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Ballyhoo - Space Chimp Mission!

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3/27/2010 20:55:40   
Oh Bother.

Space Chimp Mission!

Ballyhoo: It's great to see you, «You»! Thanks for watching! Don't go away yet, though-- we have a BIG problem!
Ballyhoo: A space agency from another world needs help! One of their space probes was lost and they need YOU to go with the Space Chimps and get it back!
  • !!!!!
    Ballyhoo: Go meet the Space Chimps in town for the launch of their spaceship!
  • Okay!

  • Go on the special mission with Space Chimps Ham, Luna and Titan!
  • Go to the Space Chimps website!
  • View another Ballyhoo video!
    **(See another video and get more gold)
  • Back to Town

    «Scene: Battleon. You and the Space Chimps enter»

    «You»: SPACE CHIMPS!
    Ham: Hi! ********** I'm HAM the Third! My grandfather was the first chimpanzee in space!
    Luna: I'm Lieutenant LUNA!
    Titan: And I'm TITAN, Commander of this mission!
    «You»: I heard there was a problem with one of your space agency's space probes!
    Ham: You got it! The probe was launched yesterday, and we lost contact with it shortly after!
    Ham: Our spaceship is waiting to launch!
  • Let's go!

    «A spaceship appears in the middle of Battleon»


    «The spaceship launches off into space»

    Ham: We're getting close to the wormhole that our probe was sucked into!
    Luna: We should be ready for anything! There's no telling what kind of space junk we might find on the way!

    «The spaceship approaches and enters the wormhole»

    Titan: We made it through! Luna, do you think space debris is still a danger?

    «A tire flies out and hits the ship, which causes the thrusters to stop working.»

    Luna: Well, Titan, since we were just HIT by a big piece of space debris, I would say NO...
  • Yes sir!
    Ham: «You», the hunk of space junk damaged our ship! I need you to help me fly through the rest of the junk outside so I can fix the ship!
  • Yes sir!

    Controls for Ham:
    MOUSE = Move

    Get Jet-Pack Ham as close to the space junk as you can without hitting it to get the highest score!


    «You play the mini-game if you succeed:
      Final Score: «»

    • Continue
    «If you fail:»
      You Failed!
    • Continue
    «Regardless of success or failure:»

    1 BATTLE: Big Treasure Chest

    Ham: Great job «You»! The ship is fixed! Luna found a signal from the lost space probe on a small alien planet.
    Ham: We need to go down there and get that probe back!
  • Go!
    «The space ship reaches a planet»

    Ham: Okay, «You», we came out the other side of the black hole and found a planet that the space probe must have landed on!
    Luna: We're ready to go in for a landing. Everyone, hold on!

    «The ship heads towards the planet, but another ship zooms by»

    Titan: Whoa! Those were alien pirates! Hang on tight while we take EVASIVE ACTION!

    «The ship moves slightly, but the pirates' ship rams into your ship, causing it to spin out of control»

    Ham: Uh-oh! The planet's gravity has us! We're going down!!
  • !!!!!

    «The ship crash-lands on the planet. You and the monkeys exit the ship»

    Ham: Okay, this is quite a pickle we're in. Our ship is broken beyond my ability to fix it. We actually need some parts we don't have! Plus, we're trapped on this alien planet.
    «You»: Hmmm.... I have an idea! Are there any parts on the space probe that we can use to fix our ship??
    LunaThat's a GREAT idea! Sure there are. All we have to do is find the probe and get it back to our ship!
    Titan: The probe's location is to the west of here... On the other side of that ALIEN JUNGLE!
    Ham: Alien jungle?! Regular jungles are bad enough!!
    Luna: It's the only way, guys! We were trained for situations just like-- er, SORT OF like this! Let's complete the mission!!
  • Yeah!

    «In the jungle»

    «You»: This jungle is the strangest place I have ever seen! There is no telling what we might find here.
    Ham: I'm sure that we will be able to deal with anything as long as we stick together!

    «You and the monkeys encounter some...pirates?»

    «You»: Do Space Pirates fall under the things we will be able to deal with if we stick together, Ham?!
    Captain Patch: YAAAAARRRRR!
    Ham: We're on a special mission, so move out of the way, Space Pirates!
    Captain Patch: Shiver me timbers! The furry little man talks!! I think we will just be taking whatever it is you be after, matey!
    Ham: You'll have to catch me, first!!
    Captain Patch: Arrr!! A race it is, then! Anchorhand Pete, get me my robo-racing armor!!
  • !!!!

    Controls for Ham:


    Jump over obstacles and don't let the Space Pirate grab you!


    «If you fail:»
      Ham: Whew! I just barely escaped! I thought I was finished for a second there!!

    • Keep Going!
    • Try Again
    «If you succeed:»
      «Ham and Patch jump into the sky. Ham tackles Patch to the ground, before jumping off»

      Ham: Yeah!! I got away from that space pirate! He was big and slow-- It was easy as banana cream pie!!

    • Keep Going!

    «You enter a swamp»

    «You»: Is it just me or do those flowers seem a little strange to you, too?
    Titan: It's just you.
    Luna: Hmmm... No, they ARE strange. I think I saw one breathing.
    Ham: Luna's right! That one just looked at me!!
  • Eep!

    1 BATTLE: Power Flower

    This alien flower has special power, and it's not willing to give peace a chance.

    Luna: I'm NEVER going to look at a vase full of lillies the same ever again!
    Ham: Look everyone! The Space Probe's signal is coming from that cave over there!! We're close now!

    «Inside a cave, the chimps find the probe»

    «You»: Wait for me!!
    «You»: Whoa-- the Space Probe! We made it!

    «Something enters»

    ???: Pfneeb!! What are you doing in the Cave of the Flesh Devouring Beast?! You cannot have this device! It is MY device!
    Ham: Sorry, Pfneeb, but we need this thing. Our mission is to take it back home where it belongs!
    Pfneeb: Fine!! Then you will have to defeat the Flesh Devouring Beast!!
  • Uh-oh!
    Ham: Of course we have to! What ELSE would be in the Cave of the Flesh Devouring Beast other than a Flesh Devouring Beast??

    «A shadow looms over the chimps»

    «You»: Here it comes, Space Chimps! It looks dangerous-- Stand back!
  • Battle!

    1 BATTLE: Flesh Devouring Beast

    Pfneeb: Pfeeeeeeeeb... It appears the Flesh Devouring Beast did not do much flesh devouring. Please, be my guest and take your Space Probe.
    «You»: Come on, Space Chimps! Let's complete the mission!

    «Titan drags the Space Probe back to the ship. The ship launches off the planet, flies through the wormhole, and lands safely back in Battleon»

  • View another Ballyhoo video!
    **(See another video and get more gold)
  • Back to Town
  • Take Ham on your adventures!
  • Go to the Space Chimps web site!

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