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Epic Quest 14 - Queen of Hearts

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3/26/2010 17:13:45   

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Epic Quest 14: Queen of Hearts
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Epic Quest 14: Queen of Hearts
Prerequisite: Level 28

Epic Quest 14: Queen of Hearts

*With Sage Uldor and Artix Krieger’s help you faced the shadowdragon called Nith and learned that the Shadow Master is not a creature of darkness-- but uses darkness only to hide. The Shadow Master wants the Eye of Naab, the Watcher. The problem is, Naab is in the dungeon of the Vampire Queen Safiria’s castle...*

You- Oh, the beauty of Darkovia Forest, how I missed it…
???- I HOPE you are being sarcastic….
You- That depends on weather you like living here.
Elizabeth- No, thankfully I do NOT live here. If I did, I would be thoroughly depressed. A place without sunsets is a place without dreams.
You- Are you a Ninja or a philosopher?
Elizabeth- Please, just tell me why Sage Uldor and Artix asked me to come to this awful place. I miss my rolling hills.
You We need to break into Safiria’s castle and find a prisoner in her dungeons called Naab. Then take his Eye. I hope it’s not his real eye…
Elizabeth- Sounds fun. Especially if it IS his real eye. There is a little SNAG though. I brought along a troop of Ninjas to help us, but this horrible place has claimed them all. I need you to find the ones that are still alive and get them back here. We’ll need their help to create diversions so we can get into the dungeon.
You- Okay--I’ll find them!

Battle Undead Ninjas
Fight 2 Undead Ninja
You- I found a Ninja!
Fight 1 Undead Ninja
You- I found a Ninja!
Fight 2 Undead Ninja
You- I found a BUNCH of Ninja!!!
Fight 1 Undead Ninja

Elizabeth- You did it!! Thank you for finding my Ninjas. Now the Castle is just down that pat--Alright, we’re here. It looks peaceful, but there are dozens of vampires lurking in the darkness. I’ll let you choose the way to attack! One way might lead to certain doom while the other success! If this raid works, we will be able to get into the castle without being noticed!

(Choose Frontal Assault)
Elizabeth- Now Ninjas-- Frontal assault!

*Ninjas are running across a field and then are ambushed by a pack of vampires*
Elizabeth- Not good-- all my Ninjas have been wiped out. We'll need to fight to get inside!

*After fighting these battle you go around to back just as if you had chosen to attack from the rear.*

(Choose Cross the river and attack from the rear)
Elizabeth- Now, Ninja’s--cross the river and attack from the rear!

*The Ninjas run on the water across the river*
Elizabeth- We’re in!! Now its time to search for this prisoner named ‘Naab’. And get his eye!
*Search by yourself*
(Fight same monsters found on the list for the Frontal assault)
* Search with Elizabeth*

Scenes From The Map
19   13
 |   |
15--14    17
     |    |
     13  16
      \\ /
   7   12--18--19
   |   |
3  10
|  |
The branch at 14 should go right, but it goes left on the map to save space. 17 is Safiria; 19 is Gigorox (see below). Random vampire battles occur at scenes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

The easiest route to Safiria is 1->2->8->10->11->12->16->17. (up, right, up, right, up, up-right, up). If you are a Vampire, she will show you the way to Gigorox. If you are not, you have to fight her.

The easiest route to Gigorox is 1->2->8->10->11->12->18->19 (up, right, up, right, up, right, up).
Fight Gigorex/ Gigorox

You- Are you Naab?
Naab- My, my-- this is the first time I’ve had company in a long while.
You- Don’t get excited. I’m not your new cellmate. I just need, uh, the ‘Eye of Naab’, and then I’ll be going.
Naab- Now I understand. I knew that this day would come. Are you working for the Shadow Master?
You- No, not FOR the Shadow Master. Against him. I need the Eye of Naab to lure him out of hiding. But--where is the eye? It’s not Your eye, is it? I was hoping it wouldn’t be a REAL eye… *gulp*
Naab- Hehe, no. That would be bad for me if it was. Although there isn’t much to see down in this dungeon anyway. I am NOT a prisoner of Safiria’s, but we are not friends. I pay her so that I may stay here. You see, the Shadow Master wants me dead.
You- I hope you’re not paying too much. I don’t imagine you get cable or room service down here…
Naab- You see, the Shadow Master wants me dead. The Eye is the one thing that can reveal the Shadow Master for what he is.
You- And what IS the Shadow Master?
Naab- I saw him, but he cast a spell that destroyed my memory of his apperence. I escaped across the land and finally came here. The riches of my kingdom were enough to buy a truce with Safiria. I hope you can use the Eye to find the Shadow Master. And when you do, STOP HIM. He is pure evil… Of course, I can’t just GIVE the Eye of Naab to you. I need to pay for the rent after all.

(Open Shop)
Eye of Naab [L. 30]
[link=]Eye of Naab[/link] [L. 50]
[link=]Eye of Naab[/link] [L. 70]
[link=]Eye of Naab[/link] [L. 90]
[link=]Eye of Naab[/link] [L. 110]
[link=]Eye of Naab[/link] [L. 130]
[link=]Eye of Naab[/link] [L. 150]

Naab- Now go! I have a feeling the Shadow Master or one of his agents will contact you soon..
You- Thanks, Naab!

(End Quest)

Thanks to Nixtrix for this entry. Path thanks to Aelthai (via Mc_srewball). Note on Safiria redirecting you from DarkEternal. Typo found by jimij770

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