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K'eld Ner

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4/1/2010 8:21:30   
Oh Bother.

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > K'eld Ner
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > K'eld Ner
Prerequisite: Level 43

K'eld Ner

On the continent of Deren to the east, the fate of the world rests in YOUR hands! Join the quest to obtain the Orb of Creation and unify the elemental orbs. Begin at K’eld Ner…
Battle on!

Picture of Deren

K’eld Ner

Nel: Is it time?
Tralin: It is. As much as I would like to return and see my wife and son, time will not allow it. Send in Darin.

Tralin: You are looking more and more the Domestic Lord Governor with every passing day.
Darin: I figure I may as well while the opportunity exists. Jano never had much chance for freedom.
Tralin: Yes. Jano is sorely missed. Unfortunately I have no time for reminiscing. I have called you here with instruction.
Darin: Your will, Majesty?
Tralin: Get Giliara from K’eld Ner. He will be needed to assist the adventurers I plan to send to retrieve it.
Darin: Ah, so it is time, then.
Tralin: It is.
Darin: Can Galrick not go? He has been indispensable in recent months with relaying information.
Tralin: You are Lord Governor of that K’eld. Your place is at the city anyway. In addition, Galrick is with Falerin.
Darin: Why is he with the Loremaster?
Tralin: Soon enough Galrick will be on the front line with forces fighting this. He needs additional preparation and a bit of respite.
Darin: Your will be done, Majesty.

Tralin: Feel like visiting some family, Nel?
Nel: My lord?
Tralin: Travel to Battleon and find your cousin. Gather those who have agreed to aid us and return with them here as soon as possible.
Nel: Twilly will be rather surprised to see me, I think.
Tralin: Perhaps. Perhaps not though. Given his familiarity with events on that continent, he cannot be unaware of the timetable now unfolding.
Nel: I’ll leave at once, Trae!

News spreads that Twilly has run off with an odd yellow Moglin in glasses. They both seemed quite excited. You track them into Greenguard and find then both at the mysterious Cor-Dem stone…

Nel: Ah, I believe--
Twilly: They’re coming!

You: Nel? What are you doing here?
Nel: Catching up with my cousin. However, I do not have much time--
You: I remember Falerin mentioning that the two of you are related somehow…
Twilly: Nel says that Tralin wishes to see you.
You: The King wants to see me? Now? Is it important?
Nel: Is it important? Would he have sent me all the way here to get you if it wasn’t important? Of COURSE it’s important! Let’s go!

To the Temple!

Giliara: Majesty?
Tralin: Ah, Darin got to you, then, Giliara!
Giliara: I came as soon as I could.
Tralin: Good. What happens now? It is very important…

You: What is very important, Majesty? And does it involve the reason you summoned me?
Tralin: Ah, hello (Insert your character’s name here). I am very glad to see you. Yes, it has everything to do with you.
You: And this winged person-- I recognize him from a description in this Temple's library. You are a Brilhado?
Giliara: I am indeed.
You: Since you are helping us, you must be Giliara. Falerin mentioned you, too.
Giliara: Indeed I am.
You: So what is it you need us to do?
Tralin: Some time before your people came to the Temple, there was a large battle here. I lost several good men. But I lost something even more precious...than those lives...
You: Wow-- and what was that?
Tralin: The unification of the power of Lore is not complete. Just as there are elemental orbs, there was once an Orb of Creation.
Tralin: Unlike the other orbs, no lesser duplicates of the Orb of Creation were ever made. The original was passed directly into MY hands.
You: And you lost it. But how?
Tralin: In the battle, I went to aid a fallen friend. When I did so, the Brilhado called Diviara struck from behind with a blast of Cold.
Giliara: Diviara-- my own brother.
Tralin: I was able to absorb the attack with the Orb, but I was not fully prepared. And so the Orb was shattered into 5 pieces.
Tralin: In the combat that followed, the pieces were scattered. They line the path between the K'eld and the Brilhado fortress on our western shore.
You: Ugh. Well, at least I get to see your continent.
Tralin: Yes. Unfortunately you will only get to travel along our northern and western shores. And it will not be easy.
Tralin: Darin has the first piece. Travel to K'eld Ner-- the sister city to K'eld Naer on your own continent. Darin is expecting you. Take Giliara and Nel with you.
You: Okay, your Majesty.
Tralin: Twilly, you should go back to Battleon and inform everyone there about what is going on.
Twilly: You got it! Twillies willies!
You: Um, one thing-- how do I get to K'eld Ner?
Tralin: THAT, I can take care of--

Darin: Welcome to K'eld Ner! I wish I had time to take you into the city proper, but your mission is very urgent!
You: You must be Governor Darin! Nice to meet you.
Darin: I feel a kinship between us, my new friend. I wish you great luck in getting the 5 shards of the Creation Orb back!
Nel: Return here as you find pieces of the Creation Orb and I will see they are safely stored. I can also heal your wounds in between battles!
Darin: I have gathered supplies from my loyal Drakel citizens and can supply you with potions and equipment.
Giliara: And for my part, I can join you in battle if you wish. As much as it pains me to face my brother Diviara in combat-- I will do what must be done.
You: Tralin said you had the first piece of the orb, Darin?
Darin: Well--ehem--yes, I did. Until recently, that is. You are not the only one seeking the Orb, apparently...

You: YOU?!?
???: Perhaps you need a new lesson...
Giliara: DIVIARA!!

You: You're the Brilhado who attacked King Tralin!
Diviara: And don't forget-- I stole a shard of the Orb from good Darin, here. Hehehe...
Diviara: How touching. A family reunion. What are you doing here, Giliara? Aiding them in there pathetic attempt to gather the pieces of Lorithia's bauble?
Giliara: What I do is none of your business, BROTHER.
Diviara: No matter… I already have the first piece of the Creation Orb, that Darin was so kind to 'lose', to one of our necromancers. You shall just have to try and get-- it-- BACK.
Giliara: You do not know what you are doing, Diviara. You don't understand anything--
Diviara: Hehehehe...

Giliara: Well, (Insert your character’s name here), the time for battle has come. Are you ready?

Two choices:
Continue (Brings you to the map of Deren)

New location from Rhowena. Typo correction thanks to Mark Chung.

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