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Battle for the Weapons of Salvation

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3/28/2010 12:33:52   

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Battle for the Weapons of Salvation
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Battle for the Weapons of Salvation
Prerequisite: Level 40

Battle for the Weapons of Salvation
Weapons of Salvation

After being tricked by the nightmarish creature called Epheel into believeing that the Huntress was an agent of the Devourer, we finally discovered the truth: that the Huntress is here to help us find a way to fight back. With her help, a clue to the location of a hidden weapons cache containing items that can harm the Devourer's true agents more than anyhthing else is found, leading us to the floating haven of Isle d'Oriens...

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  • Huntress: Warlic, Artix-- I see you have already found Adder. Thank you.
    Warlic: Finding him may only have been half the battle, so to speak
    Artix: Indeed-- it seems Adder has no memory from ages 6 to 10!
    Warlic: Very, very curious...
    Adder: Let's put it this way-- I'm more than a little guffed about it. I never thought much of it... but now... with this news...
    Yulgar: Hehe yeah-- how about that? I never knew I had a cousin, let alone one a mile high in the sky! I only wish we knew about this a long time ago.
    Huntress: I do not wish to cut this family reunion short, but there will only be time to renew your family ties IF we manage to survive the Devourer The'Galins's assault.
    Huntress: Adder, we need to find out where the weapons have been hidden away for centuries.
    Adder: It isn't just that simple, friends. When I was little, I lived near legendary Oaklore Keep far to the west. But then my life is a blank. Next I remember, I am here, in Isle d'Oriens.
    Adder: Something happened in those missing 4 years, something very important-- but somehow my memory of them is gone.
    Huntress: You MUST remember something! We cannot have come all this way for nothing--- THINK, ADDER!
    Adder: I'm telling you, there's nothing there-- it's all a blank.
    Warlic: Hmmmm... no Adder, not a blank at all! I know the technique well. Someone placed a VEIL OF MEMORIES over those years!
    Artix: What exactly is that, Warlic?? It sounds like the title of a romantic mystery novel...
    Warlic: The Veil of Memories spell causes one to NOT SEE their own memories from a certain period of time. They don't FORGET what happened-- it is only hidden from them.
    Warlic: But this veil is not permanent-- it is like a LOCK ON A DOOR. It needs a key to lift the veil-- and the key is usually a special OBJECT--
    Yulgar: Holy fried frogzard legs! An object-- LIKE THE BOOK.
    Warlic: EXACTLY, Yulgar. except for the frogzard part. Show Adder the BOOK, if you please?
    Huntress: This had better work, wizard.

    Huntress takes out the book

    Huntress: Okay, here it is. You feel any itching sensations in your brain yet?
    Adder: ........

    Adder takes a look at the book

    Adder: Weapons...of
    Adder: .........Salvation.
    Adder: NOW I remember!
    Adder: The Weapons of Salvation are hidden--

    The Eternal appears

    The Eternal: --the Weapons of Salvation are hidden deep underground, beneath the crater from where the Isle d'Oriens rose into the sky long ago.
    Huntress: Father! YOU are the one behind the creation and hiding of the Weapons??
    The Eternal: After you left in pursuit of the Devourer, I was alone. Watching over the secret clock that counted down the seconds until the day the Devourer returned... I was angry. Frustrated.
    The Eternal: My life had come to mean nothing. And so I had to do something, to make it right. I spent every waking hour in the library here, and talking with wizards and psychics.
    The Eternal: After 2 decades of reasearch, I discovered a super-rare metal called Viridium. This metal originated in the interdimensional pathways that the Devourer traveled for eons.
    The Eternal: There was a story of a girl who tossed a spoonful of powdered viridium into the face of one of the Devourer's minions. The minion was weakened, and she escaped.
    Adder: The Eternal realized that viridium was poison to the Devourer's agents. And so he went to my ancestors-- and those of Yulgar-- for help.
    The Eternal: The family of blacksmiths gathered all the viridium that could be found and began to forge weapons enough for an ARMY! For I knew the Devourer would come back.
    The Eternal: The weapons were made, and hidden in the mountains. And then, not long ago, when Adder was a young lad, he helped me move them--
    The Eternal: --to confuse any of the Devourer's agents who may have remained on Lore. So now the Devourer has returned, and his agents, Epheel included, are close behind us.
    The Eternal: You MUST hurry to the surface! Epheel may already be gathering his forces there.
    The Eternal: I will contact Vince, and have him lower Isle d'Oriens on its tether-- we will need it nearby when the weapons are found. Once on the Isle, they will be much safer. Now-- to arms!!
    The Huntress: Why, Father, you are getting to be FEISTY in your old age.

    Isle d'Oriens is lowered to The Crater, where we see a familiar person

    Epheel: kkkkkkkk..... It seemsss we have all come to the same conclusion. My creatures, prepare for war!!

    Camp Picture

    Weapons of Salvation!
    A beacon announcing the return of the world-eating Devourer erupted from the surface of Lore. A mysterious woman called the Huntress appeared, and began searching for the fabled Weapons of Salvation, weapons that can harm the Devourer's agents more than other weapons. The location of the weapons has been revealed-- below the Creater from where the Isle d'Oriens first rose. But Ehpeel awaits with an army of monsters, wanting the weapons for himself, to destroy for the Devourer's pleasure.

  • Back to Town
  • To battle!

  • Talk to Twilly:
    Twilly: Uh-oh's!!Lots of monsters are trying to get the weapons tool!!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!

    Vince, Drakel engineer and resident mechanic of Isle d'Oriens
    The Huntress, daughter of The Eternal, has dedicated her life to stopping the Devourer
    Yulgar, stalwart blacksmith and innkeeper.

    Who will you
    go into battle with?

  • With Artix
  • With Warlic
  • With Vince
  • With Huntress
  • With Yulgar
  • By yourself

    4 forest monsters; see below. Full heal after every second fight.
      This cavern seems to have been here long before the crater was formed. The entrance was blocked by a cave-in, but Warlic levitated the rocks away. Somewhere within rest the Weapons of Salvation...
    • Go in!
    14 BATTLES
    4 cave monsters; 4 undead monsters; 4 Water monsters; 2 undead monsters. See below for the lists. Full heal after every second fight.

    Warlic: We have done it! We have reached the lowest level of the caverns. The Weapons of Salvation fill this chamber!
    Warlic: I will teleport them back to Isle d'Oriens, and there Vince and Adder will help us distribute them! In the meantime, make sure our enemies are driven from this place!

    Warlic and the chests telport away.

    Epheel: NOOOOO!!! Malzar-- attack!

    Who will join you in battle?
  • With Huntress
  • With Yulgar
  • By yourself

    1 BATTLE: Malzar (60)

    You: What WAS that thing? I've never heard of anything like it...
    Yulgar: Me neither-- and I have seen a LOT of strange stuff, with and without the aid of brew.
    Huntress: It was one of the Devourer's agents, from another world.
    Yulgar: THERE!! I see him, in the next chamber-- that ugly zard-patty isn't going to get away that easily! COME ON!!
    You: WAIT!! Oh great-- They got a big head start on me. I hope they let ME get a piece of Epheel before they finish him!

    Cutscene - Yulgar and the Huntress rapidly attack Epheel, but he quickly overpowers them.

    You: Oh no-- I'm too late!
    Epheel: Your friends cannot help you any more! You are alone now-- and I will pick my teeeeth with your bonessss!

    BOSS BATTLE: Epheel (60) [Level-Scaled]

    You: Whew!! You're both okay- - I was beginning to worry. Epheel got away, but not before I made sure he didn't forget me for a long time!
    Yulgar: uuuhhh...oooohhhh boy, this is going to require several PINTS of potion....
    Huntress: This-- is indeed a victory. But a small one. For we may have won this battle, and found the weapons of salvation, but the real WAR is only JUST BEGINNING!
    Weapons of Salvation

  • Salvation Blade [L. 8]
  • Salvation Scepter [L. 8]
  • Salvation Bow [L. 8]

  • Salvation Blade [L. 22]
  • Salvation Scepter [L. 22]
  • Salvation Bow [L. 22]

  • Salvation Blade [L. 40]
  • Salvation Scepter [L. 40]
  • Salvation Bow [L. 40]

  • Salvation Blade [L. 56]
  • Salvation Scepter [L. 56]
  • Salvation Bow [L. 56]

  • Salvation Blade [L. 70]
  • Salvation Scepter [L. 70]
  • Salvation Bow [L. 70]

  • Salvation Blade [L. 82]
  • Salvation Scepter [L. 82]
  • Salvation Bow [L. 82]

  • Salvation Blade [L. 92]
  • Salvation Scepter [L. 92]
  • Salvation Bow [L. 92]

  • Salvation Blade [L. 100]
  • Salvation Scepter [L. 100]
  • Salvation Bow [L. 100]

    We have the Weapons of Salvation... Epheel has fled... the nature of the Devourer's agents has been discovered... The War to Save the World has begun!

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    Monster List:

    Forest MonstersCave Monsters
    Undead Monsters
    Water Monsters
    Entry thanks to OnuaNuva and ZzlzhtT. Typo corrections from demonlord15, James Lu and Voodoo Master.

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