)
  • East (to screen 6)
  • Healing Kit (4 total)

    Screen 6:

    << Scene: Inside Lord Terror's office. >>

    Lord Terror: General, you may enter.
    General Vax: Some disturbing news to report, Boss. It looks like we have an intruder on level 5. How this fool managed to get INTO Haven I don't know yet ...
    Lord Terror: That -- I don't like. Go capture this intruder and find out what brought 'em here ... By whatever means necessary.
    General Vax: You got it, Boss.
    Lord Terror: I know you won't let me down.
    General Vax: Thank you, Boss.
    Lord Terror: Fuhgeddaboutit.

    You: I have a feeling I'm getting close ...
    General Vax: What are you doing here? Your kind is not welcome.
    You: MY kind?? From what I can tell, you and your boss Lord Terror have captured dwarves from Lore, and are forcing them to mine this asteroid field. I'd say YOUR kind isn't welcome here.
    General Vax: This is BUSINESS, WarpForcer. All we want is to be left alone to trade with whomever we please.
    You: Ha! Tell me -- Do you ''trade'' with the Network? And why did you send an asteroid storm towards Lore?? I'm sorry, but you've chosen sides, and what you're doing has to END.
    General Vax: My boss was right. The WarpForce IS bad for business. Maybe if I send you back to the Alteon in a body bag they'll get the idea.

    1 BATTLE
    << Full Heal >>

    You: They know I'm here! No choice but to get out now and tell the Admiral what I found out.

    << Scene: You escape Haven and return to the Alteon. >>

    Mission Debriefing

    So now we know. Lord Terror is in charge of Haven and does indeed sell raw materials to the Network. Who knows what ELSE he does ...

    From your report, it also looks like he commands a sizable force of Defilers in his own right, probably on loan from the Network. As much as I want to, I think it would be unwise to engage Haven in a battle right now. We'd be fighting two enemies at once. For the time being, we must wait for the right reason to attack Haven ... I think having an ally INSIDE Haven would be that reason.

    << Play again! >>
    << WarpGuardian Tower! >>
    << Exit >>

    Shimmering Axe Z
    Guardian Shimmering Axe
    Shimmering Axe Z
    Shimmering Axe
    Guardian Shimmering Axe
    Shimmering Axe

    Thanks to Technomancer

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