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Epic Quest 10 - Rogue City

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3/26/2010 17:06:48   
Oh Bother.

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Epic Quest 10 - Rogue City
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Epic Quest 10 - Rogue City
Prerequisite: Level 20

Epic Quest 10 - Rogue City

You go to Krovesport after learning Sage Uldor and Aquella were taken captive by an “Armored Man”. All you can do is start by asking the locals some questions…

You: Have you seen an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage pass by here?
Falla: Despite this being Krovesport, a city filled with leather-wearing roguish types, I have seen many an armor-clad man today. But I have seen none with a Water Elf or old Sage in tow.
  • Thank you for your kind answer. If I can help you some day, please ask!
      Falla: Why, you are quite welcome. Take care of yourself in this backstabbing town…
  • That was a useless answer! Thanks for nothing!

    You: Have you seen an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage pass by here?
    Narg: Well, I’m an armored man. Do I have a Water Elf and an old sage with me?? No? You should not single me out just because I like to wear armor. That’s not nice.
  • Yes indeed, you are right, I should not assume that you are a bad person because you wear armor.
      Narg: Thank you for being understanding. It often hurts my feelings when I am made out to be a bad guy, when truly I am not.
  • You are very rude trying to shove a morality lesson down my throat! Let’s fight!
      Narg: Fine! I will teach you the meaning of the word “pain”!!

      1 BATTLE: Sir Narg (40)

    You: Have you seen an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage pass by here?
    Lux: Well, uhhh, I did see someone wearing armor, and… oh… that was me… but… okay, wait. Now was that me or was that Narg? No, I think I saw Barca… oh wait, it WAS Narg – er, I mean…
  • Nevermind, I think I can keep looking elsewhere… thanks anyway!
      Lux: Well, you’re welcome! I just hope you find what you’re looking for!
  • By the Elemental Lords, you must be the dumbest person EVER!
      Lux: Yeah, I won a contest for that a while ago. I got a lifetime supply of Smell-O -Pudding! I keep it under my bed… but don’t tell nobody.

    You: Have you seen an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage pass by here?
    Garrott Cutthroat: Hehehe… the knight called Barca mentioned a particularly fetching Water Elf he noticed a while ago. Other than that, I know nothing!
  • Well thank you for your help. Can you recommend anything else to do in Krovesport?
  • Well you are about as useless as shoestring in a rope factory…

    Garrott Cutthroat: Well… if you ever decide to train as a Rogue, you may do so right here in Krovesport. And if you become a Level 10 Rouge, I have a feeling you and I will meet again.
  • Go back.

    You: Have you seen an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage pass by here?
    Barca: Actually… yes I did. I could never forget the sight of that beautiful Water Elf. I’ve always had a thing for Water Elves.
  • That’s great! Thank you! Can you tell me where they are?
  • Finally, someone who can help! Now hurry up and tell me where to find them before I knock you out!

    Barca: Sure I will, just as soon as my two friends try to rob you! Did you forget that you were in Krovesport, home of thieves and rogues?

    «As Above»

    Barca: I need to teach my friends how to fight better. Well, you should be able to find your Water Elf and the old man in the northeastern alleyways of Krovesport. Watch your step!

    Final Battle

    You: Well, here I am… and no sign of the Armored Man or my friends. I hope they are alright…
    ???: Your friends MIGHT still be alive… Care to find out?
    Tank Knight: Prepare yourself for the beatdown of the century!

    1 BATTLEDundela: You sure know how to put up a fight! For a second there I actually feared for my life.
    You: Please, no more small talk. Tell me where my friends are. For your sake, I hope you didn’t hurt them!
    You: !!!!!!!!!!!
    Aquella: We are safe and sound, friend!
    You: But -- the trolls—they attacked you and—
    Uldor: The trolls did not attack us. Dundela sent them to PROTECT us.
    You: And just who are you, Dundela? And how do you know Aquella and Uldor?
    Dundela: It’s quite simple really – I am Uldor’s daughter! I only have a small portion of his powers, but I sensed a dangerous presence approaching them on Mount Eigerbuld.
    Aquella: Uldor and I were combining our psychic abilities in order to use the Ethereal Realm to help locate the “Shadow Master” that the Undead Ribbers are searching for.
    Uldor: Probing the Ethereal Realm would have helped very much, because that dimension touches all others. As we started our search, however, someone ELSE must have noticed.
    Dundela: It was a force of darkness, Father. It may have been the Shadow Master himself (or herself!) that noticed.
    You: Warlic and I were just then looking at you through his magic mirror. We saw the trolls approach and thought you were in trouble!
    Aquella: Hmmmmm…
    Uldor: What is it, Aquella?
    Aquella: If only Warlic and our friend here were aware of our location, then perhaps one of THEM was the presence that Dundela detected?
    Dundela: Well if that were the case, then our friend here or Warlic may be the Shadow Master…
    Uldor: It is doubtful… but not completely out of the question.
    You: What do you mean, “not out of the question”??? I have a pretty good feeling that I’m not this “Shadow Master”!
    Aquella: We can be sure of nothing at the moment…
    Uldor: Well, we CAN… if Dundela sensed the dark presence HERE… then we can be certain that some powerful force is WATCHING us… watching our every move.
    Dundela: And I probably only sensed it because it wanted me too!!
    Aquella: I will go to the Paladin Order and request Artix Krieger’s help. We may need the Paladins, considering the Shadow Master’s connection with the Undead.
    You: What about me?
    Uldor: You have perhaps a dangerous task… Collect an Orb of Light from a creature called Jagos in the Skraeling Desert…
    Uldor: --then go back to Eigerbuld with the Orb and await my return! The Orb SHOULD keep the dark force at bay.
    You: “Should” keep the dark, evil, powerful force away? I should have kept my mouth shut!

    Back to Town

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