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Worlds in Peril

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4/1/2010 9:13:43   
Oh Bother.

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Worlds in Peril
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Worlds in Peril
Prerequisite: Level 52

Worlds in Peril

Falerin contemplates the next steps in the struggle against the Devourer even as his friend, last seen in Greenguard, returns to Lore after running an errand for Falerin on another world.

???: The unmitigated nerve! Those are no elves! They are gnomes with a glandular problem. And he himself is an overgrown dwarf!!!
Falerin: You are being distracted. You can settle your problem with Nicholas at a later date.
???: Jolly Elf indeed. And why in the world is it decorated such now? The holiday is more than a month away.
Falerin: You are supposed to be the good one you know. Focus please.
???: But, the Gully Dwarfes of Caelestia are more elven than they are!
Falerin: Eldron!
??? is revealed to be Eldron
Eldron: Sorry, did you say something?
Falerin: What have you learned on Terra?
Eldron: Cartwright lived among the humans for years. He was Matthew Twain's adopted son and for years he went by the name Robert.
Eldron: He apparently killed Twain and took over. After that, he went back to his birth name.
Falerin: That is little new. Anything of his activities since? Or news of his ties to Omega?
Eldron: There was a document. It apparently informs the armies as to the orders of The'Galin. Unfortunately the document has been taken to Cartwright at the Brilhado gate here on Lore.
Falerin: Well then, since you are "The Good," I guess you will just have to aid our friends in the retrieval of that document. I can send Galrick along to aid you.
Eldron: Wait...
Falerin: Galrick.
Falrin: What is that on your hat?
Galrick: Have you seen the Huntress?
Eldron: Viscum album.
Galrick: Huh??
Falerin: Mistletoe??
Eldron: Apparently on Terra it is a tradition that you must kiss anyone you find standing under the mistletoe. Viscum album, scientific name for mistletoe.
Falerin: You really ARE asking for trouble, Galrick.
Galrick: Well, you can't fault a guy for trying.
Falerin: Try that logic with Celestra. If you survive be sure to let me know how it worked out. I am sending you along with Eldron to address trouble.
Eldron: .....
Falerin: Or you can just go back to your comfort on Caelestia and let the problem go. It's not, after all, your problem. Why get involved?
Eldron: That would not be an act of good
Falerin: Wouldn't it?
Eldron: Furthermore, you are involved and the Farpoint needs to be aware of your activities.
Falerin: Tirlerion is not an immediate concern. I am sure you can just let it go for now. I will survive... somehow.
Eldron: You are manipulative as always, but very well, I will aid them. Afterward however, I am going back to Terra to address those so-called elves once and for all.
Galrick: So the mistletoe might be a little to much, you think?
«You»: You again? What are you and Galrick doing here?
Eldron: You may call me Eldron. Falerin has requested my aid in a matter of some importance.
«You»: What is going on?
Eldron: We will attempt to steal a command document from right under the nose of the Network and replace it with our own.
«You»: Steal a command document? Under the nose of the Network?
Eldron: First you may wish to do some research. I have located some resources and other people which may help you, or you can go ahead and try by trial and error.
  • Research the Network (opens in a new window)
  • Continue
    Eldron: Now I will disguise you to look like a Devourer agent and then you must bluff your way through.
    Eldron: This is what you will look like to a member of the Network. But if you begin a battle with them, the illusion will evaporate.
    Eldron: If you choose to bluff your way past the Network, you will need to answer their questions. Otherwise, you can choose to just battle your way to their command center.
    Eldron: Good luck!
  • Try to bluff your way through!
  • Just fight your way through!
    If you bluff:

    Guard: You there! Halt! Before any may pass, we must be sure you are one of us. You will answer my questions well, or you shall perish.
      You will then be given 20 questions, if you answer them all correctly you go straight to the end-dialogue of the quest. If you give the guard a wrong answer, you will have to fight one battle, then proceed to the next question.
    If you fight:

    10 Battles
    «You»: Okay, we got through. Let's go in there and get that document!
    «You»: Oh. A nice heavy-duty safe. Either of you a professional safe-cracker?
    Eldron: It is ALL yours. I'd say it will take a good bit of dexterity and intelligence, and a pinch of luck, to open it. How are you holding up on those stats??
      Safe Cracking!
      How good are you at opening this safe? It will take DEX, INT, and a little LUK to do it!
      Difficulty: 30
      Stat Used: Dexterity

      How good are you at opening this safe? It will take DEX, INT, and a little LUK to do it!
      Difficulty: 30
      Stat Used: Intelligence

      How good are you at opening this safe? It will take DEX, INT, and a little LUK to do it!
      Difficulty: 30
      Stat Used: Luck
    Eldron: Good work! Now to read the document...

      The master wishes to observe matters peaceably here. As per previous orders, signs of union should be carefully evaluated. If it is true that the people of Lore are willing to put survival among their immediate needs, then there is hope here. Do not take further action at this tme.

      Louis M. Zephyr.
    «You»: So The'Galin is ordering them to wait?
    Eldron: Curious. This is, I think better than any forgery we could hope to make. Let us reseal the envelope and leave at once to make our report.
    Galrick: Er-- someone is coming!
    Eldron: No time to run! I will make us all invisible. Just be very, very quiet!
    Necromancer: The orders were magicked into your secure safe, Lord.
    Ryuusei Cartwright: Very good. It is time to determine our moves...
    Necromancer: What does the Master command, Lord?
    Ryuusei Cartwright: We launch our attacks as planned, and show no mercy to our enemies.
    Necromancer: Yes, Lord.
    Eldron: It seems that Cartwright is making his own initiative.
    «You»: He lied directly about his orders.
    «You»: Tell me again why you couldn't make us invisible the whole time?? Seems that would have been easier...
    Galrick: Yeah, right?
    Eldron: I can only cast Invisibility once per day.
    Galrick: MP potion doesn't do it for you, huh?
    Eldron: Time to return to Falerin and report.
    Eldron: I have arranged some things that might offer you further aid.
    Eldron: Since you cannot always have help with you directly on your journey, these spells will allow you to summon a spirit double of your allies to aid you.
    Summon Diviara
    Summon Eldron
    Summon Galrick
    Summon Giliara
  • Quest again!
  • Leave!

    *Questions and Answers:
    During his mortal life, the Great Master The'Galin lived where?
  • Battleogna
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Tjeli on the continent of Inilar

    Answer: Tjeli on the continent of Inilar

    What sort of business did The'Galin run in the land of his birth?
  • An orphanage
  • A pastry shop
  • A computer repair shop

    Answer: An orphanage

    What is the birthname of Lord Ojo?
  • Oward Josen
  • Iswin Heighs
  • Louis M. Zephyr

    Answer: Louis M. Zephyr

    Who was the Master's first communicant and a member of the Silari, a desert-dwelling predecessor to today's Drakel?
  • Ren Womack
  • Xilar
  • Itsa Badgiss

    Answer: Xilar

    Ryuusei Cartwright once went by this name on Terra as a matter of convenience but quickly renounced it once he gained power.
  • Robert Twain
  • Redda Herring
  • Porlo Gic

    Answer: Robert Twain

    What is Creation's greatest enemy, according to our Master?
  • The Master Himself
  • Creation herself
  • Twig
  • Both the Master AND Creation

    Answer: Both the Master AND Creation

    Who are the bodyguards of Omega?
  • The Hiundai
  • The Sub-Aharu
  • The Tytoa

    Answer: The Tytoa

    King Tralin is a communicant of:
  • The Water Lord
  • The Great Old Ones
  • Lorithia

    Answer: Lorithia

    What protected the Drakel during The'Galin's first coming?
  • Salvation Weapons
  • Domed Cities
  • Signs of Unity
  • Space Lazers, LOLZ!

    Answer: Signs of Unity

    Our research into that meddle Falerin has revealed him to be:
  • The Loremaster
  • A Caelestian
  • A fantastic cook
  • All of the above

    Answer: All of the above

    Louis Zephyr, also known as Lord Ojo, is The'Galin's:
  • Messenger
  • Intern
  • Avatar

    Answer: Messenger

    The'Galin took up his post as Devourer because:
  • Planet tastes just like chicken
  • Lorithia asked it of him
  • He liked the power it gave him

    Answer: Lorithia asked it of him

    Ryuusei Cartwright is:
  • A snappy dresser
  • General of Lore's armies of the Devourer
  • Someone who rose in power quickly
  • All of the above

    Answer: All of the above

    Ryuusei Cartwright is a member of this race:
  • Dwakel, in disguise
  • Vesperian
  • Moglin, in disguise

    Answer: Vesperian

    Why has The'Galin said he keeps the Corrupt near him?
  • He really likes evil
  • They all have great fashion sense
  • He believes they need him more than the Pure

    Answer: He believes they need him more than the Pure

    What has Louis Zephyr said of The'Galin's views of the Undead?
  • Undead are corrupt, and that is cool!
  • I prefer pie
  • Undeath is a different form of life and is neither inherently good nor inherently evil.

    Answer: Undeath is a different form of life and is neither inherently good nor inherently evil.

    The 8 Elemental Lords:
  • Have never been at war
  • Manipulate their followers secretly
  • Drink Diet Scuzz Cola
  • War constantly

    Answer: Have never been at war

    Monster List
    Thanks to ~Cin~. Typo correction from nukkem1. Monster correction from Reign Man. Questions and Answers from ArchMagus Orodalf

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